Company Description Who Is Siemens AG?

Siemens AG is a German conglomerate that produces products in ³electronics electrical engineering, and operates in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors.´1 Siemens¶ United States¶ corporate office is located in Washington D.C., but globally their headquarters are in Munich, Germany. Siemens employs over 405,000 people in over 190 countries. Siemens was first opened on October 12, 1847.2 Originally the company provided telegraph services, but soon expanded into laying telegraph cable lines and then moved onto other products, such as telephones and computers3. Siemens also produces healthcare products such as ultrasounds and MRI machines4. They also produce wind turbines and other energy transmission products5. We are focusing on Siemens¶ industry sector, more specifically their High-speed rail systems, products, and services. Siemens high speed rail train, known as the Valero is already in use in countries other than the US. 6 These countries include Spain, China, and Russia. Siemens has been awarded a $466 million dollar contract by Amtrak to plan and facilitate the building of 70 high speed, electric, locomotives.7 This is a huge accomplishment for Siemens as it means that these locomotives, which are already built in the US, will remain within the US. Siemens AG is a huge global powerhouse that leads the way with innovative technology and groundbreaking ideas.

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