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SOC (Station Observation Checklist



Buns & Dressings (Grilled Direct)
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q Uniform neat and clean, name badge, apron and hairnet in place (where applicable). Apron is removed to perform cleaning tasks q © Hands are washed and dried thoroughly whenever they could have been contaminated, and following the timed handwashing system (every 30 minutes when working in the kitchen, and hourly when working front counter, drive-thru and dining area)

Dressing Products
q © What are the customers’ expectations for assembled main menu products? Right ingredients, fresh ingredients, neatly dressed and not messy q © Products assembled correctly: • Positions tray of toasted crowns • Separates buns and places in boxes (where necessary) • Adds required number of shots of sauce • dds required condiments. Each bun is dressed with the correct A quantity of condiments placed neatly and centred q Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers q Double Cheeseburger q Quarter Pounder with Cheese q Big Mac q Correct tongs used

Shift Preparation
q © Checks stock, rotation and ‘use by’ dates on station of responsibility, and informs Manager of any products that have exceeded their shelf life. Discards buns and other products which have exceeded their shelf life q Checks secondary shelf lives are implemented and followed q Checks product rotation is adhered to. Remaining product is resealed with Open Box Use First tape q Why must you use cooked products only when they are within their holding times? Cooked items stay fresh for a limited amount of time. q Checks toaster settings/equipment

Quality check
q © Finished product is passed to Production Caller. Dressings must be completed prior to upper platen rising on grill q © Only products with neat, centralised dressings and the correct amount of condiments are served

Toasting Buns
q What are the customers’ expectations for buns? Hot, evenly toasted and not crushed q Repeats production call q © Buns are laid correctly on tray Regular/Quarter: Places a clean bun trayliner on the bun tray. Places bun crowns cutside up on the bun tray. Stages heels and crowns on the bun spatula, cutside down Big Mac: Places a clean bun trayliner on the bun tray. Places heels cutside up on the front of the tray. Places clubs on the front edge of the bun spatula. Places crowns, cutside down on the handle end of the spatula q Inserts buns into toaster; lowers the handle to activate timer q © When buzzer sounds: Regular/Quarter: Inserts heels and removes crowns Big Mac: Inserts crowns and removes heels and clubs q Communicates to Grill Person. For example, says: “Buns out. Six meat down, please” q Responds to grill call Regular/Quarter: Takes heels out of the toaster using bun spatula and places on dressed crowns Big Mac: Takes crowns out of the toaster using bun spatula and places on dressed clubs

Station Maintenance
q How should dressing table area be cleaned? Surfaces periodically wiped with clean sanitised red border cloth q © Station maintained throughout shift • Surfaces periodically wiped with clean sanitised red border cloth • Cloths changed every 30 minutes • ressing table area swept and mopped as needed with broom, dustpan D and the correct mop and then dry mopped • nough products and packaging available to prevent regular E interruptions for restocking

Quality check
q © Bun surface is caramelised to a uniform golden brown and not crushed q © Product not meeting quality standard is discarded into red waste bin. Manager is informed if any problems occur

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