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Robert Gates

981 Corison Loop

Columbia, South Carolina 29229
(815) 540-2943

Professional Profile
I'm a skilled, resourceful, and detailed-oriented problem-solver. I'm a self-mo
tivated, enthusiastic, and meticulous Office Professional with experience in a v
ariety of office environments, whose proficient in computer programs, and I have
proven ability to work well with others in fast-paced working conditions and mu
lti-task. I possess excellent organizational, time management, and follow-throug
h skills. I effectively balance employee needs with company policy and I learn
quickly. I have strong organizational skills and excellent interpersonal communi
cations skills; verbally and written. I thoroughly enjoy working with military a
nd civilian personnel. I'm skilled in designing and implementing developmental
activities. I'm diverse, flexible, highly motivated, dependable, and goal-orien
ted. I've supervised other staff, and I'm committed to a job well done and prof
essional excellence.
Administrative Skills Effective Coordinator Multiline Phones Strong Foll
Alpha/Numeric Filing Flexibility Organizational Skills Customer Service
Supervisor Leadership Project Management Team Leader
Data Entry Management Abilities Problem-Solving Techniques Thoroughness
Mental stimulator Multi-tasking capabilities Compassionate Motivation
Employment History
Recruiting and Retention School (12/31/2009 to present) Training Instructor
Fort Jackson, South Carolina United States
Supervisor: Phil Morrison 803 751 8544; Contact: Yes
Salary: $70,000.00 per year
Duties: Computer applications trainer responsible for all computer related instr
uctions associated with the Army Recruiter course (ARC), Station commander Cours
e, Guidance Counselor Course and all the related classes. Keep up-to-date and pr
oficient with all software application changes and upgrades. Conducts structured
and as-needed training to subordinate instructors, ensuring certification and a
ccreditation is closely documented and maintained. Serves as liaison between Hea
dquarters Accessions Command (USAAC) and Recruiting School, ensuring all trainin
g is accomplished within Army training Doctrine (TRADOC). Provide feedback to su
pervisors at all levels ensuring that graduating students receive the most compr
ehensive and cotemporary training adapting to constantly changing upgrades and m
odifications. Monitors network, software and hardware issues, ensuring that no t
raining interruptions are cause due to technical problems. Manage technology HR
development and Instructional design.
Recruiting and Retention School (11/01/2008 to 12/31/2009) - RECEX Evaluator
Fort Jackson, South Carolina United States
Supervisor: Larry Hawkins 803 751 8023; Contact: Yes
Salary: $70,000.00 per year
Duties: Training specialist and Knowledge Management (KM) action officer provide
s knowledge of theories, principles, practices and techniques; analyses final st
ages of the Army Recruiting Course (ARC). Develops plans for evaluating individu
al and collective training programs by providing input and feedback to individua
l and unit projects during the situation training exercises known as recruiting
exercise (RECEX); reviews training material ensuring that proper and up-to-date
training doctrine was applied during the evaluation session. Conduct in-process
reviews (IPR) to analysis, design, development actions and milestone achievement
s. Maintains documented procedures for identifying training needs and provides f
or the training of all Recruiting Retention School (RRS) personnel. Develops cri
teria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities through testing and co
urse critiques, thus ensuring RRS employees thoroughly understand the required c
oncepts and procedures. Maintain a video library to track and develop the indivi
dual performance for further training development and maintain audit trail infor
mation. Ensures proper training materials and technology is applied during the e
xercise in accordance to TRADOC standards. Provide in-depth written critiques an
d appraisals; reviews that identify problem areas and provides recommendations f
or improvement. Ensures that sufficient quantities of lesson plans, training aid
s, student handouts, practical exercises, workbooks, etc., are printed and maint
ained for issues. Performs quality assurance on all materials being used. Coordi
nates training schedules with training and developmental personnel and RRS divis
ion chiefs.

