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Holidays Homework 2011-2012

Topics/Themes for Project Work on Disaster Management
A. Project Work:
Every student has to compulsorily undertake one project on Disaster
Management. A list of topics for project work is enclosed for ready reference. These
projects have been carefully designed so as to –
a) Create awareness in learners
b) Enable them to understand and co-relate all aspects of
Disaster Management.
c) Relate theory with practice
d) Provide hands on experience.
The textbook entitled “Together Towards a Safer India, Part III”, by CBSE so far
in use for theory examination is the recommended
primary source for successfully carrying out the project work.


In the first week of the JULY each student will submit her/his project report.

Following essentials are required to be fulfilled for its preparation and submission-

1. The total length of the project report will not be more than 15 – 20 written pages of foolscap size (A-4

2. The project report will be handwritten and credit will be awarded to original drawings, illustrations
and creative use of materials.

3. The students should continuously discuss with the teacher and prepare a draft before finalizing the
report and get it checked by concern teacher.

4. The project report will be presented in a neatly bound simple folder.

The project report will be developed and presented in this order

• Cover page showing project title, student information, school and year

• List of contents with page numbers.

• Acknowledgements (acknowledging the institution, offices and libraries visited and persons who have
• Project Overview: Purpose, Aim, Methodology and experiences while doing the project.

• Chapters with relevant headings.

• Summary and conclusions based on findings.

• Planning and activities to be done during the project, if any giving a calendar of activities.

• Bibliography: should have the Title, pages referred, author, publisher, year of publication and if a
website is used - the web address of the website.

• All the photographs and sketches should be labelled and acknowledged.

• Teacher’s evaluation report

Topics/Themes for Project Work on Disaster Management

Do any one of the following:-

Project 1_ Role of Govt./Non-Government functionaries in your

locality in Disaster Management.

Interview any two of the Govt. /Non-Government functionaries in your locality on

their role in Disaster Management.

 Senior District Magistrate

 Additional District Magistrate
 Sarpanch/MP/MLA
 Head of any NGO working in your locality – dealing in Disaster
 Police inspector, Superintendent of Police
 Civil Defence Warden/elected representatives
 Home guard personnel
 NCC Commandant in the school
 Deputy Commissioner of Municipality
 School Principal

Carry out a survey by enquiring from at least 20 persons from different walks
of life (such as shopkeepers, housewives, senior citizens, college students,
etc.) in your locality on the hazards prevalent, and preventive measures they
have taken or would like to take to reduce the impact.

Prepare a Survey report highlighting the areas where awareness is needed

and the local resources available in the locality to create awareness.
Select any two of the functionaries based on their availability in that city/town.
This topic can be taken up individually by students or by a group consisting of
two students. In case of group work where two students are involved, work
should be divided equally so that distribution of marks is easier.

Project 2: Generating Awareness on Disaster Management

Design a 10 minute skit on Disaster Management.

Design posters on do’s and don'ts of various hazards prevalent in that area.
Visit a slum community and enact the skit by using the posters. The Skit and the posters
can also be used to make the junior students aware.

Better awareness and preparedness amongst the community members have

saved a lot of life and property. As responsible future citizens of the country,
students can play a major role in awaking the community to be better prepared
for natural hazards (flood, cyclone, landslide, tsunami etc) and human induced
hazards (fire, rail road and air accidents ). Local language should be used so that
the community is able to have a better understanding.

PROJECT 3 - Preparation of Models of Disaster Resilient Structures

Make layouts of models based on structural improvement in buildings in a rural/
urban community in coastal areas prone to floods/cyclones or in areas prone to
earthquakes/landslides. Show the special features of the buildings and indicate the
early warning system that could be best used in that community.
To carry out the project, there is a need to have a good understanding about the
subject. The class X textbook on Disaster Management will help the students to
have a fair understanding about the topic. However, seek support from qualified
engineers, and architects who have knowledge on safe construction practices
from either the Government or private sector and also from academic institutions.

