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ES, the news, both bad and good,

Y is going to be broken to yon

from a clar sky, or a dark one
as tfcT case may be, for the
United States Postoffice Department has
Its No Dream of the Itftore but '-

the G&eMki Priced Out Vim

decided to make the delivery of mail by
aeroplane an every-da- y reality instead of
the dream it has been for the last two or
three years.

of the Ibst Office Department

Experiments In the delivery of mall by
aeroplane by the department have con-
vinced the officials of the utility and
safety of air-cra- ft
in transporting the
mails, so much so In fact, that Second
Assistant Postmaster General Stewart re-
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cently announced at a dinner given In
New York by the Aero Club of America
that It was the settled policy of the de-
partment to pound away at Congress un-
til a bill authorizing the use of aeroplanes
In transporting the mails was passed, to- -

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i IW" almost perlscopic sight, such as the blrcj
nber with the necessary appropriation 'Gi
o put the system into effect.
-- Z P?r have. He could never know what side
danger was coming from, and so even
The Second Assistant Postmaster Gen-or- al
though looking ahead, his retina, sen-
declared that it was his tirm convic- &?& sitized to the rims, caught Impressions
tion, and that of other high officials of necessary to warn him ot enemies or ot
the department as well, that a bill estab v game.
lUhlnx the "United States Aerial Postal Ever since woman has been the sub-
Seriie" would be passed at the next ses- ". ject of man she has practiced modesty.
sion of Congress. Within two years. Mr $??: She has been forced to go along with
Stewart predicted, postal aviatois would downcast eyes. And yet her coquetry
be as commonplace In the United States
as railway mail clerks are today. ji has enforced upon her the necessity of
And two thousand postal aviators will & a first line of battle or defense. The call By experiments at Harvard and
bo needed just as soon as the necessary .&& for reserves always more reserves Vienna and at Paris, a woman's arc of
legislation Is enacted: 2.000 at least, ac- sounds through our aeroplane plans as sight has been measured. Manifestly
cording to Mr Stewart, thus opening a through all our military plans. the sight which more closely approaches
new field to the youth of the country who "The solution Is the preparing o'f, men the perlscopic Is better adapted for
are ambitious to rise in the world, a3 It who may serve as highly trained aerial flying, else a bird would not have de-
were. scouts, but who. until war demands their veloped this sight. A twig moving far
As there are aviation schools In plenty services, are ot use in other lines. The to his right In his Held of vision may be
all over the country the father of the Postoffice Department's plans are ot
postal aero service movement anticipates great value In Jur that regard. The the signal of a hidden enemy to the
no difficulty In recruiting a sufficient army, I am able to say, would gladly bird; in the same way it may mean dan-
corps. In fact, ever since the aero-ma- ll by training aviators for the ger in a sudden gust of wind to the
postal service at the army schools; we aviator. ' v. i
experiments were started, many applica- Diffused attention Is the opposite of
tions for places In the proposed service
have reached the Postoffice Department In frfit Si hope soon to have four of them. More
than that. It is our policy to offer to train concentration. Woman has the first,
man has the second. Diffused atten-
all national guardsmen who may Beek to
W asbington. Of course, only aviators
with licenses will be considered, and In
addition they must be able to i ass the
same rigid examinations, physical and m
Q m become proficient aviators, and to train
civilians up to the capacity of our plant"
Then, too, this proposed aero-post- al
tion Is the quality of mind that can take
In a number of details at once. This Is
also a primitive quality.
mental, as are required of the railway
ffsr service bids fair to open a new field to The advantages of diffused attention
women, although, the second assistant In flying are obvious. The contour
mall clerk. Then the element of postmaster general hasn't said so. No of the ground, the appearance ot
"nerve" will play an Important part In Ji
the sky. the sound of the motor, the
the selection of candidates, for Uncle less an authority than Professor Rudolph
of having his Henslngmuller, of the University of "feeding" of the machine, and a hun-
Sam cannot take e
dred other things must be taken into
mail scattered to the four winds because V?. Vienna, has declarc-- l that women are
better equipped, both physically and consideration and weighed all at once.
of the absence of this prime requisite In J-y- X
mentally, to sail the air than are men. Only diffused attention of the most ex-
one of his aerial mall clerks.
The department has not settled the
question of the type of aeroplane to be
KJ&2 mm Why?
Because her vision is better, she hav-
pert kind can make a perfect aviator.
Her skeleton more approaches the
adopted. However, this will not be dif- ing retained the primitive faculty of bird's. Her bones are lighter and more
ficult, as there are several machines seeing with her full retina. Entorced hollow than those of man. Jer specific
gravity Is less. '""
adapted to meet all requirements. At Brat rr-gft-
modesty has caused this.
the aerial mall routes, according to tenta- V
.. Tf - The periphery, the outer rim of a She craves excitement, and has mors
woman's retina. Is as sensitive to objects nervous endurance than man. Watch
tive plans of tho department, would be '.J.'

the speed machines at the parks, the

about one hundred miles In length, or as Is Its center, he says. A woman can
less, with another aeroplane at tho relay as Is done in the railway coach, for with operate ulth, the postoffice bureau in squadrons were tor marine service and look away from you and still see you. toboggans, the slides, etc. See the per-
training aviators for the proposed service. equippW with hydros. Her arc of sight Is almost twice that centage of women to men. Once she la
4tatIon. all In readiness to take up the the machine skimming through the air assured that a thing Is safe and If It is a
pouches brought by Aero No. 1. Thus, at a speed of 100 miles an hour or more, Brigadier General George P. Scrlven, "We have reached the conclusion," he of man's, in whom, as a rule, the
chier signal officer ot theJJnlted States said, "that the aeroplane Is Indispensable periphery of the retina Is extremely question of speed, she becomes a speed
little time would bo lost In winging the the wind might snatch a handful of let-te- n 1
mall on to New York or Cleveland or from, the aerial clerk, ;and scatter army, declared it is the immediate in- as 'the. eyes' of tfie artillery and we can bjunted to Impressions Try tho experi- maniac.
Chicago, as the case may be. them OTer two or three counties. tention of the army and navy forcessup-to no longer afford to remain indifferent to ment ot having a woman look: straight She has more Intuition. Intuition la
Tho crew of an aerial mall car would More speed in transportation from sta- open an aviation school In Texas to this branch of the service. But we can't ahead and telling yon how much she nothing more than the power of rapidly
consist. In the beginning, of one or two tion to station or pouches is the aim of plement the school already established at look for more than four squadrons of still can see on each side ot her without perceiving a number of .causes and in-
clerks and a pilot, Later on, when air- the Postoffice Department In establish- San Diego. CaL, and that the army and aerial troops at present. After all. directly looking at the objects. stantaneously synthetlzlng them. A
craft became more and more developed, ing the air service, the delivery of mall navy expected shortly to bave four aerial aerial troops' would be an auxiliary and There is a eep psychological reason woman cannot do this In abstract sub-
additional clerks would be carried. at short distances being a question left to squadrons.- Two. of these squadrons, he we can't make them out of proportion ip for this. Primitive man. who. surround- jects, but In concrete subjects, in her
Ot course, there would be little sort-la- c the future. - said, were for use on land, to be equipped the. .general establishment and the gen- ed by dangers, had to keep looking on surroundings she can. Intuition la am
of mall on board the aerial postal car The War Department la eagar. to co with aeroplaae; while the other two eral establishment is air a prorteleB tar very tide at ace, had, It U probable, essential la aeroplanlaf. '