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Barron Chambers

9555 Greenmeadow Rd * Windham, OH 44288 * Cell: 330.348.1140 * bc105aefc@westpos
To obtain a position in a progressive and team-driven environment that promotes
skills-sharpening and challenges my mechanical and design engineering abilities.
Solid Edge * Solid Edge ST * Solid Works * Six Sigma
Solid Works 2010 * Pro E Wildfire * ProE Mechanica * PPAP
AutoCAD R14-AutoCAD 2000 * AutoCAD Inventor * Design FMEA
Mechanical Designer
Project Engineer * Design Engineer
Advanced Engineer * Project Designer * Engineering Tech
Proven to have risen to any challenge to get the right job done, perfecting orga
nizational tactics to ascertain both company and personal goals, initiated lean
manufacturing tools for future possibilities and always communicated well with f
ellow customers and employers leaving great rapport
Mac Trailer * Salem, OH * Project Designer * 2008 - 2009
X Initiated working blueprints for weldment procedures for Aluminum Half Round T
X With lean manufacturing tools, pursued to create virtual orders for the Dump t
X Translated 2-D blueprints to 3-D models using Solid Edge
Rittal Electromate * Freemont, IN * Design Engineer * 2001 - 2002
X Designed numerous styled enclosures with ProE Sheet metal interface and 3D mod
X Initialized standard drawings & table driven enclosures
X Quickly adapted myself to other processes and designs
X Orchestrated design reviews on projects before sending final prints to be manu
X Provided customer detailed assertion prints along with corresponding productio
n prints
X Designed and developed prototypes for customers
Fab-Glas Industries * Angola, IN * Project Designer * 1999 - 2001
X Created new designs for multiple projects to help reduce cost on overall proje
X Utilized the Six Sigma procedures to follow through all projects
Validated engineering practices to help improve standard operations, took initia
tive and being hands on to learn and rebuild vacuum pumps to help reduce company
Godfrey & Wing * Aurora, OH * Operator * 2009 - Present
X Cleaned and rebuilt Becker vacuum pumps to specs of 2.5 torr
X Pressed for scheduled maintenance routines on machines
X Offered design expertise for existing and future machinery and processes
Kraft Maid Cabinetry * Middlefield, OH * Cleaner * 2004 - 2008
X Assisted maintenance on various assignments
X Developed potentially new design for water flow inside CEFLA machine
Barron Chambers
9555 Greenmeadow Rd * Windham, OH 44288 * Cell: 330.348.1140 * bc105aefc@westpos
Converted theoretical course studies into hands on and practical uses, further i
dentified engineering field of study, excelled past employers expectations, show
n qualified organizational skills
Robinair SPX * Montpellier, OH * Engineering Technician * 1999
X Examined plumbing and layouts as well as simplified flow patterns for main HVA
C and AC systems
X Swiftly interchanged units for similar AC units
X Analyzed and performed diagnostics for HVAC, AC and multiple refrigerant syste
Hendricksons Suspension * Kendallville, IN * Advanced Engineer * 1998
X Took initiative to design wooden racks using AutoCAD LT
X Developed and originated Operator Detailed Sheets (ODSs) for QS 9000
Parker Hannifin * Des Plaines, IL * Mechanical Designer * 1997
X Revised & redesigned legacy Cylinder drawings using AutoCAD R14
X Modified, created & designed cylinders along with parts list to customers spec
December 2009 ITT Technical Institute Youngstown, OH
Associate of Applied Science, Computer Drafting and Design
May 2001 Trine (Tri-State) University Angola, IN
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
X Studied Spanish
X Staff assistant at local high school(s) for coaching football
X Vice President of local little league football
X Pre-design and creating free-lanced parts (models)
X Architecture Design Drafting Association Active Member