PROJECT 4 - Pocket Guide on First Aid

Prepare a pocket guide on First Aid for your school. The First Aid pocket guide should
contain aid that needs to be given for fractures, poisoning, cuts and burns, heat and
cold wave and other threats that are prevalent in that area. The content shared in the
guide should be supported with adequate pictures so as to give a clear and elaborate
understanding about the topic. Choose awareness campaign strategy for either senior
citizens or illiterate people and prepare a brief write-up.
The project can be carried out by a group of students in a class and work can
be equally divided amongst the students so that the teachers are able to
evaluate them easily. Doctors, local health practitioners, trained volunteers of
Red Cross and professionals from other agencies/bodies/institutes, proficient
in this field can be consulted to prepare the first-aid pocket guide. This guide
can be shared with all the students, teachers and other staff members of the
school. It can be used as a ready reckoner for any First Aid related
PROJECT 5 - Institutional Case Study on Disaster Response
Visit a local NGO/agency such as the United Nations, Red Cross/ Voluntary Youth
Organisations like Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), National Cadet Corp (NCC),
Bharat Scouts and Guides etc; and prepare a case study on how the agencies played a
major role in Disaster Response.
Select the organisation/agency that you would like to be associated with. It
can be mentioned here that each district in India has a Red Cross wing
headed by the District Magistrate/Collector/Dy. Commissioner. The students
before analysing the role played by various agencies can give a brief
background of the organisation/agency on its mandate, objectives and goals
and role during disasters.

PROJECT 6 - Communication facilities for Disaster Management

Choose any one method of communication from various means of communication like
radio/satellite/television/ Ham radio which are used by Government departments such
as the Indian Meteorological Department to disseminate information. Find out how the
information is disseminated by them at various levels during disasters. Prepare a report.
The students can visit the government departments such as the All India Radio,
Doordarshan etc. Principals are expected to issue a letter to the concerned
Government Department so as to inform the department that the information
collected will be solely for project purpose. Case studies can also be collected
to make the project more interesting).

PROJECT 7: Preparation of Disaster Contingency Plan

Prepare a Contingency Plan either for your school or home/community.. The Plan
should be based on an actual survey of your area/locality or school. The Plan prepared
should consist of the following maps, inventory of resources available and a seasonality
calendar highlighting the seasons prone to various hazards prevalent in that
 A social map
 A Resource map
 A Vulnerability map on the outline map of your locality.
It should answer the questions given under the sub-heading ‘community
contingency plan’ in the lesson, called ‘Planning Ahead’ of Class X Disaster
Management textbook.


ASSIGNMENT: Physics & Chem.

1.Why are coils of electric toaster and electric irons made of an alloy, rather than pure
2.Prove 1 kHz = 3.6 x 106 J
3.State the composition of material of the fuse wire.
4.An electric press consumes 120 kj of energy in 5 minutes, when the magnitude of
current flowing through it is 2 A. Calculate the electric potential at which press
5.A soldering rod draws energy of 45 kj in 4 minutes, when current flowing through it is
6A. Calculate the resistance of heating element.
6.Caculate the electric energy flowing into the filament of an electric bulb in 20
sec,when it’s resistance is 40 Ω and potential difference across it’s terminals is 12 V.
7.An electric iron has a rating of 750 W, 220 V.
(i)Current passing through it, and
(ii)It’s resistance, when in use.

1. a)Draw a neat diagram of alimentary canal and label the following parts:
i)The largest gland.
ii)The gland that secretes digestive enzymes as well as hormones.
iii)The part where digestive food is absorbed
b) What are villi? Mention their functions
2. A) Draw a cross section of the leaf and label the following parts:
i) Upper epidermis
ii) Chloroplast
B) Define photosynthesis
c) List three events which occur during this process.
d) Write down the chemical equation involved in photosynthesis.
e) How is unused energy is stored in plants?
3. How do the guard cells regulates opening and closing of stomatal pores?
4. Explain the above question with the help of diagram. Also, indicate what happens to
the rate of photosynthesis if stomata get blocked due to dust.
5. What is the function of trachea? Why do its walls not collapse even when there is less
air in it?
6. How are the alveoli designed to maximize the exchange of gases?
7. What are the different ways in which glucose is oxidized to provide energy in various
8. a) Draw a diagram showing human respiratory system and label on it the following:
Larynx, Trachea, Lungs, Bronchi.
9. Why does and how does water enter continuously into the root xylem
10. Mention the components of the transport system in highly organized plants. State
the functions of these components.
ROLL NO(1 -8)

