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Matthew Brian Lindsay

5N328 Heritage Ct., Wayne, IL 60184 - Phone: (630) 337-7688 - Fax: (630) 48
Email: - Web:
Quality / General Management
Quality System and General Manager seeking a full-time role in improvingproduct
acceptance, process streamlining, and Customer loyalty. Adaptive, experienced,
highly motivated and ethical team player who wishes to contribute to a Customer-
focused work environment with a goal of improving outcomes, business development
and enhancing the bottom line.
* Results driven with exceptional skills in building and sustaining vital intern
al / external Customer and supply chain relationships both globally and througho
ut the lifecycle; Establishing effective quality management systems; Decision ma
king; Problem solving; Facilitation; Process Streamlining - Recognized for contr
ibution and outstanding leadership.
* Natural leader and strategist able to effectively influence partners across mu
ltiple sites and at all job grade levels within the Organization - Successful pr
oject and program manager - Facilitated 130+ Telecom industry Service Providers
and Suppliers in the development and publication of telecommunication's current
QMS, TL 9000.
* Proven change agent with a business-minded approach to compliance and auditing
- Streamlined Customer product acceptance reducing time-to-money from 36 to 2 w
eeks (94%) - Reduced dock-to-stock time from 99 days to 2 days (98%) - Reduced C
ustomer acceptance process time by 84% through directing usecase functional and
unit test.Reduced scrap by 50%. Reduced Time-to-money by 75% - Leader of Six Sig
ma, APQP, Kaizen, Lean, Kan Ban, SEI CMM(I), ISO 9000, ISO 14001, TL 9000, TQ, a
nd CPI.
* Vast breadth of knowledge and experience with proven ability to bridge gaps am
ongst all organizational functions, suppliers and Customers - Bringing all parti
es, at all levels and job grades, to solutions which meet their needs in a cost
effective manner-Highly versatile, adaptive to varyingly regulated industries.
Lake Cable, LLC 04/08 - 09/10
Vice President, Quality & Safety improving relationships with both Customers and
Approval Agencies by realigning systems to measurably meet expectations making
anomalies non-issues. Providing leadership and direction to reducing rework, ret
urns, scrap, time-to-market and insurance claims. Products compliant to UL, CSA
, CE, PSE, REACH, CPSIA, RoHS, etc. Systems compliant to ISO 9001 & 14001. Pro
ject management, training, team building.
Argonne National Laboratory 11/06 - 04/08
Quality Assurance Representative and Management System Coordinator (concept and
implementation) responsible for Department of Energy (DOE) / University of Chica
go laboratory registrations integrating ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and
ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), inclusive of NQA-1, 10 CFR 830.122
, DOE 414.1C, and RW0333P - Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety.
Endure Partnership 04/03 - 11/06
Independent Consultant, founder and president specializing in: Quality / Busines
s Systems, Process Improvement / Streamlining (including SDLC), Balanced Scoreca
rds, TL & ISO9000 Implementation Guidance & Preassessments, Project / Program Ma
nagement (including Information Technology (IT)), Team Meeting Management / Faci
litation, Goal Setting / Achievement, Mediation, Problem Solving and Relationshi
ps. Program manager for SBC VOIP and FTTN development.
Tellabs Operations, Inc. 05/98 - 04/03
Program Quality Officer (Senior Staff Quality Engineer)
* Responsible for quality assurance planning, execution, and critical relationsh
ips for new product development.
* Liaison to Customer(s) for product acceptance/process improvement initiatives
- Opened channels to and publicly recognized by major Customer(s) - QuEST, NRIC
& NRSC representative.- Company chosen as Verizon 2002 Supplier of the Year - De
veloped / implemented TL 9000 from the ground up. First ever recipient of Presi
dent's Award for "Leadership in Providing Innovative Solutions to the Communicat
ions Industry Worldwide." & h
* Corporate focal-point for ISO 9000 & TL 9000 development, implementation, and
registration efforts (see "Personal")
* Project leader/meeting manager for score card/dashboard improvement initiative
s, 6? DMAIC, CMM&(I), and Lean Manufacturing 5s waste elimination. Defined, deve
loped, and implemented compliant business/quality management
* Global conference speaker on Quality, Program Management, Customer expectation
s and Business Systems
* Internal consultant on process improvement and liaison to executive staff on f
ocusing on Customer strategies
Northrop Grumman - Electronic Systems Division 06/80 - 05/98
Total Quality Specialist, Quality Manager
* Internal consultant / instructor on process management and improvement, includ
ing ISO 9001/2 & 14001 registration.
