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Introduction…………………………………………………….1 PART 1 TRUE GHOST STORIES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. “Toyo” Or “Jinn” In The House……………………………………………… Strange Accidents ……………………………………………… An Old Rundown House…………………………………………. Falling Objects …………………………………………………. A Story From Penang ………………………………………… “Saya Mahu Bernikah Dengan Anakmu mu!” ………………………… The Barking Dog At The Veranda ……………………………. She Saw A Ghost At A Coconut Estate ……………………… A Girl With A Burning Body Sensation Seeing a Ghost Led To Possession My First Encounter With A Spirit Pigs’ Blood ……………………………………………………… She Appeared Nude! ………………………………………. A Cantonese-Speaking Spirit ………………………………… Oppressed Or Possessed? …………………………………….. A Fortune Teller’s Predictions ………………………………. “My Dead Brother Visited Me!” ……………………………….. Part II

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GHOSTS 18. 15. Their Origin …………………………………………… 19. 16. Their Refuge Places …………………………………… 20. 17 They Encountered Jesus ………………………………… 21. 18 Why Do Some Spirits Possess People? …………………………………. 22. 19 Entry Points………………………………………………………. 23. 20 Kinds Of Spirits…………………………………………………… 24. 21. What Do They Know About Us? …………………………………….. 25. 22. Certain Symbols ………………………….……………………….. 26. 23. The Power To Resist ……………………………………………… 27. 24. How To Help A Victim? ……………………………………………… 28. 25. Signs Of Being Delivered ……………………………………………. 29. 26. Demon Possession Is Are Different From Mental Cases …………… 30. 27. Sample Prayers for Victims You Make Your Own Conclusions……………… …………… 31. 28 A Word of Caution …………………………………………….

INTRODUCTION I have worked as a church pastor since 1975, now for more than 33 years. I have dealt with people of all sorts. Also I have dealt with people of other religions besides Christians. From all quarters, one thing in common I have found is that people all over the world, nor matter to what religion they are affiliated to, they have a common belief in spirits. Have you seen someone with a demon problem? Someday you will bump into so and so, who has spirit problems! It’s a small world we live in, and demon possession is on the rise by the year every*where. A Common Religious Belief Every religion that I have studied believes in spirits. The Hindus, for instance, believe in good and bad spirits. It is said that Hindus believe in some 300,000 spirits. That is plentiful to count! But that is quite true! We are living in a world filled with spirits! Buddhism is a religion of good works. Nevertheless, there is a pious opinion among many Buddhists in Malaysia and Singapore that there are supernatural unexplainable forces – called spirits! Taoists, Confuciansionists and Animists also believe in spirits. Many who believe in the existence of good and bad spirits. People who believe in spirits treat them with respect so that these spirits will not harm them, but bring good luck to their families. Sometimes they do some religious services to appease the spirits that are angry at them. According to them, these angry ones can bring untold misfortune and trouble. In Malaysia and Singapore many people do other home services to invite the

good spirits to bring good fortune into their families. It all boils down to one thing – there is a world of spirits! We can’t turn a deaf ear to the reality of their existence! Confusion About Their Origin To many, the origin of spirits in the world are is as mysterious as their existence. Many religions teach that they had been were in existence even before man came to be. Christians, by and large, believe that they came from heaven after they rebelled against God there. They were cast out of heaven as a punishment for their rebellion there. This earth has become a refuge place for them. Muslims too have a similar version. Hindus believe that spirits have been in existence before mankind came to be. Animists and similar religious beliefs tell that spirits are supernatural forces on planet earth. These spirits have come from other planets beyond ours and that they cannot be wiped out by man in his power. Their activities and power are beyond our conception. Are They The Dead Come Alive? Many religions of the world also teach that man has a spirit component within him and that after death he lives in a spirit form. They believe that there is a supernatural spirit world. Some call this “Fool's Paradise!” The Hindus and Buddhists, believe that birth is a recycle and the result of reincarnation and that spirits reincarnate in the wombs of expectant mothers. Even Christians by and large, believe that when a man dies, his spirit lives on from one generation to another. Has man a spirit component? If this is true, do you know your past existence? We must be on the alert, when it comes to knowing what truth is, and what it is not. Where Do The Dead Go? Do you believe that the dead are alive somewhere? What do you call the place? Limbo? Fool’s Paradise? Heaven? Hell? There is a common belief among many that the dead are not dead yet! For example, the Buddhists in Singapore and Malaysia for instance, believe that their dead ancestors are alive in the spirit world. During the month of August every year, for instance, these spirits are on holiday on planet earth. They roam around looking for food and water, and hence they are termed “Hungry Ghosts!” Those who believe in this, often place articles of food and drink at their doors*steps of their houses to invite these angels of mercy. During that month, many hospitals' beds are empty. Many fear that it was is a bad time to visit or stay in the hospital during that month because these spirits will often want to snatch away the living to the home of the spirits. Many do not want to get married during the month of the hungry ghosts for fear that they will bring ill luck. “Hantu!” (Ghosts!)

Once I was traveling in a train that was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on my way to attend our monthly mission committee meeting there. That was in 1986. I remember well it was a Monday morning. The train was quite empty, being the first working day of the week. I was the only passenger in the entire coach! Feeling lonely, I took out a book from my hand luggage and started reading it. It was a book on spirits. I was so absorbed in it that I did not realize that a Muslim imam from the neighboring coach had walked into mine and was watching over my shoulders from behind me and was observing what I was reading. When he realized that I was reading a book on spirits, he too became very interested in the subject. He tapped me on my shoulders very gently and asked me, in Malay this burning question, “Kamu bercaya dalam hantu kah?” When translated it means, “Do you believe in ghosts?” I suddenly realized that someone was watching me. With a surprise I, replied, “Ya!” in Malay, meaning “Yes!” He was very excited. He sat by my side and for two long hours we had a friendly chat about spirits in the unseen world. He shared some of his encounters with ghosts in his neighborhood. I told him that I was a pastor, and he corresponded that he was a imam, meaning a Muslim religious teacher. Then, it struck me hard on me, that in every religion there is a version of ghosts or spirits in their teachings. The imam and I became good friends in our first and last meeting, in the train, because we identified a “common ground” in our faith – a belief in the reality of spirits in the world. A Common Enemy Religion is said to be man-made. A religion is said to be an attempt of man to explain the supernatural. We all seem to feel that there are supernatural forces around us at all times. Nor matter what religion one is affiliated with, one must realize that mankind has a common enemy – the bad spirits in the world! These bad spirits bring disaster, accidents, quarrels, disease and war! In the final analysis, you have to make your own choice as to what you believe in. My faith, beliefs and convictions cannot be rammed into down the throat of another. It has to be experienced personally. What Spirits Are There are good spirits and bad spirits every*where. Spirits are real. They are a different kind of creatures, very different from mankind. They are invisible to our naked eyes but their existence can be proven only by numerous phenomenal evidences. We can say that spirits are electronic beings. They seem unconfined by space or even time. Some of them even have accurate information of the past and the future. They travel at a great speed far beyond our human calculations. It is like making a telephone call to someone halfway around the world. You just dial a few numbers and you are connected to someone thousands of miles away around the globe. These spirits work like these electronic gadgets. They can travel at fantastic speed! Also, spirits are intelligent beings, they can think, talk and do the supernatural things which modern man of science and learning cannot explain in a scientific way. Unlike these spirits, human beings are confined by the limits of time and space. So we think and speak in terms of space and time, but spirits are different, for they inhabit a different realm of existence. We, human

beings, are far inferior to them in many ways. But there are some rules these spirits have to abide by. Perhaps you should know something about the spirits’ world, so that you know how they function, where they come from, why they are involved with mankind and how we can keep ourselves from many harmful spirits. Only God Almighty we can destroy them -- root and branch, after the final judgment. Meanwhile we can, with God’s power, keep our distance from them and drive out those that attack us or our relatives or friends. What This Book Is About This book is not an attempt to brainwash you to a particular faith, but rather it is an attempt to share with you the reality of the existence of the supernatural forces and how you can overcome them. However, it is written from a pastor’s view*point. The stories in this book are all genuine. No attempt is made to exaggerate any of them. Neither am I beating the drum to seek attention or applause. Some of them I have experienced him myself, others are from my fellow pastors. I have pieced together these stories which are mostly from Malaysia and Singapore, where I have worked as a pastor. I hope these stories will stimulate your thinking. But you Please read it slowly and with care, and at the end of the day, you make your own conclusions. Samuel Money, District Pastor Johor Bahru October 31, 2006

Chapter 1 “TOYO” OR “JINN” IN THE HOUSE Have you seen a “Jinn” or a “Toyo?” Some have seen them with their natural eyes. They have appeared to some. You will find some interesting experiences related below about “Jinns” and “Toyos.” In the year 1991 , Jonathan Muthal, was working at the Coliseum Hotel, in Teluk Intan, Malaysia, as a receptionist. He often had to take shift duties around the clock. One night, he was returning home alone from the hotel, at about 12:30 am, on his bicycle. When he reached home, as usual, he took his bath and was about to go to bed. It was almost 2:00 am. His wife, Jessie, hearing him coming, woke up and walked down the stares stairs as if to go to the bathroom on the ground floor. Jonathan’s mother too, woke up and she too came down on the stare stairway to the living room. His wife’s behavior was somewhat

strange according to his mother. His mother knew that Jessie would not wake up in the middle of the night. Then his mother noted that saw Jessie, his wife, go into the kitchen as if to drink some water and from there she seemed to be pulled by someone to escape from the house by the back door. At that point in time his mother pulled her hand into the living room and asked, “Who is pulling you?” His wife could not speak, but by hand signals told his mother that someone was pulling her to escape by the back door of the terrace house. His mother suspected that she had seen a ghost and she was disturbed. She telephoned the church pastor, Pastor T. John, to immediately come over to pray for the family. Pastor T. John came soon. During prayer Pastor T. John instructed them that the back door of the house be opened wide. While he was praying Pastor T. John commanded the spirit, “Toyo” or “Jinn” to leave the house by the back door. Jonathan’s wife said she saw the “Jinn” at that moment and it was rushing out of the living room in a hurry as if to escape by the back door. It ran off in such a hurry that several articles fell off along the way fell off or moved from their places. One of them was a large helmet that was placed on a table near the back door. It fell off the table is if someone in a clumsy manner had brushed it in a hurry. The helmet rolled along the small hall way that led to the back door of the house. After this incident, Jonathan’s wife did not see the “Jinn” in the house again. Later on, they learned that a woman who was practicing witchcraft behind their house, was rearing a spirit called “Jinn.” This “Jinn” would obey her orders to steal money from drawers in the homes of people, to disturb or charm, people and to frighten children. They learned a few weeks later, that the woman who practiced that craft suddenly died, without any illness. The family members in the house were very scared that the “Jinn” that the woman reared had caused her death. They were afraid that the “Jinn” would continue to disturb their family and so they quickly moved out of that house.

A Description of “Jinn” or “Toyo” The word “Jinn” or “Toyo” is a Malay word for a small spirit. In some motor car companies in Malaysia the term, “Toyo” is used with a picture of a small man fixing the wheels of a car. The terms “Jinn” or “Toyo” simply means a small spirit. Have you ever seen a “Jinn?” Once I saw one it! They are It is real to me. Read on, and know how a “Jinn” or a “Toyo,” looks like. It was in 2005, I was earnestly praying for a teenage boy in Johor Bahru, who was constantly disturbed by a spirit unknown to him. He was quite secretive and disobedient to his parents. One night, during sleep, I saw in a dream a large bungalow house with a large hall and living room. In the dream, the boy for whom I was praying, was sitting in the living room of the bungalow house. In the dream I saw an unidentified figure standing close by the boy and poking him with a sharp object, thus causing him to cry. I

saw the “Jinn” faintly then. In the dream, I stood up to attack the “Jinn” with a stick. At that moment it fled hurriedly from me and the boy and ran into the bath*room where it hid behind a cupboard. I proceeded with a stick to drive out the “Jinn” from the bath*room. At that moment the “Jinn” came out from behind the locker and confronted me. It had a feminine appearance. It was only about 2 ½ feet in height, with very long thick hair that spread from her head down her shoulders, covered her small body and the long ugly hair spread down and touched on the cement floor. Her face looked like that of an ugly witch as it is depicted in some art work. Her eyes were large. Her face looked wicked, cruel and cunning. When she saw me, she put out her long tongue and made funny faces at me as if to insult me. I commanded the “Jinn” in Jesus' mighty name to get out of the bath*room. At that moment it fled from the house. Then I woke up suddenly. I knew that the boy for whom I was praying was disturbed by a “Jinn.” I looked at the clock it was 3 am. I knelt down by my bed*side and prayed again for the boy who was at that moment delivered by proxy from the disturbances of the “Jinn.”

What is a “Jinn?” What are “Jinns”? They are spirits. They often enter the homes of people upon invitation or when someone orders them to enter a house to cause disturbances. Witch doctors know better for they “rear” these spirits as we rear a dog or a cat in our homes. These “Jinns” obey their masters and are faithful to those who rear them. Often their work is one of deception and destruction. They can cause disease, family quarrels and accidents. It is difficult to explain their function in terms of science. But they are real! What Can a “Jinn” Can Do? They can cause havoc in the house! On one occasion, it was reported that a “Jinn” came into a house near Petaling Jaya and stole a large sum some of money kept in the drawer of a table. On another occasion in the same house, a bunch of keys that was hung on the wall was missing. In the same house, the wife in the house once heard the piano being played early in the morning at around 3*am. When she peeped out of the bed*room door to see who was playing the piano, the “Jinn” fled by the window near the piano. She saw the curtain of the window move as if a cat was jumping out of the piano chair and escaped escaping through the window. These “Jinns” are small spirits that play havoc in the house. There are ways we can prevent them from invading our homes. These “Jinn” are afraid of us if we know how to resist them. But if we do not know the rules of the game of spirits, they can easily take mastery over us. Some think that these “Jinns” are only a figment of our imagination, and they do not lift a finger to find out more about them! But Only when they get into a real encounter with such a spirit, will they will have a hair-raising experience! Often these spirits' are activities are at night, but occasionally they show their presence in broad day*light too.


Chapter 2 STRANGE ACCIDENTS SOME FREAK ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES Sometimes strange accidents take place on the a road or in a house, or in a work place. Often the law of the land classify classifies them under, “An act of God.” This is because there is no logical or scientific way to prove how or why such an accident took place. You cannot bury your head in the sand, and say these are all natural happenings and nothing more! Physical science is limited in its realm of influence, knowledge and power. There is what we call the supernatural, which physical science cannot and will not understand. We must realize that there are supernatural causes for such accidents. They are caused by some spirits that can play havoc! The Month of Hungry Ghosts The Chinese people know better. Many Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore believe that in the month of August each year, it is a time for the spirits to cause many freak accidents. It is said that they are on holiday from their spirit world to planet earth. They call it the month of “Hungry Ghosts.” According to many Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore, during that month, many spirits from the under*world, will cause terror to the living by prying around to attack and kill anybody they that would offend them. For this reason, many Chinese do not go out alone late at night during that month. The elderly and sick, do not wish to be admitted to the hospital during that month for fear of an ill luck from the spirits. To appease these spirits, many erect giant joss sticks and burn them. Others place cakes and fruits for the spirits to consume as they pass by their dwelling places. Where do these spirits come from? Are they the spirits of the dead roaming aimlessly in the air, as many claim.? But below Following are some stories I have written some stories of some freak accidents caused by spirits — and they all happened in August! My Daughter Fell From The Car Can you believe it? My daughter fell out of off my Datsun 120Y car when I was doing about 60 MPH along the Seremban-Kuala Lumpur KL highway one evening in August, 1986, at about 9:30*pm in 1986. It was a Saturday night. I had successfully delivered two boys from bad spirits in Kuala Lumpur the day before, Friday. The spirits were apparently angry at me and wanted to kill my daughter who was then only five years old. What a vengeance! Saturday morning I had completed the church

service in Kuala Lumpur, and in the afternoon, after lunch, my family, composed of my mother, my wife, my son, aged 6 and my daughter aged 5, were traveling in my Datsun car to Seremban, 42 miles south of Kuala Lumpur, to conduct another church service in the evening. It finished at 6:30*pm. Then my family chatted with the church members for a while, and after that I slowly drove to a restaurant for a meal together. I remember very well, we had “roti chanai” with hot curry for dinner. After dinner, it was almost 9:15*pm when I drove out of Seremban town to the main highway leading to Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to reach my house in Kuala Lumpur before 11:00pm so I was in a hurry. I remember we talked happily while in the car and our mood was high. I was driving. My wife was seated next to me on the front seat. At the back, my daughter was behind me close by the right window. My six year old son was seated behind my wife towards the left window. My mother was seated in between the children. As I was driving and talking to my wife of the day’s events, suddenly I realized that I was being alerted by on*coming cars and other vehicles to stop. They were honking their horns horning loudly and making signals at me to stop. When I did stop, only then did I realized what had happened! Door of Car The Car Door Had Suddenly Flung Open The back door behind my seat was wide open. My daughter was missing!. Apparently she had fallen out of off the car! I parked the car at the road*side. Soon the on*coming vehicles stopped. Vehicles behind mine also stopped. Some of the drivers parked their cars and rushed out to my car. I was shocked that my daughter had fallen out of off my car! I could not believe she had fallen. Far away, about 70 meters behind my car, my daughter, in her long skirt, was running towards me, crying, “Daddy, Daddy, Don’t leave me behind.” She was not hurt! There was not a stretch scratch on her body. She was safe and sound except for the shock she went through. In her little mind, she was thinking that Daddy was leaving her behind on the road. A lorry driver who was coming close behind my car saw my daughter fall out of the car. He had applied the emergency brakes immediately. That saved my daughter from being crushed under its massive wheels. The huge lorry also prevented other vehicles from behind to hit my daughter. A shiver still runs through my spine each time I think of this episode. God had saved my daughter that night from death. When I reflect carefully over of the events that took place in context, I made my conclusion that it was not an ordinary thing to happen. I could feel in my bones that the spirits were angry at me. Similar freak accidents have had caused the death of many others. My daughter could have easily broken her neck in the fall. Or, she could have been easily rolled over not just by the lorry behind my car, but by many other vehicles following from behind. The bad spirits had a hand in this matter! But the great God in heaven Whom I serve, also had a hand on in my daughter’s life and

my family. He saved us from the hands of death! The stories below are another episodes of a similar kind. A Glass Door Fell On Me These spirits are always angry at those who disturb their activities. Again in happened in August! I am one of those they hate because I have exposed to the world around me of the warfare going on between good and bad spirits. On one occasion, I was repairing my car, Proton Saga 1.5, at a workshop near Tampoi, Johor Bahru. It was a Monday in August, 2006. While the work was going on, I waited in at the sitting room of the office reading some magazines The only other person in the office was a Malay woman who was working there as a clerk. The other workers were men, who were at the workshop area, a little distance away. It was at about noon, that day, when I started was about to go out of the office to take a look at my car. I walked towards the glass door when it suddenly vibrated, broke and fell on the cement floor into a million pieces. I was standing about three feet away. The noise of the fallen broken glass door shattering fall alerted everyone nearby. They rushed into the office to see what was happening. The glass door, about four feet wide and 15 feet high, had fallen down and broken into millions of tiny bits. There was much blood stains also on staining the polished tiled floor. I did not even realize that I had been wounded in the accident. One of the tiny glass pieces had cut through the flesh of my left thigh, and blood was flowing out without me even realizing it. My shirt and trousers were stained with blood. I had escaped death by the skin of my teeth! One of the workers at the car workshop rushed me to the General Hospital in Johor Bahru. There I was given immediate attention. Nine stitches were made on my wound. But I was miraculously and completely healed within four days! Can you believe that? When I think of the freak accident now, I am puzzled. I know these spirits were angry at me for writing this book. But t They managed to cut off a piece of flesh on my thigh. I could have been killed if the glass piece had cut through my abdomen. My intestines or spleen or liver could have been cut by its sharp edge. I thank my God who saved me from such a freak accident. Some think it is was a freak accident. Some think it was supernatural. But I know the true cause is a spiritual force that is against me. Below is another story of a similar type. Pushed Out Off of His Motorbike Sam Govindasamy, is one of our church workers in Peninsular Malaysia. I interviewed him in a hotel room in Penang during one of our pastors’ quarterly meeting in that area. Sam was baptized in 1975 in Johor Bahru by Pastor Lian Hoon Peng @ at Lian Kwan Tong. At that time he had already thrown away objects of charm and articles belonging to spirit worship. These spirits was very angry with him because of his act of discarding those objects. On two occasions they tried to kill him by pushing him out off of his motor*cycle which he was riding on. As he was riding the motor*cycle along the Wong

