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LYMAN J. BESSELLIEU 4510 Lonesone Dove Dr.

Phone: (512) 290-0683 Killeen, TX 76549 Kuwait Cell: 011 965 6 760 5360 Email: OBJECTIVE Excel in a managerial position, where I can use my diverse military experience a nd professional education to build and maintain a challenging and rewarding envi ronment that promotes personal, professional and superior quality of life in sup port of current/future operational strategies, and organizational development. S trong leadership skills. QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Trusted, results-oriented manager with 26 years of progressive experience in all facets of program management, integrated logistics support, procurement, mainte nance, property book accountability, inventory control, and operations. Skilled at integrating customer specifications and technical requirements with sound bus iness practices to provide the best possible services to surpass customer expect ations. Proven ability to expertly manage complex national and international pro grams in a dynamic environment. Recognized leader with strengths in honesty, tea mwork, multi-tasking, self-starter, problem solving and commitment. SECURITY CLEARANCE Active Secret Clearance EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Production Control Manager, Mantech International Corporation, Ltd., Kuwait, Jul y 2009 - Present Maintain SWA Theater Property records, and perform property inventory and proper ty management functions. Capable of managing operations of a supply facility to include stock level maintenance, and logistics planning. Managed commercial c redit card accounts, material requisition process and budgets. Responsible for repair and relocation of office equipment and furniture. Trained new supply/pr operty management specialists, and provides inputs to local property management policies/procedures. Has excellent knowledge of Army supply/property management policies and procedures. Scheduling of American and Foreign national employees , time off and vacations. Prepare yearly evaluations for 9 employees. Senior Logistics Analyst, Mantech International Corporation, Ltd., Kuwait, Novem ber 2007 - July 2009 Performs property inventories and property management functions to include opera tion of automated bar-code scanning equipment. Operates computer equipment and customized software packages to track property. Assist operations of a supply r oom, to include stocking shelves, inventorying, shopping for resupply items and issuing consumable supplies to customers. Responsible for commercial credit car d accounts, material requisition process and budgets not to exceed the micro-thr eshold amount as stated in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Assist with turn -in, repair and relocation of equipment and furniture. Conforms to the updated Army manuals and technical publications. Supports utilizing military supply and global procurement of repair parts for all Tactical Quiet Generators and Commer cial Generators for South West Asia. Trained new property management specialists , and provided inputs to local property management policies and procedures durin

g the creation of an SOP which is used throughout theater of operations, SWA. P ossess an extreme amount of Knowledge in the Army supply/property management pol icies and procedures as shown creating a Standard Operation Procedure for the CE COM Generator Facility. Chief Item Manager, Combat Support Associates, Ltd., Kuwait, July 2006 - Novembe r 2007 Supervised 7 westerners and 1 easterner to perform the duties of achieving the m ost updated repairable and shipment status for the Combined Camp Arifjan and Cam p Buehring class IX deadline reports. The following Standard Army Management In formation Systems (STAMIS) were used to accomplish these tasks; Defense Automati c Addressing System center (WEBLINK), Government Television Network (GTN), Radio Frequency In-Transit Visibility (RF-ITV), Standard Army Retail Supply System (S ARSS), Logistics Support Activity Parts Tracker Program (LOGSA), Federal Logisti cs information system (FEDLOG), Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS 2AC). I implemented a system that gave the customers an increased update on the arriv al of the part. Simplified the research pattern when acquiring parts. Defense A utomatic Addressing System center (WEBLINK), Government Television Network (GTN) , Radio Frequency In-Transit Visibility (RF-ITV), Standard Army Retail Supply Sy stem (SARSS), Logistics Support Activity Parts Tracker Program (LOGSA) Federal L ogistics information system (FEDLOG). Implemented a system that gave the custom ers an increased update on the arrival of the part. Simplified the research pat tern when acquiring parts. Force Protection Officer, Combat Support Associates, Ltd., Kuwait, November 2005 - June 2006 Performed duties as an Exit/Entry Control Specialist, Ammunition Storage Point G uard, to include Supervision of the Third Country Nationals (TCN), Force Protect ion Officers and Law enforcement duties. Ensured traffic and official laws were followed by all personnel entering the camp. Trained incoming personnel the st andards that must be followed as a force protection officer with the power to de tain but not apprehend. Controlled access to ammunition storage areas. Search ed personnel and equipment for contraband to include explosive devices. Maintai ned logs that covered all activities during 12 hour shift. First Sergeant, U.S. Army, March 1983 - October 2005 Instrumental in the training and processing of replacement soldiers for theater operations during OIF II. Notified family members of Casualties and assisted th em in the benefit process. Coordinate informational briefings to military spous es and the deployed soldier's mothers and fathers. Conducted cyclic inventories accounting for over 25 million dollars of combat equipment. Maintained all pro perty records, and performs property inventory and property management functions in accordance with published regulations. Managed the repair and relocation o f office equipment, furniture and Combat Engineer equipment for redeploying Batt alion (452 soldiers), into new Unit of Action configuration. Provided deployed unit with all aspects of logistics. Principle advisor to Command for soldiers a nd spouses financial and personal problems. Principle advisor to Command for so ldiers and spouses financial problems. Directing soldiers where to go and get a ssistance for their problems. Resources used were the Army Community Services, American Red Cross, neighborhood shelters, religious services, loan closet, and professional counseling to name a few. Accounted and signed for all property le ft behind during deployment. In processed all newly assigned personnel to inclu de weapons qualification as a range Non Commissioned Officer in Charge. Ended M ilitary carreer after 13 continous years at Ft Hood, Texas. EDUCATION

Associates Degree, Liberal Arts, Thomas Edison College, Degree Expected PROFESSIONALCERTIFICATIONS Unit Level Logistics System G Certified Standard Army Maintenance System Certified Standard Army Retail Supply System Certified Installation Management Officer Certified Environmental Compliance Officer Certified Force Battle Brigade (FBCB2) Certified Master driver certified Casualty Assistance Officer Certified Family Advocacy Professional Certified Command Financial Management Certified Combat life saver certified Modern Demolition Iniator Certified TECHNICAL TRAINING Oracle HAZMAT SARRS SAMS 1E SAMS 1 ULLS A/G People Soft Systems Maintenance Tracking System Site Administration Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense course Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Outlook