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I, take this as an opportunity to thank my guide
Mansukhani who Mr. Vijay J.

assigned me this below mentioned project

topic and helped me at every step during the preparation up the work of studying "Marketing Strategies of ONIDA Consumer Electronics" carried out at HYDERABAD. I am hereby, grateful to him. I am also thankful to Mr. Gulu L. Mirchandani, Cinema Manager, for giving me the training opportunity and valuable guidance at ONIDA,Puducherry. I am highly obliged to my support team, who helped me during the training period and co-operated in solving queries. I am very grateful to all those who have directly or indirectly helped me to bring this effort to completion. MAYANK LUNIA

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The over changing market characteristics have huge impact on corporate decisions.Page |5 INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of this study is to provide comprehensive market intelligence on a for Household Appliances. The usage of obtained information is based on the perceived reliability of the source by the researcher. In today’s intensely competitive environment. This report discuss about ONIDA home appliances and also other brand home appliances which are closely related to ONIDA. companies today are constantly looking for ways to satisfy customers by having a better understanding of changing customer preferences. In many cases. The main base o four study is to know the competition faced by the ONIDA and the market availability for the brand appliances in the region where Study was conducted for this purpose the consumer preference towards ONIDA is studied in depth. . Within the current marketing environment. competition between products and services is becoming increasingly tough. The study of consumers helps firms and organizations improve their marketing strategies by understanding issues such as how the psychology of how consumers think. a combination of such sources was used. The global environment also poses several complexities to the sellers in understanding the market. This report attempts to provide a comprehensive review of the market situation and analyzes trend on Pondicherry region . A combination of primary and secondary research has been used for all findings. feel.

culture.The the psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions. signs. media).g. and How marketers can adapt and improve their marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the consumer .g. brands. family.Page |6 reason. and select between different alternatives (e. products). Limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and marketing outcome.. How consumer motivation and decision strategies differ between products that differ in their level of importance or interest that they entail for the consumer..

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juicer. fully automatic washing machines. they have made our life more comfortable and easier than ever. We have become so used to some of the home appliances that it seems difficult to live without them. as they are instrumental in cutting down the time involved in most of the domestic chores. This is because they have made the work of housewives less tiresome and more enjoying. Indeed. frost. such household appliances are regarded as a boon. Most of the domestic appliances are . In metro cities and big refrigerators are the most popular category of home appliances.Page |8 INDUSTRY PROFILE INDUSTRY PROFILE Home Appliances in India Home Appliances are that without which a modern home is considered incomplete.grinder.mixer. Products such as microwave ovens. especially in urban areas. This is really a great help since people often find it difficult to keep a balance between professional obligation and household needs.

there is a category of electronic products that have become an integral part of modern houses. Kenstar etc. which results in further improvement in qualities and depreciation in prices of most of the home appliances in India. Home Appliance Companies in India There are many Home Appliance companies in India like Videocon. Whirlpool. Kenmore etc. With the arrival of international brands in Indian market. Bluestar. toasters. water purifiers are some of the most common kitchen appliances in India. juicers & blenders. refrigerators. Godrej. electrical irons etc. Some of these home appliances manufacturers are Samsung. roti makers. Since. microwave ovens. room heaters. Home Appliance Stores Most of the leading home appliances manufacturers and companies have set up their exclusive . fans. a majority of products are electrically operated. These are air conditioners. IFB. Voltas. mixer & grinders.geysers.Page |9 useful in various kitchen related jobs and hence are termed as kitchen appliances. the focus is on such household appliances that are efficient in power consumption. Apart from them there are various international companies also that deal in domestic appliances. Besides. LG. room coolers. Gas stoves. the competition among rival companies have become stiff.

Apart from that Home Appliances stores and shops are located in every locality. So here you will find the sites of some of the leading Home Appliances manufacturers and suppliers. there are local home appliances suppliers. manufacturers. Besides. : Share of categories in Home Appliances sector in Oct-Dec ‘09 . wholesalers and retailers spread throughout India. and if needed.P a g e | 10 retail outlets in important towns and cities of the country. repair the damaged parts of your electronic products. Some manufacturers also offer after sale service. which let you compare products of different companies before buying and also let you buy all kinds of home appliance products at one place.

P a g e | 11 (Source: www. Television Sets (154) advertised the maximum number of brands followed by Mixers/Grinders (111) and Water Purifiers (104) .adex. followed by Air-conditioners and Refrigerators with 13% and 9% shares respectively • Out of 30 categories. accessed on March 2010) • Television Sets category was way ahead with 47% share of Home Appliances ad volumes. 18 of the categories saw growth in Oct-Dec ‘09 • Interestingly.

P a g e | 12 COMPANY PROFILE .