Ah Fook Road in Johor Bahru around 5:00*pm, he felt someone pushing him off of from his bike. At that time he was doing canvassing work – selling health books. He was bruised slightly. A few days later the same experience occurred recurred about the same time in the evening. Again he was bruised on his arms and legs and escaped death by the skin of his teeth! As he reflected on the two accidents that occurred to him, Sam came to the conclusion that there was no apparent reason why he should fall off from the bike. He attributed this to the spirits that were angry at him because he had deserted them. Illnesses Without A Cause Sometimes the spirits cause things other than freak accidents. it is not a freak accidents that spirits can cause. They can also cause illnesses that the medical doctors can could not find a cause for. Here is another experience I want top share with you. One Sunday morning in 1998, Pastor Janssen New who worked in Klang, invited me to visit a friend of one of his church members who had been ill due to spirits in his life. Janssen drove me in his Datsun car to the Cheras Flats, in Kuala Lumpur, where the Chinese man lived. The man and his young wife lived in a small flat. When I saw him he was but a bag of bones! He was about 40 years of age and looked very pale and sickly. He said he was growing more pale and thin each day. He was suffering from an illness unknown to medical doctors. When we conversed with him, the man admitted that he had been in contact with the spirits for many years. And the spirits he reared, had brought about his illness. He had many idols in his little flat room where he and his wife lived. He had no children. We offered our help by asking his permission to pray for him. But he, very politely refused. He said that if we prayed for him, the spirits would get very angry and they would kill him. Like this gentleman, there are many who are fearful of being killed by bad spirits. They would rather want to be at peace and be reconciled with the spirits than offend them. Some even do some kind of religious ceremony service for them too appease them so that they do not get into trouble with these spirits. Appeasing the Angry Spirits There are many who believe that bad spirits can be appeased. In 1983 I was conducting a series of health and prophecy seminars in Chemor, a little town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. One night while I was finishing about finished with my seminar at about 9:00*pm when I heard a loud bang. My associates and I rushed out to see what had happened. There was a horrible traffic accident near the place where I was conducting the meetings. There were several people killed in the accident. Soon a big crowd of people from the neighboring places came out to see it. the accident. The following night, I was getting ready about to resume my nightly seminar in the hall where I was having the meetings. But this time I noticed a larger crowd of people at the place where the accident had occurred the previous night than inside the hall. I inquired the people to find out as to the cause of their gathering. One of them told me that there was a religious service going on at the road*side to appease the spirits that took the lives of the people

the night before. This There was a common belief among the people I met there. They believed that every year at a certain season, usually in August, strange accidents would occur at that area and the spirits would claim had claimed many lives. They believed that bad spirits had been causing the accidents. A religious service was conducted by them to appeased them. Usually articles of food, and drinks are placed at the road*side to appease the angry spirits so that they do not harm them or their relatives. They want to have the best of both worlds – to receive reap the protection from angry spirits, and also from a merciful God! A Sarawak Experience Here is another story of angry spirits. Around 1994, Pastor Lawrence Randig, Pastor James Sagit, both from Sarawak, and I, from Singapore, jointly conducted a series of meetings seminar in a long house in Sarawak. Every night about 100 people from that particular long house and the neighboring long houses attended our meetings. An interesting thing happened during the in that meeting one night. There was a man who practiced witchcraft in that area who lived in that particular long house. He too came to our meetings and listened very attentively to our talks. On the final meeting of our series, at about 8:00*pm, I was half*way through in my talk when we saw several men returning home from hunting. They carried a dead antelope on a long bamboo pole. Seeing the deer, what rejoicing the people experienced at that moment! They knew that they were going to be feasting all that night with a final fling with venison. Seeing the hunted deer, some of the women and men in our meeting quickly left us to help cook the meat in the kitchen behind the long house. So the crowd grew a little smaller. I was a little disappointed to see the crowd disintegrate. But more was to come! The children and those younger adults were still at the hall way where our meetings were being conducted. There was a spirit of gaiety and merriment, for venison would be served! But suddenly around 9:00*pm,. while I was still halfway into my talk, all the fun of the fair came to a drastic end! Abruptly, there was a loud explosion near the long house. “BANG!” It was so very loud and deafening. With that explosion, there was a sudden blackout. The children screamed in fear and ran away as if they had seen a ghost! The men and women too were so very frightened that they fled from the place. In the end, only the three pastors were left standing at the podium! It was pitch darkness. We could not understand why there was an explosion and why there was a black*out. For the next 20 minutes or so, it was fear and confusion to all of us. The women and men at the kitchen preparing the venison too were also confused. After about 20 minutes we three could breathe again, for one by one the crowd returned with lit candles and kerosene lamps in their hands. We continued with on the meeting despite the unrest and confusion. I concluded the seminar around 10:00*pm and left the place. But the people continued their feast all night and soon the explosion and black*out was all but forgotten. for a while. Angry Spirits

The next day there was a lot of talk about angry spirits in the long house. The man who practiced witchcraft in that particular long house reported that the spirits were very angry at our meetings there. He said that he saw a cloud aroise above the long house and stand stood above it for some time. Then suddenly he said a lightning flashed from the cloud and struck at the long house where we were holding the meetings. seminars. The lightning managed to strike on, but a tall coconut tree close by the long house. There was neither rain nor wind that night. It was a warm and dry night yet the lightning struck without a warning of wind or rain. There was a large generator running that night below the coconut tree, to supply electricity to the long houses in that region. The cables in the generator had been pulled out forcefully by an unseen force. The coconut tree had already withered away the next day. There were no casualties. The man who practiced witchcraft said it was the intention of the spirits to kill us all, but the only thing they managed to kill was a coconut tree! Apparently a Power greater than the angry spirits was guarding us that night.

Chapter 3 AN OLD RUNDOWN HOUSE Spirits can occupy any place at any time. However, they seem to claim ownership of to some building where they have been invited. Such buildings soon have the reputation of being called, haunted houses. The following experience took place in Puna, India in one such haunted house that happened to be a bungalow. Prakash, from Malaysia, who was taking a course in on Theology at the Spicer Mmemorial College in Puna, India in the year 2000. He, was unable to find proper housing for his family within the college campus. So, he had to rent an old run-down building which was about three kilometers away from the college. The house was actually a run-down a disused mansion house situated somewhat below the level of the main road. It had been converted into living quarters for students studying at the college. Child Could See The Spirit One morning at about 9:00, am Prakash’s wife noticed the his 2-year old son, who was having his breakfast then, was talking and playing as if with another child was near him. She could not see the figure but the his 2-year old son child could. He was stretching his spoon out as if feeding someone near him. He was also laughing$ and speaking to that unseen figure. His wife snatched the spoon from him. At that moment she felt a little

suspicious about spirits in the house. The family had recently moved into the mansion house and they did not know the background story related to that building. Two and half hours later on the same day, at about 11:30*am, the his wife was taking her showers in the bath*room. After the bath, she tried to open the door in order to come out but it had been locked from the outside. At the time of this incident, Prakash was away attending a class in college and his two infant sons aged 2 years and 1 year were with his wife. It would be impossible for his infant children to have locked the door from the outside because the door was a heavy metal door and the lock was far above their reach. His wife, who was trapped inside the bathroom, shouted and screamed for help. Two hours later at about 1:40*pm his wife managed to come came out of the bath*room with the help from the landlord who had happened to heard her crying for help. This experience was a phenomena which she could not explain. When Prakash returned from his classes that afternoon for his lunch, he realized that his family was in deep waters. He was quick to perceive that some spirits were living in that house. His wife too got scared and on the same day in the afternoon, she took the children to her brother, Jonathan, who was living with his family within the college campus. They remained there until dusk that evening. When night was falling, it was time to return to their rented house. So, they tried to be brave, took courage and they slowly began to walked back to their rented mansion. former house.

The Mother Saw A Ghost As they approached the gate of the mansion house, Prakash noticed that his wife was not her usual self. in her sober sense. He saw his elder son pulling the mother’s hand to lead her towards the gate of the house with a supernatural force. She was too scared to open the gate or go in. They When they managed to open the gate and get into the compound, then, all of a sudden, the wife fainted and fell at the door*steps of the house. Prakash assisted her and when she recovered, she told the husband what she really saw. Two ghostly-looking figures were standing at the door*steps of the house, one lookeding like a mother, and the other, a child. This incident made them quickly return to the college campus to Jonathan’s house. Prakash explained the event to Jonathan, his brother-inlaw, who was also from Malaysia and taking a course in Theology. At that time Dr. Bruce Bauer, a lecturer at the college, was teaching a class on Demonology. Soon the news of the event reached the ears of Dr. Bauer who quickly came with a few others to assist the Prakash’s family. When Dr. Brusce Bauer arrived at the scene, Prakash’s wife was behaving abnormally. The elder son was also crying ceaselessly and loudly for no apparent reason. A spirit seemed to jump between Prakash’s wife and his elder son. When the mother was well, the son was disturbed. When the son stopped crying, the mother was affected. Then, Dr. Bauer told the residents in the house to separate the child from the mother. This time they prayed simultaneously in two

groups. One group laid hands on the wife and prayed for her, while the other group prayed likewise for the son. This arrangement appeared successful in preventing the spirit from jumping to jump from the mother to the child and visa versa. One of the students who was also in taking a course on demonology under Dr. Bruse Bauer’s class, Paulraj Masillamony, was assigned to do a case study on Prakash’s family. For about a week, while they stayed at Jonathan Muthal’s house, the spirit communicated with the wife through an audible voice and persuaded her to return to the rented house. During such communications, she would faint and fall to the ground. Good Spirits Prevailed Against Bad Ones Paulraj Masillamony, David Kumar, another student from Malaysia and his family, Jonathan Muthal and his family and several other ministerial students fasted and prayed for the wife of Prakash. During one a prayer session, the wife said later on, that she saw a long train of bad spirits that looked like armed soldiers marching from the rented house to the gate of the college. They seemed to stand in a long line of about ½ a kilometer in length. The group of college students They earnestly prayed for the wife and son. They noticed that when they stopped praying the spirits seemed to strangle the wife’s neck and almost kill her. But when they prayed earnestly the spirits left her. It appeared to Prakash that there was a war between bad spirits and good spirits. At the final phase of their prayer session, the wife later reported to Prakash that she saw two holy angels dressed in white appearing in the sky. One of them stood near the wife and covered her wife’s face with his wings. The other angel stood at the gate of the college and gave a hand signal to the bad spirits to leave by waving his right hand. At that moment the bad spirits fled from the scene and all of a sudden the wife was delivered. She stood up on her feet and started to serve others who were around her. The Value of Prayer This experience in the Prakash family taught them a great lesson. They realized that they should never neglect prayer. Prayer is so very essential for protection from bad spirits. When they drew nearer to God in prayer, He also drew nearer to them. There is an unseen battle going on constantly between good and bad spirits. And it is our the duty to stay close to God by constantly communing with Him. The Bible verse that Prakash treasures most after this experience is 2*Kings 6:16 which tells us that there is an unseen battle going on in the spirit world but one need not fear as God’s power is greater. Some weeks later, Prakash learned that an infant child and its mother had been were murdered in that run-down disused rented house in which his family had stayed. The house they occupied was haunted with bad spirits. This gave them a good reason to quickly move out of the place and look for another. After they had moved out of the

house, the family did not encounter any more of such troubles like this again. This experience of Prakash also proves that spirits do inhabit certain places which they take possession of. If one ventures into such places one can encounter their attacks. Below is another similar story. Spirits seem to harbor gather around places of crime and murder. Unnatural death is often a symbol of the dwelling places of bad spirits. Susila’s Contact in Ipoh Here is another story about that shows how bad spirits occupied a the terrace house where there was an unnatural death. This experience took place at the Bercham Flats in Ipoh in the year 2003 when T. John was the district pastor there. One of his church members, nameds Susila, was giving away Christian tracts in her nheighborhood. During one such witnessing program, Susila came to the Bercham Flats. There she met an Indian family which had moved into the flat about 3 months previous ago. This family had moved from Alor Setar in Kedah. This was the story that was told to Susila by the woman whom she had befriended her during her tract distribution. The husband of that family was a contract worker specializinged in building cement houses. He and his wife had earlier rented a terrace house in Alor Setar. They did not know that someone had committed suicide in that place terrace house before they moved in. They were newly married and they had no children. A Dead Man Appeared In The Living Room One night at about 11pm, when the wife was alone, and when the husband had not yet returned from his work, the wife saw a gruesome figure of a man standing in the living room. She was shocked and terrified! At that very moment she was possessed by the spirit, but the symptoms of possession were was not manifested until weeks later. When the husband returned from work that night, the shocked wife told him about the incident. When they made investigations did some investigating, they soon learned from the neighbors that a man had committed suicide in the living room of the house before they had moved in. This information they obtained from the neighbors frightened them and they realized that there was a death trap in their house and they quickly decided to moved out of that house. Soon, the couple came to live with their in-laws in the Bercham Flats in Ipoh. In the Bercham Flats where the couple stayed, there were two infant girls of ages 2 years and 4 years that belonged to the wife's sister. of his wife. The four year old was always crying after the couple moved into their flat. This behavior was quite unusual. It was at this juncture Susila, from our church, had met the family. Susila invited, Pastor T. John, to pray for the infant child at the flat. He visited the family and prayed for the child. The child appeared to be normal after prayer. Then he invited the family to attend his church service in Ipoh at 42 Tambun Road. This they did. On the following Sabbath morning the entire family came to church. During Sabbath

School class period nothing extraordinary happened. Then when the Sabbath School program was over, they were about to the move into the Divine Service around 11:00*am when some manifestations of the spirit took place. They were singing to close the Sabbath School program when the woman who had come from Alor Setar, suddenly began to go shout, scream, and shake her body. She was biting her teeth very tightly, her eyes were rolling within their sockets, and she was beating the cement floor with her bare hands. There was much noise and commotion in the youth hall. The Ipoh English members who were worshipping in the church main hall, a little distance away, heard the commotion and some of them ran to the room where the Tamil Service was being conducted on to see what was happening. Pastor Terrance Sim, who was about to preach in the English service, stopped his sermon upon hearing the screams. Then Pastor Terrance and Pastor T. John prayed for the lady. She was immediately delivered from possession. The Divine Service continued on after that incident, without any disturbance. The family that had a spirit attack went home quietly. Pastor T. John continued visiting the family for the next two months. Then the husband with his wife moved to Kuala Lumpur to look for employment. At that juncture they lost contact was lost with the church and or the pastor.

Chapter 4 FALLING OBJECTS If you are staying in a house where you see objects in the house thrown about by an unseen hand, would you be scared? Or if you are in the living room, if you see the curtains fly in the air as if there was a wind storm and yet there is not a breath of wind, would you be scared? This is was what actually happened in Nages’s house in 1987. When spirits got angry they brought untold fear and worry to the family. Nages was baptized in the Sungei Way Church a few months earlier. He and his father had been practicing witchcraft before he was baptized. Strange happenings began to occur in their house in 1987, the year he was baptized. For an example, clothes in the cupboards in the bedroom were thrown out violently on the cement floor by an unseen hand. On another occasion a pot of curry the wife had cooked was flung off out of the stove by an unseen hand. On another occasion, during the night, the lights in the house went off suddenly as if there was a lightning strike, but there was no rain, no wind or lightning. On another occasion the curtains at the windows were swaying violently as if there was a mighty windstorm, but there was no wind! None could explain these supernatural happenings. One night I was conducting a prayer meeting in their house. A bottle of sugar that was kept on an the upper shelf in the kitchen was thrown down violently to the floor. Strangely, the glass bottle was not broken, but the tiny grains of sugar were was spilled

all over the kitchen floor. We attributed these activities to the spirits that were causing problems for to the family. A Door Had Been Opened I must say here, that spirits do not enter a house without a cause, or “door” as it were, door being opened to them. Sometimes it can could be more than one door, and it can could also be an invisible door. We have to carefully investigate by which door they have entered. Often times, it is not easy to discover the doorway or gateway by which the spirits had come in. As a rule we should never dialogue with the spirits. But by careful dialogue with the occupants in the house, or the relatives of victims of spirits, one has to discover the door by which the spirits make had made their headway into the family. The following story in chapter 5 will tell you the struggles of Mrs. Helen Chin who had a similar struggle with the spirits in her house and how she discovered the doors by which the spirits entered her home, and how she managed to demolish those doors so that the spirits were unable to penetrate her home again.

Chapter 5 A STORY FROM PENANG This story is from Penang between 2005 and 2006. I sat in the home of Thomas and Helen for more than three hours interviewing them on their experiences. It was the beginning of the year 2005, when Thomas Chin and Helen Chin, hired a maid from Sabah. She was 15 years old then. She came from a broken home. Her father had died when she was 1 year old. Her mother was his second wife. Her widowed mother remarried another man and left her to the grandmother’s care. Hence, this maid of theirs had lived in her grandmother’s home since 1 year of age. At her grandmother’s house her great grandmother was also living. Both these old grandmothers practiced witchcrafts in Sabah. The maid had dropped out from school before completing her Form 2 at the time when she came to Penang to join their family. A Secretive Maid The maid was secretive and very quiet most of the time. She had the habit of telling lies and stealing small items in the our house. When Thomas and Helen confronted her, she admitted telling lies and stealing things. She had many things hidden up in her sleeve!. One incident for instance, was that she had said she was attending a SDA Church in

Sabah in a certain village there. When they found out that there was no SDA church in that village, she admitted she had lied. told lies. On a another occasion they found two pears and a raw sweet potato taken from the our kitchen and hidden among her clothes in her room. On another occasion a wedding ring that belonged to Helen’s sister was missing in her house after the maid had put up a night in her place. Later on she admitted taking the ring, and returned it to Helen’s sister. Thomas and Helen noticed that she was not obeying their instructions given to her regarding caring for their infant child. For instance, on one occasion, they told her to change the pampers in the morning but this was not done until evening that day. On another occasion they told her to warm up the baby food before feeding their child, but this was again not done. On another occasion the maid had chicken pox and she did not inform them until the symptoms appeared all over her. They had to send her away to a friend’s house for a week until she was healed. They were concerned for the safety of their baby girl of 5 months. While staying with the friend for a week during her illness, she had also stolen some women’s clothing belonging to the friend. Later on she confessed to taking the clothes and then she returned them to the owner. There were frequent instances where she was disobedient and irresponsible in her duties assigned to her. Discovering the Tip of an Iceberg Burg Then one day it occurred to Helen that their maid was not behaving in a normal way because someone else was controlling her mind from a distance. Helen observed that she seemed to be listening to a voice that was telling her what to do. Helen asked her point blank, “You are not listening to me, but you seemed to be listening to someone else talking to you. Is this correct?” She admitted some supernatural force in her was telling her what to do and it was at this stage, Helen discovered something. She was not at odds with her maid alone. She was fighting with supernatural forces manifested through the maid. It was like discovering the tip of an iceberg burg. Now knowing how to help her maid, she and her husband called their church pastors, Pastor Lawrence Randig and Pastor Francis Amir and to their house for a prayer session for her. This invitation of their pastors to pray for her opened up the opportunities for an open confrontation with the spirits. There were four episodes of exorcism, written below in a chronological order. Rebellious in Attitude These episodes always happened on weekends when, Thomas Chin, was away out stationed in Kuala Lumpur on his business trips. It was sometime near the end of March, 2006. Helen’s baby was about 10 months old then. at that time. The weather was hot at that time. As usual the maid was not obeying orders. Helen told her to give water to the baby with a bottle but instead she was giving it using a cup. She seemed to be watching T.V. all the time and neglected her work. When Helen asked her why she was always watching the T.V. she said she was addicted to it since she was young and that in Sabah she had watched T.V. for 10 hours a day. She pleaded that she be given a chance to

improve herself. She said she wanted Bible studies and wanted to be baptized into our church. Helen arranged with one of the nurses in the Penang Adventist Hospital to have Bible studies with her. But she studied with the nurse only once. During the time when she was supposed to have Bible studies, she locked herself in her room and refused to come out . Being Secretive She refused to talk and became kept herself more and more secretive. For instance, a few days earlier she was traveling in the our car with Helen’s family and during that time she had vomited in the back seat of our car but she didn't tell anyone. and they did not know it and she did not tell any of them. This type of behavior made them very concerned about her. April 1, 2006 was a Sabbath day and as usual Helen went with her child went to the main SDA Church at 160 Burma Road while the maid went to the SDA Church at the Penang Adventist Hospital. Objects of Charm in the House Again, Thomas, was out stationed was away from home at that time. When Helen returned home from the church service, the maid was not back yet, and a strong intuition told Helen to go into the maid’s room and see what was inside. What she found inside her bed*room shocked her. She saw scores of comic books on spirits piled kept under her bed. She also found a letter containing some Jawi words on it. When the maid returned from church, Helen asked her if she kept any “jimat” which is a Malay word for charms. She admitted having some charmed objects. When Helen asked her to show them to her, she opened one of her bags where she had kept a bottle of rice, a pear, a medium size sweet potato, a black pair of shoes, a badge of a “silat” expert, some papers containing Jawi script and 30 pieces of comic books on demons. Helen immediately called her church pastors to come over to pray for her and cleanse the our maid’s bed*room of all objects of charm. Objects of Charm Destroyed The first phase of exorcism took place the next Sabbath on April 15, 2006 when Thomas my husband was again out of town. stationed. Pastor Francis Amir, Pastor Gerard, and Pastor Lawrence Randig came to the our house at about 4:00*pm. These pastors had fasted that day before coming for the prayer. When Pastor Randig saw the maid her sweaty and untidy, he advised her to take a bath before the prayer. She went into the bath*room and took more than 15 minutes to wash herself, instead of her usual 5 minutes. Before prayer, the pastors demanded that all her charmed objects be handed over to them. She was very reluctant to hand them over. And dDuring prayer she became stiff and her hands and legs began to shake uncontrollably. She said that during the During prayer she said that she saw green eyed creatures were crawling all over her body and that she was in pitch darkness and she could not come out of the darkness. That night

the pastors burned the charmed articles. An interesting experience happened to Pastor Francis Amir. He could not sleep the whole night after burning the charmed objects. Apparently the spirits were suppressing the pastor’s body so that he would be exhausted physically during the spiritual warfare. Everyone We quoted and read Ephesians 6 aloud during the prayer. Wild Music Can Invite Spirits After the first stage of exorcism was over, on the following week, the maid was listening to rock music and played it very loudly. Then all of a sudden she said, “Today they are coming.” Helen asked her “Who is are coming?” She kept quiet. That night she slept in the living room instead of in her bed*room. She had referred to the spirits that they were coming to attack her again. Mind-Controlling Spirits The following Sabbath, April 22, 2006, she said that the spirits had forbidden forbid her to go to church but and had told her go shopping instead. Helen asked her, “Why are you behaving in this manner?” She replied, “It is not me. It is the spirit in me telling me what to do.” She said that the spirit also told her to discontinue the Bible studies.” If she disobeys, her body would feel very hot. If she went to church, her feet would burn as if there were hot coals under her feet. On that Saturday morning, her mother from Sabah had telephoned her. Apparently the mother, who practiced witchcraft, and living about 1500 miles away, seemed to know what was happening to her daughter in Penang. The message from her mother was that she must not go to church. During In the past many months while when the maid had been was in the home of Thomas and Helen, the mother in Sabah had never telephoned her even once. It was rather strange, that her mother should call her at that particular time and warn her not to attend church. That night, another prayer session was done for her in the house. It was about 8:00 pm when the prayer session started. Thomas and Helen prayed with some nurses from the hospital. They sang songs and took turns praying to pray. At about 9:30 pm the church pastors arrived at their house. They continued to sing, read the scriptures and pray until 11:30 pm. During prayer the maid’s eyes would roll rolled within their sockets. Her body would act shocked, and she would become shock and she became hysterical. During prayer she said that she must not break her promise she had made with her grand*mother. They asked her, “Your grand*mother is already dead. What promise did you make with your grand*mother?” It became apparent to them that the grand*mother who had been practicing witchcraft in Sabah, when she was alive, had enslaved the mind of her grand*daughter. Surrendering All Articles of Witchcraft

