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The system can either be centralized or consist of many fully integrated SCIMS cells.Substation Automation Substation Automation The systems used to monitor & control power systems and process shall take into account changes made in innovation cycles as well as new trends in utilities. plus comprehensive engineering. The substation automation system is formed around a redundant network where the subsystems are physically distributed. Data gateways. protection data. A copy of the configuration can be maintained on the engineer’s workstation for future use. Telecommunication systems and interfaces. Bay Control / Automation / Protection units. Station Level – consists of fiber optic substation LAN. System Overview and Applications Substation Control & Information Management System (SCIMS) The Substation Control & Information Management System (SCIMS) forms the basis for integrating all substation data including traditional SCADA data. benefits from the existing IEDs deployed in the network and have greater bargaining power when purchasing IEDs. Each cell has the responsibility to collect data via hardwired or communication signals. Remote Data Level – consists of gateway. while individual circuit bays will be monitored and controlled from processor based Bay Control Units. Local Area Network (LAN). routers and firewalls. IED data and support for substation automation sequences. Protection devices. The entire substation will be monitored and controlled from Substation Control Room through independent substation computers and associated HMI(s). . engineering workstations. HMI. IEDs. logically integrated: Bay Level – consists of protection devices. UIS Substation Automation Solutions can meet all the demands of a distributed substation control system for both existing as well as newly built electrical substations. Due to its inherent capability to integrate multi-vendor IEDs. maintenance and training. transfer monitoring systems functions can be retrieved as if connected directly to the device. and Measuring devices to be connected to the Bay control Units. serial bus for protection devices that can not directly connect to substation LAN and Bay Control or Automation units. operator’ s workstations. Project management. Our substation automation solutions can be divided into two groups: Substation Control and Information Management Systems (SCIMS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). All configuration parameters and substation Our solutions typically include Station HW & SW. printers and time system. the solution provides a mechanism for utilities to maximize their HMI / Control Centre Level – consists of redundant data servers. altered and then re-downloaded.

Substation Automation the data to the SCIMS cell responsible for master station communication and eventually send the data to one or more master or HMI stations. Real-time data for operational purposes Configuration data for maintenance and network reconfiguration One solution for multiple vendor IEDs / protection devices Access to data other than through the traditional SCADA Interfaces. Scalable – capable of handling from a single IED up to very large Substations Remote access to condition monitoring data The SCIMS is based on real-time operations. In a recent installment. and includes the following functions: Integration of newer IED which support Ethernet / TCP/IP protocols (e.g. UIS has deployed a system concurrently running more than 10 different IEDs & various control center protocols. GPS Satellite System Configuration (Redundant Ring Network) PCMS & Corporate LAN NCC GPS Antenna GPS Time System Router Router Firewall Firewall DCC 2 * Log Printers Colour Printer Engineering Workstation / Substation Monitoring System Functions Remote Data level Redundant Data Servers Work Station Work Station Ethernet Over Copper HMI / Control Centre level Ethernet Switch1 Ethernet Switch2 Ethernet Over Fiber Serial Over Fibre (Optional) Serial Bus (Optional) IEC 870-5-103 / DNP3 / Modbus Common Bay Computer / Redundant Gateway (SCIMS) Substation level Ethernet Switch2 Ethernet Switch1 Relay Ethernet Switch2 Ethernet Switch1 Relay Ethernet Switch2 Ethernet Switch1 Relay Protection Config BCU / IED BCU / IED BCU / IED Serial Server (Option) Serial Server (Option) Serial Server (Option) Bay level Protection & Control Panel Protection & Control Panel Protection & Control Panel . IEC61850).

It represents a major shift in utility management and practice. IEDs. The data gathered by this system does not only consist of the data for control operation or in other words SCADA data. but also “non-operational” data used in the future to operate the power system in innovative ways.C3000 Conitel C2020. It represents a major shift in how intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) communicate within the substation and beyond. Essentially. Our DCS solutions are tailored to eliminate much of the dedicated control wiring along with the special purpose communication channels. legacy. UIS gives you flexibility in your substation to configure and operate various types of protection units. IEC 61850. or a mix set of protocols to utilize the existing assets of the electrical network. Control Centre Connection IEC 60870-5-101 IEC 60870-5-104 DNP 3.00 Modbus GEC Alstom courier / KBus ABB SpaBus JBUS (Merlin Gerin Sepam) IEC 61850 is. Device Interfaces & Communication protocols Protocols UIS has already commissioned multi-vendor platform with the following protocols: Our DCS solutions can use traditional. Therefore UIS can play a role in supporting utility to widely and rapidly adapt to this new standard . metering. however.0 over TCP/IP ABB RP570 Modbus Conitel C300. UIS has integrated a large number of commercially available communication protocols for recording data from various devices and through differing communication channels.C2025 Ferranti MKIIA Ferranti MKIII Indactic 2033 Hitachi Westinghouse WISP+ Harris 000 Westinghouse Redac 70H DSP4 Open data exchange OPC Server OPC Client IED & Substation connection IEC 61850 IEC 60870-5-103 DNP 3. and it requires a whole new set of skills on the part of the engineering professionals charged with making it work.Substation Automation Distributed Control System (DCS) DCS solutions merge all communication capabilities of IEDs in a substation or across a network to perform a physically distributed logically integrated protection. more than just a unified standard. bay control units.00 Level 3 DNP 3. The transition to IEC 61850 is by no means a slam dunk. monitoring and automation scheme. meters and tele-control units from a wide range of manufacturers. IEC 61850 replaces the physical copper wires linking IEDs together with virtual ones by way of an Ethernet network. control. This new abundance of data can then be fed into an asset management program to monitor equipment and facilitate better maintenance decisions.

The information in this document is subject to change without prior notice. There is still room for interpretation of the standard’s requirements and interoperability.uisco. Email:sales@uisco.issue 1. Substation Automation . hardware and software work © UIS Ltd.0 . UIS does not assume responsibility for any errors in fact or design in this publication. 2007. Now UIS is proud to offer substation owners and operators a brand new service for a truly integrated system where all of the parts. The publication is provided for general information only and shall not form part of any contract.Substation Automation Integration Services IED and Substation protocols (including IEC 61850) don’t guarantee one vendor’s devices will work with another’s straight out of the Web: www.