The Company has launched two new models with better aesthetics and quality that the `ONIDA' brand demands. With the introduction of full range of Black &White televisions.P a g e | 13 COMPANY PROFILE The Company was incorporated on 01 January 1981 as Mirc Electronics Private Limited. Mirc Electronics Limited was promoted by Mr. Mr. The other listed companies promoted by the promoters are Onida Saka Ltd. The word Private was deleted from the name on 13th September. Mansukhani and Mr. The Company has also introduced Brother fax machines in the Indian market. . 1988 pursuant to Section 43-A(1A) of the Act. Maharashtra on 18th September. Air Conditioners. and Monica Electronics Ltd. which are engaged in the manufacture of Colour Televisions. 1992 converting the company into a Public Limited Company. which have been recently introduced in Japan. Mirchandani. Audios. The remote control set for this product offers master command. Sonu L. The Company has also recently launched a new color television. Black & White Televisions. Washing Machines. Guviso Holdings Limited is the holding company of Mirc electronics Limited. incorporating state-of-the-art features for superlative performance.. Mirchandani. Vijay J. and a fresh certificate was issued by the Registrar of Companies. Onida Savak Ltd. Electronic Tuners and other electronic products. Video Cassette Recorders. Gulu L.

P a g e | 14 The Company is also introducing 'ONIDA ARCADES'. ONIDA Today Onida is a popular electronics brand in India. Onida has a network of 33 branch offices. Total Quality Management discipline. Home Theatres and DVD players have been introduced in these markets to strengthen the Onida brand presence. These products have customized models with local language user interfaces in line with its geographies of focus. while shipments to the fast growing East African market (Uganda. Onida with its Sales & Marketing office in Dubai reported a 215 per cent export growth in two years.301.46 crore. 208 Customer Relation Centers and 41 depots spread across India. The shipments to the Gulf contribute almost 65 per cent of Onida's export revenue.Mirc Electronics won an “Award for Excellence in Electronics” in 1999. situated in the prestigious up market locations. Kenya and Ethiopia) and the SAARC countries accounted for 16 per cent of export revenues. Onida had a market capitalization of Rs. Cost reduction & Value engineering would go a long way in fine tuning the performance of your Company. The Company was awarded ISO 9001 certification during the period under review. introducing products like Stereo Radio Recorders and MIDI systems.Onida products . Onida models are now available with Arabic. Government of India. from the Ministry of Information Technology. setting the base for an increased robust international presence.The Company had launched 6 new models in the middle segment. which shall be exclusive 'ONIDA' showrooms. Persian and Russian OSD (menu). The improved compliance with the laid down Systems & Procedures. Tanzania. As on 31 March 2005.

LCD TVs 2. Apart from Television Exports to Russia. Carrefours. DVD and Home Theater Systems 5. Plasma TVs 3. Washing machines 7. Onida also exports DVD Players and High end LCD Televisions. Geants and Dasmans in GCC countries. 1. Air Conditioners 6. Ukraine and neighboring CIS countries. Product Category ONIDA brand has following range of products. Microwave Ovens 8.P a g e | 15 have been favored by hypermarkets like Lu Lu Centres. Inverters . In addition to the Gulf countries ONIDA has now a sizeable presence in Russia. ONIDA has already crossed 100000 mark in CTV exports to Russia in a span of just 2 years and plans to grow in these markets at a much faster pace. Presentation Products 9. Televisions 4.

Mobile Phones. .P a g e | 16 10.

it is imperative to: Find out how much consumers are aware of ONIDA and its appliances Find out the market opportunity for ONIDA in the new openings in Puducherry region  Find out the important factors which a Distributor and dealer considers as important to sell a product through his shop and a consumer considers to prefer a brand Usefulness of the study The project will help the organization to find out the opportunity for ONIDA in Puducherry Region.P a g e | 17 OBJECTIVES AND USEFULNESS OF THE STUDY Objectives of the Study This study was undertaken to study the market penetration for ONIDA products Awareness/preference among Consumers. The study will help the organization to find out . To fulfill this objective. The project will help the organization to know Distributors Dealers and consumers perception about Onida and its competitors.

It will help to decide suitable promotional schemes for its products in various categories .P a g e | 18 close competitors for ONIDA.

It is argued that first of them is ‘economic view’ that consumers are primarily facing imperfect competition and they are always expected to make rational decision on the basis of assumptions that they are aware of all product alternatives.P a g e | 19 REVIEW OF LITERATURE REVIEW OF LITERATURE Analyzing consumer behaviour is perceived as cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy. ‘ Emotional View’ is related to perceive consumer’s decision making based on their emotional association or feeling about some . Similarly Engel refers consumer behaviour as the action and decision process of people who purchase goods and services for personal consumption. Second ‘Passive View’ is absolutely opposite to economic view and suggests that consumers are irrational and impulsive as they are submissive to self-centred interests of marketers and got influenced by marketing tools. Now if these defining criteria are closely observed. There are four different views related to consumer decision making process and behaviour. Consumer behaviour is ‘the mental and emotional processes and the observable behaviour of consumers during searching purchasing and post consumption of a product and service. they can rank benefits and limitation of each alternative and are able to identify one best alternative. Similarly third. it is evident that analyzing consumer’s decision making process is the foundation of entire notion of consumer behaviour.