Again they asked her to surrender all articles of witchcraft to us. In her purse was we found a small note*book in which it were some Jawi writings. There was also a brown towel she often used to cover her head. These articles were believed to be charmed. Several people We went into her bed*room and there we saw a black cloth tied to the window. It was rather strange why such a cloth be tied there for no reason. They We knew at once it was another object of charm. They We took it from the window and together with the other articles of charm that we collected from her, and they burned them all. When this was done, the power of charm over her was broken. Prayer was going on in sessions until 3:30 am on Sunday morning, April 23, 2006. Helen also phoned up her mother in Mengatal, Sabah, and informed her of what was going on in their house in Penang and requested special prayers. Helen’s mother in Mengatal, in Sabah, visited the local pastor there, Pastor George Abbie, and requested special prayers for them in Penang. Their maid was partially delivered by that night of prayer. On that Sunday night she slept well. She chose to sleep in the living room instead of her bed*room. On the 25th of April, 2006 she reported to Helen that she saw some spirits standing a little distance from her in the living room. But she also said that those creatures with green eyes, that used to crawled all over her body, had disappeared. Struggle During Baptism On Sabbath, May 6, 2006 she was scheduled to be baptized in water. On Friday, May 5, she attended the Youth Fellowship Meeting at the Hospital Church. When she returned home that night about 9:30 pm she reported to be feeling very unbalanced and weak. The spirits were trying to hinder her baptism. On Sabbath morning, during the rite of vow taking and baptism, she was hysterical again. It took three pastors to calm her down and bring her into the baptistery and baptize her. The Spirits Return On Sabbath, May 27, 2006 a graduation ceremony was conducted for the nurses at the hospital church. By this time the our maid was about 90% delivered from the spirits. But there was still a small remnant of them left the spirits in her. On that Sabbath, May 27, a tour was organized by the graduating class of nurses. In the tour one of the places the parents and nurses visited was the Kek Lock See Temple. Our maid joined the tour group to go into the temple. There at At the temple there was a gong that was hit loudly and repeatedly during their visit. At that moment our maid was repossessed again. She later said that the sound of the gongs troubled her and the spirits suppressed her mind and she became hysterical. This time five pastors calmed her down and prayed for her. They were Pastor Francis Lajanim, the former mission president, Pastor Gerard, Pastor Lawrence Randig, Pastor Francis Amir, and Pastor Eugene from Sabah. Pastor Eugene

and Pastor Lajanim were visiting pastors who had earlier come to witness the graduation exercise of the nurses. The story ends here at the time of writing. The future is yet to be seen. Lessons Learned Thomas and Helen learned much during those weeks of torment from the bad spirits. They learned these lessons: First, they learned the reality of the existence of bad spirits in our world. Next, by possessing objects of charm in the house invites the bad spirits in*to the house. They also learned that by going to places inhabited by bad spirits one can invite them into their homes. Finally, the most valuable lesson they learned from that experience was that in exorcism, we should not have any kind of dialogue with bad spirits,. Iinstead we should commit ourselves to God and address our prayers to Him alone for help. We should focus our thoughts on God’s promises when doing exorcism rather than on the spirits themselves.

Chapter 6 “SAYA MAHU BERNIKAH DENGAN ANAKMU” (“I Want To Marry Your Daughter!”) The title of this chapter, “Saya Mahu Bernikah Dengah Anakmu,” is a Malay title. These were the actual words spoken by a spirit in a man’s voice through a girl in Teluk Intan. Malaysia. The translation of the title in English is, “I Want To Marry Your Daughter!” In many experiences with spirits, it appears that women, the gentle sex, seem to be more vulnerable to spirit possession than men. Why is that so? I am not sure myself. Perhaps there is something in women that make them easy prey of spirits. sprits easy prey of them.

This experience took place in 1996 in a house situated at Teluk Intan, Perak. The girl’s mother worked as a janitor in a hospital there. Her father had died years before, ago, leaving behind the mother and her two daughters and two sons. The two boys had left the mother to live else*where, and at the time of this incident, the two sons were not present. One Wednesday evening at about 7:30 pm Pastor T. John and his wife, Ruth, and were doing their round of pastoral visits and came to that particular house. They had not known of the spirit problems in the house at the time of their visit. It was only later on, that they learned of the spirit troubles in the family.

During the visit, while they were in the house, the girl who was possessed, spoke these words in Malay and making eyes at her mother, “Nama saya Hamzah. Saya sudah lama jatuh cinta pada anak mu. Biar saya bernikah dengn anak mu!” The English interpretation of these words is are: “My name is Hamzah. I have been fallen in love with your daughter for a long time. Allow me to marry her!” These words were directed to the mother, through the daughter, who was under the influence of the spirit and it spoke in a man’s voice. She was a very beautiful girl – the envy of many a man men in that neighborhood. Apparently one of them had charmed her! The pastor and his wife prayed for the girl. The bad spirit seemed to leave the victim for a while but it returned to her again. Then Pastor T. John suggested a change of venue. He told the mother to bring her daughter to church the next day, a Thursday, and attend the weekly prayer meeting in their church hall, and that a group of believers would pray for her during that time. The pastor quickly sent word around for his members to come for a fast and prayer session for the girl. A Spirit that Recited Psalm 91 The next day about 35 members came for the special prayer meeting. Of these, not all were fasting. The pastor led the team while the rest played second fiddle. At 7:30 pm that evening during the prayer meeting, they sang songs and prayed. Then the pastor asked the girl in question, to come forward to the front, and they stood around her. Then the pastor told her to repeat after him Psalms 91: verses 1 and 2. At that moment, suddenly the spirit spoke back these words in Tamil, “Only you know the scriptures? Look, I know them it too.” Then she quoted the whole of Psalms 91 in Tamil without looking at the Bible! When they saw and heard her recite Psalm 91 in an unpleasant tone, they were scared to death! Then suddenly she let out a fearful sharp cry, as if someone was beating her with a rod.

The Background Here is the background of how the spirit got into her. The girl in question was a very charming and beautiful girl. Without her knowledge, a man had been eyeing on her for some time. One evening she was throwing away a tin of rubbish from her house into a big rubbish tank which was about 200 meters away. At that moment she had been charmed. When she returned to her house, after emptying the rubbish tin, she was no longer her normal self. Apparently a man by the name of Hamzah had charmed the girl. It appeared that a man had earlier proposed to the mother for the hand of the girl. When the mother refused, these phenomena started to occur. She was always repeating those words in Malay towards her mother, and she was not aware of people around her.

Claiming the Promises of God

During prayer, she was shaking and screaming. About eight able*bodied men held her hands and feet and everyone we prayed for her. They specifically claimed the promise in Joshua 24:16, which says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” They recited this verse over and over into her ears. The spirit then replied, “I will leave her, I will leave her” and left her. She was fully delivered after the prayer session. They took her home in a car. The next day, the pastor and his wife visited the girl and she was behaving very normally. Since that prayer session, she has been delivered completely from the bad spirit that troubled her. She is still faithful in our church attendance. At the time of writing this story, she is still single.

Charms Can Be Broken The story above tells shows that charms are methods by which bad spirits enter a person. But it they can be broken through prayer, confession of sins and by a renewed covenant with Jesus, Who is able to set free the captives. God’s word also play a major part in the story. God’s promises are effective when they are claimed by the believer. Chapter 7 THE BARKING DOG AT THE VERANDA It is strange that sometimes animals too can see certain spirits and they howl and bark at them. For some unknown reason, not all are able to see spirits with our natural eyes. God in His great wisdom and knowledge, does not want us to see them. We cannot question the wisdom of God in on this. He has so arranged things that a normal person should not see spirits – good ones or bad ones. Because an ordinary person does not see them, it does not mean they are non-existent. It is God Who made us differently and He has His purpose for not normally viewing them. But sometimes He allows man and beasts to see them. Often times, in my experiences with people who have spirit problems, they often see them come to them just before a black*out. In the story below, a dog saw a ghost and it barked ferociously at it, while the watching crowd could not see the spirit. This incident happened in 2002 during Christmas time in Taiping. Pastor T. John was the district pastor there at that time. His church lay leader in the Taiping Church at that time was Patrick Andrews, who was then working as an X-Ray technician at the Apollo Medical Center in Taiping. Patrick first came to know Amutha and he had ministered to her family in giving Bible studies. It was reported to the pastor, that Amutha was having spirit problems and the family sought for his help.

It was about 6:30 pm on a Saturday night when the pastor and his youth group were gathered at Amutha’s house. His wife, Ruth, his daughter, Jasmine, and Mr. Ken Boy, a member of the Taiping Church were also present. There were tTwo other friends of Mr. Ken Boy who were also present. The Dog Leapt and Barked Fiercely Their prayer session lasted only about 20 minutes. During prayer and exorcism, something very interesting happened. A dog had been tied at the veranda of the old bungalow house where Amutha’s family was staying. During prayer, the dog, which used to be had been friendly and quiet, suddenly stood up and started barking fiercely non*stop, as if an intruder had come into the house. But there was no person coming in or going out of the house at that time. The dog was tied, yet it leapt and darted fiercely under its chains, as if to chase away an intruder. During prayer, the pastor said these words into the ears of Amutha, “She is a child of God. She belongeds to Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name I curse you and demand you to leave her.” At that moment Amutha fell on the cement floor. The spirit had just left her. It was at that moment the dog started was barking as if to chase away an intruder. She Had Seen A Ghost The background of Amutha’s story is this. Two months earlier, Amutha was walking home alone, along a lonely road at about 10:00*pm. On the way home she had seen a dark gruesome figure standing on the road*side not too far away from her house. She was extremely frightened. Upon seeing the ghost, she screamed very loudly and since that moment she became possessed by a spirit. During the possession, she would bite her teeth tightly. And she would grab everyone anyone with her fingers like a tiger would grab its prey. Then she would scream loudly. Her body would shake violently. Her eyes would roll it in their sockets in a fearful manner. Adults and children who saw her at the time of possession were terrified. This behavior was contrary to her mild and gentle nature. After she was delivered, Amutha continued her studies and assisted her mother in her house*work. Chapter 8 SHE SAW A GHOST AT IN A COCONUT ESTATE PLANTATION I happened to room with Pastor T. John during one of our pastors’ meetings held in Penang in 2006. It was during that time I had interviewed him and obtained his stories. Below is a story of a woman who worked as a laborer in a coconut estate. Apparently she was followed by a secret admirer who tried to scare her with a spirit with the help of someone who practiced witchcraft.

This incident took place at Simpang Empat, a little village town about 15 kilometers away from Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia. The victim of spirit possession was a middle aged woman, known as Esther, who was married and had several adult children. It took place sometime in 1996 when Pastor T. John, was working in Teluk Intan as a district pastor. Pastor John came to know Esther’s spirit problems through one of her sons named called, Prakash, who sold used clothes to the poor people in that area, and it was he who had befriended the pastor. Seeing that he was a church pastor, Prakash reported to him one day about his mother’s problems and invited the pastor to help his mother at his house. Pastor T. John took on the challenge of helping to help Prakash’s mother and on the appointed day he visited the Prakash family. The pastor administered prayer for her but there was no success. Then he told the family to fast for a day and come to his church where a group of believers would pray for the mother. The pastor told them also to confess all their sins and forgive any wrongs others have done to them and come to church the following Sabbath. As agreed, Prakash brought his mother and some of his relatives to the his church. The service was in the afternoon and so after the Sabbath School and the Divine Service was all over, at about 6:30*pm, they were gathered together around Esther, the mother of Prakiash, and took turns praying to pray for her. They sang songs, read Bible promises and prayed. Esther was asked to place her right hand on the Bible and repeat the Bible verses quoted to her. She did as told. Then suddenly the bad spirit in her attacked her in the midst of the exorcism. She refused to touch the Bible or repeat the verses we told her to recite. Her face turned fierce and her eyes started rolling within her their sockets. The Background Here is the background of how Esther was possessed. Esther had worked as a laborer in a coconut estate that was between Simpang Empat and Bagan Dato. One afternoon around 1:00 pm while she was working in the estate, she had seen a dark gruesome figure of a man appear that appeared suddenly in front of her to molest her. This encounter with that ghostly figure derailed her mental composure and since then she was possessed. Since that encounter, she could not eat or sleep well. She was constantly taunted by the figure of the ghostly man. At times she could not breathe normally, she appeared to be chocked by someone at her neck. At other times her stomach would swell very large like that of a pregnant woman. At other times, she would speak in tongues that none could understand. Sometimes during these supernatural manifestations of the bad spirits in her, she would faint. It is believed that there was a secret admirer, unknown to her, who had charmed her using the spell of a spirit through witchcraft. Power in Number of Prayer Worriors During our prayer session in church for her, everyone they all laid hands on her and prayed. There were about 20 of them at that time. At last she was relieved from the spirit

within her. She regained her mental composure. She looked calm and peaceful. She herself testified that she had been relieved from the inner turmoil in her. They looked at the clock it was about 7:30*pm. It had taken them about one hour for the full session to be over. She left home with her son There was no more trouble with the spirit in the days following. Pastor T. John continued studying the Bible with Esther and her family for the next three months. Even though he tried his best to win them to church fellowship, they chose not to be baptized because of many of her relatives who persuaded her otherwise. You, having read this story, let me ask you a question. Have you seen a ghost? Do you wish to see one? Better not! Often those who see them are affected by them. Better stay close to God and remain under His watch*care for our safety. If you ever happen to see a spirit, never, as a rule, do not have any form of dialogue with the spirit. It is very That is a dangerous business to do so.

Chapter 9 A GIRL WITH A BURNING BODY SENSATION Here is another story from T. John. Not all illnesses are medically related. Some are not. A medical doctor may not know the cause of the illness. There are cases where illnesses are caused by bad spirits. The only cure for such cases is victory in a spiritual warfare. Below is a story of a young woman who had a strange burning body sensation which doctors could not cure. This incident took place during in at a prayer meeting in Mrs. Ponnusamy’s house at the Laxamana Road, Teluk Intan about the year 1997 when Pastor T. John, was still the district pastor there. One Sunday evening around 7:30 pm he and his wife, Ruth, were were in the house of Madam Ponnusamy with some 25 others for a prayer meeting. Unknown to the pastor’s knowledge, Madam Ponnusamy, the host of the house, hosue, had invited a visitor to their prayer meeting. The visitor was an Indian girl of about 20 years of age. During the song service, the girl left the group quietly and stood at the gate of the terrace house all by herself. Seeing her being alone all by herself, the pastor’s wife, Ruth, walked towards her and spoke to her gently persuading her to come into the house and join in the singing with the others. The girl said she felt uncomfortable to go into the house. She told my wife that a burning sensation would come over her body each time a bad spirit was about to attack her. She told Ruth that a spirit was preventing her from going to go into the house. Eventually she did come into the living room to join us at the prayer meeting. Then after a while, she suddenly showed signs of possession. Her body shoock uncontrollably and she let out a yell that frightened all of the people in the prayer meeting. Then she fell on the cement floor and fainted. The Background

Here is the a background of her story. It had been her first time for her to attend a Christian prayer meeting. She had had problems with spirits for several months already and she had come to the Christian prayer meeting with the hope that she could be delivered. It was reported to the pastor later on, that she had a burning sensation all over her body whenever the spirit attacked her. She had earlier visited several spirit mediums and witch doctors without any cure. Madam Ponnusamy had invited her to come to the Christian prayer meeting to find cure. Power in Group Prayer During the prayer meeting in Madam Ponnusamy’s house, the believers laid hands on her and prayed earnestly for her. She was delivered immediately. She became normal and spoke with them calmly after the deliverance. When the prayer meeting was over at about 9:30*pm, she even joined the group in the fellowship meal that was served in the house. Though she was delivered from the spirit, she did not join the church as a member. Later on I learned that she had left for Ipoh in search of employment and after she had moved, the pastor had completely lost touch with her and or her relatives. Chapter 10 SEEING A GHOST LED TO POSSESSION God in His wisdom does not allow an ordinary man to see spirits. Can, seeing a ghost can lead to possession? It depends on how one reacts to the spirit. If you are easily frightened, stay away from spirits. If you are filled with God’s Spirit, somehow the fear is turned to courage and the spirits are afraid of you. As a rule, we should not venture into the unknown and the mysterious. However, we should have accurate information, on how spirits work and manifest themselves. We should also know how to resist them. Much of the part on resistance is shared in Part 2 of this book. As stated earlier, it is a mystery to the human mind how spirits work. Physical science cannot prove their existence because they seem to be not subjected to space or even time. Below is a true story of how a young girl saw a ghost in her school and since then she became abnormal. In the year 2000 an eight year old girl, called Priscilla, who attended the Ghandi Tamil Primary School in Sungei Siput (Utara) was reported to have seen a gruesome ghost while she was in school. Upon seeing that creature she screamed very loudly and immediately she was possessed. Pastor T. John was then working as district pastor in that region when this case came to him for help. Since the possession, the young girl refused to go to school or sleep at night. When he made some inquiries on how this spirit got into her, he found out from the

school night guard, that several children in that school had been seeing ghosts in the past and they too manifested similar symptoms as Preiscilla did. The parents of the child, Mr. and Mrs. N. Peter, heard of a man in Skudai, Johore, who could do deliverance for their daughter. They took their child to see the man. There was no success. Then they heard of another man in Ipoh who could do exorcism. Again they took the child to see the second man. During the exorcism this second man placed pieces of colored papers on the cement floor and asked the girl to pick up one of them. The girl picked up a red colored paper. Then the man said she was possessed by a spirit known as “King Cobra” and during the exorcism the girl in question, fell on the cement floor and moved and crawled on the floor like a limbless snake would move. The child also screamed loudly but the spirit refused to go. Finally Pastor T. John was called for help. A prayer meeting was organized in the house of Mr. and Mrs. N. Peter. During the song service, the girl refused to sing or participate with us in the service. The parents of the girl, her grand*mother and some other relatives were present at that prayer session. After the prayer meeting they had dinner in their house. The girl refused to eat with them. After dinner, again they took turns to pray for her. This time, the girl cried out loudly, “I am going, let me go, I am going, let me go.” With those words, the spirit left. The pastor and his wife, Ruth, returned home very late that night. The next day he visited the family again. The relatives in the house told him that the girl slept soundly for the first time in many days on that night and she had been delivered. There were no more of any incidents of possession in the girl again after that experience. Today, 2006 AD, the girl is 14 years of age and she is completely cured from her troubles with the spirit.

A Seven Year Old Boy Possessed This case took place in 1997 when, Pastor T. John was the district pastor of the Teluk Intan Church. The family of this seven year old boy were living in Kuala Lumpur. They had relatives in Teluk Intan, who were members of his church there. The pastor came to know about the case through his church member, Madam Swartha Lazarus who lived at the Government Housing Quarters at the Laxamana Road, Teluk Intan. Madam Swartha Lazarus told him that her relatives from Kuala Lumpur had arrived and they were staying with her. She also informed him that a seven year old boy was possessed and requested help. It was reported to him that the youngster, during possession, would squeeze his mother’s neck and try tried to strangle her to death. This phenomenon had been was going on in their family for about two years. Madam Swartha Lazarus also told him that the spirit in the boy was a very stubborn one. Earlier some other pastors in the Kuala Lumpur area had tried to drive out the spirit from

the boy but each time when this was done, the spirit would attack the ministering pastors. On one occasion when a pastor prayed for the boy, the spirit attacked the family of the pastor. It disturbed the pastor at night so that he could not sleep all night. Other external manifestations also occurred in the house of the pastor to disturb him and his family. For instance, doors in the house would suddenly be slammed by an unseen hand, and pictures or photos hanging on the walls, and decorations that were hung on the pastor’s house would be flung out by an unseen hand. These manifestations frightened Madam Lazarus and she did not want Pastor T. John or his family to know them. Exorcism in on Church Premises The pastor invited them all to the church service that Sabbath. The exorcism took place in the church hall after the Divine Service was over at about 6:30*pm. During the prayer, the boy’s eyes rolled. There were about ten people who stood around the boy and prayed for the boy. Bible verses were quoted and hymns were sung. The spirit left the boy immediately. Seeing a Spirit Can Lead to Possession The next morning Mrs. Lazarus telephoned the pastor and reported that the boy slept soundly during the night and that he was completely healed. The boy and his family returned to Kuala Lumpur and there were no incidents of the spirit attacking the boy or his family after that. It was reported to the pastor that the seven year old was possessed about two years earlier while he was playing near some shrines of worship in Kuala Lumpur, where he had seen a spirit. Upon seeing the a spirit, he was frightened and immediately he was possessed. Below is another similar experience of two cousin sisters in Teluk Intan, Perak.

Two Cousin Sisters This case took place when T. John was working in Ipoh, Chemor and Taiping in the year 2000 when he was the district pastor there. At that time Pastor James Edward was the pastor in Teluk Intan, and Pastor Jonathan Muthal and Pastor Prakash were also pastuoring in the neighboring churches around Teluk Intan area. T. John was invited to help two teen*age girls who were possessed at a house at the Teluk Intan Government Housing Quarters. Pastor T. John drove about 120 miles from Taiping in his car to help the victims. The two girls were Rita d/o Selvarajah, and Reena d/o Samuel. Rita’s father, Selvarajah, worked as a hospital assistant in the Teluk Intan District Hospital. Reena and Rita not only cousins but were bosom friends since childhood.` The accompanying pastors, Jonathan and Prakash, were invited by Pastor James Edward to help the girls. It was

reported that it was Rita who was first affected by a spirit. It was told reported that she had seen a gruesome figure under a mango tree near her house. She was shocked and screamed at the top of her lungs voice upon seeing that figure. Since then she was possessed. When Reena, the cousin sister of Rita, heard of the troubles of Rita, she went to visit her. During her visit Reena too was affected by the spirit. Both these girls were teenage girls. When, Pastor T. John arrived at the scene one Saturday evening after his church services were over in Taiping, there were about 35 people gathered in Rita's the house of Rita. They started singing and praying. They prayed for the girls one at a time. When they did this, the spirit jumped from one victim to the other between the two girls. Eventually they divided the praying groups into two bands. Each praying bands prayed for each of the two girls simultaneously. This time it worked. The spirit could not jump between the two girls. They started praying at about 9*pm and it was around 11*pm when the spirit finally left them. During the prayer, one of the girls spoke in a man’s voice in Tamil and said, “I love this girl Rita very much. I have known know her for a long time. And I am dwelling at the mango tree in front of her house.” Upon hearing this, the men at the scene chopped off the mango tree which was in front of the house. Using petrol and news*papers, they burned its leaves and branches. After the burning of that tree, the spirit left the girls permanently. There were no reports of spirit possession again in the two girls after that incident.

