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Personal Information:

Name: Abdulrahman
F Name: Abdulrahim
Last Name: (Rahiq)
Date of Birth: March/07/1987
Marital Status: Single
Previous Residence: Afghanistan Badghis Qala-I-Naw City
Present Residence: Afghanistan Badghis Qala-I-Naw City
Nationality: Afghan
Gender: Male
Address: Qala-I-Naw city Mahale Tank Tell
Telephone No: +93(0) 799 63 42 38
Email Address:
Skype : abdulrahman.rahiq

Education: Graduated from Hanzala High School

From to
1994 2006

Languages Speaking Writing Reading

Dari Excellent Excellent Excellent
Pashto Very good Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent

Computer Knowledge:

FCC, Ms Windows, Ms Office, Internet Professional Skills and Software

& Hardware (installation & Configuration) Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Video Studio,
Premiere and Hardware programme etc…
Work Experience:

 Worked with World vision international As Nursery technical

 Worked with world vision international As SDF in education department.
 Worked with Mine Tech international As Translator.
 Worked with Kabul bank in Herat province As Cashier for 2 months.
 Worked with CoAR As computer and English Trainer,
 Worked with world vision international As Grants/Finance assistant.

• Able to Drive vehicles with 2 years experience.

20May 2008 until 15July 2008

SDF in World vision International in education department

Purpose of Position

Works directly with the Education Field Officers, Education Field Officer Assistants, and Data Entry
Assistants in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the USDA Food for Education
Project in villages throughout Badghis and Ghor provinces.

Major Responsibilities

• Acts as direct liaison between the local Departments of Education offices and World Vision
• On a monthly basis, collects all School, Teacher, and Adult Literacy Course Monitoring forms
from the District Liaison
• Reviews all forms for completeness and correct entry
• Resolves any issues, incomplete forms, or collection problems with immediately at the collection
point with the District Liaison
• Brings any anomalies to the attention of the Education Field Officer immediately
• Under the direction of the Data Entry Assistant, enters all information from Monitoring Forms
into the World Vision M&E Database
• On a monthly basis, works with the World Vision Finance Department to ensure timely and
accurate distribution of District Liaison, Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, and Shura
Representative stipends.
• Provides accurate receipts and/or signature sheets to Finance
• Brings to the attention of the Education Field Officer any problems encountered in the field
• Other duties as defined by your direct supervisor, the Education Project Coordinator, or the
Education Program Manager

III. Requirements

• Familiarity with zonal area.

• Aware of Cultural requirements.
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Highly literate with writing ability.
• Basic computer literacy
• Well organized.
• Ability to meet deadlines.
• HIGH willingness to travel to Jawand on a bi-monthly basis.
• Ability to organize and facilitate meetings.
• Some basic English skills are preferred, but not necessary

01-September 2008 until December 2008

Translator with Mine Tech International:

Duties and obligations

You agree:-

To undertake to the best of your ability all tasks and responsibilities related to your position.
To be present during those weeks, days and times as required by the company.
Not to engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the company including any conduct tending to
bring the company into disrepute or which results in the loss at custom or business for the company.
To declare any and all existing medical conditions, the taking of medication and /or other impediments that
may affect the health and safety of others employed on the same or associated tasks.
The project manager will instruct you of your specific duties and responsibilities.

Hours of work

You agree that occasionally your normal hours and days of work my be extended or varied without payment
of additional fees.
You will not be paid any fees for days not worked.
If you are unable to work due to accident or illness or any other reason you must notify the project manager
as early as possible on the first day of absence and afterwards at such times as the project manager shall


Sick leave shall only be granted upon receipt by the project manager of certificate from the company field
medical officer or other qualified doctor endorsed by the company field medical officer.
Leave entitlement shall be 10 days at the end of each 90 days service completed in accordance with this
contract .leave is determined in accordance with the requirements of the UN contract and approved by the
project manager.

The employment and disciplinary process is outlined in appendix A to employment rules for local nationals.


it is anticipated that this agreement is for a fixed period. However, the company may shorten or terminate
the agreement at any time without previous written notification .the Company will Endeavour to give notice
of termination as expediently as is reasonably possible.
The company reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately in the event you fail to fulfill your
duties to the satisfaction of the project manager.
All items owned or provided by the company to you must be returned or paid for when the agreement ceases
to exist.
You must give one week's written notice if you wish to terminate this agreement.


You must not either during the period of this agreement or at any time thereafter divulge to any person or
utilize any information concerning the business, accounts or finances of the company (save otherwise by
Similarly you shall make not contact with nor shall any comment be made to any
television,radiao,journalist,author or nay other media representative without prior authorization from a
director of the company as to the timing ,manner an=d content of the statement (if any) to be made.
You must treat as confidential and not use any information relating to the company's business and clients
which you may obtain during your performance of this agreement or through any involvement or
engagement you may have with the company.