it is an imperative fact that marketers have to realize existence of all of them to analyze consumer behaviour effectively. The discussion may be concluded on the notion that no matter which view point out of four discussed above is common.P a g e | 20 products and services. Fourth and arguably most acknowledged view is ‘Cognitive View’ where consumers are considered as “thinking problem solver’ which are receptive as well as actively searching for the products and services that can fulfil their need. . that all four types of decision making behaviour exist and provide marketer guidelines to analyze consumer accordingly. If the consumer is satisfied with the product he/she would make repeat purchases or if the consumer is dissatisfied negative reviews or negative word of mouth would spread causing fatal damage to the product. buying a tooth paste from shop can have a certain goal of choosing product that can taste good. For instance. Despite of critiques for each viewpoint. For instance. Rather the person will try to purchase any pen closely resembled with his favourite possession. evaluation of alternatives (comparing brands. a person loosing red colour specific pen neither go for rational decision by evaluating alternatives ( economic view) nor will the person get influenced by marketers ( passive view). it can be considered a valid argument. purchase (purchasing selected item) and post-purchase action (satisfaction or dissonance). for instance on basis of repute and features). Consumer’s decision making process that includes problem identification. Consumer’s behaviour under this view is based on information seeking and processing attributes usually directed by a goal. information search (on internet and showrooms).

self reaction and self regulation. inner deficiencies or . and satisfaction of needs. Socio. In consumer literature compulsive buying is described as chronic. repetitive.cognitive view of addiction. The self-reaction process involves when behavior is observed and judged to deviate from personal or social standards of conduct. In the judgment process the personal standards.P a g e | 21 Conceptual review of literature: The classical learning theory. psychological. The self observation is monitoring ones action to provide diagnostic information about the impact of behavior and attainment of goals. reference group norms and prior behavior or collective Comparisons are done. judgment. psychiatric and theological domains. which has evolved to Social cognitive theory. These factors are classified into socio-cultural.The potential buyer goes through the process of self observation. The response (buying) is rationalized using the self –regulation mechanism . self-regulation mechanism explains buying behavior as a response to a stimuli. excessive purchasing that becomes a primary response to negative life events. The factors of stimuli are in the form of the product. pleasure and excitement. The impulsive behavior when repeated continuously becomes compulsive buying and when ina very higher degree is called addictive buying. the reason being their self-control mechanisms not working and in reality more than ninety percent of buyers are impulsive. Previous research shows that forty percent of respondents admit that they are impulsive in nature. social comparisons with associates. Unregulated buying may reflect ineffective self-reactive control. emotional responses. The factors can be further divided into external and internal. retail environment.

Consumers who use credit cards spend more than those who use other means of payment. The emerging retail segment and life style changes: The literature being predominantly western but having gone into the process of globalization for the last 15 years the Indian retail . have reviewed how materialistic tendencies are associated with individual’s identities. demographic variables can predict consumers who use consumer credit effectively With easier access to malls. and little or no social stigma attached to constant shopping which formerly had been considered an indication of moral or spiritual decay. compulsive shoppers encounter temptations daily. The focus is shifting from the purchase of provisions to satisfy the physical needs of oneself towards the use of consumer goods as a distinctive means of Acquiring and expressing a sense of self identity. Changes have enhanced the complexity of consumption and created an atmosphere that has turned out to be more favorable for the risk of compulsive behavior than before. Substantial research further suggests that people highly oriented toward the acquisition of wealth and possessions report relatively low levels of well-being. Regulatory emotions Elliott 1994) or gaining social status. use of money. Compulsive buying can harm not only the individual but his/her family and society bankruptcy. a sea of products available. The belief that consumer goods are an important route towards success. Substantial research further suggests that people highly oriented toward the acquisition of wealth and possessions report relatively low levels of well-being.P a g e | 22 negative feeling and hence carries a strong compensatory components. identity and happiness are core values of consumer society. motivation for work. and social behavior. psychological. Shopping is changing in nature.

propelled by the fast lifestyle changes taking place in the Indian household. as well as an increase in spending power has resulted in consumers increasingly using supermarkets for their personal shopping. India’s middle and high-income population has grown at a rapid pace of over 10% per annum. and with more two-income households with higher disposable incomes.05:1 in case of household with Double Income No Kids (DINK).3 times that of an average housewife. even as the large low-income base has shrunk. quality. and availability of products. Customers are demanding better store ambience and are looking for solution providers and external guarantors of quality and usability.P a g e | 23 environment provides a similar picture. with the emergence of more educated women entering the workforce. variety and a better shopping experience. The increase in variety. The changing identity of Indian women and the structure of the family is driving demand for convenience.2:1 whereas the same is 1. The Indian retail market has around 12 million outlets and has the largest retail outlet density in the world. The study further finds. However they spend much more on life style products. The Indian consumer is increasingly focusing on value. Retail sales in India amount to $180 billion and account for 10-11 % of GDP. Indian lifestyles are changing. Over the last decade. The ratio of men to women spending in single income household to double income household is 1. convenience. increased relative spending of youth compared to elders . According to the consumer outlook 2002 study by KSA techno park the overall spending of working woman is about 1. The rise of working women is a growth accelerator. Indian retail has bright prospects.