Chapter 8 11 MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH A SPIRIT This is my own story written in the third person in a dialogue style for the sake of variety and interest. Read it carefully and make your own conclusions. It happened in December, 1965 in Ipoh, Perak. I was then 15 years of age. My mother and I had spent five days in Buntong, Ipoh during the Christmas holidays. Now we were packing our clothes to return home by bus. The bus ride would take us about 20 minutes. My mother and I were living in the Ipoh new town, while Buntong was about 7 kilometers away in the old town near the Sungei Pari River. Below is a dialogue between my mother and me. Mother: It is time to go home. We have been in your uncle’s house for about five days now. Christmas is over. Let’s return home. Samuel: Yes! But I am not eager to go. I will be bored board at home seeing I have no friends to play with.

Mother: I know. But we can’t be living in your uncle’s house forever always. Let’s be going. They bid goodbye to their uncle, aunt and their little daughter and walked to the bus stop near*by along the Sungei Pari Road. Soon the bus arrived. Samuel flagged it down. They got in and paid their bus fare fairs. The bus took off slowly and stopped at numerous places along the way. Finally it reached the bus stop near the Police Station at the junction of Cowan Road and Hugh Low Street, where they were supposed to alight. Samuel looked out of the window of the bus and saw a commotion on the road. Samuel: Mother, look! There is a big crowd of people blocking the traffic. Something is happening here. Mother: Let’s be getting out of the bus here. Do not waste waist time! Samuel and his mother got out of the bus. There was a commotion at the bus stop. Cars, buses and other vehicles were moving but very slowly. An Indian man dressed only in a sarong was standing in on the middle of the road. He was holding a long bamboo stick about 10 feet in length in his hand and was waving it about around his head. The watching crowd's eyes were was glued to the man. He was not wearing a shirt. He was bare*footed. His hair was long and unkempt. His eyes were large, red in color, and had an angry look. He was cursing everybody in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. None could get near him. There were some uniformed police*men standing among the crowd. But they could not arrest the man for he appeared mad and had no conscience of his own. Samuel pushed himself through the crowd to see the man. He stood at the edge of the crowd and was woandering what was happening. Within a minute the drama changed. The Indian man suddenly spotted Samuel. He pointed the pole towards Samuel and shouted at him in English. Indian Man: You Seventh-day Adventist Christian! Come here! I will kill you! The Indian man moved towards Samuel with his long stick. This triggered fear into Samuel’s young heart. His heart pounded. Immediately Samuel ran out of the crowd for protection, pushing everybody along his way and tried to head towards his house about 800 meters away. Samuel was a good runner. The Indian man could not run with the clumsy pole in his hands. The chase was only about 30 meters. The crowed too dispersed at the time the Indian man chased Samuel. The traffic started to move and the policemen were relieved that the crowd was dispersed slowly. After ten minutes, the traffic was once again flowed smoothly. When Samuel reached home,. Ssweat was all over his brow and body. Mother arrived home a few minutes later. They both sat on the wooden bed speechless. Mother put her hand on Samuel’s head and tried to comfort him. Mother: Are you still afraid still? Samuel: Yes! Why did the Indian man point his stick at me and started to chaseing me? Why did he say he wanted to kill me?

Mother: Do you know the man? Samuel: No! I have not seen the man before. And the man too had not seen me before. Mother: It was not the man who spoke, had spoken, but the spirit in him. Samuel: Of all the people in the crowd, why me? Why did he pin pointed at me me out to kill me? Mother: It is because you are a child of God. The spirit in the man knows you are one that belongeds to God. People thought that man was out of his mind. What made his blood boil with anger at me? Was he a mad man as many thought he was? But in my mind it was quite the contrary. Initially, I was confused and could not understand it all, at that stage in time. After all it was my first hair raising experience! As I reflected on that incident years later, I was able to understand how spirits work against God’s children. From then on, it always struck me, how a ghost had spoken to me! It came crystal clear to my mind since then, that I should discern spirits through listening more carefully to the words I hear from people, rather than seeing what was obvious to the natural eye. Chapter 12 PIGS' BLOOD Here is one of my own storyies written in the third person for the sake of variety verity and interest. Again you make your own conclusion. This story was told to me by my mother. She told it to me sometime in 1960 in Ipoh when I was only 10 years of age. My mother used to tell true ghost stories that happened in the past. I was always curious to hear ghost stories. Mother: It is time to sleep. Samuel: Mother, tell me a ghost story and I will sleep. Mother: O.K. Long ago in India it happened. It was about the time of the time of World War II, sometime in 1941. Many of the men living in our village had left farming in the villages in India, to go and look for employment in Malaya. Their families remained in India. Their husbands sent them money to support their families. Samuel: Is this a true story you are telling me? Mother: Yes, son.

Samuel: How did the men send money during the time of war? Mother: During the war, there were no ships traveling between Penang and Madras. No letters were received from Malaya. The families living in our villages could not receive any money from their husbands. The famous passenger ship, Rajula, was no longer commuting between Malaya and India. Samuel: What caused the war? Mother: The Japanese were attacking the British in Malaya and they took control of Malaya because it was rich in tin and rubber which were needed by the factories in Japan. Samuel: How dDid the families in India get money from the husbands working in Malaya? Mother: No. They did not get any money. Food was scarce. Those who had rice fields could grow their own crops. But those families living from the money sent by their husbands in Malaya were starving for lack of food. The famine brought another curse in our village – cholera! Cholera suddenly struck our village. One after another, men, women and children were dying by the dozens every week in our little village and the neighboring villages. Samuel: Did Aany*body in our family died in the epidemic? Mother: Yes. Your grand*mother from your father’s side died, along with many others. No one was seen walking in the villages outside their houses during day or night. It was like a haunted place. The neighboring villages too got the epidemic. Our village was made up of mostly Christians. But the neighboring villages were not. The villagers consulted their witch doctors who told them that the epidemic was caused by evil spirits and that the war in Malaya was also caused by evil spirits. Samuel: What did they do to stop the epidemic? Mother: The witch doctors in the neighboring villages collected money from every family to buy pigs to be offered as sacrifices to pacify the evil spirits from killing the villagers with cholera. They chanted their prayers, hit their drums and blew their pipe instruments and sprinkled pigs' blood around their villages. Samuel: Did the epidemic stop? Mother: Yes. Iit did. Samuel: Did they sprinkle pigs' blood in our own village?

Mother: No! They did not come into our village because all of our villagers were are Christians. Samuel: Can pig’s blood drive away evil spirits? Mother: I do not think so. Evil spirits are not afraid of anything except God’s word and His truth. During those early days, I was keen to learn more and understand the unseen forces at work in the spiritual world. It was years later in my adulthood, that I learned that it is the blood of Jesus that strikes terror to evil spirits. The blood of chickens, pigs, lambs and bulls are but little imitations of the real.

Chapter 13 SHE APPEARED NUDE! This incident took place in 1994, in Singapore. A young woman known as Helen Wong, attended one of the churches at the Upper Serangoon Road as visitor during a series of evangelistic meetings. She was a very attractive woman. After a series of doctrinal studies she was baptized by immersion in the church. I, who studied the scriptures with her, came to know the background of Helen. Helen was single and was working for a Chinese Towkey in town as an office secretary. Her boss had had contacts with evil spirits for a long time. This was no secret to Helen for she knew her bosses’ boss's background. One day she opened her heart to me and told me about her employer. She persuaded me to visit her boss. The first part of the following dialogue is between me and Helen and the latter part is between me and the Chinese Towkey. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Helen: Pastor, your class on evil spirits and their influences are is interesting. It interests me greatly because the Chinese Towkey, for whom I work, keeps in contact with spirits. Pastor: Is that so? Where does he live? And what kind of work do you do for him? Helen: I am his personal secretary. His office is in China Town. Would you mind coming with me to visit him next week? Pastor: Yes! I would be glad to visit your boss with you. I am free on Monday next week.

Helen: In that case, I will inform him ahead of time of your coming to see him. Monday arrivesd. It was about 10*am. Helen and the Pastor took takes a bus ride from the Upper Serangoon Road and headed for China Town. Within 30 minutes they arrived at the destination. They came to a plaza. Helen led the way into the plaza. They went pass many shops along the way inside the plaza. Some of the shops were still not opened yet. Some were beginning to open for business for the day. They then took the escalator and came to a higher level. Pastor: Does your boss live here? Helen: Yes! His house is situated on top of these shops. He owns this plaza! Pastor: Really? He must be a very rich man. Helen: Yes! He is a very rich man. Let’s be going as he is waiting to see you today. They passed through a dim tunnel. that was dim. Along the way there were many idols of different sizes. There were joss sticks burning before the idols and the atmosphere was filled with the smell of joss sticks. Pastor: It is like visiting a cave, walking through these passage ways. Helen: Yes! My employer worships these spirits. His aged mother and several other relatives also live here. As they pass went through the passage way, they saw some elderly ladies whom the Pastor recognized as the relatives of the Towkey. Finally they arrived at the door of the office where the Chinese man worked. The door was open. Helen walked in straight into the office and introduced the Pastor to her boss. The boss was a short and stout Chinese man in his late 40’s. He appeared very casual. He was dressed in a T-shirt and short pants. He was wearing slippers. He appeared friendly. Helen: Good morning! As promised, I have brought my pastor to see you. Towkey: Good morning, pastor! Please come in and take a seat here. (He gestured to the two to sit on the seats in front of his desk. Pastor gave a handshake and sat down) Can I get you a drink? Pastor and Helen: No, please No, thank you. We just had our breakfast. Towkey: I have been waiting for you, Pastor. Helen told me about you a month ago. And she was the one who arranged for this meeting.

Pastor: Yes, I knew know that. I am very curious to kn$ow about your background and how you came to be were in contact with Lucifer. Towkey: It started a long ago, when I was young and still in the Singapore Army. There I got involved with communicating with spirits. I rose up from the ranks quickly. To cut the story short, I am a medium now. The one I am now in contact with is with a very powerful spirit, known as Lucifer. She has a feminine look. She appears to me as a beautiful woman and gives me advice whenever I needed help in on decision making. Pastor: Can you describe to me how Lucifer looks like? Towkey: Very, very beautiful lady! She has beautiful features. Her hair is golden and weavy. It hangs about her shoulders. Every time when I am in consultation with her, she comes to me in a nude form. Any male who sees her will fall for her immediately. She is so very attractive! Pastor: What advice does she give you? Towkey: She helps me in all my business dealings and decision making. I always find success in business whenever I follow her advice. Even in the army, I got rapid promotions because I always followed her advice. Now I am nearing 50 years of age. I have left the army and started a business. Lucifer’s advice has given me great success. The three talked together on various issues of life and then about 30 minutes later, it was time to leave. Pastor: I have taken a bit of your time. Nice meeting you. I need to be going now. Towkey: Let me exhort escort you down the escalator to the bus stop. Helen remainsed in his office to do her secretarial work for him, while the Towkey and I walked slowly out of the plaza to the nearby bus stop. The Towkey wavesd good*bye to me and bid me farewell. I returned home by bus with a somber heart. I learned the that Satan was not as ugly as many had painted him in pictures. He could appear as an angel of mercy as he did to Helen Wong’s boss. Also I realized how easily the devil had bought over the soul of the rich business tycoon who had become his slave! The rich man had sold everything to the devil – lock, stock and barrel! Chapter 14 A CANTONESE-SPEAKING SPIRIT This incident took place in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, in August 1986. Two Chinese boys were possessed. They were brothers of ages 2 and 3 respectively. For more than

a week, these two boys refused to eat, drink milk properly, or sleep at night, but were constantly quoting four digit numbers in Cantonese. There were six in the family. The father was a taxi driver, known as Mr. Goh. The mother was a housewife. Their two boys were the one ones possessed. There lived in Also living with the family were the grandmother of the two boys, the mother of Mrs. Goh, and Mrs. Goh’s younger sister, who was then single, living with her sister, known as Miss Yee. One Friday morning at about around 10 am I was busy preparing my sermon when someone suddenly knocked at the door of my office. It was the aunt of the two little boys seeking my help. The following dialogue tells the story. Miss Yee: Pastor, can I come in? Pastor: Please come in! Pastor: Hai! Welcome. How are you? Miss Yee: Not good at all! I haven't been able to sleep at all for the past few nights. All night for the past few days I could not sleep. There is demonic trouble in my sister’s house where I live. (She pauses for a while, then speaks with earnestness.) Pastor, can you come right now to my house to pray for us and help us?. Pastor: Please tell me the full story. Miss Yee: I do not know where to begin. (She appeareds very tired due to lack of sleep. Again she repeats her earnest cry.) Pastor please come to my house right now. We are in trouble. I agreed to go with her to her house at in Ampang. We both get into my car and on the way, I tried to find out the background of the possession. Miss Yee slowly unfolded the story in bits and pieces. Her brother-in-law worked as a private taxi driver. Recently he had had many accidents with his taxi and he had spent much money repairing the vehicle. He was short of money. He wanted to get the first prize of the weekly four-digit lottery. While at Kajang, a town about 15 miles south of Kuala Lumpur, he had met a man who practiced witch*craft. He consulted with him. The medium told him he could solve his financial problems by helping him win the first prize of the four digit lottery. Mr. Goh gave a payment of RM300.oo to the medium as a consultation fee. Then the medium had made a strange demand. He told the Mr. Goh that he must surrender his two infant sons to him by proxy in order for him to get the first prize. This the taxi driver did very willingly. The medium then had told him to go home immediately and the first prize of the four digit lottery number would be given to him by one of his sons. The excited father thought he had hit the jackpot, so he rushed home quickly hopping to get the number from one of his sons. Upon arriving home, the two boys were quoting four digit numbers in Cantonese, endlessly like machine guns! Day and night the boys were quoting four digit numbers. That was the background.

When I arrived at the house with Miss Yee. It was on the a second floor of a small flat they were living in. There were no lifts. We we climbed up by the stairway. stare way. As I entered the house, I saw the two boys, the grand*mother and the mother of the children cuddled together on the sofa. The father was absent. The boys were still quoting numbers in Cantonese. They appeared tired due to lack of proper sleep and food for the past few days. The living room was dimly lighted. There were some idols in the house. Not knowing how to begin my work, I offered a short prayer for the boys and left. I promised to return with some helpers from the church. The next day, Saturday., the number of participants doubled up. This time there were about a dozen youths, and they were all raw recruits from my church to conduct exorcism in the house. This time the father was at home. The group sang about five songs from the church hymnal. Nothing happened. We returned home, to brood over the case for a week. The following day, Friday, I, together with the youth leader, Lim Kok Kim, who played second fiddle, and I returned to the house for another exorcism session. Mr. Goh and all the other relatives in the house were present. The following dialogue took place. Pastor: (He spoke in Malay.) Mr. Goh, do you have any objects of charm in this house? Do you have in possession any*thing the medium gave you? Mr. Goh: (Felt Feeling very hesitant, refuses. He refused to speak.) Pastor: (In Malay) If you refuse to surrender those objects of charm, we cannot proceed any further. We might better be going home. (At this junction there was a silence. The pastor wanted to pack the hymnals and wanted to leave. This brought Mr. Goh to his knees for help. He realized he was going to miss the steamer if I were to leave the family abruptly.) Mr. Goh: (In Malay) Please do not go away! Please help us! The medical doctors cannot help me. Only a pastor like yourself can help. Yes, I have something in my house, which the medium gave me. Pastor: Please surrender them all to me. Mr. Goh: Here is a piece of cloth the medium gave. (The cloth was dark yellow in color with some Chinese characters written on it in black ink.) Pastor: Do you have any other items to surrender? Mr. Goh: (He took off two amulets from his arms and handed them to the Pastor. The amulets were made of copper and tied in black strings around Mr. Goh’s arms.) Pastor: Do you have any more such items?

Mr. Goh: Yes. I have two more. One is a porcelain idol and another idol made of copper. Pastor: Bring them to me. Pastor: Any more? Mr. Goh: That is all. Pastor to Kok Kim: Let us take them all to the church and break them and burn them. They drove drive back to the church and broke break the idols and the amulets. They burned the yellow cloth and together with the broken idols and amulets they bury the ashes of the cloth under a mango tree at the back of the church. It was a Friday afternoon. They drove back to the house again. We sang songs from the church hymnal., read Read a few passages of scripture, and then I prayed. Pastor to the entire family of the boys: Do you wish to recant your involvement with witch*craft? The family: (Nodded their heads in agreement.) Pastor: Do you wish to accept Jesus as your Savior Who died for your sins? The family: Yes, we do. The Pastor Prayed: Lord God in Heaven, you have seen how they have repented from of their sins and given a new allegiance to you. Forgive their sins Lord. Let your precious blood cover all their wrong doings in the past. (There was a pause. Then the Pastor commands the spirit to leave.) You Cantonese-speaking spirit, you have no right to enter this family and disturb the two infant boys. We take authority over you! All: Amen! Amen! The Pastor: In Jesus' Mighty Name, we command you, Satan, get out of these boys and do not return here again! Return to the place you came from! (Pause) Lord Jesus we give you all glory and worship for your power to deliver this family from the paws of the devil. All: Amen! Amen! At that point in time, the devil left. The boys for the first time felt relieved.

The Elder Boy: They are gone! Mummy I am hungry, give me something to eat. The small boys could see the spirits leave them. Those standing around could not. For the first time in more than a week, the boys drank milk and ate some food. Then they went off to sleep, for they were very tired for lack of sleep for many days. To me, it was a labor of love. I did not get rewards for this. But soon, the story of the two boys and the family came to the limelight. The event was reported by word of mouth everywhere and it swept the church! Soon I was getting more and more invitations from people all over, to help them with spirits! This The event had opened a new horizon in my ministry! Chapter 15 OPPRESSED OR POSSESSED? There is a difference between being possessed by a spirit and by being oppressed or suppressed by a spirit. The first, is a case of complete yielding of the will to a spirit so much so that the person who is possessed has no will of his own to resist the spirit. The second is a case of a spirit attack on the person in which the person continues to have has a reasonable amount of will power of his own. This incident took place in 1991 in Singapore. A young Filipino maid was alleged to be possessed. Her boss in the house sought my help to cast out the spirit in her. I entered the house with a couple of my friends. I noticed that the maid was deeply depressed. She was sitting in the corner of the room with her face to the wall. She was withdrawn from the those around her and she refused to talk to anyone. She had a very serious guilty complex written on her face. She appeared guilty and fearful. Her mind seemed to be under tremendous stress. I tried to talk with her but at first it was falling on deaf ears. Then slowly she opened up. The following is a dialogue between me and her written in the third person for the sake of interest and style. She came clean, and brought her secret sins out into the open. She unburdened her heart. There is power in confession of sins to our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Pastor: Hallo? Are you alright? Maid: (No response) Pastor: May I speak with you for a little while? Maid: (No response)

I signaled to those standing nearby and watching to leave the scene for a short while. I saw that the maid felt extremely uncomfortable with so many of us standing around her. After all, those who came with me played second fiddle and they themselves did not know where to begin. After When they had all left, the maid felt relieved. The maid realizesd she was alone now with the pastor who had come to help her. Pastor: Hallo Maria? Maid: (She looks at the pastor and shakes her head left and right, meaning she is in has no mood to talk.) Pastor: God can forgive all manner of sins. He can forgive you completely and bring you relievef from your burden of mind. Maid: (She looks up to the pastor as if her sins could be forgiven too.) Pastor: Jesus died for you. He shed His precious blood to cleanse you of every known and unknown sins. All manner of sins can be forgiven. Do you wish to be forgiven? Maid: (She nodded her head, hopping to get forgiveness somehow.) During this stage the best help I could offered her was God’s promises of forgiveness. She was not possessed by a spirit as some claimed she was. I knew this This was because she was in control of her own will. After much gentle persuasion she gradually opened herself up to speak to me. It was obvious that she was struggling from fear and guilt. During our conversation, she gradually Gradually she surrendered her life to Jesus., At at that stage, the spirit could not oppress her mind with guilt and fear. I learned that Satan had entered her life through sexual sins. Willful sexual sins had brought her into such oppression from the spirit. Pastor: If you confess your sin, God will forgive you and cleanse you with His precious blood and you will find peace and freedom of mind. Can I pray for you? Maid: (Nodded her head for help.) The Pastor prayed for her and asked Maria to repeat the prayer phrase by phrase. And At the close of prayer together they say “Amen.” Pastor: Maria, you are forgiven. Believe that Jesus has forgiven you now. Maid: (She nodded her head in agreement.) I have learned that in cases like Maria’s it is not good to shrug off the responsibility to minister to her and say it is no use, if there is was no initial response. Patience will

pay off in the end! We need to use more common sense than brute strength when dealing with people. And it has to always be always a labor of love. Chapter 16 A FORTUNE TELLER’S PREDICTIONS Fortune tellers predict the future with the help of spirits that communicate with them. To consult them means you are inviting these spirits to order your life. Under the influence of a fortune teller’s predictions, often times one’s order of life is under the spell of fate rather than choice. That is why it can be difficult to come out of such a spell cast by a fortune teller. Below is a story of an elderly American Caucasian who had consulted one practicing witchcraft, a fortune teller, who practiced witchcraft, in the USA while he was working as a civil engineer there. The dialogue is between the civil engineer and me, written in the third person. ---------------------------------Engineer: Pastor, I am a civil engineer, specializeding in the construction of broad high*ways, bridges, and flyovers. My life was in a mess. So, one day while still in America, I happened to pass by a shop that deals with fortune telling. I went in to find out what was has in store for me for the future. Pastor: What did the fortune teller tell you? Engineer: He read my palm lines and said I would have a second wife soon. Pastor: Were you having any marital problems then? Engineer: Yes. My Caucasian wife and I could not see eye to eye on many things and we had frequent quarrels. Pastor: Were you planning to divorce your wife then? Engineer: No. But circumstances later developed in such a way that divorce was inevitable. Pastor: What else did the fortune teller tell you? Engineer: He did not know my family since I did not confide my problems to him. He simple read my palm lines and said my wife would leave me and that I would remarry another woman. Pastor: What else did he tell you?

