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Jeryl A Bean PO Box 771456 Wichita, KS 67277

Cell 316-323-3266

Career Summary Flexible and meticulous in the management of Global design out-sourcing to Forei gn Persons. Five years experience with the Department of Homeland Security, Ci tizenship and Immigration Services adjudicating visas and work authorizations. Three years experience with Cessna Trade Compliance specializing in the Export o f licensable technologies to foreign persons. Utilized Six Sigma Methodologies to implement processes for complying with Federal Export Regulations. Career History Cessna Aircraft Textron Corporation, Export Compliance Engineer present 6-18-07 to

Responsible for developing and Implementing the following Trade Compliance Proce sses * Physical Security Implementation * Foreign Person On Boarding * Transfer of Foreign Persons * Training Visits for Foreign Persons * License Management Application Sustaining Activities * Cessna Trade Compliance representative for the Engineering Orientation * Implementation of the Technology Access Control Plans for the Cessna Foreign Person employees, Cessna India, China and Mexico. * Maintaining all the Foreign Person employee compliance records * Coordinating with Cessna Trade Compliance and Legal to implement the Export L icenses for Foreign Persons * Training personnel for Physical Security Mapping * Maintain records of training visits and tours reported to Cessna Trade Compli ance Textron Six Sigma Methodologies Green Belt Certified November 2008 * Physical Security Implementation Project Completed Dec 22, 2009 * Reconciliation for TAM Imports Completed Nov19, 2009 * Foreign Person File Closure Process Completed Nov 5, 2008 * Online License Application for Foreign Persons Completed Sep 27, 2008 Department Of Homeland Security, District Adjudications Officer 1-13-02 to 6-15-07 Petitions Adjudicated * Visa petition * Travel Documents * Permanent Residency * Citizenship Daily Activities * Review and verify evidence and interview individuals to enable determination of benefits. * Request visas and travel documents. * Write denials explaining the Federal Regulation that was not met and fraud de termination. * Write formal denials and a Notice to Appear (NTA). * Performed Naturalization Ceremonies Butler County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff's Deputy Road Patrol 12-1-90 to 1-30-93

As a Sheriff's Deputy, assigned to Road Patrol, my duties included all aspects o f county patrol, i.e., traffic patrol, accident investigation, responding to all 911 calls, crime scene investigation and executing search warrants and arrests. Education History Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, Masters Degree in Criminal Justice 7/2001 Certifications and Awards May 1991, Certificate of Law Enforcement, Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center , Hutchinson, KS. May 2002, Adjudication Officer Training, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center , Glynco, GA. October 2007, Export Compliance Classification Training, Wichita, KS. November 2008, Six Sigma Problem solving methodology, Textron Cessna Corporation , Wichita, KS. Professional writing "A Study correlating Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder with adolescent and adult crime" was submitted to the Department of Criminal Justice and the Facilit y of Graduate School of the Wichita State University in partial fulfillment of t he requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Criminal Justice. This publ ication is located at the School of Community Affairs, Wichita State University Library, Wichita, KS. References Tammy Davis Cessna Aircraft Textron Corporation Supervisor, Cessna Trade Compliance (316) 517-4643