Description: Emblitz Techologies offers a wide range of learning resources in the Advance Embedded LAB Setup. These resources are in the form of CPU and interfacing kits to learn ARM7 platform. These resources can be used in laboratory for curriculum requirements as well as for the project work. Looking to the recent industry requirements, a wide variety of interfacing modules are offered which enables the users to understand the basic concept of on-chip and off-chip peripherals. Apart from the interfacing and hardware design issues, this lab also focuses on the software embedded design by including variety of design exercises using RTOS. The lab focuses on RTOS like Avxi, enabling the users to perform multi task based experimentation. The availability of general purpose IDE enables the user to use the GNU Tool chain in the graphical environment thus speeding up the development process. Also this IDE tool has integrated capability which allows it to work with RTOS like Avxi RTOS. Different types of well documented laboratory workbooks containing large number of examples are made available. These includes workbook on basic experimentation on ARM7, Interfacing with ARM7, working with FREERTOS and experimentation with uCOSII RTOS. Features: • Curriculum oriented set of learning resources for ARM7TDMI. • IDE with GNU C-cross compiler, linker, assembler, project management facility, Library option for fast development, built-in support for Avxi binaries. • 10 units of Educational Practice Board focusing 16/32 bit LPC2129 CPU from Philips with onchip 512KB flash memory & 32Kb RAM, In system programming facility, availability of all I/O ports, on-Chip ADC, DAC & RTC, expansion headers for GPIO, SPI, I2C, interrupt signals,

JATAG connector, USB (Optional) interface, Flash download utility etc. • RTOS port for LPC2129 enabling demonstration of RTOS based experimentation. • Set of 10 interfacing kits for LED, Key, LCD, Matrix keyboard, 7-segment LED, Stepper Motor, Graphic LCD (320X240), Relay, MOSFET, Finger Print Sensor, GSM Modem, Touch Screen, RF Development kit etc. • Workbook on basic ARM concepts, programming techniques, basic laboratory programming, Real-time programming examples, interfacing cases etc. • Separate workbook for RTOS based programs. Laboratory Content: • IDE for ARM7 platform (10 users shared network License) • CPU Target for ARM-7 LPC2129 (10 Nos.) • LCD & Matrix-Keyboard Interfacing Kit (5 Nos.) • General Purpose I/O Interfacing Kit (5 Nos.) • 7-Segment Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • Stepper Motor Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • Relay Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • 320x240 Graphic LCD Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • Touch Screen Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • GSM modem Interfacing Kit (1 No.) • Finger Print interfacing Kit (1 No.) • RF Development Kit (2 Nos.)

• Structure of avxiTutor (10 users shared network License) • Synchronization in avxiTutor (10 users shared network License) • Message Passing in avxiTutor (10 users shared network License) • Memory Management in avxiTutor (10 users shared network License) • ARM7 Workbook (1 copy) • avxiExample Workbook (1 copy) Experiment List: • Study of ARM Architecture. • Knowing the GNU compiler. • Writing Basic programs using IDE. • Learning on-chip peripherals like ports, timers, counter, interrupt, ADC, DAC, USB, RTC, PWM, WDT etc. • Working with JTAG debugger. • Interfacing external components like LED, KEY, LCD, Matrix Keyboard, Graphic LCD, Touch Screen etc. • Motion control experiments using stepper motor. • Wireless communication. • Protocol demonstration- UART, SPI, I2C etc. • USB communication with PC. RTOS based experiments using Avxi

• Interfacing 4 x 4 matrix keyboard and 16 x 2 character LCD display to microcontroller/microprocessor and writing a program using RTOS for displaying a pressed key. • Writing a scheduler / working with using Avxi RTOS for 4 tasks with priority. The tasks may be keyboard, LCD, LED, ADC etc. and porting it on microcontroller/ microprocessor. • Implement a semaphore for any given task switching using RTOS on microcontroller board. • Create two tasks, which will print some characters on the serial port, Start the scheduler and observe the behavior. • Implementing Mutex between two tasks.

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