Engineer: He said I would leave America to a far away country which I had never visited before. Pastor: Did it happen to you? Engineer: Within a month after that prediction, I was posted to South Korea by my company to build a road system for that country. Pastor: Were you surprised that the predictions of the fortune teller were was coming true against your planning? Engineer: Yes, I was very surprised. Never in my life did I dream that I would leave the USA. But it did happen to me as the fortune teller told me. Pastor: What else did he predict? Engineer: Looking at the line carefully again, he told me that I would meet a young Korean woman who would become my by wife by a second marriage. Pastor: Did it happen? Engineer: Yes, it did. I was dancing once dancing with a Korean girl at a club in Seoul, and little did I dream that she would become my wife. Pastor: What else did the fortune teller tell you?. Engineer: He told me that I would have children through my second marriage. And that too has happened. Now I have two daughters. Pastor, I do not want to go any further in the predictions made by the fortune teller. I am afraid. I do not have a choice of my own. I feel I am under the spell of someone else dictating my life. Can you help me? Pastor: The fortune teller plays with spirits that arrange your life so that you are and under the fate of what he has predicted and your power of choice is removed from you. Engineer: What can I do to break the spell of fate? What can I do to be on my own will with my own power of choice to order my life? Pastor: There is only one way. The Savior Jesus alone can break the spell of fate in your life and give you true freedom from your enslavement. Bible studies were given to him for many months. Significant teachings of the Bible were shared with him. At last it was time for him to get baptized in water. Engineer: Pastor, can water baptism help me break the charm of spell cast on me by the fortune teller?

Pastor: Yes. If you sincerely believe your past life is dead in Christ, and that Christ can give you a new lease of life free from the spell of fate, then water baptism will break you away from the spell of the fortune teller. It was a struggle for the eEngineer to disbelieve what he had believed. He had swallowed all twhat the fortune teller had uttered – hook, line and sinker! Only the word of God alone gave him the strength to cut himself loose himself from the charm of fate cast on him. He surrendered his life to Jesus by choice and made a willful rejection by renunciation of his earlier contacts with spirits. The spirits tried to make him reject the rite of baptism, but his faith at last took over. He, together with his wife, and sister in law were baptized in Kuala Lumpur on December 19, 1980.

Chapter 17 “MY DEAD BROTHER VISITED ME!” Mr. Samuel was a Voice of Prophecy student who studied our Bible lessons via the postal service in 1979. He graduated from the Way of Life course. His name was sent to the local pastor in Melaka so that he could visit him. I was then the pastor of the Muar and Melaka Districts. One hot Sunday afternoon I took time off to search out his address on my Honda motorcycle and at last I was able to locate his address at Gajah Berang, one section of Melaka. I knocked at the door of his bungalow house. Mr. Samuel came out to meet me. There were no other persons in the house at the time of the visit. The following conversation took place at his house, written here in the third person. Pastor: Good afternoon. It sure is difficult to find your house! Samuel: Good afternoon! May I know who are you looking for? Pastor: I am a representative of the Voice of Prophecy Bible Correspondence School. I am looking for a person with the name Samuel who lives at in this address. Samuel: I am the one. Please come in. Pastor: Thank you. I am a church pastor from Kubu. Your name was given to me by the Voice of Prophecy Bible School in Singapore. I understand you have completed the first set of lessons. Samuel: Oh, yes, yes. They were very informative.

They both take their seats in the living room. After some time Samuel offers a cup of iced water to the pastor. Pastor: Thank you. I very much need a cool drink. Samuel: Pastor, may I ask you something? Pastor: Go ahead with your question. Samuel: Our family is going through a period of mourning. My brother, who studied a course in electrical engineering in Japan, returned home after his graduation a few weeks ago. We were very proud to have a brother who had successfully completed his studies there. But a few days after his return, he met a fatal accident near our house. He was pinned between a bus and a car. It happened in the evening around 8:00 pm. He had earlier had walked out of the house to buy food from a nearby food stall. It was while he was returning from the stall, the accident took place. He was crossing the road when a speeding bus and a car were coming at opposite directions when by brother was in the middle of the road. He was pinned between the two vehicles and . He died on the spot. Pastor: I am extremely sad to hear that. italics Samuel: Pastor, we in the house were all heart broken over this incident. italics Samuel wipes a tear from his eye, and continues his story. Samuel: We belong to a local church here. Since my brother’s death, I have been daily visiting his grave. My brother likeds cigarettes and alcohol. I used to often buy them and lay them at his grave. Pastor: Why do you have to do that? Samuel: Somehow I believe my brother is still alive in a spirit form somewhere. Pastor: You do? Samuel: Yes, certainly. Two days ago it was at about 10*pm when I was about to go to bed when suddenly I saw someone standing by my bedside. I was alone then. My deceased brother stood before me. And I saw him! He told me to continue to visit him at the grave and put some cigarettes and a bottle of alcohol out for him. To me, he is alive still! There was a silence after this. Then the pastor spoke. Pastor: It's like a fool's paradise! The Bible says that the living know that they will die, but the dead know not anything. (He quoted from Ecclesiastes 9:56)

Samuel: He seems to be very happy enjoying life in the next world! Who then came to meet me in my bed*room? Pastor: It is a familiar spirit that imitated your brother. A familiar spirit is good at imitating the dead. He appears to you as an angel of mercy. His appearance, the tone of voice and mannerisms are all precisely accurate as if the dead one has come alive. That is the voice of the tempter you are hearing! Haven’t you studied this in one of your lessons? Samuel: Yes, I remember studying it not too long ago. Pastor, am I being deceived by a spirit? Pastor: Yes, you are, if you continue to trust and obey that familiar spirit! You’re your distance from that spirit! (what is this???) Samuel: But he is so very real to me! Pastor: That’s what makes it more deceitful. Have nothing to do with that spirit! Do not have any dialogue with the spirit. If you continue to have dialogue with that spirit, it will lead you deeper and deeper into spiritualism. And that will be a death trap for you in the end. Initially Samuel refused to believe in my words. He was more and more inclined to have dialogue with the “dead brother.” Whatever the dead brother told him to do, he swallowed them all – hook, line and sinker! It was not easy for him to break off from that familiar spirit. It took the word of God alone to make a clean break.


This section deals with some teachings from the Bible on spirits. It is not my intention to persuade the reader to any religious affiliation, but rather, it is my desire for all to know what the Bible has to say on this subject on spirits. You may choose your own religion and faith. The power of choice is entirely yours to exercise. As a church pastor, it is my desire to inform you on what the Bible teaches on spirits. It is very clear in explaining the origin of good and bad spirits. They are all angels. The good spirits are the good angels. The bad spirits angels are the fallen angels. Referring to bad spirits, there are more than 200 biblical references to a personal force. He is called the Ddeceiver, the Ddevil and Satan. His work of deception began even before the Garden of Eden. ??? (there should be some quote backing up this claim.) He manifested himself to Eve. After the fall of mankind in sin, throughout the ages his deceptive work is demonstrated in the history of man. 1 The devil is the key element in all human tragedy, ill-will and hatred. To understand our present world, it is necessary to turn the divine spotlight on the devil.2

The Bible says his deceptions will be cut short just before the millennial reign of Christ. After the 1000 years of peace, he and his angels will be released for a short while (Rev. 20:1-3). Then, after the final judgment, he and his angels, and all his followers will be forever destroyed.

In Isaiah 14:12-15 we read: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.” “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” “Yet thou will be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” In Ezekiel 28:13-17, God further reveals the origin of the devil: “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering…” “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou was upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.”

The Bible also says that Lucifer is beautiful, and very clever.


This Spirit Being is not an Impersonal Influence Many people who have not met a demonic struggle suppose that a spirit is only an influence and that it is impersonal. I must disagree with this supposition. Lucifer does possess a sinister influence, but he is very much a real person. Of the over two hundred over references to Lucifer and his fallen angels in the Bible, he is referred to as a person. He is also called Satan. The term Satan is used in the Bbible fifty four times. 4 Satan means someone who blocks or obstructs God’s plan and design. He is
“Thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee”. “By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.” “Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou has corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”

He was created as the covering cherub to stand next to God to cover the glory of God with his wings. He was called the “son of the morning,” and the, “anointed cherub.” He had special privileges because of his position in heaven. His garments were made of precious stones reflecting the blazing glory of the Godhead.

Jesus commanded the devil by saying, “Get thee hence, Satan.” Matthew 4:10. Paul tell us in 2 Corinthians 11:14, “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” This describes a personality. Apostle Peter tells of the devil’s anger “as a roaring lion.” 1 Peter 5:8. This also describes a personality. John said of the devil in John 8:44: “He abode not in the truth.” It takes a personality to depart from the truth. The called: “That wicked” Thess. 2:8) “The world” (2 Cor. 4:4) “The tempter” Thess. 3:5) “The darkness” (Col. 1:13) power of (1 god of this (2 devil is also

also called the devil, which means someone who causes trouble from behind the scene. Mankind on planet earth has misunderstood Lucifer and his angels that rebelled against God. Many worship him as god. Some think the devil is only an influence. Others deny his existence. We must know the designs of Satan. We must always remember that Satan’s greatest fear is to be exposed. The more we discuss his methods of deceiving people the more he fears us and the more focused are his attacks on us. We can compare the devil and his evil spirits to that of some underground syndicates, or like the Mafia, that seek to avoid public scrutiny. Leaders of such organized crime do not want to be revealed for what they are. Satan and his evil spirits are like them too. In 1986, when I was in Manila studying at the seminary, there was a motorcycle accident near the place I was staying. That road was the most peaceful and quiet road I knew. The motorcyclist, a seminary student, was alone traveling on that road. Suddenly he was thrown about 20 yards from his vehicle. He died on the spot. People who lived nearby rushed out to see. There were no other vehicle besides his. None could believe such an accident could happen on that quiet and peaceful road. The law of the land classified the case as “an act of God.” But people who know the devil’s ways will not classify it in that category, but rather, “an act of Satan.”5 Some people think it is being negative to think or talk about the devil. Many people are ignorant of his ways of destroying the home, the society and the land. In my view, it is not dangerous to talk about the devil and his tactics.
“Your adversary” Peter 5:8) “The accuser of our brethren” (Rev. 12:10) “The prince of the devils” (Matt. 12:24) James “resist the devil, and he will flee.” (James 4:7) The Bible is clear in proving that the devil is not a mere influence but a personality. tells us to (1


Like Paul, we can say, “We are not ignorant of his devices” 2 Cor. 2:11. Satan is behind every war, every tragedy, every crime, and every quarrel in the home and is responsible for all the evil in this world. That is why Paul tell us to “put on the whole armor of God” Eph. 6:11.

He can be detected, resisted and even overcome by any follower of Christ. 6


In fact, the Bible plainly tells us about the devil’s activities. And Jesus gives strict orders to His apostles to cast out devils. (Luke 9:1; Matthew 10:l). In fact, the devil quickly recognizes those who are able to resist him. He spoke to the seven sons of Sceva and said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?” Acts 19:15. Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan 1 John 3:8. Every day we should better learn how to resist him. We should not just know his ways and talk of his ways, but we need to resist him by faith in the Name of Jesus and with His precious blood. Christ has promised every disciple: “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19. We believe this promise and should learn to resist the devil.

Angels are spirit beings, which means that they can live anywhere. They can pass through walls and travel at great speed. Since the time the devil and his angels were cast out of heaven, they have occupied planet earth. Although the devil and his angels can live anywhere everywhere, there are specific areas or things, which they like to dwell in. The devil does not dwell in a place like we dwell in a house. The word “dwell” here means claiming ownership. There are certain things, articles, places and influences over which the devil claims ownership. This is what I mean by the devil’s dwelling place. The Air or Atmosphere Demons principally live in the air above the earth, as it is says in Eph. 2:2, “the devil is the prince of the power of the air.” This means that they have a vast extent of territory or area over which they rule. Over these territories of air they spread their ownership, influence and power. “Dry” Places Devils like to claim ownership in “dry places.” This could mean lonely and secluded places. 7 This could also mean the moon, since the moon is a dry planet. It has been noted that some people in mental hospitals appear to be more restless during certain phases of the moon, than other times, thus the term, “lunatic,” which means “moon struck!” But there is no scientific proof or biblical proof to establish this.

Some Places of Murder or Suicide

Jesus said; “When the unclean spirit is gone out of man, he walketh through dry places” (Luke 11:24). This “dry places” could also refer to the moon, as we know that the moon is a dry planet, but this is not clearly established in the scriptures. It is often said that patients in mental hospitals become very unstable during certain phases of the moon. Hence the term, lunatic is used. (Matt. 17:15) It means “moon struck. “ ??? (repeating what is written above))

Evil spirits inhibit certain places where a horrible crime like murder or suicide has had been committed. (Rev. 2:13). Often people have “seen” ghosts at night in houses where someone had been murdered there before or where someone who had committed suicide there. Such houses usually end up as haunted houses eventually if the spirits are not driven out. Deserted Places In 1979, while I was pastor in a church in Muar, Malaysia, the house next to where I was staying was unoccupied most of the time. The bachelor who rented the house was out of town most of the time and rarely stayed there. visited the house and Nneither was there a housekeeper to tend to the house. Rubbish, dust and cobwebs accumulated around and inside the house. The garden around the house too was left to grow wildly. Then, unexpectedly one afternoon the tenant returned to the untended house with a friend. The man’s friend tripped on the doorsteps and fainted. He died the next day. The night that he died, Buddhist monks came to the house to hold a service. While in a trance, the monks prophesied that there were unclean spirits in the empty house, which had caused the sudden death of the man. We often hear stories of haunted houses in almost every city or town. There is usually a case of crime like murder, related to these haunted houses. These haunted houses are deserted, dirty and filled with gloom. Evil spirits claim ownership to of such places. Articles of Worship Satan dwells in some witchcraft articles and images that men worship. It was Lucifer’s desire from the beginning that man should worship him. The devil takes possessions of certain articles of worship and sometimes performs “signs” and “wonders” through these items of witchcraft or images to deceive people.

Sin-Infested Areas There are certain sections of towns where evil spirits gain full control and ownership. These areas are where evil is most prevalent. In some areas of the town there are sections for prostitutes, and some areas for gambling, dancing and drinking. These sin-infested areas are like the cancer tissues of an organ that is in rebellion against the laws of God. I know of some sections of cities like Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore where the nightlife is under the full control of evil spirits. Christians who happen to visit these demons-controlled sections of towns and cities can literally feel the spirits in the atmosphere there. Satan likes to dwell in places where he has full control and virtually no resistance or opposition to his power. Because Satan dwells in and dominates certain sections of cities, there is little success when revival or evangelistic meetings are held in such areas. The preliminary thing to do before such a series of meetings is to fast and pray for the restraining of evil forces in these cities, with God’s help. A united prayer meeting with faithful believers will help such an effort. Then, there will be a great revival and conversion stories will follow. It is like resisting a demon in a person who is possessed before he can be converted. In the cities, the strong holds of the devil must be broken down by prayer and fasting, before the captives can be set free. There is a remarkable similarity between resisting demons in a person and resisting demons in certain sections of towns. There is power in number. The more people are involved in prayer to defeat the evil spirits in certain cities, the greater the success will be. The Human Body Demons also dwell in the human body. Man has become a victim of the devil by choice from the beginning. Demons demonstrate their presence in a person through certain characteristics peculiar to evil spirits. For an example, I know of some people who get into a fit of uncontrollable rage for no good reason. We often think this may be part of his or her personality. Seldom do we realize that it is a demonstration of a demon that has been disturbed. It had been dormant in the person until his power has been challenged. It is like that of a bee hive that has been disturbed. The fierce look on the eyes of such an angry person is similar to that of one who is possessed by an evil spirit. In 1986 when I was working in Kuala Lumpur, I encountered a Chinese man who said he could eat six plates of rice in one sitting and still feel hungry. This man was not a

Christian. He said his appetite for food was so strong that he could eat six times what a normal person can eat. This man had the spirit of gluttony. The demon of lusts is behind sex maniacs. They would venture to rape, and even kill their victims to fulfill their lusts. Society puts the reason for such behavior on many factors, but rarely hardly relate it to evil spirits that control them. But we can consider that it is the demon of lust that often controls them and that causes them to do such things. They have become voluntary slaves to the insinuations of the demons. The human body has become a medium for the devil to demonstrate his character: anger, lust, greed, gluttony, covetousness, jealousy, pride, abusive power, cruelty and disease. We have to recognize that these are demonic. No one can save a human being from these evil spirits save by one’s personal choice. Even God will not force deliverance for one who is a victim of anger, lust, pride, cruelty, jealousy or greed unless the victim realizes his situation and makes a choice to forsake these promptings of the devil in him through prayer, repentance, confession and a total surrender of his will to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no other better way than this.

Spirits That Tempted Him Beyond controversy, Jesus encountered many demons in His ministry. Jesus explained about the activities of the devil and demons more than any other person in the entire Bible. In fact, Jesus began his ministry with a confrontation with the devil. (Matt. 4:1-11). Jesus was tempted by the devil. Jesus spoke to the devil and resisted him with the Word of God alone. Spirits that Caused Deafness He encountered a man who was deaf. (See Mark 9:25). Ordinarily, people of His times, would not have recognized that the deafness was caused by an evil spirit. But Jesus did. He rebuked the deaf spirit and cured the man.

Epileptic Spirits In Matt. 17:15-18, it is written that a boy with epilepsy was brought to Jesus. Even today, epilepsy and other such seizures are thought to be incurable diseases by medical experts. But Jesus recognized that seizure was caused by an evil spirit. Jesus rebuked the spirit and cured the boy.

Spirits of Wild Insanity In Luke 4:33, we read that a mad man entered the synagogue where Jesus was preaching, The mad man shouted, causing disturbance at the worship service. The people in the synagogue were afraid that the mad man had come to disturb their Sabbath service and were about to throw him out. But the evil spirit in the man recognized Jesus as the Son of God and spoke to Jesus. Jesus rebuked the evil spirit and commanded it to leave the man and it left. Evil spirits apparently know who we are and our background. They know our past life of sin and temptations. For this reason, we should first seek forgiveness from God from our past sinful life through repentance, confession, and surrender of the will to Jesus totally through prayer and be clean in our hearts and lives, before we attempt to resist a demonic spirit. In our own strength we cannot overcome them. But with Jesus’ help, the devils must bow out in defeat Spirits That Caused Illnesses Jesus assumed complete power at all times over the demon forces He met. The demoniac at Gadarene (Mark 5:8,9) was marvelously healed by Jesus. The woman who could not stand straight bleeding for 18 years (See Luke 13:16) did not know it was an evil spirit that was causing her ailment. Jesus healed her too. We as human beings are afraid to resist an evil spirit when we meet a victim of demon possession. But never at any time did Jesus show any kind of fear of demon forces or personalities. Even the wind and the waves obeyed His command to be still. He declared: “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.” Matt. 28:18.

The Power of Jesus Alone Can Resist Evil Spirits Jesus not only encountered evil spirits Himself, He also commanded His disciples to resist evil spirits.8

“And when He had called unto Him His twelve disciples, He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” Matt. 10:1.

These supernatural powers were the divine credentials of their office of apostleship. Jesus’ disciples wonderfully carried out this commission of our Lord and Savior. Christ also commissioned a second group of seventy disciples to do the same.9 The final command Jesus gave to His disciples and the Church of all ages is found in Mark 16:15-17: “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but He that believeth not shall be damned.” “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;.” This command has never been revoked or withdrawn. It challenges our generation today to use God’s power to resist the devil, just as it challenged the disciples in the day Jesus gave the command. The early church did believe and preach against satanic forces. But we must never forget that this power to resist Satan is not inherent in man but it has to be borrowed from Jesus the only One Who has that power to overcome Satan*. Spirits that Cause Unusual Storms and Fires

“As ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” Matt. 10:7,8. “Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.” Luke 9:1.

“After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before His face into every city and place, whither He himself would come.” “Therefore said He unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into His harvest.” Luke 10:1,2. Then in verse 17 we read, “And the seventy returned again with joy, saying Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through Thy name.” These seventy disciples were amazed at their ability to use the power of God to set captives free.

Sometimes certain changes in the weather are caused by demons. Hurricanes, typhoons, unusual storms, floods and fires that destroy property and lives are caused by demons. In the East, the heathen world recognizes these strange weather changes and has identified them as cased by “ninjas” or spirits. In the Bible, we notice Jesus rebuking the wind and the storm and at the Sea of Galilee. He apparently knew that the strange storm was caused by demons.

Our Mind and Body – the Battle Ground There is a great war on this earth between God and Satan. This earth has become a battleground for good and evil. Satan shows his power to deceive, and to destroy. God has lavished us with His love and grace. Each person must choose which of these two forces he will surrender to. Every human is either influenced by the power of God or the power of the devil. Man has the prerogative of choice. The devil cannot rule you without a yielding of your heart and mind to him.10 Many people on planet earth have made the wrong choice by choosing Satan as their master. That is why Satan possesses them. To Hurt God The devil possesses people on earth only by their consent or permission. He cannot do otherwise. The power of choice is always ours to exercise at all times. The devil uses his victims of possession to injure God. This is the root cause why the devil posseses people. The devil hates God Who had cast him out of heaven. He cannot reach God to hurt Him personally, so the only way he can injure God is to hurt the people that God created in His own image. It is those who truly love God and worship Him that Satan hates most and tries to destroy. But we are ever thankful that God protects us from demons constantly through His holy angels. There are people who worship the devil and serve him. These people are known as the children of the disobedient or the wicked. The wicked gain nothing from the devil. People who serve the devil all their lifetime do not receive any special honor or help from him. He shows no tenderness towards any person who serves him. The devil possesses people who serve him and treats them terribly at the latter end. Such people often behave like animals and they are slaves of demons. Demons Need A Medium For Demonstration Of Their Character Another reason that demons possess humans is that demons need a body in which to manifest their personalities. The highest place of occupancy is the human body.

