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BURNS COLORADO, USA 720-984-1121

CAREER SUMMARY • Extensive experience analyzing, designing and implementing relational database s ystems • Experience analyzing and utilizing corporate wide data for data warehouse applic ations • Delivered numerous mission critical data designs and data components across a wi de range of industries including Financial and Telecommunications. • Sample of successful business intelligence products developed and delivered  SSIS package development for Red Robin Restaurants bank reconciliation system  Data mart of sales data for Berger Funds Group  Data mart of marketing information for Invesco Funds Group  Development of data components(views, stored procedures, triggers) used for the investor web site for Invesco Funds  Development of OLAP solutions at Berger and Invesco Funds group PROFESSIONAL PROFILE PUBLICATIONS "UNIX Shell Programming†EXPERIENCE Data Analyst/DB Developer Red Robin Restaurants May 2008 – Nov 2010 Skills Used: Data Analysis, SQL, SQL Server 2008, DTS, SSIS, ETL Analyzed and solved numerous data and software performance issues in the bank re conciliation system. This included the development of complex SQL to both identi fy and fix data issues in the existing database. In addition DTS packages were d eveloped to perform ETL tasks to fix existing data feeds and integrate new data feeds to the database. Recently worked to convert theses packages to SQL Server 2008 using SSIS. Data Analyst/Software Engineer Esperanto Software Systems Dec 2002 – Sept 2007 Skills Used: MS Access 2002, VB, SQL, SQL Server 2005, DTS, SSIS, ETL Developed a PC based stock analysis system using Access and SQL Server. This in cluded development of DTS packages to migrate existing Access DB to a SQL Server cube. OLAP solutions were developed for providing cube analysis utilizing SQL S erver OLAP tools. Data Analyst/Software Engineer Berger Financial Group May 2002 – September 2002 Skills Used: SQL, SQL Server 2000, DTS, BRIO, ETL, XP Designed and developed a data mart used to track and calculate sales data and sa les commission payments. Was responsible for developing the data mart dimension al model, ETL processes, as well as the development of OLAP solutions using BRI O. Software Engineer Sneller Systems April 2001 – July 2001 Skills Used: MS Visual C++, Pocket PC Developed a custom bar code scanner inventory application for Honeywell systems. This was implemented on handheld PC devices that are used for scanning incoming 1994 John Wiley & Sons

and outgoing inventory. Software Engineer Kaivo Inc. Sept 2000 - March 2001 Skills Used: Python, Tkinter, XML, UNIX Worked on developing a technical training course for an open source instant mess aging system called Jabber. Kaivo provided open source consulting and training. MR. BURNS COLORADO, USA 720-984-1121 Sr. Systems Analyst Invesco Funds Group Sept 1996 – April 2000 Skills Used: C, UNIX Shell, ASP Web Pages, VB Script, Informatica, Oracle , SQL , BRIO, ETL Member of the e-commerce team which maintained and enhanced the Invesco web site . Our group modified the site so that users could log in, check balances, as we ll as make trades in and out of Invesco mutual funds. My primary contributions w ere business analysis, design, and creation of database tables and stored proced ures used by the web pages. Prior to the e-commerce team worked in the Data ware house group and was responsible for developing a marketing data mart. This inclu ded the business analysis, data modeling for the data mart cube, ETL developmen t, and OLAP solutions development. Technical Staff Evolving Systems April 1996 – Sept 1996 Skills Used: C, UNIX Shell Member of the technical development team supporting and enhancing the CDPD (Cell ular Digital Packet Data) product for Lucent Technologies. Contributed by enhanc ing accounting functionality within the system to support the new release of the product. Member of Technical Staff Qwest Communications March 1995 – April 1996 Skills Used: C, C++, UNIX, UNIX Shell, Oracle, Rules Processing November 1995 - April 1996 Worked as a member of a project team whose goal was to solve ISDN ordering and p rovisioning problems within Qwest. I analyzed legacy systems and determined how they participated in the existing business processes. September 1995 - November 1995 Built a prototype system to track and maintain Qwest network inventory. I cre ated a table maintenance subsystem. April 1990 - September 1995 Participated in the development of a software system that permitted Qwest market units to quote prices of telecommunications products to customers. The applicat ion was a custom designed expert system with a flexible rule language used to so lve many pricing and network configuration problems. I developed and maintained the rule language syntax, semantics, and compilers. ACCOLADES Selected to participate in the QWEST Advanced Technical Education Program where I was allowed to pursue my graduate degree on company time. EDUCATION MS. in Computer Science BS in Chemistry Minor: Computer Science Details upon request REFERENCES

References furnished on request.