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mom[tcd] Print description of MO classes, CM/FM attributes, actions , enums and structs.

lt/ltc[1-9] Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table. lc[1-9]/lcc Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table. lu/llu Unload MOs from MO tree. pr/lpr Print MO LDNs and proxy ids for all or part of the MO tree currently loaded in moshell. ma/lma Add MO(s) to an MO group. mr/lmr Remove an MO group or remove MOs from an MO group (MOs wil l NOT be deleted, only the group). mp Print all defined MO groups. get/lget Read CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s). hget[c]/lhget[c] Read CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s), print horizontally one line per MO (instead of one line per attribute). kget/lkget Display CM/FM attributes in exportable printout format. fro/lfro[m] Read MAO data of an MO and/or froid of the MO. Data read f rom SQL tables motype_r1 and modata_r2. st/lst Print state of MOs (operationalState and administrativeSta te when applicable). prod Print productData of MO(s). lk/llk View all MO's linked to an MO, and their states (admState and opState). lko/llko The old lk. Messier than lk but supports a wider range of MO classes. set[m]/lset[m] Set an attribute value on one or several MO's. rset/lrset Set attribute value on a restricted attribute or change th e MOid of an MO. bl[s]/lbl[s] Lock or soft-lock MO(s). deb/ldeb Unlock MO(s). acl/lacl Lists available MO actions. acc/lacc Execute an MO action. cr Create an MO. del/ldel Delete MO(s). rdel/lrdel Delete MO(s) together with children and reserving MOs. u+[s]/u-/u?/u! Handling of undo mode (for undo of del/rdel/set commands). Can be used for generation of MO scripts as well. run Run a command file in moshell format. trun[i] Run a command file in EMAS/MoTester format. ctrl-z Abort an MO command or a "for" loop. Type "touch /tmp/<sto pfile>;fg" to resume the moshell session. pol[s][h][c][u] Poll the node until the MO service is up or until an opera tion has completed. re[i] Disconnect and reconnect to the CM service (mobrowser) and /or the PM service (pmtester). getmom Check the MOM version currently stored on the node. parsemom Parse an xml MOM file. flt/fltc Load proxys for an MO type that is not defined in the MOM. ("Force" lt/ltc). ld Load one MO from the tree and add to the proxy table. fget/lfget Read attributes that are not described in the MOM ("Force" get). sget/lsget Read CM/FM attributes from MO(s), one by one ("Slow" get). fset/lfset Set an attribute that is not described in the MOM ("Force" set). facc/lfacc Perform actions that are not defined in the MOM ("Force" a ction). Type: - h <command> to view command description, e.g: h pget - h <pattern> to view commands whose description match a string, e .g: h change.*prompt