Joshua in his day told Israel to choose. “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.” Joshua 24:15.

A human being who is possessed by demon power does not display his true nature, but that of the spirit ruling him. When the devil possesses a human being, the person’s end will be death in this life and death in the hell fire in the next.

Satan wants as many humans as he can possibly possess to go with him to destruction. I suppose ultimately, after the Millennial Peace, all the lost will be possessed by demons. That is why deliverance from Satan’s power is needed in this life.

The devil cannot possess just any*body he wishes. Before a person can be possessed, the person has to permit the devil to come into him by his own choice or a series of choices. We call these the entry points of sin by the devil. The power of choice and the power of the will are ours to exercise at all times. 11 This involves the power of choice, and the power of the will. Satan can never take control over our will unless we voluntarily surrender it to him. Possession takes place only when one voluntarily surrenders his will to the devil. Many Entry Points and Different Stages of Entry The devil’s work is like enemy soldiers invading a city. They may come from different strategic angles from the outside and finally take control of the headquarters inside of the city. Often the least guarded fringes of a city will become an entry point. There are many entry points for the devil to take possession of a person. These entry points are areas of sin, self-will and disobedience to God’s will. He can enter the human body also through charms and curses brought on a person by someone who


Apostle James tells us to “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. submit ourselves to God and to resist the devil and he will flee from us” James 4:7. ???(If quote marks are used, the exact quote must be given)

invites the devil. One must know where the shoe pinches. Knowing the precise entry points will help you to shoot at the bull’s*eye. He can also enter a person through addiction such as drugs, drinking, smoking, and gambling. Addiction can come through indulgences of one’s own choice or through friends. He most surely will enter a person who unwittingly communicates with a spirit medium. Ignorantly, some have been possessed through false tongues, consulting the horoscope, or consulting a familiar spirit for good luck. These entry points have the elements of communicating with spirits of the devil. In the West, teenagers ignorantly play with an Ouija board and through that tool the evil spirits can enter them. The curiosity to know one’s fate and future, the desire to gain supernatural power, and to obtain good luck, are means that one can get into contacts with evil spirits. The devil can also control a person through temptations on our primary senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. Temptations always come to us through these avenues. Everyone is vulnerable to the temptations of the senses. We need to learn how to close these doors to the devil’s charming temptations. If we have fallen into sinning through the avenues of the soul, we need to take time to repent, confess and forsake our sins in order to be able to resist the devil’s warfare on us. Progressive Stages of Satan’s War on Us There are also progressive stages of the devil’s full possession of a person’s life and body. This is further discussed below. After the devil has made an inroad by way of temptation into a person’s life, he then tries to gain control of the will and power of choice of that person. In the initial stage he works from the outside. This stage is when he tempts someone to sin as he did with Eve in the garden. 12 Sometimes he can cause the loss of property, loved ones, or the loss of health. Much of this initial stage is physical on the outside.


We can read about this phase in the stories of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 ???(Genesis chapter 1?!! maybe should be chapter 3?) and that of Job in chapter 1 of the Book of Job.

Soon, if successful, the devil moves on to his target — the mind and will. He suppresses the mind through suggestions from friends, superiors and loved ones to give up trust in God and His promises. 13 This stage causes the mind to be depressed and one can be very discouraged and sad during this kind of satanic trouble. Often the devil’s working from the outside quickly gains control in the inside on the mind of his victim if the victim does not resist him with God’s word and promises. What is Demonic Possession? Demonic Possession by definition is the end stage of the devil’s entry into a person, when the “will” is completely succumbed to the devil’s wishes. The emotions of the heart are also yielded to the evil spirit. This is the critical stage when the victim does not even realize himself and his sinful ways. He needs exorcism or the help of deliverance. During the initial and early stages a victim can resist the power of the evil one by claiming the promises of God. The end stage of Satan’s entrance into the person is when possession takes place. The victim has surrendered to the devil’s full control. He is too weak to resist or to exercise his own will power. Such a person becomes a slave of the devil and he needs help from a pastor or spiritual leader who can help him regain his will-power and surrender it to Jesus the Savior. Symptoms of Ddemonic Ppossession It is easy to tell if one is being attacked by the devil during the early stages. If someone is constantly sad and depressed, it is highly possible that he is under a the demonic attack. Fear and guilt are also characteristics of the devil’s attack on the mind. The fear and guilt will cause a person to be depressed and sad. During these this initial stages the victim needs to trust in God’s promises alone and pray earnestly. Sins must be confessed and the blood of Jesus must be claimed by faith to obtain a cleansing from every known sin.


In the story of Adam and Eve, Eve became the his active agent of Satan to suppress the mind of Adam. Job’s wife too did the same to her husband.

It is very clear to me that the entry point of the devil must be closed. When the entry point of the devil is demolished, or deprived, the devil leave. Very often, identification of the entry point is the most important key to success. Similarly, in the movie, “The Exorcist”, the entry point was the toy, which was discovered later after much damage was done. Articles of Charm In Sarawak, a young woman of 21 years of age, living in a long-*house, was reported to be constantly under a fainting spell. Her grandfather, who was a witchcraft practitioner, gave her objects that were charmed. Some of these objects were small bones of small animals, teeth of animals, small stones, and pieces of broken glass. Possession of such items is unusual.l. This aroused my suspicion. She had been keeping them in a bag in a cupboard. With her permission, we threw the articles of charm into a river nearby and then prayed for her. She said she felt better after the prayer. We told her that deliverance could only become a permanent cure if she learns to daily walk with Jesus to maintain the freedom that she had found in Him. Again, the entry point by the devil here was the possession of these unusual articles of charm. It is wise to keep a look out for such unusual items owned by your friends and family. Family Curses Sometimes certain demons will not depart from the members of a family because there are family curses. This means in the past there has been someone in the family who had been practicing spiritualism or had been a spirit medium. Years later, children of the second and third generation are possessed by these spirits. Amulets In 1981, I was seriously considering spending more time in demon casting. In fact, we had no choice since we were asked to solve demonic possession problems. We were thrown onto the deep end. In the following case, I learnedt the hard way that without careful preparation, it is a mistake to administer prayer for such victims.

In 1981, on a Sabbath afternoon when my church young people and I were distributing tracts in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, we entered a home where there was a demonic case in the a family. The father of the house sought us to pray for his daughter who was demon possessed. I remember the young, fair and attractive Indian woman, who was about 21 years of age, was lying on the floor of the living room. She was truly demon possessed. Her eyes were protruding and she spoke with a man’s voice. Having no experience of resisting a demon then, we tried to pray at impromptu and there was no success. I suspected that she had been charmed. There is a story behind every charm. The people in the family were not willing to tell me the background of the possession. However, I noticed some articles of charm hanging on her a necklace she was wearing. She was too young to wear such witchcraft type of amulets. There were brazen amulets tied to the necklace in black threads. She refused to allow anyone to touch or remove those articles from her neck. In situations like this, it is best to find out first, the full story of the possession and how she got those necklaces and the amulets on them. The demon possessing her will only leave the victim, through a willful surrender of all in the family to Christ. Sins must be confessed, and they should earnestly confess their past mistakes in inviting the demon into their home. I learned that it is wrong to pray for cases that do not tell me their background story and are unwilling to forsake their old ways and habits, and make a covenant with the Living God. They were expecting a miracle from my prayer. This is often the expectation of many people who do not understand that there is no magical power in a prayer, without repentance, confession and forsaking of wrongs done and making a covenant with the Savior. Cursed Food Sometimes the charm or curse is cast on a victim through charmed articles of food or drink. In 1983, we held a twenty one night evangelistic series at Sungei Siput (North). The eldest boy in the family had been always sick. He had pain in his abdomen each time he was under a demonic attack. The family had consulted many witch doctors that told them that the boy had eaten food that had been charmed and that his sickness would never be healed unless he went to India to look for a powerful spirit

medium that specialized in removing charms and curses. The family had spent much money in traveling several times to India to visit a medium but without any success. But when they repented of their sinful ways, confessed their wrongs and turned their lives to Jesus the only Deliverer, the charm’s power was broken. The family was happy and peaceful, but this did not come without a struggle.

In the Christian world, demons possess or control people in different ways. In the days of Christ, demons possessed many of the Jews who professed to be worshipping Jehovah. The Bible records that seven demons were controlling Mary Magdalene. Judas, who was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, was controlled by the demon of greed and covetousness. Even the most outspoken apostle, Simon Peter, at one stage in his life, was controlled by a demon. At the trial of Jesus, the Jewish High Priest and religious leaders yelled at the top of their voices, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” Weren’t their minds controlled by the demons? These same demons which lived during the time of Christ are very much alive today in our world and society. They don’t care what religion you profess to embrace. All they want is a penetration into your minds and body for a possession. In this chapter we will try to identify some of the demons we know that possess or control people. It is difficult to identify demons by names. They are all similar. Their primary task is to deceive, torment and destroy people. Whether these demons are stubborn ones or very powerful ones is totally dependent on your faith in Christ. They are powerful to the point that the possessed allows them to be. 14 Obviously there are many kinds or types of spirits. We give names to evil spirits according to their characteristics we understand they seem to have, and this does not mean these names are their actual names. Spirits of Infirmity (or Torment) (Luke 13:11) Although all disease ultimately comes from Satan, not all disease is caused by demon power. Some disease is caused by neglect of one’s body and sinful living, and we cannot say it was caused by a demon. However if the malady was accompanied by a manifestation of a strange spirit, we would know it must be demonic.

Jesus once said, “This kind of evil spirit will not depart except through fasting and prayer.”

A spirit of infirmity is one of the demonic spirits. There are many types of these spirits of this sort, which cause various kindness of sickness. The suffering caused by a spirit of infirmity is not a real physical illness and cannot be detected or treated by a physician. They are known to cause backache, headache, stomach upset, chest pain, and sometimes cancer or epilepsy. No pills or injections can bring relief from it. No doctor can determine what is wrong with the patient suffering from this malady. Thousands of such people are being sent to psychiatrists by their doctors because the cause of their illness and suffering cannot be found. Medical treatment is unsuccessful in treating such cases because the source of the problem is a spiritual one. A person suffering from a spirit of infirmity must recognize the true cause of the problem and surrender his mind and body to Jesus. He may not seek any medical help but rather should find a man of God to exercise divine authority and dominion over the devil’s power through prayer. He should also confess his sins, and live a life of obedience to God’s will as expressed in the Divine Moral Law and the laws of nature. In cases like that, it is wrong to administer any prayer for a victim of this kind. It is better to study with him from the Bible slowly and help him build his own faith in the promises of God. In the Bible we have the story of a woman who had a spirit of infirmity for twelve years. Doctors could not cure her until one day she sought help by faith by touching the garment of Jesus. She was healed instantly. Spirits of Gambling (or Deception), Greed and Covetousness All evil spirits are similar, but some seem to be specialized in some areas. For this reason, we classify them accordingly. Gambling is a game of chance. But a demon controls it. Perhaps, God’s good angels may not want to accompany me if I greedily insist in gambling in such forbidden places. A greedy person is under the influence of a spirit. He could be greedy not only for money but for other things as well like food, position, fame, and power. Spirits of Suicide (or Destruction) Some gamblers have a tendency to commit suicide when they lose all their money. This temptation is from the devil also. He persuades his victim to give up life

altogether. Instead of surrendering one’s life to Christ the Savior, many take it into their own hands by committing suicide. In 1987, I once met a case of a Bible student and a relative of one of our church members in Kuala Lumpur. She was a Chinese woman living in a flat about seven stories high. The woman was depressed because of family financial problems. Her husband and she had frequent quarrels. In her depressed mental state she was contemplating suicide by jumping out of the window. My church elder, Tom, and I visited her one Sunday morning and she told us that she literally heard an audible voice, loud and clear, persuading her to finish off her life by jumping out of the balcony. We strengthened her faith with God’s promises and prayed for her. During prayer I rebuked the spirit of suicide in Jesus' name and at that moment she fell on the cement floor like a piece of cloth, spineless and without strength. She had studied about Jesus Christ from Pastor John Lee. That day she renewed her covenant with Christ. A month later after thorough Bible studies, she was baptized in the Kuala Lumpur Chinese Church. In the Bible we have a few cases of suicides. King Saul, Judas, and Ahithophel were victims of such spirits that succeeded in persuading them to take their own lives. As I stated earlier, evil spirits will eventually possess all souls that are eternally lost. It is only in this life we can and must learn to resist demons that try to take control of our bodies, mind and will. Familiar Spirits (or Spirits that Imitate the Dead Relatives) (Lev. 20:27; Is. 8:19; 2 Kings 23:24) There was a case I came to know in Singapore in the early 1990’s. A Chinese woman who had lost her husband some years earlier lived all by herself in a flat. in Singapore. She was lonely and very depressed most of the time. Then suddenly it was reported that she had committed suicide by jumping out of her flat. Before she died, she had told one of her colleagues that she had often seen her deceased husband standing by the kitchen window and calling her to follow him. her. It was not her husband that called her. It was a “familiar spirit” that imitated her husband that tempted her to commit suicide. In the Bible we have clear instructions not to have any contacts with the dead for they cannot speak with us who are alive. King Saul ventured to consult a witch at Endor to talk with Samuel. The witch of Endor brought out such a personality that looked and spoke like the prophet Samuel. It was not Samuel that the witch resurrected, it was a “familiar spirit” that imitated someone else and that evil spirit pronounced the sentence of doom for the first king of Israel. Nor matter who we are, it is a tragedy to play with familiar spirits which will be very active in the last days.

The future is in God’s hand. Apart from the Bible prophecies, it is wrong for us to venture to know the unknown future through speculations, or through the agencies of Satan. Satan will so design his predictions to destroy our souls. All manner of fortune telling, horoscope calculations and forecasting, and divination with spirits is not only wrong but extremely dangerous to tamper with. “Familiar spirits,” pretending to be the spirits of the deceased relatives. Familiar spirits are good at imitating someone else. In the last days, the Bible warns that familiar spirits will deceive many. They are called “angels of light” See 2 Cor. 11:14. They will appear to bring healing and blessings. They are taking the world for a ride with their advice and miracles. They even imitate God’s power. The Pharaoh of Egypt was influenced by such familiar spirits which imitated the miracles of God, done through Moses. Spirits of Addiction There are many people who are trapped into deeper and deeper habits of vice. We call this addiction. There are many kinds of addiction. Gambling is one of them. Gamblers are so addicted to it that they cannot shake off their bad habit. They have to realize that without Christ they are helpless by themselves. Other forms of addiction includes, drugs, alcohol, and or smoking*. There are also other addictive spirits that tempt people to eat sweet or salty or spicy substances all the time. Overeating a certain kind of food can also be addictive and often wellmeaning Christians overlook this area. They do not recognize that they are slaves of a certain kind of spirit of addiction and appetite. Through the temptation on appetite our first parents opened a door for these spirits to enter them slowly. Often the spirit of unnatural appetite will cause people to crave for certain articles of food. These cravings are unnatural and Christians should recognize this as something they should resist. Eating of meat containing the blood and the fat of the animal is forbidden in the Bible. This They may appear harmless and natural since many eat the blood and fat, them, yet it is the devil’s way of leading us to disobey God. Spirits of Lust and Seduction (1Tim. 4:1) Spirits of lust and seduction are those that stimulate the sexual passions of man and woman and cause unnatural desires. All forms of sexual activity outside its normal use in the marriage bond, is satanic. Certainly the devil is the author of pornography in society today. Obscenities men and woman utter even casually, are indications of such spirits that control them. The Bible condemns adultery, fornication,

lasciviousness, immodesty, homosexuality and all kinds of sensual pleasures that are sinful. Spirits of Anger, and Hatred Anger is another kind of evil spirit that controls the lives of many people. These spirits They cause family quarrels, fights, wars and all kinds of violence. Often they are not detected by the ordinary man on the street. The spirits of anger and hatred govern the lives of their victims every day that people do not realize they have become slaves to such demons. Spirits of Jealousy and Pride The spirit of pride influences people to be hostile toward others and look down at them because of race, color or religion. Some of the great battles and wars in the history of mankind were caused by demons over their pride over their land, race or religion. Besides some of these names of spirits, there are other names too. The Bible gives such names as Dumb and Deaf Spirit (Mark 9:25), Unclean Spirit, Foul Spirit, (Mark 9:25; Rev. 18:2;) and Jealous Spirit, Numbers 5:14, 30 (KJV). Bands of Spirits Often the spirits work in bands. For example, the spirits of pride and anger will with work together as team*mates. The spirits of lust and greed may work together. At one time when Jesus asked a lunatic man what his name was, he replied Legion, meaning there were many devils working together on his mind and body.

Demons who deceive us have an accurate degree of knowledge about us — our past life, our secret sins and our weaknesses. But, they cannot enter our thoughts and imaginations without our permission. The power of the will, or choice, is ours to exercise at all times. It is our privilege and duty to surrender our will to the Savior so that we do not allow the devil to tempt us and over*power us. Especially early in the morning before the start of the day, we must consecrate our will to our Savior. If we do that, then the whole day is a successful day. A pleasant, peaceful joy will possess our minds throughout the day.

When we fail to do this in the morning, we are vulnerable to the devil’s attacks and temptations. God in His mercy sends His angels to guard over us. But if we willfully ignore devotional time with God in the morning, God may allow us to venture onto into Satan’s ground where temptations are abundant. We may sink deeper and deeper into the hands of the devil until we realize our helpless condition and return to God to seek His help. How often we ignore our first duty in the morning to consecrate ourselves to the Creator in order to remain under His special protection! Our Fears and Worries The devil knows well our fears and worries. He tries to capitalize on these areas so that our courage fails and hopes vanish. He torments people by suggesting thoughts that destroy hope. Often these suggestions come from loved ones, friends, neighbors, teachers, employers and authorities who encounter us daily. He even knows those against whom we may bear a grudge. He comes into our dreams in the form of such people to torment us. Fears, insecurity feelings, and worries are always suggested by the devil. It is through these feelings the devil plays his sinister games. These elements of fear and worry should not be present in us when we wish to cast out demons in others because the devil can easily taunt us on these emotions and overpower us in a spiritual battle. The Bible tells us that “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7. Our Past Sins and Guilt The devil knows our past sins and our guilty consciousness. This is another inroad of the devil. He knows exactly how we feel about out past sins. This can be an advantage to him because he can taunt us on our feelings of guilt and make us miserable. You and I have the right to claim a sound mind and God will grant it to us if we ask Him. Our Weaknesses and Secret Habits Satan certainly knows our weaknesses in certain areas of our character. He knows our habits, our likes and dislikes. He uses these weaknesses to tempt us and attack us when we are most unaware. There are millions of people today who sincerely believe that the dead are alive somewhere. This beliefve has a direct bearing in inviting the devil to come into their

minds and trick them us. Satan can use this belief to deceive many into his traps. Some commit suicide with the hope of ending this life of misery to enter into the next life of bliss. Others consult with the “spirit of their dead relatives” to get good fortune in this life. The devil is afraid of the truth. He is also afraid about the Good News of Jesus and His power to save sinners. This is the one sure thing he hinders people to know since his power will be broken if the truth of the Bible and the power of the Gospel is known and understood by man. Superstitions are attempts of the devil to pervert truth.

We should not be mistaken that there are two supernatural powers on this earth: demon’s power and God’s power. God warns us against all kinds of supernaturalism not of Him. Thus, anything that is originated by the devil’s power should be rejected.

God’s Symbols Symbols are not unusual. God has many symbols of His power. In the Old Testament, we read about the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was a symbol of God’s power, and it was placed in the Holy of Holies. Above the Ark was the Shekinah – a light unlike any human light. There were no electric lights, no candles, no artificial light of any kind in the Holy of Holies; but a glow, a wondrous radiance, shone forth from the Ark of God. The Ark was a symbol of God’s power and presence with His people. Whenever the Shekinah was gone, then God was gone. The Ark was simply a symbol of His power. The Sabbath in the Law of God is also God’s symbol of the power of creation in the past, the present, and the future.


“But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.” 1 Cor. 10:19,20. The devil fights for souls and entangles them in sin and superstitions. When we wish to deliver souls from sin and superstitions, we need to bring the power of Bible truth to them.

The heathen will not understand this. When the Philistines captured the Ark, knowing it was a religious object, they put it in their temple. The next morning, their own god, Dagon, was cast down. His head, arms and legs were broken in pieces. Nothing but the presence of God in the symbolic Ark could do that. The devil also has symbols of his power. And you had better take notice of them. As Christians, we should not have symbols of the devil’s power in our possession. Because demons claim ownership to these symbols, these symbols may have strength you don’t know about. So, you should be beware of them . Charms and Curses Satan also enters the body through a charm. I helped another attractive Chinese woman in her 20’s in Singapore, who told me of voices in her head telling her to end it all by jumping out of the window of her apartment. Prior to this she had spent a lot of money on consulting medical experts and psychiatrists. She was depressed and was going through rejection. Being an attractive woman, she was pursued by many suitors. One of them decided to do it the easy way and placed a Satanic charm on her so that she will follow him exclusively. That was the entry point of evil. The devil often takes the occasion of rejection and depression that people go through in life, and persuades them to end their own lives. In 1993 I was holding a series of meetings in Teluk Intan, a town in West Malaysia. I was told that a boy near our church in that town was possessed by the devil. The boy would first see an image of a skull just before any demon attack. When the evil spirit possessed him, his behavior would change. He would get angry very easily. This was contrary to his mild and gentle personality. His face would turn fierce and his eyes possessed a look of hatred and anger. A couple of pastors and I were invited to the home of this boy by his own parents for a special prayer for him. He refused to look at us straight into our eyes in a natural way. The moment we stepped into the house the boy felt uneasy. He stood up and looked angrily at us and he tried to run away. The boy’s parents held him from running away, so that we could pray for him.

