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Dominic Allen 875 E Silverado Ranch Blvd #1051 Las Vegas, NV 89183 C: 702-755-7124 dominicallen661@yahoo.

com Objective I'm a motivated, technical professional with over a decade of experience in LAN/ WAN technologies. Currently seeking a challenging position that provides an oppo rtunity for growth and advancement with an industry leader in the Information Te chnology sector. Qualifications Cisco Certified Network Associate (Pending) (CCNA) Microsoft Certified Systems Eng. (Pending) (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) A+ Certified Technician (A+) Large majority of knowledge self taught and from experience Letters of recommendation available upon request Summary of General Skills 5 years of experience supervising technical projects, testing multimillion dolla r equipment/software and providing technical support to all levels of personnel. Excellent analytical skills. Able to absorb large volumes of technical data and develop concise solutions. Outstanding problem resolution skills. Versed in identifying and resolving netwo rk problems relating to media, switches, routers, VPNs and other equipment issue s. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Proficient in effectively com municating to senior management, technicians and non-technical users. 7 solid years building, configuring and maintaining desktop hardware and softwar e. Expeditious learner. Able to absorb complex and complicating technical informati on in a short period of time. Solidified knowledge of networking components, theories, transport, and protocol s. Summary of Technical Skills Network Proficient with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 (Professional and Ser ver), XP, Vista, and Windows 7 platforms.. Broad understanding of peer-to-peer, client/server networking environments. Newe r and older technologies along with Cisco routing technologies and configuration s. Proficient in creating user accounts, security policies, a domain with Active Di rectory, Directory Services, Organizational Units, NetID, network printers, doma in administrator accounts, group policy objects, secondary zones, external trust s between inter-forest domains, OU hierarchy within domains, resources within do mains, and Active Directory Infrastructure. Efficient in the installation and configuration of Windows 2000 Professional/Ser ver and XP professional, installation deployment tools, terminal services for re mote control, distributed file systems (DFS), domain name servers (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Windows Inter net Naming Service (WINS), TELNET, Certificate Authority Servers (CA), Virtual P

rivate Networks (VPN), RIP, OSPF, etc. Able to troubleshoot TCP/IP, examine trusts in a forest, convert domains from mi xed mode to native mode, perform global group nesting, delegation of OU authorit y, implement. Proficient with various routing and routed protocols including, TCP, IP, IPX, SP X, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, ICMP, ARP, and OSPF to name a few. Desktop Proficient with DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista Operating Systems in terms of its functions and structure, for managing f iles and directories, and running programs. Capable of installing, configuring, upgrading and troubleshooting IBM compatible computers and peripherals following established guidelines. Elements include a bility to identify and configure IRQs, DMAs, I/O addresses, and set switches and jumpers. Capable of also configuring CMOS, install PCI/AGP expansion cards, hard drives, floppy drives, zip drives, CD/DVD ROM/RW drives, processors, fans, power supplie s, memory, and main/mother boards. Education Trinet Networking and Training Newhall, CA Network Engineering and Microsoft technology Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospital Panorama City, CA Interned with IT onsite staff for 2.5 years College of the Canyons Valencia, CA Various classes on software and applications including Cisco IOS Technology- Rou ting and switching Employment History Network Engineer/Market Lead-Pittsburgh Description Assisted in the development and integration of America's first 4G network meant to blanket various cities throughout the United States with wi-fi internet and w eb services signals, both at home, but more specifically remotely anywhere in th at particular city using our proprietary network devices. I worked with field pe rsonnel in the provisioning, programming and commissioning of all wimax equipmen t in both build and integration/live markets. New challenges and technical solut ions were standard for any given technical situation on a daily basis. Clearwire Corporation (2010-present) Provisioned network elements based upon engineering guidelines. This includes th e provisioning and configuration of switches, site controllers, RF devices and L inux/Citrix based servers and software. Network devices used: Cienna and Foundry switches, Asentria Site Boss, Valere, S amsung PRAS/FRAS, Huawei, and Motorola digital access points. Handpicked for the MPLS circuit access loop deployment project with Ericson for additional redundancy access to the network backbone. Manually added static routes to local machine and remote hardware to reach marke ts and essential network resource servers. Microwave backhaul types configured on network: Dragonwave, Airpair, Eband, PTP6 00 Ceragon, Orthogon, Bridgewave, and Redline. Software/Applications used: Linkwatch, Site Integration, Sharepoint, Netcool SNM P trap filter, M2000 Huawei Client, Secure CRT, Proprietary Clearwire Config Fil e Generator, Citrix ESM, WiChorus, Multiping, RSL plotter, Snagit8, Secure VPN,