SLOGAN & POSTER (Select according to the given roll no)

1) Save climate changes (1-3)
2) Harnessing energy (4-6)
3) Garbage management (7-9)

TOPICS: - 1) Euro I & Euro II are the norms for emission from vehicles. Find out how
these norms work towards reducing air pollution. (1-3)
2) Latest developments in utilization of biomass, wind & ocean thermal energy .places
on the world map whose .these energies are harnessed economical & efficient level.
3) Nuclear power plants of India. Collect information on then in detail – how they work,
location, utility, cost etc. Collect information from the internet. (7 & 8)

Main topic: - Disaster management
Sub topics:-
a) Access of clean & safe drinking water in the event of disaster.(1-3)
b) Better information and public address systems in the event of disaster to prevent
chaos and confusion.(4-6)
c) Extending logistic supports during various calamities, undertaking rescue and
rehabilitation measures during calamities.(7-8)
Roll no (9-16)

Slogan /Poster : -
a) Save Biodiversity (9-11)
b) Save Electricity (12-14)
c) Global Warming(15-16)


1) Make a project on recent TORNADOES in USA. Write its causes, consequences

etc (9-11)
2) Gather information about various energy sources and how each one affects the
environment. Analyse the merits and demerits of each source and select the best
source of energy on this basis.(12-14)
3) Use library or internet to find out more about biodegradable and non
biodegradable substances. These days’ new types of plastics which are said to
biodegradable are available. Find about more about such material & whether they do or
don’t harm environment.(15-16)

Seminar / Symposium

Main topic:-Combating climate changes

Sub topics :-Select any one from the given sub topic.
a) Use of eco friendly and innovative devise that may help in combating climate
changes.(9 ,10)
b) Effect of climate change on carbon cycle & water cycle.(11, 12)
c) Innovative designs/methods of waste water recycling/reclamation.( 13)
d) Use of recycled water in industries/home.(14, 15)
e) Conditions of drought, flood, famine and effective measures required to combat
them. ( 16)

(Roll No.17-24)
SLOGAN AND POSTER-(Select any one topic)
a)Sanitation (on malaria, dengue, AIDS etc.)(17-19)
b)Save fuel. (20-22)
c)Say no to plastic bags (23&24)

Project/Power Point presentation :- (select any one topic)

Topics :- 1) collect information on the recent natural disaster in the form of tsunami in
2) find out about any two forest produce that are basis for an industry. Analyse
whether this industry is sustainable in the long run. Or do we need to control are
consumption of these products. (20-22)
3) Make the project on the damage to forest by the following ( 23&24)
a) Building rest houses for tourists in national parks.
b) Grazing domestic animals in national parks.
c) Tourists throwing plastic bottles and litters in national parks .
Seminar / Symposium:-


Sub topic:-(select any one from the given sub topic.)
a)Studies of climate impact changes on agriculture.(17-18)
b)Indigenous designs of farm machinery ,agriculture ,implements and
c)Organic farming/organic fertilizers versus Chemical fertilizers.(21-22)
d)Innovative /improved practices for reducing cost of cultivation.(23)
e)Preservation and conservation of soil and judicious use of water .(24)
Roll no.(25 – 32)


A) Our future galaxy (25- 27)
B) Save bio fuels (28-30)
C) Save water .(31-32)

Projects/PowerPoint presentation/flash:-
TOPICS:-1) Make a project on what hazardous material have be dealt while disposing
off electronic items . (25-27)
2) Research on the organization that seeks to spread awareness about our
environment and promote activities and altitudes that lead to conservation of our
environment and natural resources. (28-30)
3) Villages suffering from chronic water shortage surround a water theme park in
Maharashtra. Search more on this water theme park where it is located.
Analyse whether this is the optimum use of the available water. (31-32)