You shall at all times adhere strictly to all safety measures and procedures as explained and taught by the
company in the technical manuals/SOPs. Any failure to do so may result in instant dismissal and may also
render you or your nominated beneficiary unable to claim any compensation /indemnity that would be due
as a result of the death of or injuries sustained during the course of the contract.


Providing you abide by the safety standards and procedures as taught by the company and as taught and
supervised by their agents during the course of this contract, you or your nominated beneficiary shall, in the
event of your death or sustaining a serious injury in the proper performance of your entitled to
receive (subject always to the terms and conditions of the relevant insurance policy in place) an insurance
compensation payment, in a single lump sum,payableo receipt and verification or the appropriate
01 May 2007 until November 2007

Nursery Technical in world vision international


Full Co-operation for the project research program with the community in all coverage area.


 Train the beneficiary in local language Dari and Pashto.

 Be able to traveling to the field in hard situation.
 Obey all World Vision policies and regulation.
 Obey Manager’s guidance direction.
 Able to make working plans according to his job description.
 Prepare report to the Manager after training.
 Able to prepare work document for the project.
 Co-operates with farmers in training for the community development.
 Flexibility for the duty, assigned by the program supervisor.
 Honest and accountable towards the project funds.


 12 grades high school graduation certificate.

 2 years working experience in Agriculture.
 Able to read and write in Dari and Pashto languages.
 Fluent in speaking in Dari and Pashto languages
 Able to read simple English words and figures.
 Familiar with the road maps and the locations.
 Be willing to learn more about development and training community.
From April 2009 till 15 Dec 2010
Grants/Finance assistant

To help ensure good stewardship, transparency and accountability of financial resources by:
• Managing the day-to-day financial activities FIRUP Project
• Implementing financial policies, procedures and systems that promote good stewardship and internal control for FIRUP
Project as well as compliance to USAID grant requirements.


Assist the Finance Officer with production of financial reports based on the sun template entries.
• Prepare attendance sheet for daily laborers and submit for immediate supervisor approval
• Prepare labor distribution reports for all wages & salaries
• Prepare payment sheet for beneficiaries and submit for Project Manager approval

• Prepare checks for payment/ cash payment vouchers and submit for approval or for signature by authorized signatories
• Will effect the distribution of checks or payment vouchers to daily laborer at project site.
• Responsible for the Custody of check books for FIRUP project
• Implement the WV financial policies and procedures and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
• Prepare and generate vouchers and code them according to the donor codes and appropriate accounting codes.
• Ensure the correct calculation and payment of zonal National staff salary tax and tax of rent to the government bank
account before the deadlines.

• Ensure to send the hard copies of all financial transaction to the main office on a monthly basis.
• Make sure that all the payments are paid and supporting documents are all stamped “paid” and all transactions are
properly signed based upon the LOA before it is sent to Herat.
• Make sure to coordinate with zonal project responsible staff to provide you their monthly cash projection, and to follow
up that their projected expenses has taken place properly.
• Ensure that financial records provide clear documentation and approvals and that internal control procedures are

• Ensure that all transaction are properly referenced By location, by Journal type, funding source, and projects.
• Make sure all vouchers are filed properly and kept safe.
• Make sure to follow the Grant T & A codes and log frame for charging.
• Conducts all business payments according to WVAFGO policy.
• To give total financial support and advise to the Zone and assistant Zone and project Manager.
• Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the finance manager.

Strongly Preferred Education/Credentials

• Diploma in Finance or business or similar qualifications
• 1-3 years accounting experience.

Critical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Thorough and demonstrated knowledge of accounting principles, financial systems and practical knowledge of
electronics and financial systems and internal financial controls and procedures.
• Knowledge of MS Office, Lotus Notes and computerized accounting systems.
• Ability to work effectively with minimal direction.
• Strong communication skills in English (oral and written).
• Ability to work in and contribute to team building environment.
Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psychologically stressful environments and physical
hardship conditions with limited resources.

From 15 Dec till now

Administrative officer in Central Asia development
• Provide high-level administrative support to Provincial Manager/DPM
• Liaising with local officials as directed or when can be of assistance
• Provides high-level translation/interpretation for the provincial manager/DPM and support liaising
with local authorities.
• Conducts ad-hoc and high-level research on behalf of the Provincial manager/DPM
• Handle information requests.
• Prepare correspondence with local stakeholders, schedule meetings.
• Makes meeting notes
• Creating and managing contracts for vehicles, guesthouses, and fuel

• Maintaining fuel records

• Creating and managing staff contracts

• Controlling funds for payments to project workers


Sayed Jamaluddin World Vision Qala-e-Naw (USDA Project Manager)

Phone: 0799 60 79 07

Faraidoon Barekzay
World Vision Afghanistan QIN (Zone manager)
Phone: 0799 83 26 87

Faisal Danesh
World vision Afghanistan Heart office (Sr Grants Manager)
Phone: 0799 07 19 24
Email address:
Mohammad Sadiq Ebrahimi
Project Management Specialist USAID / PRT Badghis province

Cell Number 0799 59 06 17

This is to certify that the written information above

Are true and correct.
Applicant’s Signature