Just as we started to pray, the boy fell into a trance and became unconscious. We carried him to our church hall, which was not far away. There we laid hands on him and prayed. The demon in him refused to leave. Then I noticed a large ring on his finger. I suggested to my fellow pastors to remove the ring. Then we prayed again for him laying our hands on him. Soon, the devil left him and the boy was restored to his normal self. A strange peace filled his face. The boy did not even know what had happened to him. There is always a story of sin and disobedience in a charmed object. Later on, the story was told that a girl who was madly in love for him, had invited a demon to charm him. Unwittingly, the raw youth, had received the objects of charm that included a ring. That was the entry point for the devil to control him. Articles such as finger rings, nose rings, ear rings, foot rings, necklaces, amulets etc. are often associated with “covenant” making symbols with the devil. And charms tend to enslave someone. When we prayed and removed the ring from him, that the charm’s power be broken, the demon seemed to leave because the symbolic object of its control over him was broken. The ring had become an entry point for the devil to possess him. Often a victim will not tell the background story easily as in this case. Often we have to discover the entry points of the devil by asking questions carefully with the victim or with his relatives. The evil spirit would have no power over the boy if he had rejected the ring and the girl by his own power of choice. Sometimes the entry points could come in the form of other articles as well. They are emblems of submission and slavery. Charmed articles can come also in the form of food, and clothes.

The heathen have all kinds of symbols of the devil’s power.   The witch doctors of  Southeast Asia have all kinds of items –  little dolls of all sizes,   images, amulets,   charmed articles,  bones,  old coins, good luck articles of black magic, a crystal ball,   a deck of cards, an Ouija board, and books on horoscope, articles and emblems used   in jewelry.  You might say that these symbols couldn’t have any strength or power.  You may not understand it at all.   But this vicious system does work.   It is demon  power.  All symbols of the devil should be burned.  In Acts 19:19 we have the account  of such destruction of satanic symbols.  “Many of them also which used curious arts   brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the   price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.”   At that time, 30 pieces of  silver  was  the  price  of  a  slave.    One  piece  of  silver  was  a  full  day’s   wage for  a  craftsman.   This means that with 50,000 pieces of silver one could have purchased 

about 1,666 slaves.  And if one piece of silver was a craftsman’s pay for one day, then  there were represented here a total of 50,000 days or  137 years of work.  Now we see  the magnitude and significance of what these people did.  They brought untold wealth  into the streets and burned it.   They destroyed it publicly, so that nothing was left.  Why? Because these books represented  the  devil’s power and the people wanted to  rid themselves of any trace of contamination by demonic forces. If destroying the symbols of the devil’s power was so important and necessary then, I believe it is no less important now. We must learn to recognize all symbols of demon power and be sure to give them no place in our lives. Celebration Days of Demon Power There are also certain celebrations of the heathen that exhibit the demons’ power. As said earlier, the month of August is considered the month of the hungry ghosts by the Chinese. In the Western world too, there are celebrations such as the Halloween – all symbolic of demon power. In this modern world there are reports of human sacrifices, done in secret, by certain groups of people who worship Satan. These are satanic acts and celebrations.


It does not take a seminary trained pastor or theologian to resist demons. Any Spirit filled Christian, through Jesus, has the strength to resist evil spirits. We need to understand this strength that we have through Jesus Christ, the only power over evil spirits. We are not on a par with the spirits. It is not a fight of tooth and nail, but a surrender of the will to the Savior. And if we attempt to fight them in our own strength, we will be cut to a sorry figure! The Greek word used for dominion is “kratos,” which means lordship, inherited ruler ship and sovereignty. Christ is Lord of all. He alone has conquered sin, Satan and death. Through Christ we share His victories by faith. We must understand our relationship with God and the strength we can borrow from Christ, so that we can face the many conflicts in life with confidence. Many Christians are ignorant of this strength we can borrow from Christ. because they are ignorant of it. Through the prophet Hosea, God tells us, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6).

The Strength We Are Ignorant Of You do not have to feel high and dry when resisting the forces of darkness. Many Christians do not realize their position of strength that comes through Christ. We belong to Christ. We are indeed sons of God. Yet the devil keeps us in ignorance so we don’t utilize our divine rights. This strength is not inherent in us, but it is borrowed by faith from Christ, the Life giver. Once we understand the basis of our strength in Christ, we live a new life, accompanied by power and victories. We are more than conquerors. Satan will beat a hasty retreat, the moment we cling on to Jesus and use His mighty Name and blood. If you were left a legacy by a loved one and did not know about it, you could live in poverty and perhaps die of starvation while actually possessing great wealth. This is just as true in the spiritual life. It is a must that we know our help we can obtain from Christ as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are entitled to strength from Jesus to resist the devils that tempt or harm us. The Power of Jesus Jesus showed authority and dominion in every stage of His life. His virgin birth overruled the known laws of nature. He began His earthly ministry by turning water into wine. He further demonstrated dominion over the laws of nature by walking on the water, by multiplying bread and fish to feed the hungry and by calming the sea with a word. He showed His dominion over sickness and disease. He even asserted dominion over the grave by raising the dead. He concluded His earthly ministry by declaring, “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.” Matthew 28:18. Is anything too hard for the Lord? This is a rhetorical question. The power of Jesus is the only power that can destroy bad spirits -- root and branch! The Power in the Blood of Jesus There is great power in the precious blood of Jesus. Christ came into this world for one reason – and that was to shed His blood as a sacrifice for sin to save the human race. Christ said to His disciples, “This is My blood… which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Matt. 26:28. The saving blood of Jesus has power and dominion. This is the rule of the game. Take the blood of Jesus, and the devil is afraid! At the very mention of His name and His blood, he looses courage to fight on, for his rights are uprooted and torn from his grasp. Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” It

is through the blood of the Lamb that victory over sin and Satan is obtained. This is the area of strength the devil is most afraid of. Every Christian has the right to claim the blood of Christ to wash away his sins and to resist him. There is power in our confession of sins to the Savior. We should learn to get off our chest our old sins and habits and make things straight with God. Then we are clean vessels for His ministry. Authority in the Word of God God’s word and His promises have remarkable power. The Bible is one sacred book with great power to bless all humanity. Paul says in Hebrews, “That the word of God is quick (which means living), and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Heb. 4:12 Our faith is not based on feelings or moral improvements we have accomplished. Our own feelings and goodness will fail us. Our power is based on what Christ has done for us at the cross, and what Christ is doing for us now as our Heavenly Intercessor. His Word gives us this strength for us to tab. The Holy Spirit also plays an important role in helping us resist the devil. He is the Divine Comforter and Guide to the believer. He gives spiritual gifts to the believer and He gives power to His believers to resist the forces of darkness. A Sign of Lost of Power Many millions of Christians in the world are in the mental, spiritual and physical bondage of the devil. They are bound by the invisible chains of fear, evil habits, depressions, and superstitions. In the cities, the devil oppresses people and binds them into depressions. In the heathen world, he binds and enslaves people by base superstitions and witchcraft. Day and night they are afraid of unseen enemies. At the sight of trouble, they will flee! Fear In the beginning God created Man to subdue this earth and have power over everything. (Genesis 1:28) He lost his power willfully to the devil. The day Adam sinned willfully, he lost his power to the devil. The same day he sinned, he died spiritually and fear was born into his heart. The spirit of Adam fell and he was separated from God. He was then now wearing the devil’s chains of slavery. When God saw the terrible collapse of man, He immediately set about to redeem him from his fallen state, to restore man’s dominion which was lost because of sin. He accomplished this through His Son, Jesus Christ, Who gives us a place of divine

power once again. You don’t have to be afraid of Satan him or taken by surprise by his advances, for he is a defeated foe at the cross of Calvary. The Power of Confession Power belongs to every believer. Jesus said, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by be any means hurt you (Luke 1):10). He also said, Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Matt. 18:18. After a person is converted, the devil seeks in every way possible to hide his position of authority from him. Satan knows that when the believer is aware of his privileges and power, he will be completely defeated and his works destroyed. The devil knows a person will never rise above his confession. He deceives the believer into confessing sickness, faults, and weakness, rather than confession of faith. You are what you confess to be. The devil uses this means to keep you in bondage. Satan does not want you to confess power by faith in Christ and victories by His precious blood. When we make these our confession of who and what we can become through Jesus Christ, we exert the power that is available from Jesus. It is dangerous to claim this power of Jesus for any sinful purposes. It is also dangerous to claim this power of Jesus as if it is cheap and that it is inherent in us as believers. We must recognize our own powerlessness and through the merits of Jesus alone, we are elevated to strength and power. Power in Number There is also power in number in the prayer team. The more people who are involved in praying for a victim, the greater is the power. But not all can lead. Most Christians prefer to play second fiddle. That is alright, as long as they are united with Jesus and support the pastor in the team.

Perhaps this is the most important chapter in this book. The previous chapters should have prepared you to enter into this chapter with confidence. I suggest you do not read this chapter unless you have read the earlier ones first. There are no hard and fast rules or methods to resist spirits. Jesus Himself did not deal with all cases of spirit possession in the same way. Also, He did not heal people from their physical illness in the same way every time. Perhaps we too must deal with each case

differently. Sometimes it is better not to do the prayer of resistance alone but with at least one other another accomplice. Two heads are always better than one. There are cases when resistance must be administered first before salvation is obtained. There are also cases when salvation is administered first before resistance is done. This is done through prayer, claiming God’s promises and Bible study. I personally prefer the second option because this is more meaningful to me in my ministry. Sometimes when resistance is done earlier, the victims often leave you and Christ, after the spirits leave them. They are like the nine lepers whom Christ healed, and only one returned to give thanks to Jesus.

The Preparation Fighting against spirits is carrying the war into the enemy’s camp! One thing is sure, we must knuckle down and do our homework, thoroughly and carefully to be right with God and with those we have sinned against. All known sins must be confessed and put off. Claim the blood of Jesus to cleanse you thoroughly. Confess your private sins to God so that they are completely forgiven. Make restitutions if you have taken anything that does not belong to you. Search your heart carefully. Ask God to reveal to you hidden sins that you are not aware of. Self must be totally surrendered to Christ and His will. This heart preparation must be done slowly and sincerely. Then brood over the case in question for some (need space between “some” and “time”) time. If you do not do this, you will end up a laughing stock, and the devil can make a monkey out of you. It is not by might and strength we will win this battle. There is no jungle law in this fight -- but a spiritual one! There is no time limit for this preparation. Jesus fasted forty days before entering into His ministry. We may not be able to follow that period of time. But fasting and praying help us to meditate and concentrate on what we wish to do. Never enter into prayer and resistance with evil spirits presumptuously. It is not only foolish but dangerous to do so. Investigate the Entry Points Sometimes relatives of a victim of demon possession will come to you begging for help. Never as a rule accept a case impetuously and go to the scene suddenly without a thorough preparation. I have learned this the hard way. I regretted my mistakes. It is wise to wait for a few days or even a few weeks and make a good study of the case carefully. You must know where the shoe pinches and know the precise entry points. We cannot always shoot questions at them in a direct way and you can’t see things at a glance. The victim or his next of kin won’t tell you all their secrets in one go. You

have to get the bits and pieces together slowly by careful questioning. Sometimes we have to go in a round-about way to know the entry points in order to size up the case. We must be able to see through things carefully before administering the prayer of resistance. By all means never dialogue with the spirit, for they can out*wit us if we fall into the trap of talking to them. We should do this by very careful investigation from the victim and from his next of kin on how, when and why the devil possessed him. As stated earlier a demon cannot enter a person without the rights of the victim surrendered to him. Do not enter into prayer and resistance immediately before doing this homework thoroughly. Jesus in His ministry, of course, did not have to do this because He knew every secret thing. But we need to know and understand the entry points of the devil. Often the victim and his relatives will not wish to tell of his contacts with spirit mediums, fortunetellers, addictions, possession of charms, and secret habits. If they refuse to tell you their mistakes to allow the spirit to possess the victim, strongly refuse to accept their invitation for your help. The victim and the family of the victim have to go through repentance, confession and restitution and obedience to Christ before you ever offer a prayer for the victim and the family. If the victim and his relatives seek your help, I make it a clear condition that I will only administer prayer and resistance if they are frank in telling me where, when and how the spirit got into the victim. I have encountered people coming to me asking for help. They will appear always in a desperate situation. In a state of emergency they will plead for help from me. In their hurry to take me to their house, they will not give me a hint as to why, when and how the devil got in the person. They expect a miracle from me and my prayer without proper confession of their mistakes, or a willingness to surrender their lives to Christ. I have learned to reject all such demands from people. I will only go to help cases of people who are spirit possessed, on two conditions: First, they must be frank to tell the various entry points of the spirit. These entry points are the secret sins they have ventured into either ignorantly or willfully. This can be very embarrassing to them. But victory over the spirit cannot be gained without repentance from sin, confessions of wrong, and restitution of things. Second, that they are willing to surrender their will and lives to Christ and live for Him then, and after, they are delivered from the spirit. The entire family, together with the victim, must be willing to make a covenant with God to take Jesus as Lord and Savior and Master of their lives. If these conditions are not met properly, I do not administer any special prayer for them. Never leap in the dark! It is in vain we take the name of Jesus for victims of families who do not wish to reform their lives. Oh, how I have learned this the hard way! On some occasions I have people come to me begging me to help so and so in their family who was demon possessed. I have

pitied them and administrated prayer and resistance. But when they are relieved, from possession they make light of your ministry, and they go back to witchcraft, and sinful living. It pains my heart to see them turn their back on Christ and on my ministry, the moment the devil leaves them. It is a mistake to help such people. I have regretted helping them and taking the Name and the blood of Jesus for them. In order for deliverance to be lasting and permanent they should learn not only to surrender their will to Christ but also to walk with Christ daily after they are delivered. Some, after they are delivered from spirits, do not give the credit to Jesus Who had brought deliverance. Therefore, I have learned the hard way that it is a grave mistake to impetuously and impulsively conduct prayer for anyone without first making a careful study of the case. As discussed earlier, the spirits have found a door or many doors to enter into the victim. We need to find out by which doors they have entered and enslaved them. Take time to do this. Never rush into prayer! Shut and Demolish All Entry Points of Sin After knowing the entry points, obtain all visible articles of charm, amulets, charmed rings and jewels, etc. and crush them, burn them, and bury the dust in a hole dug into the earth. (If the jewelry is of expensive metal, ask them to sell them off for cash.) If the prayer is done in the church, you can bury them in the church compound. If it is done in the victim’s house, the ashes can be buried in the victim’s house compound. This can take a few hours or a full day. Invisible entry points can only be shut by the confession of the mouth. At certain times, the victim is able to talk sensibly, because the demons leave him for a while. It is during these moments we should visit the person and help him to confess his sins and accept Christ as his Lord and Savior through the Prayer of Reception. This is a very significant step. This step can easily take an hour sometimes. Often times, when the victim is in the right frame of mine, they feel no need of the Savior or to surrender his will to Him. This attitude is a grave mistake. On one occasion, I was holding Prophecy Seminars in Taiping, a town in Peninsular Malaysia. The church pastor, Jonathan, and I were staying in the church parsonage. At about 2:30 a.m. in the morning, when we were fast a*sleep, the phone rang and the voice on the other end said that his daughter, about 21 years old, was under a demonic attack. The father was begging us to come over immediately for help. We learned that the devil tormented her only at certain odd hours of the night, and during other times she was normal. I refused to go with the pastor because I knew it is far better to do the visitation during the day when she is normal and help her surrender her life to Christ, and do the special prayer for her during such moments. But human nature is such that they do not want such help during broad day*light, when they feel they are well. If they

refuse to accept Christ during normal situations, how could they accept Christ during a spirit attack? Also, if circumstances make it impossible or difficult for you to go because of distance or because of odd hours of the night, like the case mentioned above, it is possible to pray for the victim by proxy. It works well. There is no necessity that we must be near the victim always. Denying the Rights of Ownership There are certain rights by which we claim or own certain things. Possession is ownership. For instance, if I buy a house with money, and when the legal papers are signed I have a right to own it. When I own it with my legal rights, it becomes my property and possession. In the same way, a spirit has obtained certain rights of ownership of the victim it possesses. The victim or his relatives have made a decision, a choice somewhere in his life, to allow the spirit to enter him. Having entered the victim, the spirit claims the right of ownership of the person’s body and will. The preliminary step of exorcism is to find out what rights the spirit has over the victim. Then deny that right by a Prayer to Revert the Rights. The victim together with the family must be led in prayer, to confess their earlier mistakes in surrendering the right to the devil. They should make a choice that they wish to divert the right. This is done by surrendering themselves to a new Master, Jesus Christ. This is an important step. Claim God’s Promises which should be read to the victim who accepts Christ as his a new Owner. When we do this the spirit’s right on the victim is broken. God’s Promises should be appropriately chosen to meet the specific needs of each case. This stage can easily take an hour, or more sometimes. Sometimes the spirit comes in to interrupt you during prayer. You have to speak to the victim gently, persuasively and convincingly telling him that he can gain a victory over the spirit through the blood of Christ and through His promises. Do not raise your voice. Do not scream or yell at the victim. There is no need to lash out prayers in loud tones. Do it gently, firmly and boldly. Do not have any noisy background music of any kind. When making a decision to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, there is no need to raise the voice. And there is no need to have loud background music as if the strength of Jesus comes from such noisy music. Only Jesus the Savior has the power to pluck up the dark forces by the roots. Resisting the Devil

The next thing to do is the Prayer of Resisting the Devil. This is a prayer that must be prayed firmly and sincerely. Again, there is no need for shouting or yelling.. Say it with force, “In Jesus' Name, Satan, we rebuke you, and in Jesus' Name, and we take, resist you. In Jesus' Powerful Name, we exert authority over you. Having said that, you are in control, you have the upper hand. Satan has to obey you what*ever you say next. Before giving the command to the devil to leave, always take power over him and bind him temporarily with the promises of God. If there is a charm or spell, or curse involved, break them at this stage. See the sample Prayer To Break Charms, Spells and Curse. Commanding the Spirit to Leave The final stage of the prayer of resistance is a short but firm Command to the spirit to leave the victim. You have already bound the spirit by God’s word, and you are now in power to get him out. As the spirit leaves, he may try to enter into someone or something else close by. For this reason, it is best to direct the spirit to go where he came from. Some of the spirits are like slippery eels. They will leave and then only to return soon after you have gone from the scene. Some others are like the snake in the grass – you cannot detect them on the surface. Another thing I have learned is that there is power in the number of prayer partners when we do such prayers of resistance. When Moses’ hands were supported by Caleb and Hur, during his prayer, success was obtained. The more prayer supporters we have the greater our success will be. The prayer partners must all be united, brave, and clean spiritually in order to obtain success. The team can sing a few hymns together, before and after the prayer. Also take turns to read God’s promises and the leader can lead out in the Prayer of Reception, the Prayer of Confession and the Prayer of Resistance. The team should unanimously say, “Amen,” at the close of each sentence. This gives added spiritual power in casting out the spirit.


The very first sign of deliverance is joy and peace that you will see on the face of the victim. His eyes clear up and his body become supple. His stomach will be soft. If there is any vomiting, it will cease. He will become sane, calm and gentle. But these

signs are not enough for a complete recovery. We must not come to conclusions that it is all over after the devil leaves a person for a while. In order for deliverance from a demon possession to be a permanent thing, the victim must learn to walk with Christ. If a victim is delivered and he does not know how to walk with Christ, the minister who has administered prayer has failed to do a very important part of the ministry. Prayer and Praise Walking with Christ involves several areas. The fFirst area is prayer. Prayer becomes more meaningful to the one who is delivered. Accompanied with prayer, he will praise and thank God always for His power in his life. He will glorify God in singing and praising God always. He will be seen praying in secret often. A man who has been delivered from demons and yet shows no interest in prayer, or praising God in psalms of thanksgiving, has something wrong in his walk with God.

Bible Study and Devotional Life A man who is completely delivered from demons will show signs of a healthy devotional life. Bible study will become meaningful. If he is an illiterate person, he will show great respect for God’s word spoken during the sermon. He will be like Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus cast out seven devils, who sat at the feet of Jesus constantly. Listening to God’s word will be a joyful experience always. Sharing and Witnessing Another observable sign of a man completely delivered from the devil’s hands, is that he will often be seen sharing his blessings with others and witnessing the goodness of God to his friends and neighbors. This is a sure sign of a converted man whose whole life is controlled by the Holy Spirit. He will lead others to Christ and be a soul winner in due time. Self-Control Another sure sign of a man who has been delivered from evil spirits is his ability to possess self-control in all things of life. There is no No more intemperate living such as smoking, drinking, and drug taking. No more addiction to gambling, watching forbidden sensual movies, overeating and other habits of life will be present. His language will be clean and refined, his mannerisms will be polite. When temptations arise to revert to his old habits, he has a remarkable ability to resist them with God’s word.

Corporate Worship Finally, a man who is delivered from evil spirits, will find joy and happiness in corporate worship. Worship services become more meaningful to him and he does not want to miss them. He will have a cordial and respectful relationship with fellow believers. He will feel happy, joyful and peaceful in the company of fellow believers. He will discard all items of witchcraft, and contacts with spirit mediums. He no longer will keep any form of relics or symbols of witchcraft. If he is a family man, he will certainly be one who conducts family worship regularly with his wife and children.

This chapter is significant because due to ignorance there is usually a long period gap of suffering by the victims as well as their his loved ones before they realize that the victim is not mentally unsound but has been possessed by demons. Spirit possession is different from mental cases as chalk is different from cheese. One of the main purposes of this book is to help laymen identify and seek the appropriate help. We must never come to conclusions that all spirit problems are related mental cases. They are different. I am neither a medical expert nor I do not profess to know all about spirit activities. But here I attempt to give some guidelines on how to confirm a demonic case. Supernatural Manifestations Demonic possessions often reveal a supernatural manifestation, mental cases do not. If you see supernatural manifestations in a victim, it does add up to one thing – demon possession! These supernatural manifestations include super*human strength, and vomiting of blood and a green or foamy substance by the victim. In 1984 I was working near Taman Rasa in Seremban with Pastor Tan Kok Chin. At that time it was noised that a pastor was visiting that region. We were invited to a house where a twenty three year old man was demon possessed. They told us that he had been charmed by his ex-girl*friend because he had broken off from her. The son appeared normal at first. The parents and the two men insisted that I pray for him.

