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Thomas J. Roche 135 Harvest Ridge Road Stratford, CT. 06614-1030 203-380-0629 trff0aca@westpost.

net Objective: A position in the qual ity assurance field using my skills and knowledge in prescribed inspection procedures, blueprints and contract requirements. I've bee n a top-performing QA inspector with a track record of success in the a ero-space industry. Education: * Associate Degree, Liberal Arts, Housatonic Community Technical College, Bridgeport, CT. * Bachelor of Science Degree, Education, University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, C T Job-related Education and skills: * Government Compliance Training * Technical Writing Course * Blue Print Training Course * Root Cause Corrective Action * Government Code of Ethics * TQM Familiarization * Quality Assurance Audit Procedures * ISO 9000 Training * 15 Week Helicopter Operating Systems Course * Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Company Related Software Military: * Army National Guard, Honorable Discharge * U.S Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood Missouri * Army National Guard Non-Commissioned Officer's School Certifications, Clearances and Awards: * Presidential Security Clearance * Level 2 Confidential Security Clearance * Flight Safety Parts Inspection Certified * Outstanding Employee Performance Award

Experience: Project Specialist, Source Inspection, VSC, Verify, Inc., Trumbull, CT. 2010- P resent Perform Source Inspections and audit First Article Inspections to prescribed pro cedures for Sikorsky Aircraft and Helicopter Support Inc. at supplier's faciliti es throughout Connecticut. QA Inspector, Receiving Inspection, Aerotek Aviation, Contract Employee, Helicop ter Support Inc., Trumbull, CT. 2008- 2010 Inspected Sikorsky supplier's parts to blueprints, mylars, and Sikorsky and gove rnment specifications. Interfaced with the suppliers to resolve problems with mi

ssing or incomplete first article inspections and certifications. Assisted suppl iers with rejected material. QA Inspector, Receiving, Inprocess and Final Inspection, Mcubed Technologies, Mo nroe, CT. 2007-2008 Performed receiving inspection on incoming supplier's material. In-process and f inal inspection on advanced ceramic products for the military and electronics in dustry. Calibrated company and personal inspection gages and tooling. QA Inspector, Receiving and Overhaul & Repair Inspection, Rotair Industries, Bri dgeport, CT. 1996-2007 Inspected detail parts and assemblies in the overhaul and repair department. Inc luding receiving inspection of supplier's parts. Used SPC techniques, sampling p rocedures and tables for inspection by attributes per ANSI/ASQCZ1.4 and MIL-STD105. Interfaced with DACMAO government quality assurance representatives. Use co mpany computer system to track, record, and continually update quality control r ecords. Test Lab Technician, Contract Employee, Pitney-Bowes Mailing Systems, Shelton, C T. 1996 Test technician for computer software in the new products development center. Pe rformed tests of the new computerized mailing machines (GEM) per written test pr ocedures. Kept log of all test results for future analysis. QA Inspector, Process and Plating Inspection, Technical Publications QA, Sikors ky Aircraft, Stratford/Bridgeport CT. 1978-1996 Performed detail/ mechanical inspection of sheet metal formed parts, stampings, assemblies and machined parts. Inspected parts for shot peen, paint, plating, an odizing, alodine, welds and heat treating. Reviewed technical publications throu gh sampling techniques for technical competency, accuracy, clarity and adherence to manual requirements, specifications and standards. Represented quality depar tment at weekly planning and review meetings.Traveled to suppliers to inspect in -process work. Represented quality department at performance and tabletop valida tions. Attended customer review meetings.