June 2011.

SkyTel Notes added: From discussions with this company, and with US Department of Agriculture, and other research, we understand that this network is now owned by DoA, and that Meteorcomm LLC is not continuing its previous line of Meteor Burst Communications (MBC) radio equipment, but it is under contract to make a new version of its remote MBC radios for DoA with certain improvements. SkyTel is planning its own MBC radios using SDR, Cogntive and other features. (Also, MeteorComm LLC is now owned by some US freight railroads, whose internal needs drive this supplier.)

SkyTel. MBC can be global by use of continental, island, and scheduled cargoship master stations.

SkyTel: We plan over ten (and more ultimately) US master base stations, with multi MHz total spectrum use, and other improvements. Also, expansion of the Network to other parts of North America. And participation in this next-Gen MBC globally.

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