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Edith Virginia Whiting, B.S.,M.T. (ASCP) H,BB 23 Saraceno Newport Coast,Ca 92657 949.376.7087;949.689.

3941(cell) OBJECTIVE I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, with Supervisory experience, seeking a ful l-time position in a hospital or research laboratory . EDUCATION University of Wisconsin Bachelors degree in Biology with chemistry minor Internship St.Anne's Hospital 4950 W. Thomas St., Chicago, Illinois This was a 12-month medical technology program with rotation through all areas o f the clinical laboratory. ACCREDITATIONS: MT(ASCP) 89545 H 00969, BB 1906 California license: Clinical Laboratory Scientist MTA22170 by California Departm ent of Health Services PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: ASCP Associate member Chicagoland Blood Bank Society member Florida license :TN 38921 Clinical Laboratory Technologist Civil Service grade: GS 11-4 AWARDS RECEIVED: Published paper: "Effects of Nicotine on Monitoring Compliance with Isoniazid Therapy" By Ramon Stoner and Edith Whiting, 1998. Cash Award for implementing in-house HIV and Hepatitis ELISA testing for VA patients at North Chicago VA. WORK EXPERIENCE: 2010 Ampian Staffing, Inc. Jordanville, Utah. I was employed as a "traveler" Blood bank technologist at Maui Memorial Med ical Center, 244 Mahalani St., Wailuku, Hawaii. Performed gel cross-matches of blood and components for 300-bed hospital. Part-time technologist in Chemistry. 2008-09, Marina Del Rey Hospital, 4650 Lincoln st. Los Angeles, Ca. C.L.S. generalist performing tests in chemistry, hematology, and blood banking, Instruments include: bayer advia 1200, Sysmex for coagulation, Beckman LH 750, a nd peg and Liss enhancement media for antibody screens. 2007 - Saddleback Valley School District - 30 day provisional substitute teach er, per diem employment teaching K-12 classes , 2008 - Foothill- Presbyterian Hospital, 250 Grand Ave ,Glendora, CA.,91722. Medical Technologist generalist; performing Hematology, Chemistry,and blood banking, operating Bayer ADVIA, MLA 1000, Kodac Ectachem, and Ortho Gel sytem for cross-matches and antibody screens.. Supervisor; Martha Reyes, MT 2007 - Desert Regional Medical Center; 11771 Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, C a C.L.S. in Hematology - operating Coulter -LH 750, abnormal differentials, coa gulation using,Sysmex for PT's,PTT's, and fibrinogens, Supervisor - Scott McKiel, MT

2007 - St. Joseph Hospital, Orange County, Ca Medical Technologist in Hematology operating Coulter, differentials, PT and PTT 's, D-Dimers, Factor assays, body fluid analysis, urinalysis, etc. Supervisor - Christine La Quaglia, MBA, MT. 2005 - 2006 Bear Valley Community Hospital, 2555 Garstin Rd. Big Bear Lake, Ca. Medical Technologist- generalist performing testing in Hematology, Chemistry, Bl ood Bankiing, and Serology. Instruments include the Kodac Ektachem, Cell-dyne, IMX, Triage for cardiac enzymes, and BNP. And LISS method for antibody screening and cross-matching. Supervisor, Georgine Groover,MBA 2005 - Rapid Temps, Inc. Alberquerque, New Mexico Employed at Sierra-View Hospital in Porterville, Ca. Medical technologist on tem porary assignment in Hematology, performing cbc's, differentials, cell countsA, and urinalysis. 2004 - Aureus Medical Placement Employed as Medical technologist at Mee Memorial Hospital, 30 Canal Street, King City, Ca Instruments operated: RXL-Dimension, Coulter HMX, and Ortho gel techni que for ABO, Rh testing, antibody screening, cross-matching, and DAT's on cord bloods. 2002 -2004 California Pacific Medical Center, 2333 Buchanan St. San Francisco, California 94115 . Medical Technologist, generalist rotating in Hematology, Blood Bank, Serology & Chemistry. Instruments operated: Abbot Cell-Dyne 3700, STAGO for Coagulation, HITACHI, AXYM, and Radiometer Blood Gas Analyzer. Tests Preformed: CBC's, Differentials , Westegren ESR, PT's, PTT's, Chem- 12 Panel, Therapeutic Drugs, ABO and Rh tes ts, Cross-matches, Issuing blood and Components. Supervisor: Annie Yang, MT(ASCP) 2000-2001 V.A.Hospital, Palo Alto 3801 Miranda Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94304 C.L.S. generalist, operating: Beckman, CX7, Coulter HMX, MLA Coagulation Analy zer, I-STAT, Blood Gas Analyzer. Performing Blood Bank type-and screens, crossmatches, and C.A.P. Surveys in Blood Bank. Worked as generalist, operating: Beckman, CX7, Coulter HMX, MLA Coagulation Analyzer, I-STAT, Blood Gas Analyzer. Performing Blood Bank type-and screens, Blood Banking, and cross-matches, and C.A.P. surveys in Blood Bank. Supervisor: DennisVanier,S.M.MT(ASCP)(925)3734700

1988 - 2000 V.A. Hospital, North Chicago, 30001 N. Greenbay Rd., North Chicago, IL 60064 Lead Technologist in transfusion service from 1988 to 1993. I was responsible f or C.A.P. surveys, daily reviewing of other technologists' work in transfusion l og book, scheduling and attending transfusion committee meetings. During blood b ank inspections, I met with the inspectors, and was responsible for correcting deficiencies, and writing new procedures. I worked as a generalist rotating in Hematology, Blood Bank, Serology, and Chemistry. Instruments operated included: Coulter Maxim, Coulter Stacker, MLA600, Coagumate, Dade RXL Dimension chemistry analyzer, TDX, Radiometer blood gas analyzer, Bactec blood culture system, Ort ho cell washer, Abbott Cell Dyne 1300, RIA star and Packard Gamma counters. In addition I was the only technologist in the day-shift transfusion service for fo ur years(1988-1993) and was responsible for the cross-matching of all blood pro ducts for Surgical and ICU patients. Supervisor: Stephanie Traynoff, M.S. MT(AS CP) (847)688-1900 X84307 /or Linda Dowell, MT(ASCP) laboratory manager, X84295 1985-88 West-Side V.A. Hospital ,320 W. Damon St., Chicago, IL Weekend Supervisor of chemistry, reviewing the work of 4-5 MLT'S. Medical Technologist, in Chemistry and covering week-end rotations in Blood Bank

, performed all Therapeutic drug assays for the hospital on day-shift. I worked with PharmD. Practitioners to accurately report blood levels of drugs such as; Theophylline, Dilantin, Phenobarbital, Gentamycin, Carbamazapine, and recogniz e and report toxic levels.Supervisor: Wayne Earnest, M.S (312)569-6000.