The study was aimed at exploring their mindsets. Food and beverages account for the largest proportion of the teenager’s pocket money (with ice-creams and soft drinks leading the category).375 (2004). personal loans. which has more promotions in the pipeline. personal durable ownership has increased. with the average amount having increased from Rs. In fact 90 percent of youth get pocket money. ICICI Bank asserts an average of Rs.It is under this scenario the linkages between the retail segment and the credit market seems important. education loans are all expanding. housing loans. hanging out.284 (2003) to Rs. According to the study. Consumerism or consumerist philosophy is buy now and pay later . now claims to add up to 100.000 and State Bank of India adds 70. The other forms of credit market like automotive loans.000. much of their pocket money went on grooming.000-90.ICICI Bank.P a g e | 24 has gone up over 3 years.Further. with teenagers also influencing purchase of entertainment durables at Home. indulgence and on high ticket items as well. Youth is emerging as core for lifestyle products.000 as annual spends per card (comparable to that of more advanced markets like Taiwan and Malaysia).000 cards per month. attitudes and their behavior in the market place. 32.75. media preferences. Teenagers are getting richer with every passing year. The Credit market in India: Credit card market in India is estimated at 14-20 million according to a recent survey conducted by global management consultant McKinsey.000 new customers every month while Citibank adds 80. .

due to personal. The employment opportunities are on the rise leading to increasing disposable income. as consumers are on a shopping spree. nutrition is spent on dubious items that give no Social return. The increasing buying Frequency is leading families to a path of huge debts traps. The product life cycle is shorter and buying urges are intensifying amongst Consumers in India. As a consequence of spending to exhibit wealth. the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is circumvented at a faster pace. and estimates its size to reach 300 million people. the Indian middle class has increased on the back of the economic boom. now major life events like weddings and births are transformed into consumer events. the hierarchy of needs of individual is moving unnaturally. for the last 12 years. There is an endless quest to purchase newer products and the life is focused on the Imaginary world of the unattainable. The credit market is equally poised to co-exist to the increasing demand. As an outcome of consumerism. The point of concern here. The marketers of the present steer in a lot of . are defaults accumulating as an outcome of a phenomenon called consumerism? In the postmodern consumerist economies. the money that could have spent on social capital like education.P a g e | 25 Compulsive buying and the Indian consumers: The post globalized economy offers the consumers with countless brands in the product –market. The economy is growing at an average rate of 6% every year. As a result of the impact of globalization and the forces of post-modern consumerism. socio-cultural and the emerging trends in the market place and its offerings. growing by some 10 to 12 percent per year. not exactly in the same order as Maslow predicted in the continuum (natural). According to the National Council of Applied Economic Research.

P a g e | 26 mesmerizing effect. particularly using the “persuasive advertisements 3”. there is a growing importance for the non-financial credibility of the potential borrowers. over and above his/her financial credibility. This argument falls in line with sustainable borrowing and spending as the urges of consumerism are growing stronger. faster and getting deep rooted in our value and belief systems. As per the Basel committee norms on banking. buying beyond one’s need/ability is a leading Indicator to a path of high personal debt. This anomaly makes both the firm and individual spending model non sustainable in the long run. The compulsive buying which is rising in stature and is recognized as a ‘behavioral anomaly’ The firm that spend (invest) a lot of money on socially non-viable projects create more of social costs or no social returns. . For an individual. The availability of easy and plenty of credit product offerings to the consumers aggravates the situation.

It disseminates the findings to contribute to generalize able knowledge.P a g e | 27 Research Methodology Definition of Research RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The word research is derived from the Latin word meaning to know. The Characteristics of research presented below will be examined in greater details later are: . within specified Boundaries. It is a systematic and a replicable process. It employs well-designed method to collect the data and analyses the Results. which identifies and defines problems.

income and educational background was used for the classification purpose. was assumed to be representing entire population was interest. The data which was collected from a ample of population.P a g e | 28  Systematic problem solving which identifies variables and tests relationships Between them  Collecting. which would facilitate to take decision .  Logical. For the proper analysis of data simple statistical techniques such as percentage were use. so procedures can be duplicated or understood by others  Empirical. so others may test the findings by repeating it. organizing and evaluating data. so it investigates a small sample which can be generalized to a larger population  Replicable. Research Design . Demographic factors like age. concepts and theories. It helps in making more generalization from the data available.  Developing new scientific tools. so decisions are based on data collected  Reductive.  Discovering new facts or verify and test old facts.

