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Mercedes Torres

61-16 75th Place (718) 779-3686

Middle Village, N.Y. 11379
OBJECTIVE: To obtain an operations management position in a banking setting whic
h provides opportunities for growth and experience
Citibank 2008
Supervisor-Money Transfer
o Worked on the conversion and merger with Banco de Chile
o Merged and transferred affiliate bank customer accounts from Banco de Chile
computer system to Citibank
Banco De Chile 1999-2007
Assistant Supervisor
o Verify and release all USD transfers, both incoming and outgoing
o Monitor and reconcile FED account at days end
o Process ACH payments
o Manage and start-up of the SWIFT system
o Foreign currency payments via SWIFT system
o Serve as back-up for the supervisor and department staff
Bank Austria 1997-1999
o Input securities via in house network, confirm accuracy with counterparty and
then settle securities through Bank of New York Laser system
o Factored securities and accepted principle and interest on pay down days
o Booked interest rate swaps and confirmed with counterparty
o Booked and confirmed fixed rate CDs and rollover of floating rate CDs
o Processed Repos and RevRepos
o Maintained daily spreadsheet in Excel on the processing of securities and swap
Banco Bamerindus Do Brasil SA 1994-1997
Supervisor Money Transfer
o Supervised three employees in the areas of paying and receiving and SWIFT
o Transmitted settlement instructions to Euroclear via SWIFT and Euclid PC
o Handled the exchange of bilateral keys, pre-agreements via SWIFT alliance/acce
Bank Audi 1993-1994
o Responsible for all outgoing transfers via FEDLINE - logging, debiting of cust
omer accounts, general ledger entries and filing of transfers
o Verified and released transfers
o Handled all internal transfers, processed entries and prepared telex checking
- Beneficiary Bank of Credit
o Handled daily settlement of correspondent bank account balances
Banco Central of New York 1977-1990
Manager - International Customer Service/Money Transfer Private Banking 1989-199
o Managed the daily operations of the money transfer functions and all customer
o Managed the transfer of incoming and outgoing funds
o Opened new savings, checking accounts and Certificates of Deposit and processe
d the required documentation
o Conducted investigations for account discrepancies, accepted deposits and deve
loped correspondence to advise customers of all account transactions
o Approved the overdraft payments and assured the accuracy of all daily departme
ntal proof
Supervisor - Money Transfer 1987-1989
o Managed the processing of payments on an incoming and outgoing basis
o Managed a staff of five employees who preformed clerical and processing functi
o Preformed account reconciliation functions
Assistant Supervisor 1982-1987
o Managed the daily operations of the department and supervised staff of four em
ployees who preformed clerical operations
o Verified and approved outgoing transfers to funds via SWIFT or FEDLINE
o Balanced and reconciled the correspondent bank account activity to the general
ledger on a daily basis
o Conducted money transfer account investigations and made all necessary account
EDUCATION: Cathedral High School - New York, N.Y.
SKILLS: Fluent and literate in Spanish
Computer Literate