MAIN TOPIC:-Conservation of resources
Sub Topics:- (Select any one topic)
a) Recycling of water, materials solid wastes (25-26)
b) Devices /Methods that control air/ water /land pollution. (27-28)
Technologies to manage water shortage and water (29-30)
c) Waste water treatment and recycling. (31-32)

Roll No. (33- 42)

1) )Slogan / poster: - (Select any one topic)

a) Say no to junk food. (33-36)

b) Save trees (37-39)
c) Exploiting Sun . (40-42)
II. Project / Power Point presentation: -

a) Make a project on consumption of various types of metals in

the manufacture of vehicles & buildings and compare their
usage at present & 50 years back from internet.
b) Make a project on Hereditary Diseases in research on one at
least five hereditary diseases. Describe their symptoms and
cure. (37-38)
c) Research on used in medicine. (39-40)
d) Research on magnetism in medicine. (41-42)


a) Heating system of a building by solar heater . (33-34)

b) Water crisis management .(35-36)
c) Bio diesel from plant oil (obtained from canola ,palm oil, vegetable oil,
micro algae oil.(37-38)
d) Low cost liquid fuel.(39-40)
e) Mechanism of extraction, storage and processing of fossil fuels etc.

f) Energy from bio mass such as sea weeds, human / animal wastes
keeping in view environmental concerns.(42 onwards)

foÔ; - laLd`r
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2- ef.kdk Hkkx 2 ds ikB 1 ls ikB 11 rd ’kCn laxzg
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dFkkdFkue~] Loifjos’k ifjpe% vRUrjk{kjh bR;kfn
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4- lekpkj okpue~ ¿ nwjn’kZuus vkdk’kok.;k pÀ
vyx dkWih esas izR;sd lIrkg ds izeq[k lekpkj laLd`r
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5- O;kdj.k iqfLrdk rFkk vH;kl iqfLrdk ls [k.M d [k
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6- ikB ,d ls ikB X;kjg rd fdlh Hkh ikB dh
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izR;sd vuqdzekM~d us ikBkuqlkj gh ifj;kstuk dk
fuekZ.k djuk gSA
7- 1 nSfud O;ogkj okD; laxzg 1 - 3
2 izkr% dkyhulHkk 4 - 5
3 vUR;k{kjh 6 - 8
4 izkphufoKku ys[klaxzg 9 - 11
5 d{kklaxzg 12 - 15
6 lqfDrlaxzg bR;kfn 16 - 17
izFke bdkbZ ijh{kk
ikB~;dze - iw.kkZd 50
[k.M d vifBr vooks/kue 5
[k.M [k i= okrkZyki 10
[k.M x cgqfodYih;iz’uk 10
[k.M /k ef.kdk 1]2]3 25

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3 izeq[k dfo;ksa dk lfp= o.kZu

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,dkadh fo|k es :ikarfjr djds vius jftLVj esa fy[kuk gSA


(Prepare a file containing the following exercises. Feel free to use a dictionary)

1.Do the first ten reading comprehension exercises from Get Ready Practice Book.
2. 2.Ecrivez une lettre à votre ami disant comment vous avez passé vos vacances
d’été.(Using PAST TENSE)

3.Ecrivez une dialogue avec votre copain en discutant vos projets d’avenir (Using

4.Do page no.153-163 in Get Ready Practice Book

5. Vous pouvez même visiter des sites Internet mentionnés au dessous pour mieux
comprendre la langue française
1. (For listening to French

2. ( For consulting online dictionary)

Subject-Foundation of IT

Q.1 Read about HTML and find out the various commands and make a table of it in the
following manner.

