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Paul Horst

12050 Blosser Rd.

North Lima, OH 44452
(336) 684-4265
Extensive experience in the high-tech design engineering environment, designing
and implementing complex software programs and test systems. Energetic self-sta
rter proficient using available resources to meet timely requirements with minim
al supervision. Proficient in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux/Unix operating systems
Software Engineer General Dynamics SATCOM Division October 2010-Present
Duluth, GA
Developed and programmed RF Test setup to measure the output power of a SATCOM T
ransmitter across frequency and temperature.
* Used Agilent VEE graphical programming.
* Documented test procedure uisng flowcharts and screen prints.
* Automated Spreadsheet reporting tools using Microsoft Excel VBA.
Engineering Technician Levolor Kirsch March 2009-May 2009
Premiere Drive, High Point NC
Developed fixtures and software to improve efficiency during the testing of insu
lation value for window treatments.
* Proficiency with various hand tools and power tools used to construct test fix
* Used National Instruments LabView graphical programming.
* Developed automated spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel VBA.
* Developed the test procedure and test theory documents.
Engineering Specialist Technician RF Micro Devices June, 2000-March, 2009
7628 Thorndike Rd. Greensboro, NC 27409
Developed Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC).
* Designing and programming Windows automated test routines and software systems
using Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.Net for measuring Device Under Test perfo
rmance. SQL Servers were utilized to automate test equipment and gather data wh
ich lead to higher quality and greater efficiency and, ultimately, customer conf
* Routinely used computer automation of testing using tools from Visual Basic, V
isual Studio Agilent VEE and National Instruments LabVIEW with a broad range of
RF, digital and peripheral test equipment to improve efficiency.
* Extensive experience with RF test equipment to efficiently and accurately perf
orm complex and comprehensive evaluations.
* Database analysis using MS Excel VBA scripts to mine the particular data of in
* Developed custom test hardware using FPGA's, schematic capture and PCB layout
tools, and 3D drafting programs.
* Project management of Power Amplifier characterization. Organization and over
site lead to completion of the testing.
* Software test and documentation.
* Mentored junior staff members in operation and troubleshooting.
* Telecommunication technologies include GSM, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA and WiFi (2G, 2.
5G and 3G)
Senior Technical Writer Ericsson Inc. U.S. December, 1998-June, 2000
Mountainview Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24552
Responsible for production of Operator manuals in both printed and electronic (H
TML, XHTML) formats for developing wireless communications systems, accessories,
broadband cable access and telephony systems. Prepared documentation including
parts lists, schematics, flow charts and troubleshooting procedures.
* Software experience includes: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook,
Adobe Photoshop, Visio Technical, AutoCAD, Dreamweaver and Adobe Acrobat
Engineering Technical Specialist Allen Telecom Inc. July, 1995-December, 1998
Vista Centre Dr. Forest, VA
Assisted in the design, development and evaluation of systems and subsystems for
the wireless communications industry.
* As a Project leader for the design and development of wireless communication s
ystems, lead team in designing, testing and troubleshooting to deliver a custome
r driven solution in a timely manner.
* As a Project Manager, generated complete product specifications (mechanical, e
nvironmental and electrical), scheduled and managed project milestones and deliv
ered product two months ahead of schedule.
* Implemented and conducted a comprehensive computer automated accelerated life
test on a vendor supplied power supply to ensure longevity and performance of th
e host repeater system in the field.
* As a Sub-Project Manager designed power supplies for a new generation digital
wireless communications repeater delivering an innovative solution ahead of sche
dule and under budget. Included generation of capabilities, specifications and
computer automated test systems.
* Designed and Implemented a comprehensive computer automated test system includ
ing computer programming and design and fabrication of versatile engineering tes
t fixtures.
* Trained and qualified as an ISO 9001 internal auditor.
Antenna Technical Specialist Allen Telecom Inc. July, 1992-July, 1995
Bruce Industrial Parkway; Solon, OH 44139-3996
Assisted in the design and testing of antenna products.
* Organized, designed, fabricated and tested new wireless communication antenna
design projects.
* Specialized in computer aided data analysis and report presentation.
* Improved and maintained the computer automated antenna test range.
Senior Engineering Aide E-Systems, ECI Division July, 1987-July, 1992
72nd St. N.; St. Petersburg, FL 33733-2248
Assisted in the design and testing of antenna and microwave electronics products
* Assisted engineers in the design and testing of defense electronic components
for ground, air and naval vehicles.
* Maintained and managed upkeep of several sophisticated, computer automated ant
enna test range facilities and systems for both engineering and production group
* Troubleshot designs, programmed automated computer tests, then analyzed and pr
esented test results as requested by the designers.
* Held a Top Secret DOD Security Clearance
Engineering Technician Dayton-Granger, Inc. May, 1985-July, 1987
S.W. 9th Ave.; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
Provided rapid solution of test equipment and methods in order to maintain aggre
ssive design schedules.
* Designed, built and tested engineering prototypes and transferred finished des
igns to production.
* Assisted in the design, installation and utilization of several new manual and
computer automated antenna test ranges to accommodate the rapid expansion of th
e engineering facility.
* Held a Secret DOD Security Clearance
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Colorado Technical University, 2006
Java 2.0
Object-Oriented Programming
Web- Based Scripting and Web Design
Linux/Unix Scripting
UML 2.0
Database Design and SQL
Software Development Life Cycle
Associate in Science in Avionics Technology
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1984
Associate in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
Youngstown State University, 1982
Additional Courses:
LabView Basics I
National Instruments, February 2001
Applied RF Techniques II
Besser Associates, November 2000
Applied RF Techniques I
Besser Associates, September 2000
HP/Agilent Vee Programming Course
Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Training Facility; Richardson, TX, 1998
Additional Qualifications:
FCC General Radiotelephone License
NABER Certification
Professional Non-Linear Video production
References and Credentials Available