The method used for sample technique was non probability convenience sampling method. Therefore the sample size has to be decided for meaningful conclusion. The questionnaire was prepared with utmost care incorporating all necessary information by using both open-end and close-end questions. relatives and using updated telephone directory –2009 as a source for identification. it was thought proper to cover a very small percentage of population in various age groups. The respondents were chosen through friends. This method is used because it is known previously as to whether a particular . For designing the sample size. Pilot study: A pilot study was conducted to ascertain the validity and relevance of the various inputs of the questionnaire Sample size For carrying out any research or study on any subject it is very difficult to cover even 10% of the total population.P a g e | 29 Data Collection: The prepared questionnaires were distributed among the people living in the areas identified for the survey purpose. Sources of data: Primary data from the respondents was collected by using a non-disguised structured questionnaire.

The study is conclusive because after doing the study the researcher comes to a conclusion regarding the position of the brand in the minds of respondents of different firms groups. TOOLS USED To know the response the researcher has used the questionnaire method in sample survey. the logical procedure is to ask them. this. Convenient sampling is used because only those people will be asked to fill the questionnaires who were easily accessible and Available to the researcher. If one wishes to find what people think or know. The study is statistical because throughout the study all the similar samples are selected and group together. Thus. TYPES & TECHNIQUES The study conducted is a conclusive descriptive statistical study. the researcher comes to the decision which is precise and rational. it was decided to conduct the study based on sample size of 100 people in specific age groups. Considering the constraints. conclusive descriptive statistical study is the best study for this purpose as it provides the necessary information which is utilize to arrive at a concrete decision. All the similar responses are taken together as one and their percentages are calculated. This has lead marketing researchers to use the questionnaire technique for collecting data more than any other .P a g e | 30 person will be asked to fill the questionnaire.

LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  The research was conducted in a limited area.  Time will be a major constraint. . no question can be termed as irrelevant.P a g e | 31 method. In this method questionnaire were distributed to the respondents and they were asked to answer the questions in the questionnaire.  The respondent will be limited so cannot be treated as a whole population.  The respondent may be biased. were arranged in a specific order besides every question asked was logical for the study. The questionnaires were structured non disguised questionnaire because the questions. which the questionnaire contained.


000 to 20.P a g e | 33 (NOTE: all the numerical figures appearing in the diagram and charts are represented in percentage for easy understanding and convenient purpose) Table . Those who fall under 10.000 to 40.000 are usually with less purchasing power and cant be influenced more by the patterns and methods of the company.000-20. Those people who fall in the category of less than 10.000 More than 40.000 20.000 are usually kind of luxury consumers and hence we can expect always a market from such category. Those who come above 20. .000 No of Respondents 7 73 18 2 Percentage of Respondents 7% 73% 18% 2% Inference: The above table and diagram reperesnets the purchasing power of the consumer in the area where the survey was conducted.1 Approximate household income/month: Options Less than 10.000 10.000 are those who are mostly influenced by buying behaviours and company tactics.No.

P a g e | 34 Table No.2 What are the products you own now? Options Refrigerator Television Washing machine DVD players No of Respondents 20 61 7 8 Percentage of Respondents 20% 61% 7% 8% .

8% are using DVD and 20% are using Refrigerator.P a g e | 35 A/C 4 4% Inference: In the study conducted and from the above diagram we are able to understand that 61% of the respondents are using TV and only 4% of them are using A/C similairly7% are using washing machine. Hence it is clear that purchasing a LCD is a little costlier when compared with TV and their markets are yet to be captured effectively by the company. TV and refrigerator are always having their demand because they are considered as most essential household requirements Table.No:3 What brands are you aware of? Options SAMSUNG ONIDA LG No. of Respondents 34 26 16 Percentage of Respondents 34% 26% 16% .

SAMSUNG which has more popularity among the people has captured the market effectively and capitalized more from the people when compared to .P a g e | 36 SONY 24 24% Inference: The above table and diagram will clearly portray the popular brands among the people in the present scenario.

P a g e | 37 SONY and ONIDA which are the main competitors in the market for SAMSUNG. ONIDA has to penetrate into the market of SAMSUNG and SONY mainly to establish successfully.No:4 Are you aware of Onida? Options YES NO No of Respondents 68 32 Percentage of Respondents 68% 32% Inference: The above diagram will clearly depict the brand awareness of the ONIDA in the area where the survey was conducted. Table. Talking about SONY it has undoubtedly more reputation than any other of its competitors because of its brand image but when coming to performance it has to do something to improve. Most of the respondent’s reply was positive and hence it denotes that .

Table. So ONIDA has to effectively perform to capture more and more consumers.P a g e | 38 ONIDA has a good influence among the people.No:5 Your opinion about ONIDA home appliances? .

