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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - International Operations / Supply Chain / Purchasing & M

aterials Management / Production Processes & Standards / Engineering / Cross-Fun
ctional Team Leadership
* Extensive international experience managing services/subcontract and manufactu
ring companies throughout the USA, Far East and Europe, providing in-depth knowl
edge of dominant industry players. Recognized as reputable leader within the in
dustry with an active network of international business contacts. Demonstrated
success in starting-up and turning around/optimizing a company's fundamental inf
rastructure, technologies and processes to increase revenues and improve bottom-
QUALITY IMPROVEMENT - Six Sigma Black Belt Programs / ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000 & I
SO 14000 Certifications / TQM
* Utilizes manufacturing and management processes to achieve yield and quality i
mprovement, provide total material controls, minimize inventories, and increase
productivity, while satisfying customer demands. Ability to tap the experience
of all team members, gaining output from a collaborative effort. Brings a sense
of urgency to drive positive organizational change, process redesign, quality i
mprovement, and best practices.
COST REDUCTION / REVENUE GAIN - P&L / Cash Flow Optimization / Efficiency & Yiel
d Improvement/Lean
* Extensive experience in contract negotiations, inventory management, and produ
ct flow management to decrease product cost, improve cash flow, and minimize bal
ance sheet exposure. Partners with senior management on strategic matters and d
ecision-making. Strong conceptual, business analysis and crisis management skil
ls with the ability to implement solutions to non-traditional business challenge
s and thrive in intense and demanding environments. Implements controls and dev
elops accurate measurement and reporting techniques that impact virtually all co
re operating functions. Achieves commitment from all levels within the organiza
tion to effectively analyze practices and develop results-based, strategic actio
n plans.


CONFIDENTIAL, Singapore - Feb. 2005 to Present
Group Chief Executive Officer
Recruited by a large Private Equity Fund to take over responsibility for the Com
pany they had purchased on 2004, reporting to the Board of Directors. Also, a me
mber of the Board of Directors.
Challenged with transforming the Company from a family run business into a world
-class, multi-national company, and setting up operations in China and Thailand.
Headquartered in Singapore, with operations in Singapore, China, and Thailand.
Manufacturing and sales of high cleanliness, precision metal components.
After executing significant operational improvements, moving all volume manufact
uring out of Singapore, and growing both the top line and bottom line of the Com
pany, executed the sale of the Company in September 2010 which was in-line with
the investors exit strategy. As of Sept. 2010, I am the Managing Director of thi
s division under the new ownership. I plan to relocate back to the USA when the
right career opportunity is available.

ASTUTE NETWORKS INC., San Diego, CA - 2001 to 2005

Vice President of Operations/Global Supply Chain Management
Recruited to direct the start-up of pre-IPO fabless manufacturer of semiconducto
r and board level products. Scope of responsibility includes wafer foundry mana
gement (.13um CMOS) in North America and Asia, I.C. and PCB subcontract manageme
nt in USA and Asia, supplier contracts, quality assurance, document control, pur
chasing/materials, logistics, import/export, customer service, manufacturing eng
ineering, test engineering.
Challenged with establishing and executing operations and systems from ground up
. Served as active member of executive management team, focusing on the strateg
ic direction of the company.
* Successful ramp to production. Built infrastructure, including internal and e
xternal business processes within a cutting edge technology environment. Work c
losely with manufacturing partners and internal organization in defining product
specifications, defining manufacturing strategies, negotiating contracts, and d
elivering first time prototypes and production units on time and within budget,
fully meeting customer qualification and reliability requirements. Generated re
venue on the first 7 products (6 board level products and 1 chip level product)
and in development on the next product family.


Director of Operations/Global Supply Chain Management
Joined international public entity with direct leadership and core operating fun
ctions for 350-employee, $250 million unit -- manufacturing capital equipment an
d tooling used for manufacturing and test in the electronics industry. Direct R
eports: Materials Manager, Operations Manager Systems, Operations Manager Toolin
g, Quality Manager, and Engineering Manager. Manufacturing environment: Machin
e shop, injection molding, PCB, box and electro-mechanical assembly.
Challenged with driving process reengineering and restructuring for a unit that
had grown at a rate of 200% over the past year. Required (1) major reduction of
fixed costs through outsourcing of tooling, PCB, and box/system level builds, (
2) defining/implementing manufacturing processes to improve quality and customer
service. Additionally, transfer of molding operations to ESI Klamath Falls, O
* Improved Customer Service. Drove on time delivery from 0% to 98% for first cu
stomer commitment date, and from 0% to 94% for on time delivery of customer requ
est date - restoring relationships with major global accounts. Reduced inventor
y to 25% over prior year.
* Improved Quality. Established quality department focused on quality assurance
and documentation. Turned around product rejection rate of 50%, achieving 99.8
% acceptance rate for full product line.
* Improved Efficiencies: Established KANBAN and KAIZEN-type systems, JIT, and p
erformance measurements within the operation. Evaluated existing vendors, and d
eveloped new vendor relationships. Sourced and negotiated new outsourcing agree
ments and moved in-house processes to cell-based modular type operations, which
eliminated all work in progress. Led process reengineering in machine shop, as
well as numerous equipment enhancements.

