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Yuba City, CA 95993
Home:(530) 751-2474 Mobile:(530) 218-3427
aTwenty three years of experience as a Geospatial Analyst and Systems Trainer.
aTwenty years of DCGS (TREDS, TMM, CARS, and DGS) experience as an analyst, imag
ery analysis trainer, systems tester, systems administrator, mission supervisor,
and maintenance team manager.
aExtensive knowledge of Information Technology (IT) to include systems analysis,
user applications training and image processing
aDCGS Exploitation Application Trainer for LMIS&GS, providing all incoming and a
ugmentee Image Analysis and CFSR personnel system/subsystem training
aTwenty years of experience with the DCGS architecture and operational methodolo
aOver twenty years of leadership experience with over five years as a manager of
at least twenty direct report personnel
aNatural motivator and leader
aExtensive training in leadership
aHandpicked to be mentored by a Director of Engineering in the LMTO Executive Me
ntorship Program
aReceived the Presidential Volunteer Service Award from 2002-2006.
aPossess outstanding communicative and interpersonal skills
Considered the DCGS expert in the instruction of personnel on the operational us
e of Solaris and Windows based systems to include Launch Pad, SOCET GXP, TMAN, G
oogle Earth, Firefox, IESS, IPL, Netscape, Legacy MIS applications, and other so
ftware applications in the 10.1 or Common lmagery Exploitation System (CIES) and
10.2 systems; responsible to select course materials, build lessons plans, set
learning objectives, evaluate student performance and provide feedback to the fl
ight chiefs for their respective sections.
Read, analyzed and supervised the exp1oitation and dissemination of electro-opti
cal (EO), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and infrared (IR) imagery (softcopy & h
Produced imagery analysis reports and secondary products, utilized principles an
d techniques of geospatial photogrammetry and employed electronic and optical de
vices to analyze imagery.
During 10 year and 8 month USAF career trained U.S. military, foriegn military a
nd civilian imagery analysts of all levels on all aspects of imagery and geospat
ial analysis to include CATIS, TREDS software imagery analysis, IESS, IDEX and V
iTec ELT in both formal classroom and OJT environments.
Consult United States Air Force users in the set up, evaluation, modification of
approach, methodology and materials for their lmagery Analysis training program
Manage a team of 21 software/hardware engineers and CGP analysts, responsible fo
r the maintenance, integration, training and operations of multiple ground stati
on systems. These systems support multiple key reconnaissance platforms.
Conduct personne1 actions, to include interviewing, hiring, termination, perform
ance appraisal, award submission and approva1, conflict resolution, timecard app
rova1 and performance counseling.
Provide supervision, leadership, administrative direction and control for LMIS&G
S and IWTA personnel assigned to the Field Site at Beale AFB.
Maintain a positive and constructive relationship with various DCGS entities to
include the 480 ISRW, 548 ISRG, 497 IG. 13 IS, 48 IS, Raytheon, Boeing, Goodrich
, General Dynamics, SRA, SAIC, Spectrum, DGS1-5 personnel and LMIS&GS.
Manage a 24X7 operational site with a 99.9% system availability rating.
Established and maintain an exceptional business relationship with the customer,
users, in-plant support and CFS Program Management.
Validate contract compliance as outlined in the Statement of Work.
Routinely exceed field site core objectives and performance goals.
Responsible for maintaining staffing goals by hiring fully qualified employees.
Outline and approve employee professional development plans.
Ensure that employees work in a productive work environment free of recognizable
safety hazards.
Implemented a peer technical training program, which has enabled sharing of info
rmation between engineers and has been the catalyst for our cross training progr
am. As a result six of our current software engineers are supporting all Lockhee
d Martin maintained systems, which allows us great flexibility in system support
and scheduling.
Manage and implement site integration efforts.
Provide technical and operational guidance required by the customer to support m
ultiple Areas of' interest.
Authored or lead in the development of system modifications critical to the succ
ess of near real time operational systems that decreased the imagery disseminati
on timelines while increasing the production of products produced per mission.
Produce, track and monitor system deficiency and improvement reports for a numbe
r of systems used in support operations at DGS2.
Document and draft the requirement for additional DGIF/GCP workstation at the fi
eld sites in support of multi-mission requirements. Request resulted in two add
itional workstations for each site.
Effective in identifying vital system functions, designing possible solutions, e
nsuring the implementation of operational verification tests and the documentati
on/resolution of deficiencies affecting system capabilities.
Produce and review CONOPS, architectures, and other system level engineering doc
uments as required.
Create and maintain procedures and reference materials used for operator trainin
g on COTS/GOTS software applications.
Provide process improvement through the testing and certification of operators.
Provided UNIX system administration support during operator training classes whe
n necessary.
Lead System Test Engineer for Mission Intelligence Segment Upgrade (MISU) in the
development and integration of the Mission Management System (MMS)and AFMSS/AWE
Planning products for the MISU.
Developed test plans and test procedures for system, functional and segment test
s for UNIX based client/server environments.
Provided input for design reviews and condcuted software inspections.
Setup and initialized factory system tests. Maintained and controlled test data
including target data, mission plans and test imagery. Prepared and conducted f
actory acceptance and site integration tests.
2005-Present Site Manager/Systems Trainer Lockheed Martin IS&GS
1999-2005 Lead Systems Trainer Lockheed Martin Technical Operations

1997 -1999 System Test Engineer Lockheed Martin M&DS

1987 - 1997 Imagery Analyst/Trainer U.S. Air Force

(Goodfellow AFB, TX, Langley AFB, VA, Metro Tango, GM, Beale AFB, CA, MacDill AF
B, FL)
Pursuing Bachelor of Science a" Computer Information Systems
LM Management Training a" Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Melon University,
Pittsburgh, PA
Defense Sensor Interpretation Application Training Program (DSIAPT) - Goodfellow
Image Sciences - Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
DCGS CIES System Training a" LM IS&GS Goodyear, AZ
Test Engineering Methodologies and Implementation, LMM&DS, San Jose, CA
UNIX Programming
UNIX Shell Scripting
C Programming