Opinion about ONIDA was asked to the respondents to really ascertain the true color of the brand among the population where the study was conducted. .P a g e | 39 Options Very Good Good Neutral Bad Very Bad No of Respondents 23 52 15 7 3 Percentage of Respondents 23% 52% 15% 7% 3% Inference: This question of. Up to the knowledge of the researcher it’s clear that more than half of the people who were interviewed have given a strong positive reply about the brand which clearly says that they have a good brand image only thing is that they have to utilize it more.

P a g e | 40 Table.No:6 What Onida products do u own now? Options Microwave Television LCD DVD players A/C No of Respondents 3 76 5 11 5 Percentage of Respondents 3% 76% 5% 11% 5% .

So ONIDA has to effectively perform to capture more and more consumers . Most of the respondent reply was positive and are almost using any of the appliances manufactured by onida hence it denotes that ONIDA has a good influence among the people.P a g e | 41 Inference: The above diagram will clearly depict ONIDA’s Market share in the area where the survey was conducted.

Freebies. 68% of the respondents have answered that after sale services are important. . From that point of view in this survey. This question was mainly included in the research because it only mainly reflects the mindset of the consumers through which the company can really add that attributes which are most essential. after sale service and Free delivery and warranty.P a g e | 42 Table No:7 What are the things you think before buying a product? Options After Sale Service Free Delivery & Warranty Price Discount & Credit Purchase Freebies No of Respondents 68 24 5 2 Percentage of Respondents 68% 24% 5% 2% Inference: Some important factors that the consumer usually think and discuss before buying a product are Price discount & credit purchase.

No:8 Rank the below in order of Importance Options After Sale Service Free Delivery & Warranty Price Discount & Credit Purchase No of Respondents 70 24 3 Percentage of Respondents 70% 24% 3% .P a g e | 43 Table.

.8 and no.7 we can clearly understand the consumer’s expectation while buying a product of a brand. Even though both the tables contain same options we can observe that there different in % of response from the consumers slightly comparatively this is due to influence of advertisements and sales schemes offered to them from time to time which will surely affect the buying behavior of consumers.P a g e | 44 Freebies 3 3% Inference: From the table no.

P a g e | 45 Table.No:9 Are you going to purchase TV or Microwave or DVD player within 3 months? Options YES NO No of Respondents 74 26 Percentage of Respondents 74% 26% Inference: From the above table and diagram constructed we will be able to get and idea of how far the consumers are preferring over the ONIDA products like Television Microwave and DVD players and hence we can calculate the market availability for ONIDA alone in this product .

It will help the Company to build steady strategy towards the sale of these products over a particular period of time after that a new frame has to be taken.P a g e | 46 category.No:10 Will you purchase Onida products in the near future say 3 months? . Table.

And so ONIDA has around 65% of market availability in the area were survey was conducted though it can’t be assured and also 65% is not a big share for a popular brand like ONIDA and hence they must prove their worth by gaining more market. .P a g e | 47 Options YES NO No of Respondents 65 35 Percentage of Respondents 65% 35% Inference: The above diagram was prepared to ascertain the market share availability for ONIDA. In the area in which the survey was conducted 65% of the people are preferring ONIDA over other brands.

P a g e | 48 (NOTE: The above diagrams and charts that are included in this part of the report are duly prepared by the researcher for the Research purpose and they are not copied from any external source and they also cannot be held responsible for any misleading) ANALYSIS with STATISTICAL TOOLS Chi-Square Analysis The researcher set up the null and alternate hypothesis as follows: H0: No association exists between the Brand Image (of the products) and the brand that consumers use now H1: An association exists between the Brand Image (of the products) and the brand that the consumer uses .

000 32.003 6 .P a g e | 49 Brand they use now * Brand Image to the consumers Cross tabulation Particulars Brand they use now Brand image of the products Yes Can’t say No Total SAMSUNG Brand they Use now ONIDA SONY LG Total 22 15 19 8 64 10 5 1 5 21 5 5 0 5 15 37 25 20 18 100 Value df Asymp.(2sided) Pearson ChiSquare Likelihood Ratio 27.939a 6 .Sig.000 .

10.P a g e | 50 Linear-by-Linear Association N of Valid Cases 1. The minimum expected count is 3.7%) have expected count less than 5. among three groups H1= There are variation in opinion among the groups SUMMARY .The test shows that there is a significant relationship between Brand image(of the products) and the brand consumer uses now.469 1 1 . Inference: The alternative hypothesis is accepted at 95% confidence level .225 126 a. ANOVA TABLE BRAND ensures High Sales: Perception of Consumers Distributors and Dealers H0 = There are no variation in opinion.2 cells (16.

735415 0.1 0.48474 F crit 3.08 df 2 47 49 MS F P-value 0.290484 Inference: Again as F calculated value is less than the F critical value.P a g e | 51 Groups Variance Dealers 0.322222 ANOVA Source of Variation Between Groups Within Groups Total SS 0.307692 3. So it can conclude that all Dealers Consumers and Distributors hold the same view.247253 Distributors Consumers Count 14 26 10 Sum 47 86 31 Average 3.195056 0.65275 14.357143 3.213626 0.301538 0.427253 13. the null hypothesis is accepted and the alternative hypothesis is rejected. .