Recruiting and Retention School (08/01/2007 to 11/01/2008) Senior Instructor/Wri

Fort Jackson, South Carolina United States
Supervisor: Stephen Northrop 803 751 8023; Contact: Yes
Salary: $70,000.00 per year
Duties: Platform instructor for military and civilian Students attending the Arm
y Recruiting Course (ARC) teaches classes in policy, interpersonal skills, techn
ology, automation and counseling techniques. Develops, prepares, reviews, and re
vises training curriculums, training support materials and aids, and student-use
d materials including handouts for future reference, to ensure objectives are me
t. Develops background and source information and produces original material inc
orporating changes and/or communicative skills development or approaches, includ
ing the selection and use or various aids/devices. Ensures training material art
iculate training needs, conform to Army and TRADOC guidance. As a member of the
Mobile Training team (MTT) travels TDY throughout the nations recruiting battali
ons in order to provide advice and guidance in matters of individuals and collec
tive training, using the most current training aids and instructional media to i
nclude Computer based Training (CBT) Responsible for developing and providing cl
assroom instruction and coaching on the Adaptive Leader Coaching Program (ALCP)
to Recruiting Retention School (RRS) students by Proctoring the administration o
f Attention and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventories, helps to interpret TAIS
profile, and identifies individual needs. Provides individualized instruction to
RRS students (recruiters, station commanders, recruiter trainers). Conducts a t
horough behavioral evaluation through interview and direct observation. Identifi
es training needs and instructional assistance. Prepares lesson plans designed t
o ensure the most effective and efficient training for the course. Conduct chall
enging physical fitness training while conforming to stringent safety standards
by conducting risk assessments. Validates materials such as Training Support Pac
kages (TSPs), lesson plans, media, performance-based exams, practical exercises,
study guides, student handouts, and information sheets. Develops and validates
criterion-reference text based on training objectives.

Loves Park Recruiting Company (04/01/2004 to 08/01/2007) Assistance First Sergea

nt/Company Trainer Rockford, Illinois United States
Supervisor: Thomas Evans 815 973 9258; Contact: Yes
Salary: $65,000.00 per year
Duties: Regional Human Resources manager supervising the day today activities wi
thin the recruiting station and recruiting operations in Rockford metropolitan z
one and surrounding areas, consisting of 27 zip codes and 1237 square miles; res
ponsible for the direct supervision of subordinate recruiters, also responsible
for their training, morale and welfare. Lead and motivate during continuous pros
pecting efforts in an often demanding tempo. Master the basic skills required by
recruiters, including the use of computer programs and administrative tasks. Re
sponsible for enforcing policy, adjusting to changing doctrine and stay up to da
te with the most current regulatory guidance. Expert at analyzing market share,
demographic, trends, safety/risk management and related data related to the dire
ction for the future, the methodologies necessary to ensure accomplishment, and
the requirements and expectations. Identify Organization effectiveness, employee
relations and manage staffing. Public relations professional responsible for th
e positive reputation and image of the U.S. Army in the local community; serve a
s liaison between local centers of influence and Army representative. Use and le
verage the latest Internet, telecommunications to provide access to knowledge pr
oducts and services for the to include online websites, portals, communities of
practice, knowledge maps and other technology-driven enablers.
Canton, Ohio Army Recruiting Station (04/20/2000 to 04/01/2004) Station Commande
Canton, Ohio United States
Supervisor: Eric Hunter 804 647 7392; Contact: Yes
Salary: $60,000.00 per year
Duties: Recruit personnel for service in the Army Contacts individuals and condu
cts interviews with those who are prospective enlistees into the Army; Involved
with all aspects of hiring process for non-prior service and prior-service perso
nnel contacts representative of schools, corporations, civic groups, and other a
gencies to present the career and employment opportunities of the Army; present
formal and informal talks to organizations, groups, or individuals; writes, edit
s, and presents recruiting material for use by local communications media; inter
view and counsel prospects on enlistment incentives, Army benefits, and educatio
nal opportunities; evaluate applicants, using screening tests; prepare forms and
documents as part of enlistment processing; counsel disqualified applicants; as
sists on market research and analysis of recruiting. Skill in negotiation proced
ures and conflict resolution techniques sufficient for problem solving, advising
management, and interacting (when required) with individuals in delicate/highly
contested case matters and determinations. Written and oral communication techn
iques sufficient to: develop/deliver briefings and correspondence; foster unders
tanding/acceptance of findings; present arguments/advisory opinions; and to prep
are legal and case documents. Conducts personal affairs interviews to determine
the various entitlements, supporting documents needed, & to initiate all forms r
equired for the military personnel records. Obtains data to complete required fo
rms & make entitlement determinations by reviewing records on partially complete
d record folder, checking documents presented such as Social Security Card, marr
iage, divorce, records, birth certificate, travel orders, transportation request
s, & prior military service documents. Interviews individual to obtain additiona
l data, to obtain correct data in case of discrepancies, conflicting statements,
to determine entitlement for benefits. Student Testing Program within high scho
ols, vocational schools, and junior/community colleges. As necessary, coordinate
s promotional activities with Educational Services Specialists from neighboring
MEPS to improve state and/or regional marketing efforts. Also establishes contac
ts with state legislators, prominent business leaders, retired military personne
l and organizations to publicize and gain support for ASVAB testing. Participant
s in ASVAB related activities at state and regional educational conferences and
serves as guest speaker on such topics as testing, career counseling and other r
elated educational topics.
Masters of Arts, Human Resources, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida 2009
Bachelors of Science, Human Resources, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida
Associates of Arts, Liberal Arts, Saint Leo University, Florida 2004
Graduate of NAPRXs Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program, (CNPR: 570872010)
Washington, District of Columbia, 2010
Additional Information
Certificate Equally Opportunity Adviser, United States Army, and Fort Knox, KY 2