Visio and Adobe Acrobat for network diagrams, Microsoft Office 2010, and multipl e web interface and CLI tools for configuring vendor equipment. Trained directly under Samsung of America LTD in Virginia for configuration and maintenance of proprietary Samsung DAPs for all 4G east coast markets. Traveled to my market in Pittsburgh to assist techs on site with switch and rout ing issues, software training, and database updates thus moving the market to co mmercial launch with little to no technical issues. Manually input base station wi-fi sector parameters into the Citrix ASN gateway for access router control communication with network. Performed network acceptance testing based upon engineering specifications to en sure system readiness. This includes but is not limited to, testing of alarm poi nts, monitoring of transport and archival of device configurations. Strengthened network integrity after markets went live by removing incorrect DNS entries, wireless modem configs, Initiated data performance reports for new network elements. Assisted field personnel in the troubleshooting and resolution of issues encount ered during the installation, commissioning, and acceptance process of new sites . Tracked progress and provided status on the market commissioning process, and pr ovided and updated documentation and current procedures. Met aggressive deadlines as well as acted as Tier 2 and 3 support for the Networ k Operations Center. Worked aggressively to move tower sites to ON-AIR status to make department and market quotas at the end of the month in a progressive team player environment. Used a multitude of proprietary software to accomplish day to day tasks involvin g microwave pathing and RSL specifications, frequency confirmation, and network security configurations, to name a few. Was a technical member of a nationwide project funded by conglomerate entities s uch as Sprint, Google, and Yahoo who wished to be on the ground floor of this ne w cutting edge web technology and was the largest construction project in the co untry for 2010. Worked and provided technical support to field personnel in extremely stressful situations and very limited time tables, i.e. powerfailing sites remotely that w ere located on top of high profile government buildings nationwide. Network Consultant and Administrator Description During the past eight years, provided various technical services to established companies in the Southern California and now currently the Las Vegas areas, spec ific services included network security and implementation, installation, config uration, support and troubleshooting; desktop support and software integration, as well as analysis and deployment of a technology refresh along with various o ther tasks. Deployed Control 4 hardware/software and Cisco switches to the MGM c orporation's new properties at City Center, Las Vegas on very time sensitive sch edules for opening debut in December of 2009. MGM Mirage City Center IT (Aria, Mandarin Oriental, and Vdarra) 2009-2010 Configured, maintained, and deployed the most advanced in-room technology in the world using the Control 4 Suite Provided in-room support to thousands of guests at the Aria, Vdarra and Mandarin Oriental hotel and resort for "smart room" issues Installed thousands of Cisco 8 and 12 port switches on multiple properties with fiber optic inputs to the network VLAN Managed and supervised deployment teams in the correct procedures for the most p ristine and precise installations of multi-million dollar equipment Commissioned and programmed in-room switches, Control 4 Controller units, outlet dimmers, high definition Cox television feeds, Enseo boxes, Mecho shades, touch screens, remote controls, Bartech refrigeration devices, Safelok, and thermosta ts all controlled by a Control 4 brain unit and Cisco switch in closet

All properties have received the elite industry certification of "Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design" (LEED) making us the largest environmentally gr een property in the United States due to the in-room technology I installed, pr ogrammed, and configured Used "Hot Sos" desktop support software for dispatching myself and other techs i n providing technical support to guests and hotel staff Met crucial deployment and configuration deadlines for resort openings at the la rgest privately funded construction project in the United States totaling just o ver 8.5 billion dollars for 2009 Collaborated with project managers and facility management staff within MGM IT t o provide the most professional expertise, consultation, and cutting edge equipm ent and solutions to undertake the massive deployments involved for a 4000+ room /suite/villa/penthouse and casino property Installed and configured hundreds of desktop PC's to hotel/casino staff with mul tiple proprietary applications, VPNs, and programs for day to day operations Utopian Networks Freelance Consultant (2006-2008) Freelance IT consultant to various clients in and around Las Vegas area Serviced various client's home networks, laptops and PC's Configured various business owner's internal network using switches and/or desig nated proxy/DNS servers Software/Hardware installation and configuration on various machines and in vari ous network environments Equant and NexiCore 2004-2005 (Contracting) Installation of Hard Drives, CD/DVD ROMS, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Memory, Moth er Boards, etc. Responded to several "Severity 1" calls around the Los Angeles area, including: Cisco Router installation Locating Wireless network signals using NetStumbler at various merchant addresse s Laser Printer troubleshooting Server Re-boots and minor configuration Provided in-home contract tech support on client's workstations Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospital, 2000-2008 (intern/contract) Provided comprehensive network solutions including user account setup, system se curity administration, and desktop support to entire facility(s) and service are a. Responsible for day to day network discrepancies, as well as installation, confi guration, support, and troubleshooting of Window NT 4.0/2000 based client/server network. Installed/replaced main boards, processors, memory, fans, power supplies, expans ion cards, hard drives, CD-ROMS, floppy drives, and zip drives. Wiped out hard drives and CMOS passwords and settings of older machines during t echnology refresh on over 200 machines for donation to youth groups and local sc hools therefor still maintaining Kaiser 's network security. Audited specific network resources to monitor activity of those trying to access it above their security policy and/or user rights. Worked on a large scale LAN/WAN network and was responsible for multiple Kaiser facilities. Proprietary software used: AmCare, HIMS, SMS, Tivoli, SADIE, EDM server, Lotus N otes, Health Connect, and Attachmate Extra! Mainframe. AT&T Fixed Wireless 2000-2001 Responsible for assisting and troubleshooting wireless internet problems with cu stomers in various parts of the country. Supervised and trained facility managers, new agents, and 60 technicians in 5 st ates on new state-of-the-art software for supporting a wireless network running

on air links and last mile tower user authentication. Explained how they functio ned and why they were implemented. Increased installation times by 30% within fi rst 3 months as well as customer satisfaction by 22%. Remotely configured angel boxes and IP addresses using wireless protocols and so ftware. Created new customer profiles on the Domain Controller and billing system so the y can receive service in all states covered before resetting of triggers and dom ain replication took place. Specific activities included installation and configuration of PDC/Active Direct ory Services, deploying identical software building wide using .msi packages, WI NS, DHCP, logon scripts for different associated users, cabling, etc.