Here again we made a mistake by administering prayer without doing our proper homework. We all must remember that in demon casting there is no magical power in prayer, without first taking the steps of repentance, confession and surrender of the will to the only Deliverer, Jesus Christ. And we should never take the Name or the blood of Jesus in vain. We were silly and ignorant to pray for a family who did not confess their sins, not willing to forsake their acceptance of witchcraft and accept Christ. All they were expecting from us was a miracle through prayer without repentance, confession and forsaking of the wrongs and evil habits they had. I suggested that the man lay his right hand on the Bible I was holding. He tried hard to stretch out his hand to touch the Bible but the demon attacked him violently. While standing before us, he suddenly floated backwards in a slow motion back flip about four feet above the ground and gently floated and landed on the cement floor softly just like a piece of cloth. Then he vomited a mixture of blood and foamy saliva. The shocked parents got angry and stopped us and chased us away.. I learnedt much later, that this vomiting was a clear sign of the deliverance and we should have continued the exorcism despite his parent’s protest to leave in the midst of complete the job.. It was a pitiful and horrible sight. My accompanying pastor, Tan Kok Chin, and I stood there watching the scene. We were horrified! But we were grateful to God that the spirits did not harm us. The spirits certainly knew that we were under God’s protective care. There is so much we were should be thankful to God, for He protected us that day from prying evil spirits. We returned home with the somber reality that we had encountered the devil himself. I learned a great lesson that day. I will never want to pray for any victim of demon possession, unless the family members are were willing to follow the steps of repentance of their sins, confession of their wrongs in prayer and be willing to make a new allegiance with the only Deliverer, Jesus Christ by yielding their will totally to Christ. Without these preliminary steps, it is futile to utter our prayers. It is very naive to pray for such victims taking the name of our Lord when the victim and his family have not shifted their allegiance to a new Master. The Eyes, Teeth and Fingers Another sign one can observe is by looking into the eyes of the victim. A demon will not allow the victim to see straight into the eye of the Christian. The eye is the window of the soul. A Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit will possess peaceful eyes that even a little child will want to look into. In Jesus’ days, the little children loved to behold the face and the eyes of Jesus. But the one who is spirit possessed will never want to see the eyes of a Christian who has Christ living in him. His eyes will appear fierce like that of a tiger about to jump on its prey. The eye*lids will never blink flip. Then you can notice the eyes will roll within their its sockets.

Sometimes the fists will crush anything they it holds with superhuman force and the teeth will bite anything that they it comes into contact with like a fierce dog. If you encounter such cases, I wish to sound a note of warning -- keep your respectful distance from that person least he attacks you!. Sudden Mood Changes Another observable sign is the sudden mood changes of the one possessed. The victim of a demon will behave normally at times. This is the time the demon has left the victim temporarily. It is during such normal times, it is best to talk with the victim and help him to surrender his life to Christ. Then, often suddenly, the victim’s mood and behavior is changed completely during possession. He may speak with a different tone of voice. His behavior will be in direct contrast to his normal self. You can observe this sign easily. Victims Often See the Spirit Coming to Tthem Before an Attack Once, another pastor friend of mine, and I were praying for an Indian woman in Taiping in Malaysia. She was tormented by a demon. She said that she felt a man twisting her head at 180 degrees. She could see the man, but not we. Then she said the man was twisting her arms backwards until they were hurting her badly. When we saw her, her head looked forward and it was not turned in any direction. Her arms were hanging loose. Only she could see the man, and not we. The ability of the victims to see seeing a spirit oppressing them is another sign of a demonic case. In the section above on “Supernatural Manifestations,” chapter above, in this chapter, the boy told me that he would always see an image of a skull appearing before him before a spirit attack and then he would black out. is blacked out. Husband Could See the Spirits, But Not the Wife The following story was told me Once during a Lay Congress held in 1993 in Chiaing Mai, in the northern part of Thailand. Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraff from the Division and I from the Union were the coordinators of the Congress. On Saturday night it was sharing time. More than 20 people took turns to sing and share their experiences. There was a Thai national from the Hmong tribe who gave an exciting testimony. He described how he had been involved with demons for many years. He was in his 60’s. He had been playing with spirits during his early life. Later on in his life, he had Bible studies with an pastor and he realized it was wrong to have any contacts with evil spirits,. aAnd wished to get rid of his involvements with them. This brought about a big struggle in his life.

He said that the demons had always appeared to him as pretty women wanting to have sex with him during the night. He had actually indulged in sexual activities with such evil spirits. His wife could not see the spirits near him, but he could. One night at about 3:30 am “two pretty women” came to sleep with him. Knowing the truth from the Bible, he refused to have sex with them. His wife saw him wake up and appeared to be dragged out of the house in the middle of the night. Knowing his involvement with evil spirits, the wife followed her husband to be sure he was safe. The “pretty women” dragged the man deeper and deeper into the jungle hoping to kill him. The wife kept following him. The man told his wife that there are two women leading him and he asked his wife to keep following on and help him to resist them. But the wife could not see the “pretty women.” Finally the wife prayed. The man too took the name of Jesus in prayer. A desperate physical struggle took place in the jungle. He was badly beaten with sticks by the demons. There were blood stains all over the T-shirt he was wearing. The man too took up sticks in the jungle to resist the two “pretty women.” At about 6:15 am when it was almost day*break, one of the pretty womean left him. But the other kept on fighting the fight with him. Then the man managed to “kill” the second woman. The man then told his wife that one had left him and the other was dead. By 7:00 am when it was brighter, the dead “pretty woman” had turned into a dead cobra! He brought the dead cobra and showed it to his neighbors that it was the spirit of a woman he had killed. None believed what he said, but it was real to him. Later he took photographs of the dead cobra and his blood-stained T-shirt to help him remember his struggle with demons. During the Ccongress he showed us the photos. A Unique Foul Smell Sometimes a demonic case can be detected by a very unique foul smell near the victim. In 1985, I had on one occasion, an Indian woman in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia say said to me that a demon was twisting her head. I had smelled a unique foul smell near and around the woman while praying for her. This foul smell was so very strong and unique that I cannot forget it till today. Never before had I smelled that odor in my life. It is hard for me to describe it in words. But once you have smelled it, you will never forget it for I suppose it is registered permanently in the brain. But this is not an acid test, for this sign is not always present in all cases. Twenty years later, in 2005, on another occasion, I smelled the same unique foul smell whilst praying for another woman who was possessed. Immediately I recognized the same strange odor and knew it must be the same kind of spirit.

The Smell of Rose Petals In another exorcism which happened in Singapore, there were several occasions where the smell of rose petals alternated with a unique foul smell which wafted into our room during our prayers accompanied by the strong presence of the spirit. Falling Into aA Trance, and Vomiting Blood In 1985 Mr. Sam Govindasamy, was canvassing in Seremban. At that time he was the Publishing Director and Paul Nadarajah was his trainee colporteour. Paul met a family that had demonic problems for about 28 years. Sam He was then staying with Paul in the Seremban church parsonage. Paul invited him to pray for the family with spirit problems. They went together to visit that family which was living at a terrace house at Rasa, Seremban. Paul and Sam had fasted that day before the visitation. At about 6:30*pm they arrived at the house. During prayer, the teenage boy who was possessed held Sam’s hand so very tightly that until he could not bear the pain in his hand. Then the boy fell into a trance and vomited blood and a foamy substance. The episode was over in about three minutes. Here is a case of spirit possession and not a mental case.

Entry Points As discussed earlier, all spirit possession cases have various entry points. Careful questioning with the victim or the relatives of the victim will reveal a story of how a door has been opened for a spirit or spirits to enter the mind and body of the victim.

One Rule of the Thumb The major difference is in the consistency of occurrence. In a mental case, the person’s behavior is consistently abnormal whilst in a demonic possession, the person is normal sometimes, until the demon attacks. This can be another acid test.

These sample prayers should not be read. They are not meant to give a false coloring. They are not the laws of the Medes and the Persians. You may alter them it as you wish. They are samples only to give you some guidance. You must compose your own prayer in your mind and paddle your own canoe! However, if you do not know how to pray, by all means, you may use these sample prayers! Prayer should be natural and earnest. It is a science of communication with God. We enter into communication with God on His terms and not ours. These prayers are guidelines that lead the victim step by step to a surrender, commitment and fellowship with the Savior. These are stubborn facts to a full recovery – there are no short*cuts! A prayer that is of repentance from sin, confession of known sins and a sincere desire to be right with God through the atonement of Jesus are the only kind of prayers conditions acceptable with God. A prayer that has none of these characteristics might be presumptuous in nature. We should avoid such a prayer. You, as the spiritual leader, lead the prayers phrase by phrase. Commas are placed after each phrase. After each comma, pause, and let the victim repeat after you each phrase. You can hold his hands at the time of prayer, or you can ask the victim to place his right hand on the Bible as he follows you in the prayers. Proper homework must be done earlier to discover the precise entry points and knowing them will help you shoot at the bull’s*eye. No.: 1 The Prayer of Reception “Lord Jesus, I have sinned against Thee. I wish to renounce my sins, and beg for forgiveness. (Mention sins specifically). I accept Thy death, on the cross, for my sins. (Mention sins specifically). Let Thy blood cover my sins (Mention sins specifically). Please cleanse me, from all my unrighteousness, and uncleanness in my life. I now wish to surrender, my will to You, Lord Jesus. Come into my life, and take control of my will, my body and my life. Change me, according to Your Divine plan, for my life. I ask this, in Jesus' worthy name, Amen.” (Note: Unless the victim is truly repentant, he will not mention his sins specifically. Do not force him to mention his sins specifically, but tell him that confession of sins must be voluntary, genuine, heartfelt, and with a desire to get rid of them it.) No.: 2 Prayer to Divert My Rights “Lord Jesus, I have sinned against Thee, because of my foolish choices I have made in my life. I am sorry for what I have done. I know you have heard my prayer and you have forgiven me. I now wish to renounce my old ways, and revert my rights,

from the devil to You, Lord Jesus. You are my new Master, and Owner, of my will, mind and body. Lord Jesus, take my will completely now. I surrender it to You, completely and voluntarily. Thank you Lord Jesus, for accepting my will. Satan has now no legal right to harm me, or possess me. In the All-powerful Name of Jesus, I confess “that Jesus is my Lord and Master. I confess now, that Jesus owns me completely. Thank you Lord Jesus, for hearing me and accepting me. I pray this in Jesus' loving Name. Amen.” (Notes: Again, this is only a suggested prayer. It should never be read as some do from a prayer book. It is meant to give you some information on how to shift allegiance from the devil to the Lord Jesus Christ. Before this prayer, the victim together with his family members should be carefully instructed on the importance of a new allegiance to with Jesus. Without such careful and thorough understanding of the nature of the covenant with Christ, the victim and his relatives may repeat after you as puppets, without any meaning in what they say. Therefore instruct them carefully and wait to see if they are ready to offer this prayer. Do not enter into it presumptuously). No.: 3 Claiming God’s Promises (Put the name of the victim at the appropriate places in the Bible promises to claim them as personal promises. These are only a few mentioned below.) Freedom that Jesus Gives –— John 8:36 Resisting the Devil – James 4:7 Power over Evil Spirits – Luke 10:19 Peace of Mind that God Gives– Isaiah 26:4 Power in the Blood of Jesus – Matt 26:28 Forgiveness from Sins – 1 John 1:9 Victory Over Satan – Revelation 12:11 Sound Mind and Courage – 2 Tim. 1:7 Crush Satan – Romans 16:20 No.: 4 Taking Authority Over the Devil (Only you must pray this prayer. The victim need not repeat after you.) “Lord Jesus, this man (mention his name) has accepted you as Lord and Savior. He is Your child now. You have shed Thy precious blood at Calvary, for his sins, and gave your life, as a vicarious sacrifice for him.

“And now I (we), (mention your name / or your team), servant of Jesus, come in the Authority of Jesus and His blood. In the Almighty Name of Jesus I (we) rebuke you, Satan, for possessing this man’s mind and will. And now, in Jesus' Name, I (we) take authority, and power over you.” (Notes: Be sure you (and your team) are right with God before you pray this prayer of authority. Your power in Jesus is not inherent within you (or yourselves). You must realize how helpless you are without Jesus. But by connecting yourself with Jesus through faith, you have strength to oppose and resist the devil.) No.: 5 A Sample Prayer to Resist the Devil “Lord Jesus, because this man, (Mention his name), has sincerely accepted You, as Lord and Savior, and surrendered his will to You, He is Your child now. You have shed Your precious blood, at Calvary for his sins, and gave Your life, as a vicarious sacrifice for him.” “Therefore I ( we), (Include your team here) come in the Authority of Jesus, and His blood. In the Almighty Name of Jesus, I ( we) rebuke you, Satan. And now, in Jesus' Name, I ( we) take authority over you.” “Because this man, (Mention his name here) has made a covenant with God and formed a new allegiance with God, he is God’s possession, Satan, you have no right to own him any longer. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I (we) bind you spiritually. And in Jesus' Name, I (we) command you to leave this man’s temple. In Jesus' Name, get out of him. In Jesus' Name, I (we) command you now, to go to the place where you came from, and leave this child of God permanently.” “I (We) thank you Jesus, for the victory gained. All Praise, glory and honor, be to Your Name alone. Amen. .” (Notes: The prayer team could repeat after the leader phrase by phrase and close with “Amen,” together. Upon hearing this, the devil’s strong hold will go to pieces. But by all means have no dialogue with the devil. Have no business in communicating with the spirits. We have nothing to do with them! Let Jesus take care of the situation. With Jesus as your Savior and Helper, the devil is you are no match for to you.) No.: 6 Prayer to Break Charms, Spells and Curses

You can say this prayer. The prayer team should repeat after you phrase by phrase. The word of God alone has the power to cut to pieces the strong holds of the devil.

“Lord Jesus, this man, (Mention his name here) has accepted you, as Lord and Savior. He is Your child now. You have shed Your precious blood at Calvary for his sins and gave Your life as a vicarious sacrifice for him.” “I (We) come, in the Authority of Jesus, and His blood. In the Almighty Name of Jesus, I ( we) rebuke you, Satan for your spell over this child. And now, in Jesus' Name we take authority over you.” “In the Authoritative Name of Jesus, we break this charm (or spell or curse). (Mention the spell or curse or charm specifically here). I ( We) proclaim and declare, in Jesus' Name, that the power of the charm (or spell or curse) is broken now, and the victim is set free.” “I (We) thank you Jesus, for the victory gained. All praise, glory and honor be to Thy Name. Amen! ” (Notes: The supporting team are as good as gold. They should can repeat the prayer after the leader phrase by phrase and say “Amen,” together with one voice at the end.)

A Note of Caution Please take caution that these prayers written above, are only sample prayers written merely for some guidance. You use them at your discretion. But know there is no magical power in chanting any of these prayers unless there is sincere heart searching, repentance of sin, confession of wrongs and a genuine desire to make a covenant by faith with the only Advocate and Deliverer, Jesus Christ. A thorough understanding of how to lead the victim and the family to make a covenant with the Living God must be explained point by point to the victim and his family, at every step before each prayer. Angels of God are watching you when you lead the victim and his family them in prayer. Your prayer of living faith in the Savior will work effectively. And resist all temptations to take credit or glory to yourselfves. Do the work quietly and without show or publicity. There is no need to raise your voice. There is no need to shout at the victim or the devil. There is no need to have any loud and noisy background

music. Prayer sincerely, and utter your words firmly and with confidence in God alone.

Not a Plaything Thing Helping a victim of demon possession is not a plaything. It is uphill work. It is gambling dicing with death! Discretion is always the better part of valor! We should recognize that it is a spiritual battle with the devil, hence it is serious business. It takes a reasonable amount of faith in God’s promises and love for the soul before we can assist such a case. But it is wise to always keep your distance when coming to helping someone with spirit possession. But, we should not always shun away and give a deaf ear to a family crying for help. And yet at the same time we should not enter into prayer for the victim impetuously without preparation. Exorcism is a strenuous business! One who wishes to enter upon it, must stand the racket! As mentioned earlier in this book, every lost soul in the end has a sad story to tell how it has succumbed to an evil spirit or spirits. If this is true, then it behooves us to know how to resist against an evil spirit and help its victim. Some, on the other hand, give every excuse they can find to avoid a confrontation with a spirit. Others, are courageous to give a first try, but are afraid to face the music when the balloon goes up! There have been were cases when people of quality have brought law*suits against exorcists!

Dangers in Success However, success in delivering a victim from devils does not mean that we are better off spiritually than others who have met failures. We should never condemn others who were unsuccessful in resisting the devil. Even the apostles had some failures and they reported the matter to Jesus. (Mark 9:28). If you fail in your first attempt, do not give it up as a bad job. If you succeed, do not be puffed up. Our attitude towards others Christians in our church should always be kind and loving and not to condemn them. Do not be proud of any successful experience in driving out demons. The disciples of Jesus cast out demons in His days and were overexcited. They reported their success to Jesus how the demons fled at the mention of His name. Jesus told them not to be very excited over this, but rather rejoice because their names are

written in the book of life in Heaven. (Luke 10:20). Helping a victim with demon possession should not be done sensationally in the church. It has to be a labor of love. It should be done quietly and without any advertisement. If you are successful and are running to and fro to help people with demon possession, hold your horses! Do not even report stories of successes to anyone to gain credits to your names. Doing such a thing may cause fanaticism, sensationalism, misunderstandings and division in the church. We should do it in the quiet as privately as possible with the sincere desire to help the victim and his family members. Our Method Must Be Based on Sound Bible Teaching Only God knows when, who and how to deliver a soul from demon possession. We have no power on our own to do this work. Getting involved Involving in demon casting is like putting one’s head in a lion’s mouth! You are not meeting your match in the warfare! You cannot do it without careful preparation, or else you will make a monkey out of yourself. One must know when to strike the right note at the right time. Often, we cannot predict when, who and how deliverance can be ministered to a victim of demon possession and his family. In the spiritual world, angels good and bad, are constantly involved in the battle for souls. Jesus used the simplest methods to heal the sick and to bring deliverance to the afflicted. And our methods of helping victims of demon possession must be borrowed from the examples in the Bible alone. This is our acid test. Any other method that is against the principles of the Bible should not be employed. In some places like Malaysia and other countries of Southeast Asia, for instance, the witch doctors drive out bad spirits by slaughtering a male chicken and sprinkling its blood on affected areas. There are cases when demons did leave through such methods! That is why many ignorant people continue to trust in their witch doctors. These methods are out of harmony with from the Bible teachings. On the contrary, we use the simplest of the methods in helping such a victim – such as prayer, claiming God’s promises and the use of olive oil as it is commanded in the Bible. (James 4:7; 5:14-15, Mark 6:13). I know there are Christians, who administer prayer for a victim of demon possession without proper knowledge. There is no proper investigation of entry points of sin by the devil into the victim’s life. There is no guidance given to the victim and his relatives on repentance from sins in their lives. Vital truths of the Bible are not explained to them clearly. All they stress is faith. Faith that is without repentance from sin, confession of wrongs, and reconciliation with God is not genuine faith, but sensationalism. Such sensationalism can lead to excitement. Faith that does not bring a radical change of life*style and character is deceptive. Then But when the practical aspects of godliness from the Bible are explained to such a the family of demon possession, they will shun them. Such “sensational faith” is not only

defective, but deceptive. We should learn to avoid such “sensational faith” because it will not lead the victim and his family to God’s way of conversion. Our Lifve and Character Must be Right with God If you are not right with God, do not meddle with the devil. We should always be fore-warned of Jesus’ own admonitions in Matthew 7:22. He prophesied that a class of Christians will come to Him, like the foolish virgins in the parable of the 10 virgins. After the second resurrection, these people will come to Jesus claiming a right to enter the doors of New Jerusalem because they had been successful in casting out demons in the past life. Our rights to enter heaven is based on our own standing before God and His Holy Law, and never on our success in helping victims of demon possession. While every precaution and care should be taken when dealing with a demonic case, we should never hide our light under a bushel. If we enter into the deliverance ministry without proper heart preparation, we you will meet with shame and you are sure to upset the applecart! Under no circumstances should you get involved with spirits without heart preparations. Opportunities are Open Helping a demonic victim cannot be learned in a classroom setting. It is learned only through an actual encounter. If you are a pastor, or a church leader, and if you are called for help by a family to pray for or help for a victim of demon possession, then such a call is the time you may gain an experience. But then, you have every right to reject the call for help from a family. You have to examine every case carefully even before you accept an invitation to pray for and help a victim. Never impetuously accept this kind of an invitation however earnest and urgent the plea for help may be. However, on the other hand, if you are afraid because you are not right with God, do not pray at all for the victim. It is a presumptuous sin to take the name of Jesus and His precious blood when we are not right with God. If you are all prepared to go for the battle, by all means, take the challenge, and the ball is at your feet! Do Not Do It Sensationally We must always remember that deliverance ministry is not to be done sensationally. There is no need to beat the drum! The devil can take the church for a ride, and spin it off its rail, if we make exorcism a sensational work! We must do it quietly with a sincere desire to help families with spirit problems with humility, care and love. The apostles in the New Testament went about preaching the Gospel and once in a blue moon they got a demonic encounter. When they were thrown into the arena of spirit attacks, they took the mighty Name of Jesus and administered deliverance. Never did they go went about on a hunting expedition looking for demonic cases. And never should we administer prayer for any demonic cases without a thorough investigation of the case. Every known sins must be confessed. Jesus must be accepted by choice

as a personal Savior by the victim as well as his family members. Unless there is a real repentance and confession of truth, we should avoid administration of prayer of resistance against demons. Putting it in a nutshell, deliverance ministry is incomplete without teaching the one delivered, how to walk with God.

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