* Facilitator, project leader, meeting manager and team advocate for site-wide i
mprovement initiatives - Drove definition of, consensus for and successful daily
execution of continuous process improvement tools and practices.
* Liaison to general manager and vice presidents in focusing on key business str
ategies throughout product lifecycle.
* Liaison to Customer and suppliers on joint contractor / Customer process impro
vement initiatives.
* Directed continuous improvement for supply chain, Information Technology secur
ity and operations processes.
* Interpreted customer/supplier requirements - translated them into measurable a
ctionable objectives.
* Realigned internal procedures to ISO9000/Q90 while maintaining MIL-Q-9858A sta
* Assessed all facilities and supply chain, implemented necessary corrective act
ion, and guided development.
* Frequently presented to suppliers, customers, corporate representatives, and c
lassroom audiences.
* Directed the material acquisition approval process, component selection/standa
rdization, incoming engineering/inspection and all on-site material acceptance a
ctivities. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of effective and logical
systems from which the conformity of received material was accurately and exped
iently determined and dispositioned. Directed the operation of a technical staff
of 53 involved with the specification, procurement and verification of 13 milli
on articles of material valued at $100 million annually for use in Military Elec
* Serve on the division's Malcolm Baldrige Human Resource Utilization committee,
category 4.
* Developed cross-functional methodology to streamline piece part drawing mainte
nance resulting in an annual savings exceeding $1 million. Project universe enco
mpassed Contracts/Pricing, Design Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality, effec
ting their buy-in, commitment and implementation team participation.
* Increased operator productivity and organizational performance by merging, mod
ernizing and consolidating all areas of receiving inspection and engineering sup
port to maximize manageability of scarce resources.
* Evolved from incoming inspection to a strategic supplier alliance to facilitat
e Just-In-Time (JIT) material procurement.
* Championed quality objectives to achieve government certification to MIL-STD-4
54 at an off-site facility. Led intimate customer interface and continuous proce
ss improvement involving the government representatives as team members of cross
-functional teams.
* Developed internal systems for the rework of nonconforming hybrids, in-process
inspection for PWB fabrication and authored the division's Quality Plan for the
manufacture of monolithic/custom Microwave Integrated Circuits.
* Other Positions: Engineer Associate, Mechanical Technician, Component Analyst,
Technician Associate, and Assembler/wirer/solderer.
Master of Information Systems - University of Phoenix Underway - 2012
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration & BS Urban Studies - Elmhurst Colle
ge 1995
Associate of Science, Electronics - Harper College 1992
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - University of Illinois - BIS Pending Projec
t Approval
ISO 14001, Lead Assessor - QAI Registrar 2006
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Northern Illinois University - BIS 2004
TL 9000 Overview, Requirements, Measurements, and Auditing - Excel Partnership,
Inc. 1999
IS0 9000, Lead Assessor - IQA international Registrar May, 1996 ... ISO 9000:20
00 update - Mar, 2000
Certified Quality Engineer (exp), ASQC Dec, 1982
Certified Quality Auditor (exp), ASQC Sep, 1981
QuEST Forum involvement included: Chair of Global work group, Vice-chair and mee
ting manager of both TL 9000 Requirements & Measurements handbook development wo
rk groups (releases 2.5, 3.0, 3.5) and public speaker worldwide. Co-author of T
L 9000 QMS Requirements & Measurements handbooks. Recognized by the QuEST Forum
for Outstanding Leadership in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Affiliated with the A
merican Society for Quality Control and the American Production and Inventory Co
ntrol Society.
SECURITY CLEARANCE - (active while at Northrop Grumman)
Secret - Special Program / Access, Functional Security Representative