DYNACRAFT INDUSTRIES, Penang, Malaysia - 1995 to 2000

Chief Operating Officer (Top position in company)
Reported to parent Hong Leong Group, Malaysia (US $16 billion conglomerate). Di
rected all sales, financials and operations for $120 million Company based in Ma
laysia, executing a MAJOR turnaround -- manufacturing and selling lead frames an
d stamping tools to the Semiconductor assembly industry. Functions included sal
es, marketing, operations, R&D, P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet. Multiple man
ufacturing companies located in USA and Malaysia. Sales offices located in nume
rous countries around the world. Direct Reports: GM (Malaysia), VP and GM (USA
), Financial Controller, Six Sigma/TQM Manager, R&D Manager, Asia Pac Sales Mana
ger, European Sales Manager, NA Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, and HR Manage
r. Manufacturing environment: Precision tool and die making, high speed stampi
ng, electroplating, chemical etching.
Challenged with driving aggressive organizational turnaround (brought on board a
fter purchase from National Semiconductor). Focus on (1) achieving world-class
status, (2) expanding customer base, (3) developing and implementing new product
s, (4) increasing sales/profit/ROSF.
* Transferred Operations. Led shut down of Santa Clara facility, as part of com
pany purchase agreement and transitioned all manufacturing processes to Malaysia
, while reestablishing relationships with top 10 global customers to ensure cont
ract renewal. After successfully transferring operations, embarked on total ope
rations restructuring.
* Complete Turnaround. Developed short and long-range continuous process improv
ement plans, achieving dramatic reductions in cost and inventory, and improvemen
ts in lead time and delivery year-on-year. Positioned company in top ranking ag
ainst significant market players for all core business metrics -- measured again
st criteria used for Malcolm Balridge Award.
* Improved Quality. Defined and developed programs throughout all factories and
established measurements for key processes to improve quality. Introduced TQM/
Six Sigma methodologies and chaired Steering Committee, providing the management
team with focus and training for effective implementation. Initiated and achie
ved ISO 9001, QS 9000, and ISO 14000 certifications.

WESTERN DIGITAL CORP., Irvine, CA - 1989 to 1995

Director, World-wide Operations/Global Supply Chain Management
Brought back into company (based on earlier success - see next page). Fully resp
onsible for worldwide manufacturing through subcontractors and also reporting of
Operations group in captive offshore facility in Malaysia -- a $2 billion compa
ny manufacturing and selling integrated circuits and PCB level products. Captiv
e operations located in USA and Malaysia. Subcontract located throughout Asia a
nd Europe.
Challenged with turning around numerous quality, cost, and lead time issues with
in worldwide operations (internal and subcontract), and establishing world-class
status, as benchmarked against the "best in industry". After achieving success
in semiconductor products given added responsibility for board and box level pr
oducts. Spent final six months of tenure with broadened responsibility of trans
ferring the Malaysia operation to subcontractors, to allow conversion of facilit
y into a disk drive manufacturing operation.
* Organization Culture Change. Developed worldwide operations into a world-clas
s performer both operationally and financially. Converted from a mainly fixed c
ost operation to a mainly variable cost operation, with significant reductions i
n inventory and financial exposures. Customer satisfaction also improved signifi
* Transferred Operations. Led successful transfer of all operations from the ca
ptive Malaysian facility to subcontractors to allow conversion of factory into a
disk drive facility within intensive 3-month timeframe. Negotiated prices, per
formance requirements and contract, while selling off equipment and maintaining
seamless production flow.

PLESSEY SEMICONDUCTORS, Hong Kong - 1985 to 1989

Asian Supply Chain Manager
Managed wafer fabrication foundries and subcontract assembly and test of integra
ted circuits for USA and UK Plessey Semiconductor divisions, based in Hong Kong.
Scope of responsibility included manufacturing, subcontract management, logist
ics, contract negotiations, quality and process engineering.
Challenged with providing direction to an operation without disciplined process
and flow methodologies. Focus on establishing processes that were repeatable to
improve yields, as well as significant improvements in on-time delivery, cost,
reliability, and quality. Also produced hybrids for use in military applications
, both standard and class "S".
* Improved Productivity and Efficiencies. Consolidated 35 subcontractors down t
o 11, which provided greater purchasing power and pricing consistency, and resul
ted in improved lead times and inventory turns, as well as increased quality. S
et up, measured, and reviewed key performance metrics with all suppliers to driv
e continuous improvement in all manufacturing and business processes.

EARLY CAREER (prior to 1985):

Operations Manager, Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication - Commodore Corp.
Promoted in three months from Production Manager to Operations Manager, overseei
ng production, process engineering and equipment engineering groups of a 4-inch
CMOS wafer fabrication operation (for use in Commodore computers).
* Increased Performance. Turned around the operation from the worst performing
to the best performing facility in cost per die produced, consistency in process
, and reliability.

Process Engineering Section Head and Equipment Engineer Manager, Semiconductor W

afer Fabrication - Western Digital Corp.
Initially hired as Shift Supervisor and advanced rapidly through Process Enginee
r, Engineering Section Head Thin Films/Diffusion, Engineering Section Head Photo
lithography/Wet and Dry Etch, and Equipment Engineer Manager roles. Directed eq
uipment engineering group, which performed maintenance and modification of equip
ment, evaluation of new equipment and installation. Managed departmental budget
* Improved Efficiencies and Productivity. Developed performance metrics and org
anizational procedures that improved processes in all key areas. Implemented hi
ghly successful preventative maintenance and calibration program that allowed eq
uipment to produce consistent results and improved the uptime significantly.