Onida is having a very small share of this market.P a g e | 53 COMPARISON WITH COMPETITORS Market characteristics • Around 45 companies cater to this market. • • • In the Indian market space. value added offerings and exchange offers. Samsung Has Aamir Khan. Samsung. Sony. and All these players have used celebrity to a good . Brand loyalty is giving way to “value-for-price” contest. The MNCs like LG. The companies are Companies focusing on product differentiation. Sony. Advertisements: LG has Abhishek Bachhan. Videocon on the other hand leveraged its MNC image by it tagline of “Indian MNC”. It gave a perception that these companies have better technology. Positioning: Their Image of a multinational company in the minds of consumer helped them to grab market share instantly. Phillips and Videocon command a high market share. Samsung. These brands score high on following factors: Product Line: These companies (LG. Videocon had Amithabh Bachhan and now Sharukh Khan. There is an intense competition on price. Phillips and Videocon) have a wider product range compared to Onida to target customers from all segment.

P a g e | 54

effect to endorse their brands. On the other hand Onida is stuck with its old “Devil” which isn’t helping. Visibility: The companies are associated with events and sponsorships. Like LG and Videocon are associated with cricket. This has resulted in better brand visibility.

68% of the people interviewed are aware of the Brand ONIDA in the region where the study was conducted it clearly depicts the Brand name and popularity.

Out of 100% of respondents 23% of them have really have good opinion about the brand and its products being offered to them in the market and 52% of them are thinking that the brand is good so when calculated more than 75% of the consumers will be having best opinion about the brand and its products. When talking about the respondents who doesn’t have good opinion is mere because of improper knowledge about the brand and their ignorance towards them new emerging markets, since the percentage is very less.

This is a significant factor to be considered by the Brand because out of 100%, 78% of the respondents are willing to try the ONIDA products it shows the Brand popularity and the trust which people have towards the products being marketed by the Company. Hence ONIDA will be having a good market for its products in the forthcoming periods. The remaining 22% are really mere users of other brands they couldn’t to switch over due to their own customs and conventions towards ONIDA.

P a g e | 55

Talking about the familiarity of the people towards the Company’s products 51% have answered in best way and other 18% in an affirmative way. Totally it comes around 70% which is not a best one but it shows that the products are reaching the consumer in a proper way but it has to be improved in a more effective way to reach all Class of people with gaining more attention and creating much awareness in the minds of the consumers.

when asked about the appliances being used in the homes of the consumers where the study was conducted the following shown in the diagram above were arrived, in that area TV and DVD players stands high with 85% and 67%. Hence Onida has more markets for TV’s and DVD players in the market. No doubt ONIDA is going great with DVD players by launching various new models. Moreover it has also to concentrate in LCD’s because the opening which is gradually increasing day by day due to various additions are being offered like Blue ray, DTH services which are best viewed in LCD’s and also it usually have good demand in particular segments.

57% of the populations interviewed are already customers of ONDIA it clearly portrays the brand establishment in the market studied.

P a g e | 56

Nowadays consumers analyze various factors before going for a product. They usually see the services being offered, the quality which is really important for certain class of customers, price obviously for low income groups they mainly study the price of various competitors and finally comes customer satisfaction which is gaining importance in the present worlds scenario. From the answers that we got form the survey we are able to see that ONIDA has a nice rapport with the customers which is most important for future market and about price and quality its up to the mark.

 This question of, Opinion about ONIDA was asked to the respondents to really ascertain the true color of the brand among the population where the study was conducted. Up to the knowledge of the researcher it’s clear that more than half of the people who were interviewed have given a strong positive reply about the brand which clearly says that they have a good brand image only thing is that they have to utilize it more.  Some important factors that the consumer usually think and discuss before buying a product are Price discount & credit purchase, Freebies, after sale service and Free delivery and warranty.  This question was mainly included in the research because it only mainly reflects the mindset of the consumers through which the company can really add that attributes which are most essential. From that point of view in this survey, 68% of the respondents have answered that after sale services are important.

P a g e | 57 .

Celebrity Endorsement: The Company should go for a better adverting. The company can rope in a celebrity to endorse its brand. Association with events can help. Association with events: The Company has lost its place in the minds of customers.P a g e | 58 RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations STRATEGIES TO REVITALIZE BRAND ONIDA In order to revamp its position and brand value in the market Onida should use the following strategies: Better positioning: Onida should stick with a uniform positioning strategy rather than changing it with time as they did. Onida’s problem of low visibility will be solved with its sponsorship of event like rock shows. . Also. Ganguly’s image of a fighter and a class player will help Onida’s brand image. games. To regain old customers and to regain visibility. We suggest rope in Saurav Ganguly. This way the brand can be benefited from celebrities brand equity. marathons etc. the loyal customers of Onida have grown older.

