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Nadi Khalil B.Sc. Electrical Engineering - P.E. (NY) 69 Berkshire Way East Brunswick, NJ 08816 nkfed960@westpost.

net Mobile: (732) 322-5274 Core Competencies * Excellent interpersonal skills; able to establish and maintain strong relati onships. * Strong leadership abilities; capable of working independently * Innovative in designing cost-efficient tools that provide successful business solutions * Capable of resolving complex problems by troubleshooting * Able to integrate various systems and optimize their interfaces and performanc e * Provide an outstanding customer experience * Experienced in business development and client relations Qualifications Brief * Advanced at an accelerated rate by displaying complete dedication and produc ing superior work quality * Technical and Project Management with ability to get the work done on time a nd within budget. * Effective business and technical requirements analysis providing workable so lutions. * Product life-cycle management following the PMI guidelines. Including produc t verification in various phases to ensure that the final product meets the requ irement. * Ability to troubleshoot technical and business related problems, and have th em resolved. * Progress and learn quickly through any environment, and strong negotiation s kill. * Strong software design, development, and modeling; quality assurance; formal design verification. * Developed simulation models to estimate the impact of various parameters on the product schedule and business environment, as well as to predict risk impact . * Developed engineering credit-granting training courses on: o "Formal Software Design Methods for Safety-Critical Application" with applicat ion to railroad signaling. o "Error Detection & Correction Schemes" with application to communication proto cols and computer driven systems such as CBTC. * Transit related qualifications: o Signal design with track-circuit and control-line. o System/subsystem safety analysis. o Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). o Automatic Train Supervision (ATS). o Designed C++ formal-verification approach using model-checking. o Simulation analysis. Computer proficiency Programming Languages: C++, C, Java, Visual Basic, Python, .Net Framework, Sims cript, Rodin, Atelier B, Assembler, Pascal, REXX, Smalltalk, COBOL. Hardware Environments: Transportation Signaling-System, Communication systems a nd protocols, AS/400, PC, PS/2, IBM M/F, LAN, WAN, Imaging Technology Software Environments: Formal Specification, B-Method, Event-B, MS Project, Wi ndows, .Net Framework, Simscript Simulation Environment, OS/2, PM, DOS, OS/400, Unix, VM, CMS, CMS/Xedit, Profs, NeXTSTEP DataBases/Access Methods: Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, DMS (OS/2), DMS (

OS/400), DB2, Proprietary Databases Methodologies: B-method, Event-B, Reliability Analysis, Gane & Sarson (Structur ed Analysis), I. Jacobson (Object Oriented Analysis); IBM Case Tools; Galaxy; J2 EE, Delphi; Imaging Technology; Professional achievements * Designed & Developed Tools (that provided successful business solutions) * Developed credit-granting engineering training courses (help) * APTA papers (2005, and 2006) (that describes new approach for designing vital systems) * IBM Team Success Award. (for team outstanding successful performance) * Technical Reports. (on a special tool) * Designed and developed tools to help reduce code implementation cycle. * Designed software estimation tool based on line-count approach for the C-langu age. * IBM Value in Performance Award. (for team accomplishment) * IBM dinner for two Award. (for significant accomplishment) * IBM=Service Award. (for outstanding achievement in resolving customer problems ) Work Experience Oct. 01 - Present New York City Transit (NYCT) Project Manager/Lead Systems Engineer - Consultant Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) * Launched early stages of Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) contract #S32333 wi th a value of approximately $180 million; successfully completed initial project interface design phase. * Designed the user interface of the ATS system to accommodate user requirements ; task completed as a member of ATS-A prototype * Completed system interface design with an efficient user interface that enable s prompt user response to emergency events and eliminates interface errors * Superior work quality resulted in a successful project Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) * Lead Systems Engineer for the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) contrac t #S32701 with a value of $200 million projects. * Designed database for certifiable items and other certification data informati on * Identified risks and devised a plan for risk mitigation * Composed statistical data that can be used for risk assessment model. * Accelerated the risk assessment outcome of the project University of Virginia (UVA) * Project Manager; managed UVA project contract #CM-1187. UVA * Conducted Independent Risk Assessment of Canarsie Line project for NYCT; suppo rted system approval process for CBTC equipment deployment, per new FRA Rule 49 CFR Part 209/234/236. * Utilized advanced statistical analysis simulation model that simulates continu ous movement of n-trains, while recording interactions with the existing wayside objects such as signals, switches, etc. Train movements were driven by the trai n schedule for the current system. * Evaluated the model for correctness and data verification; conducted peer-revi ew meeting and collecting expert opinions and NYCT feedback; integrated applicab le feedback to the model; resolved existing problems and obstacles that could pr event schedule completion. * Developed simulation models to estimate the impact of various parameters. * Earned outstanding customer satisfaction, as project was successfully complete d Bergen Street Solid State Interlocking (SSI)

