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Billie Christine Mackey 6144 Gateway Center PMB 298 Kilgore, TX 75662 903-790-0027 bmfecfce@westpost.

net Objective: Medical Billing/Coder or Medical Clerk P/T Experience: Experience Works/Kilgore Crisis Center Kilgore, TX Retail Clerk 3/26/2010 to present a Execute daily operations of retail store. a Compute and verify totals on daily income forms, using adding machine and calc ulator. a Train and manage two women, once or twice a month, in the process of inventory management and achieved significant improvements in their productivity at the t ime of their volunteer work at the Crisis Center Retail Store. The Gym Owner, Bookkeeper, Personal Trainer Ventura, CA a Executed daily operations of the health club, 6/71 to 12/05 such as opening and closing, checking inventory, promoting the health club throu gh membership sales, and receiving and recording of membersa information, paymen ts, client reminders of payment due and daily mailing of bills. a Taught individual exercise through instruction and demonstration, utilizing my knowledge of sports techniques and of the participantsa physical capabilities. a Planned, prepared, and instructed individually designed exercise programs of e xercise to maintain, improve and restore physical functioning, weight management , enhance sports performance and everyday lifestyle. a Compiled data from monthly physical measurement records to prepare and adapt p eriodic exercise and nutritional management program updates. a Monitored membersa and informed them of corrective measures necessary for exer cise improvement including maintaining exertion levels in order to maximize bene fits from their exercise routines and proper breathing techniques used during ph ysical exertion. a Was instrumental in starting the process of professional personal training in the health club. a Trained and managed clientele and trainers in the use of their bodies and how the equipment was used to achieve significant improvements in their daily physic al and mental productivity. a Composed all monthly billing for the clubsa members and special billing to ins urance companies for the rehabilitation services rendered and ordered by the phy sician. a Maintained files and controlled records via computer to show correspondence ac tivities. a Responsible for inventory control (daily sales and ordering) of clothing line, supplements, and vitamins. a Identified and documented goals, anticipated progress and plans for reevaluati on of membersa weight and physical management. a Executed daily operations of phone sales, exercise review, banking, and billin g, maintenance of equipment, membersa computerized nutritional analysis and chan ges as needed as well as cleanliness of the club. a Designed, produced and sold a nutritional protein bar. a Reviewed physicianas referral and membersa records to help determine the prope r exercise program to meet any special requirements for the physical exercise re quired to maintain, improve and restore physical functioning and help to allevia te and prevent pain in clients. a Served as a National and International physique judge for the Amateur Athletic Union and the American Bodybuilding Coordinating Committee, including backstage preparation, athlete check-in and results tabulator a Organized and conducted an annual bodybuilding competition in Ventura, Califor

nia with my husband. Naval Ship Weapons System Engineering Station Pt. Hueneme, CA Cold Type Composing Operator 5/76 to 9//79 Word Processing Operator a Adjusted settings for format, page layout, line spacing and other style requir ements on all documentation. a Compiled and rewrote the Book of Naval Acronyms. a Printed and made copies of work. a Trained all new employees in the use of the computerized typewriters, proofrea ding, mortise and keeping files for back-up and updates. a Electronically sorted and compiled text and numerical data, retrieving, updati ng and merging documents as required a Reformatted documents, moving paragraphs and columns. a Searched for specific sets of stored, typed characters in order to make change s. a Filed and stored completed documents on computer hard drive and disk and maint ained a computer filing system to store, retrieve, update and delete documents. a Kept records of work performed in a daily logbook. a Used data entry devices, such as magnetic card, magnetic tape, and paper tape, to input data into computers for revision and editing. a Proofread completed work for spelling, grammar, punctuation and format. a Responsible for security of documentation with a top secret clearance. a Gathered, registered and arranged the material to be typed, following instruct ions. a Typed correspondence, reports, text and other written material from rough draf ts, corrected copies, voice recordings, dictation and previous versions, using a computer, word processor and typewriter. a Worked with technical material as well as engineers, in preparing statistical reports, planning and typing statistical tables, and combining and rearranging m aterial from different sources. a Assisted with time card evaluation and civil service employee payroll. Stork Diaper Service Camarillo, CA Bookkeeper 1/75 to 5/76 a In charge of billing, route nooks, collections, typing, computing and calculat ing bills and maintaining ledgers 3 AAL Laboratories Ventura, CA Assistant Supervisor Reporting Department 6/72 to 8/74 a Performed data entry and data retrieval services, providing information for in clusion in medical reports and for submission to physician. a Executed daily operations of the Reporting Department. a Typed and proofread the medical results reports and information to be sent to the physician. a Reviewed and edited transcribed and dictated reports for spelling, grammar, cl arity, consistency, and proper medical terminology. Trained and managed approximately 15 women in the procedures of the Reporting De partment of the Laboratory, i.e., specimen handling, typing of reports and maili ng (worldwide) of those reports and achieved significant improvements in their p roductivity. a Identified mistakes in the requests for testing and checked with the physician s to obtain the correct information, and called in STAT reports. a Returned dictated reports in printed form for physiciansa review, signature, a nd any corrections. a Received and screened telephone calls to and from physicians regarding results and testing. a Performed a variety of clerical and office tasks. such as handling outgoing ma

il through a postal meter and sorting by country, state and Zip code. a Education: Kilgore College a Advanced Medical Coding CEU Kilgore, TX 12/07/10

Kilgore College Kilgore, TX a Insurance Coding, CPT-4 CEU 12/10/09 American Academy of Professional Coders Tyler, TX a Certificate of Attendance CEU 10/01/09 Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Kilgore College Kilgore, TX a Insurance Coding, ICD-9 CEU 05/07/09 Kilgore College Longview Longview, TX a Medical Terminology 12/09/08 Aerobics and Fitness Association of America CA a Certificate of Membership 05/07/94 National Gym Association a Personal Trainer 12/31/93 National Federation of Professional Trainers a Personal Fitness Trainer 11/01/92 International Correspondence Schools a Fitness and Nutrition 05/17/91 Ventura Junior College Ventura, CA a Beginning Sign Language 1979 a Intermediate Sign Language a Advanced Sign Language Ventura Unified School District/Adult Education Ventura, CA a G.E.D. 12/02/71 West Valley Occupational School Woodland Hills, CA a Office Services and Skills 1968 I am planning to take the AAPC Medical Billing/Coders Examination the first of 2011. I will be looking for an internship in this field. a References: Tracy Campbell 805-477-7715 Phyllis Foster 903-984-3019 Ruby Hobbs-Whitehead 903-595-7567