Tag Attribute Explanation Example

Q2 Make a story based on Internet using photostory software(download Photostory

through Computer. This assessment has to be brought in the Cd and printout it is a part
of Formative assessment)


1. It is an undeniable fact that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of
grandparents. They have an endless treasure of stories to tell their
grandchildren. They have silver in their hair, gold in their hearts. They have a
lifetime of experience to bestow on their grandchildren. Write a short character
sketch of your grandfather/ grandmother, highlighting the special qualities you
have learnt from him/her.

2. Make a PowerPoint presentation on these poems according to your roll numbers.

1 – 7 The Frog and The Nightingale by Vikram Seth

8 – 14 The Mirror by Sylvia Plath

15 – 21 Not Marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments

22 – 28 Ozymandias

29 – 35 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

36 – 42 Snake

3. Read the Novel “Black Coffee” by Agatha Cristie. Read it thoroughly as it is going
to be one of the Activities for Formative Assessments after the summer
4. Right to Education is the right that everybody should be aware of. Surf the
Internet to know more about it . Bring the relevant information as it would be
shared by all in the class.

NOTE: Q- No. 1 and 4 has to be done in a separate notebook (thin one).


1. Is 7 x 5 x 3 x 2 +3 a composite number? Justify your answer.

2. If d is the HCF of 45 and 27, find x and y satisfying d = 27x + 45y
3. Use Euclid’s division to show that square of any positive number is of the form
4q or 4q+1 for some positive integer q.
4. Show that 5-2√3 is an irrational number .
5. Find the largest no that divides 2053 and 967 and leaves a remainder of 5 and 7
6. What can you say about the prime factorization of the denominators of the
(a) 34.12345 (b) 34. 5678 (c) 24.2 57
7. Find the greatest number of 6 digits exactly divisible by 24,15 and 36.
8. Prove that one of every 3 consecutive positive integers is divisible by 3 .
9. The numbers 525 and 3000 are both divisible only by 3, 5, 15, 25 and 75. What
is HCF(525, 3000). Justify your answer.
10. Prove that n²-n is divisible by 2 for any positive integer n.
11. Prove that √6 is an irrational number.
12. If α and β are the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial f(x) =x²-5x+7, find the
quadratic polynomial whose zeroes are 2α+3β and 3α+2β.
13. If two zeroes of the polynomial x4+6x³-2x²+138x-35are 2+√3 and 2-√3, find the
other zeroes of the polynomial.
14. If α and β are the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial p(x) =ax²+bx+c, then
evaluate α/β + β/α.
15. If α and β are the zeroes of the polynomial p(x) =x²-5x+k, such that α-β=1 , find
the value of k.
16. What must be subtracted from 8x4+14x³-2x² so that the resulting polynomial is
exactly divisible by 4x²+3x-2.
17. If the polynomial 6x4+8x³+17x²+21x+7 is divide by another polynomial 3x²+4x+1,
the remainder comes out to be ax+b, find the values of a and b
18. A person rowing a boat at the rate of 5km/hrin still water, takes thrice as much
time in going 40 km upstream as in going 40 km downstream. Find the speed of
the stream.
19. In a competitive examination, 1 mark is awarded for each correct answer while
½ mark is deducted for each wrong answer. Jayanti answer 120 questions and
got 90 marks. How many questions did she answer correctly?
20. Write an equation of a line passing through the point representing solution of the
pair of linear equations x + y = 2 and 2x – y = 1. How many such lines are
21. Draw the graph of the following equations. 2x-y =1and x+ 2y =13
( i ) Find the solution of the equation from the graph
( ii) Shade the triangular region formed by the lines and the y axis and find the
area of the region
22. Solve for x and y : x/a +y/b =2
ax – by = a2 – b2
23. Solve the following system of pair of linear equations
5 2
- = -1
x y x y
15 7
And + =10
x y x y
24. Draw the graph of the following equations :
2x-y-2 = 0
4x +3y-24 = 0
y+4 = 0
Obtain the vertices of the triangle so obtained and find its area.
25. Solve the following system of pair of linear equations:
217x +131y = 913
131x +217y =827
26. Find the value of k for which the pair of linear equations kx +3y = k-2 and 12x
+ky = k has no solution.
27. Draw the graphs of the equations x = 3, x = 5 and 2x – y -4 = 0. Also find the
area of the quadrilateral formed by the lines and the x-axis.
28. Susan invested certain amount of money in two schemes A and B, which offers
interest at the rat of 8% per annum and 9% per annum, respectively. She
received Rs.1860 as annula interest. However, had she interchanged the amount
of investments in the two schemes, she would have received Rs. 20 more as
annual interest. How much money did she invest in each scheme?
29. It can take 12 hours to fill a swimming pool using two pipes. If the pipe of larger
diameter is used for 4 hours and the pipe of smaller diameter for 9 hours, only
half the pool can be filled. How long would it take for each pipe to fill the pool
30. Find the four angles of cyclic quadrilateral ABCD in which  A =(2x-1)0,
 B = (y+5)0,  C =(2y+15)0 and  D = (4x-7)0 .
Projects for class X
Roll No. 1 to 10
1. Pantograph:
Tool uses properties of parallelogram to copy figures.
(i) When it was invented? Who created its design? Use parallelogram
properties to explain its working. Draw picture of pantograph and
label all congruent and parallel parts.
(ii) Build a simple pantograph using strips of cardboard or straws
together with thumb tracks or screws.