* Lead Systems Engineer: worked on Bergen St. Solid State Interlocking (SSI) pro ject contract #S32749 * Assessed system with comments to issues, reviewed Boolean equations that are b ased on NYCT existing relay system. * Designed and developed two tools based on C++ for formal verification of Boole an equations. * The tool is a major accomplishment, as it is based on formal verification by m odel checking approach and can be used to validate Boolean equation in any envir onment. Chambers Project * Safety Project Manager; managed Chambers project #S32730, involving Prover Tec hnology Company that is Swedish based company. Prover was involved in formally v erifying signaling design using their Prover Ilock (Software Tool Suite for Auto mated Control and Signaling Engineering). * Provided Prover technology with required information to perform analysis and s tudy, conducted regular review meetings for progress review, analyzed interim re sults and provided feedback * Successfully completed task ahead of the schedule, and with high customer sati sfaction. Various Tasks * Lead system engineer; provided general support to evaluate alternative approac h to drawing the single line diagrams and emergency braking curve, developed C++ user interface to provide braking curve analysis. Suggested a unified approach to share information making sure that the level of the information is the same a mong inter-departmental levels. * Developed simulation models to provide quantitative estimate using Simscript ( advanced simulation suite based on C++), and other C++ based tools (probability analysis, model checking, boolean functional analysis). Environment: Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), Automatic Train Supervisi on (ATS), Signal System (Conventional; ATS; CBTC), Hazard mitigation, Vital Syst em Analysis, Discrete Math, Simscript (Advanced Simulation Suite), Prover iLock (Software Tool Suite for Automated Control and Signaling Engineering), C++, Pyth on, MS Project, Unix, Probability, Statistics, database (Access, Oracle), B-Meth od, Network, Prover iLock model checker, B-Method, Event-B, Alloy. Nov. 00 - Sep. 01 CommTech - New Jersey Senior Architect - Consultant CommTech was providing commissioning services for communication-based and tele phone companies such as Verizon & Comcast to enable them to commission new servi ces to their clients, All services were tracked through updated records in Oracl e database. Responsibilities: * Identified client's requirements; determined the best way to implement servic e, and provided a more effective solution for client. * Achieved client satisfaction. Environment: Wireless Communications, Routers, Hubs, Voice over IP, TCP/IP, COR BA, Oracle, Java, C++, MS Project, J2EE May 95 - Nov. 00 Automated Concepts Inc (ACI) Project Manager/Lead Systems Engineer - Consultant ACI is a consulting company that provides services and solutions in the area of Information and Network Technologies to wide varieties of business communities (Pharmaceutical, Utilities/Energy, Government, Scientific/Engineering), in a wid e area of technology (Network Design, Document Imaging and Processing, System/Su bsystem Design) Responsibilities: * Project Manager; helped Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) design and imp lement Project Cost Management (PCM). Project tracked budget actual and variance

costs on portfolio of $100 Million plus utility capital projects * Developed communication interface component to interface between the workstati on and the legacy system which also included problem solving; resulted in high c ustomer satisfaction * Assisted the state of New Jersey during the business requirement phase in fina lizing the requirement definition that can result in a good working solution * Helped other client to troubleshoot and fix systems problem that resulted afte r immigrating the application that was based on Oracle & C++ from UNIX to Window s platform. The work was completed in less than expected timeframe and customer was completely satisfied, and did appreciate my ability to troubleshoot technica l and business related problems, and have them resolved. Helped other clients doing various tasks such as design, system integration, net work design, ..etc. * Advanced at an accelerated rate by displaying dedication and producing superio r work quality to customers. Environment: Object Oriented Methodology, C++, Java, Java Servlets, JavaServer P ages JSP, HTML, Netscape Application Server, Netscape Web Server, Visual Cafe 4. 0, Oracle, Oracle Server, Oracle Pro* C/C++, MS Project, Unix, Microsoft SQL Ser ver 6.5, Sybase, Visix's Galaxy, Walker PCM, Visual Basic, Microsoft NT, Windows 95, Microsoft Visual C++, Network. May 94 - May 95 NYNEX Telephone Company Lead System Engineer - Consultant The system was to provide commissioning service to NYNEX telephone customers. Responsibilities: Designed and developed user interface layers of the system, database management , and developed tool to help manage and track performance. Environment: Telephone Network, Local Network, C, UNIX, Oracle database. March 94 - May 94 Flynn McNeil Raheb & Associates Team Leader - Consultant Responsibilities: * Team leader assisted the development of client components of the "Order Manag ement for printing Company". And was recognized with strong software design. Environment: C, MS Project, UNIX, LAN, SQL, PC_DOS, and JAM. Nov. 93 - Feb. 94 Cantel Consultant Responsibilities: (Lead System Engineer-Object Oriented Analysis) Wrote Use-Case model of the requirement analysis for Automated Commission Manag ement System (CMS), defining the Object Domain for the objects related to each U se Case, and defined the Events in each Use Case and actors that interact with t he system. Environment: Novel, Ethernet, and CISCO Router, Object Oriented Methodology, N eXTSTEP, Diagram, WordPerfect, and Lotus. Feb. 82 - Oct. 93 IBM Canada Laboratory - Toronto Senior Engineer The projects involved research in various technology areas such as Network, and Image Technology. An example of the Image Technology applications and algorithm s that helped the public was in the prediction of image changes during the agein g process, which was used to help in the finding of missing children. Responsibilities: * Developed advanced user interface for various applications. * Developed high-speed device drivers for various hardware. * Troubleshoot and resolve complex problems for the clients. * Developed tool to enforce coding standard by scanning existing code and flaggi ng non-compliance code. * Developed tool to count lines of code and give indication of workload assignme nt.

* Received appreciation from various customers. Environment: Object Oriented Methodology, C, C++, Assembler, DB2, Microsoft Win dows, OS/2, Presentation Manager (PM), DOS, VM, Profs, Token-Ring, OS/400, PDM/4 00, STU/400, CMS/Xedit, C, OS/2, VM, CMS, TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Profs, AS/400, PS/2, Token-Ring, IBM mainframe, peripherals.