Additional Information
Driven professional with established team building and problem solving abilities
. I have extensive knowledge of theories and principles in administrative proced
ures of human resource and training development. As a military instructor, I hav
e trained courses in technology, counseling techniques, interpersonal skills, ti
me management and sales. My diverse career includes more than 15 years of leader
ship positions in administrative and logistical support, project management and
recruiting operations.
Job Related Training: Certified Military Instructor, Army Staff and Faculty Cour
se graduate, proficient in Systems Approach to Training (SAT), Automated System
Approach to Training (ASAT), Computer Based Training (CBT), Learning Management
Systems (LMS), Virtual Conferencing System (VCS), Virtual Training Company (VTC)
, various Distance Learning methods and learning process.
Training: Attended and completed numerous military leadership and management cou
rses. Automated Army Training Requirements and Resources System; Army Civilian E
ducation System CES certification, Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course, Casu
alty Assistance NCO Training, Cultural Awareness Training.
Software: Microsoft Office suite to include MS Project, Adobe Photoshop, SharePo
int and Blackboard (instructor certified); Typing 40 WPM
Military: 26 years Army active duty; honorable discharge; awards include the Mer
itorious Service Medal
Other highlights include:
Human Resource management and training development professional with 15 years ex
perience in marketing, recruiting and sales.
Certified military instructor with demonstrated presentation and interpersonal s
kills; selected to teach at one of the most challenging courses in DOD
Recruiting Instructor concentrating in sales techniques, counseling, negotiating
, prequalification, interpersonal skill development and time management
Technology Instructor focusing in new Army recruiting computer applications from
the ground up, developing lesson plans and instructional design
Over 10 years experience in teaching Microsoft Products and other computer softw
are with emphasis on adult learners
26 years of military service, mostly in increased areas of responsibility includ
ing direct line supervisor, mid-level manager and supervisor for groups of over
100 personnel
Awarded numerous decorations and certificates for performance, achievements; Com
bat veteran in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield
Provided Casualty assistance training and service for military funerals, next of
kin flag presentations and death notifications.
Over 18 years of supervisory positions exercising techniques in problem-solving,
coaching, motivating and teambuilding
Volunteered personal time to the local community, and served as a memember of th
e Chamber of Commerce providing logistical and administrative support
Understanding and respectful to different cultures and customs, having served in
multiple overseas assignments to include South /Central America, Europe, Korea
and the Middle East
Severed as the Equal Opportunity Adviser
Extremely competitive, involved in various sport activities such as bowling and