Roll No. 11 to 20
2. Application of parallel lines:
A linkage is a system of rods and joints used to transmit motions. A four bar
linkages in which opposite links are of equal length is called a parallel
motion linkage.
Connecting links

Driving link
Driven links

Fixed links
Connecting link will always move in such a way that it is parallel to
the fixed link.
e.g. an ironing board and a scissors bed truck

by positioning the legs appropriately we can adjust an ironing board to

different heights. In the ironing board are connected at their mid-points
andare able to pivot there. Why will the ironing board surface always be
parallel to the floor, regardless of the height of the board form the floor?
Search one more application of linkage.
Roll No. 21 to 30

2. Circumference of earth:
In about 275 B.C.E Eratosthenes developed a method for approximating the
size of the earth. He observed that at noon on June 21 in Syene, Egypt, the
sun was directly overhead.
He determined that at the same time 500 miles north in Alexadria,
the inclination of the Sun’s rays to the vertical was approximately 7.20 .
assuming that the sun’s rays hits the earth in parallel lines, how did he
calculated the circumference of earth?

500miles Alexandria

Syene Parallel sun’s rays

Since we assume that the sun’s rays are parallel, the angle formed at the
centre of the earth and 7.20 angle are congruent corresponding angles.
Therefore <O= 7.20, so the distance from Syene to Alexandria is 7.20 / 360
of circumference of the earth.
Therefore circumference of the earth is about
50 X 500 miles = 2500 miles approx
Give other ways to calculate the circumference of the earth. Are the result
same from all the methods.

Roll No. 31to 40

4. Mechanical linkage: A mechanical linkage is a series of rigid links connected
with joints to form a closed chain, or a series of closed chains. Each link has two or
more joints, and the joints have various degrees of freedom to allow motion
between the links. A linkage is called a mechanism if two or more links are
movable with respect to a fixed link. Mechanical linkages are usually designed to
take an input and produce a different output, altering the motion, velocity,
acceleration, and applying mechanical advantage. Search application of
mechanical linkage in daily life.

Roll No.41to 50
5. Golden Ratio:
Golden ratio is often denoted by φ. Its is an irrational mathematical constant.

 Search about the history of golden ratio

 How golden ratio is in nature.
 How it is used in architecture, music, painting and book designing.

6. Kepler-poinsot solids-
The kepler poinsot solids are the four non-convex regular polyhedral. Each one
has identical regular faces, and identical regular vertex figures.


 Icosahedrons
 Dodecahedron
Search more on kepler poinsot solids

 Who has discovered it.

 How it is related to mathematics
 Prepare atleast two models on it.

Class10th:-1.Wildlife in India on A3 sheet in art file.
2.copy work of any Indian Artist(5 in no.)
3.Display board activity.