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More than 12 years experience in Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and US Intel
ligence Community. In depth knowledge in all-source intelligence analysis, coun
terterrorism, counternarcotics, counterintelligence, criminal investigations, fo
rensics, surveillance, HUMINT acquisition and handling, targeting, VBIED/IED, CB
RN-E, terrorism Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) tradecraft and mechani
sms, and science & technology. Dynamic team leader and mentor with strong inter
personal oral and written communication skills.
DHS Intelligence Operations Officer 0132 2008 a" 2011
a Manage a multi-discipline intelligence team responsible for intelligence colle
ction and targeting operations of radical extremist groups, alien smuggling and
narcotics trafficking organizations.
a Utilize full array of low and high side technical analysis databases i.e.; JWI
CS, SIPR, NCTC online, Tripwire Analytic Capability, 7/Palantir link, ArcGIS, ,
Google Earth spatial analysis, IC Reach SIGINT, Cultweave SIGINT, PROTON, Skope
, Microsoft and Multimedia Message Manager.
a Draft HIR, IIR, Hot-R and spot reports on raw intelligence gained from joint c
ounterterrorism, and counterintelligence operations conducted with FBI JTTF, DEA
, NR, ICE, CBP, and State law enforcement intelligences agencies.
a Dynamic team leader and mentor with strong interpersonal oral and written comm
unication skills.
a Develop technical briefings, speeches, issue papers, and discussion points for
senior IC members.
a Member of Multi-Jurisdiction Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Security Planni
ng (MJIEDSP) team.
US Border Patrol, Intelligence Officer 2004 a" 2008
a Intelligence Officer embedded with Sector Intelligence Division responsible fo
r directing intelligence operations, and developing target packets on maritime s
muggling and drug trafficking networks.
a Directed counternarcotics intelligence collection operations in support of US
Border Patrol Border Tactical (BORTAC) Team and tunnel task forces.
a Collaborated with JTF-N J2 and Asymmetric Warfare Group in implementation of B
iometric-Enabled Intelligence to support CBP operations.
a Principal liaison to DEA, CBP, and ICE in developing cross border CI and HUMIN
T sources.
a Technical advisor to Law Enforcement Technical Collections Unit for advanced s
ensor technology.
a Co-authored CBP Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP), spearheaded crisis manage
ment table top exercises, reported results, and assisted with action items closu
Los Angeles Police, Police Officer, 830.6PC 1986 a" 2009
a Counterterrorism and Special Operations Bureau. Conducted all-source intellige
nce collection, analysis, production, and dissemination for senior level command
a Detective Robbery Homicide Division. Conducted investigations, crime scene man
agement, forensics, case preparation, and maintained robbery homicide books.
a South Bureau Special Gang and Narcotics Unit. Conducted violent offender work
ups, surveillance, gang violence and violent street crime intelligence.
a Special Operations Bureau. Member of Mobile Field Force CBRN-E Rapid Response
a Counterterrorism Criminal Investigation Bureau Archangel. Conducted vulnerabi
lity assessments of PCII protected State and private sector Critical Infrastruct
ure/Key Resources facilities.
a Experienced in weapons and tactics, communications, sensors and countermeasure
Steven Myer and Associates, Principal Engineer 2000 a" 2004
a US Army C4I ID/IQ program. Led multi-discipline team of 250 members and 30 maj
or subcontractors in network-centric design, analysis, systems test and integrat
a CBP SBInet program. Performed Systems of Systems requirements analysis and ide
ntified technologies architectures to integrate personnel, infrastructure, and t
echnology to protect US interest.
a Ballistic Missile Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Perfo
rmed Navigation Guidance and Control trade-studies, systems engineering, integra
tion and test on Excalibur Guided Projectiles, Standard Missile, RAM BLK-2 and E
xo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle programs.
a US Army Future Combat Systems Joint Tactical Radio System. Performed systems r
equirements analysis on multi-channel radio, common software-defined programmabl
e waveforms to provide warfighters interoperability across the battlespace.
a US Army 5th SF NCO (E-5) MOS P: 05C20 Radio/Morse Code/Crypto Communications,
S: 11B20 Advanced Infantry, Airborne, Pathfinder, LRRP, Vietnam Era Veteran 71 a
" 74.
a BAS, Aeronautical Engineering; College of Aeronautics.
a MS, Intelligence Management, Henley a" Putnam University candidate 2012.
a Diploma California Police Officer Standard Training (POST), completed 670 hour
a Diploma Los Angeles Police Department Basic Detective, completed 80 hours.
a Certificate Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies, Henley a" Putnam Universit
a Certificate Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, completed 180
a Certificate DHS/LAPD CBRN-E, completed 56 hours.
a Certificate New Mexico Tech VBIED/IED for First Responders, completed 40 hours
a Certificate DHS MICAP/HUMINT, completed 200 hours.
a Certificate DHS Intelligence Reports Officers, completed 40 hours.
a Co-author, Combat Concepts and Repair Techniques for US Army AH-IS Attack Heli
copters report USAAVRADCOM-TR-80-D-40, library of Congress.
a Co-author, Investigation of Advanced Rotor System Concepts report USAAVRADCOM-
TR-81D-46, library of Congress.
a Recipient of Police Medal of Valor for 1992 Los Angeles City Riots.
a Recipient of the US Army/Boeing/SAIC Future Combat Systems award.
a Member International Counterintelligence Officers Association.
a Member Office of Strategic Service (OSS) Society.
a OPM SSBI, July 2009.
a DHS TS/SCI, December 2009.
a DOE Q, May 2010.
a DOD SAP, June 2010.