They should introduce more variants in 14”. Onida can target them with its high end products.P a g e | 59 Line Extension: The Company should go for line extension in value segment so as to target more customers in the lower segment.ONIDA Plus should concentrate on improving awareness on the part of the customers about the brand by doing extensive and sustained advertisement campaign round the year. Brand awareness must be generated among the consumers extensively by displaying hoardings and banners. Schemes may be given to the retails during off seasons. These buyers will have an emotional attachment with the brand and as they graduate to the high end segment. the display portrayed in the shops and showrooms should be taken up vigorously and special schemes may be introduced to encourage the shops taking up store display. Since Dealers and distributors do majority of business in selling the products to people. 20” and 21” segment. These products will target the young and first time buyers. Apart from that there some suggestions that can be made from the study conducted From the above data analyzing and findings is evident that there is a significance relationship between Brand awareness and the type of the products being offered to the consumers. .

The after sales service must be taken care of every point of time because worst backup service may spread negative image among the potential consumers therefore affecting sales drastically care should be taken for that. Similarly ONIDA has good base here in the region (PUDUCHERRY) where the study was conducted but unfortunately it fails to utilize it fully up to the level. it can launch various home appliances like (ELECRTIC STOVES) inductions which more consumers are referring now instead of Gas cylinders to be more cost effective. in the same way can also introduce more models in MICROWAVES. Consumer feedback should be given greater importance and their expectations should be fulfilled as `a satisfied consumer is a loyal consumer`. hence it must be taken in mind and measures should be framed for utilizing the capacity.P a g e | 60 Quality of the product must be reviewed periodically and improvements. could be made. In the same way ONIDA can also concentrate and try launching LED’s which will be the future after LCD’s. if necessary. From the study conducted it is also clear that there is a significance relationship between the offers and the brand the consumer uses now . It can be effectively done .Since majority of consumers are ignorant of the offers given to them by the company (should be generated among them. Apart from the above suggestions I also recommend that ONIDA should also concentrate more in technological advancements which more of the consumers are expecting now in the present world.ONIDA can also improve its range of products from the current to advanced.

Most of the dealers here in this region are dealing with Various brands simultaneously so care must be taken that ONIDA should be their first preference selling it to the consumers. Various offers and Incentives can be offered to them apart from doing so to Consumers in order to improve the sales effectively.P a g e | 61 through various sales promotions activities and building a good rapport with the Dealers and distributors in the locality because they only act as the mains source for supplying the products. Hence it should be considered and various offers and dealings should be made with them. . The PULL and PUSH strategies must be often discussed with them for effectively marketing the products.

Consumers are always in search for good quality with affordable price so ONIDA can go with such an idea of capturing the market by attracting fair population.P a g e | 62 CONCLUSION Conclusion: In the above conducted study in PUDUCHERRY region and with data collected and analyzed above we could clearly depict at certain things that ONIDA does have a good base here. Hence ONIDA apart from concentrating in the quality and improvement of its products can also try to improve its reach to the consumers. .

P a g e | 63 .

‘marketing management’ prentice Hall of India Pvt. · H. New Delhi. · C. New Delhi. New Delhi. Kothari ‘Research methodology’. Ltd. . Verma ‘marketing of services’ Global business press. New Delhi. V. Ltd.P a g e | 64 BIBLIOGRAPHY BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: · Philip Kotler. vishwa publication. R. · Saxena Rajan ‘marketing management’ Tata McGraw-hill publication Co.

com/Consumer_Appliances .P a g e | 65 Web Resources www.aspx cusip=C356A3560 http://www.corporateinformation.

P a g e | 66 ANNEXURE ANNEXURE: Questionnaire Name: Address: Age: .

Approximate household income/month:  <10. What are the things you think before buying a product? .000 10. What brands are you aware of?  SAMSUNG  ONIDA  LG  SONY 4. Your opinion about ONIDA home appliances?   Very good  Good  Neutral  Bad Very Bad 6.000 20.000-40. No: 1.P a g e | 67 Gender: Mobile.000 >40.000 2. What are the products you own now  Refrigerator Television washing machine DVD player A/C 3.000-20. Are you aware of Onida?  YES  NO If yes continue. What Onida products do u own now?  Television  Microwave  DVD player A/C  LCD 7. If the answer is no go to question number : 11 5. .

Will you purchase Onida in the near future say 3 months? Yes  No 11. Rank the below in order of Importance After Sale Service  Price Discount & Credit Purchase  Free Delivery & Warranty  Freebies 9. . Are you going to purchase Tv or washing machine or Refrigerator within 3 months?  Yes  No 10.P a g e | 68 After Sale Service  Price Discount & Credit Purchase  Free Delivery & Warranty  Freebies 8. Your comments and feedback are always welcome Thanks for participating.

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