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Patricia T. Folds
Objective To find an advanced level Clinical Social Work position commiserate w
ith my education and career experience
Qualifications Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1993
Certificate in Aging Studies received-1987
Certified Prescreener/Crisis Counselor 2004-2009
Trained-Cognitive Behavioral Therapist 2010

Education Masteras of Social Work - 1986

Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia
Medical Social Work in Micro Settings
Certificate in Aging Studies Richmond, Virginia
Specialized Credential in Aging Studies
Bacheloras of Science in Social Work - 1978
Western Carolina University Cullowhee, N. C.
McGuire VAMC - Long Term Care Unit Richmond, Virginia
Childrenas Home Society Richmond, Virginia
Juvenile Evaluation Center Swannoah, N. C.

Psychotherapist: Behavior and Stress Management Center, Inc. 3632-B Boulevard,
Colonial Heights, VA. - November 2009 to present - At Behavior and Stress Manag
ement I have been hired to work full time as a psychotherapist. In this capacity
I am agrowinga my practice and see clients from ages 5 to 105 presenting with a
wide range of psychological problems. I conduct comprehensive, biopsychosocial
intakes, diagnostic interpretation, ongoing assessment, and intensive therapeu
tic intervention using a wide range of treatment modalities. I have recently bec
ome trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which I use especially well with vic
tims of trauma such as active duty enlisted US Army Personnel and their family
members referred specifically to me by the Kenner Medical Center at Fort Lee Arm
y Base. I collaborate closely with our psychiatrist, Dr. Nicholas Emiliani, MD,
who has been a primary referral source for Ft. Lee and other government/ local
agencies/facilities for over 20 years.
August 2009 to November 2009: During this period I temporarily discontinued work
ing to assist my 81 year old mother with providing care/advocacy to her husband
(my step father) who, underwent a life threatening, open heart surgery. This pr
ocedure was more invasive than had been anticipated; and his recovery period wa
s more complicated. As his primary representative, my mother had extended hersel
f beyond a point of stable health. and was on the verge of collapse. I went home
to Greensboro, N. C. where I resided with her to provide care and intervention
as necessary until such time that she was rejuvenated and able to carry on indep
endently I chose not to return to the CSB but to instead initiate private pract
ice work so that in the future, I could be available for the two of them as need
ed. They are now both vibrant and not in need of my steady involvement.
Geriatric Specialist: Colonial Services Board 1657 Merrimac Trail Williamsburg,
VA. - Dates of Service-April 2007 to August 2009 - At the Colonial Services Bo
ard I provided counseling and case management services to consumers aged 65 and
older. Duties included completion of intakes, psychosocial assessments, developm
ent of DSM-IV Diagnoses and with clientas input, developing/implementing individ
ualized service plans, provision of outpatient counseling, intensive geriatric c
ase management services, to include substance abuse treatment, co facilitation o
f groups, and collaboration with multidisciplinary agency staff as well as repre
sentatives of community based agencies with the purpose of providing comprehensi
ve services to geriatric clientele and their families. Often my work involved ma
king of in-home visits to clients who were unable to come in to the agency for m
ental health treatment/counseling. Services provided included emergency assessme
nt, referral to various disciplines, networking to assure provision of a compreh
ensive services delivery system. Finally, I engaged in public speaking opportu
nities to educate the community on topics pertinent to the provision of mental h
ealth services.
Certified Prescreener/Evaluator: Colonial Services Board September 2003 to Janua
ry 2009 In the aftermath of the Isabel Storm I was requested by ESH administrati
on to assist Mr. Ralph Worley, then Crisis Director at the CSB to worked with
the hurricane victims at the FEMA Disaster Relief site in Poquoson, Virginia. Fo
r 10 days I served as one of the Counselors on duty there. Once this assignment
was completed, I was inspired to explore the availability of a part time positio
n with Crisis Services. Ultimately, in early 2004, I was hired for a part time p
osition as a Certified Prescreener Evaluator. My primary assignment was at what
is now Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center where I worked in the emerge
ncy room several nights each week. Duties included conducting of initial assessm
ents, completing of prescreening evaluations, pursuing of Temporary Custody Orde
rs for clients deemed to be imminently dangerous by reason of mental illness and
/or substance abuse, and providing of other clinical intervention as ordered by
physicians at SWCH. I was also assigned aafter hoursa shifts during which teleph
one counseling, provision of emergency prescreening, and collaboration with vari
ous other afirst respondersa occurred.
Counselor II: Eastern State Hospital- 4601 Ironbound Road, Williamsburg, VA. 230
89 Dates of Service May 1989 to May 1999/ and September 2001 to May 2007- As a C
ounselor II, I worked in the Hancock Geriatric Treatment Center with acutely me
ntally ill geriatric residents for whom I completed psychosocial , quarterly, a
nd annual assessments and facilitated discharge planning arrangements. I also co
ordinated all discharge planning arrangements for clients on my caseload. In the
18 years of my employment there I worked in the Geriatric Admissions Unit as we
ll as the Medical Services Unit and the Long Term (Dedicated) Dementia Unit. Alo
ng with other staff members, I participated in weekly interdisciplinary treatmen
t team meetings where together we completed the MDS document and developed diagn
oses as well as care plans for clients assigned to our team. As the teamas Clini
cal Social Worker I provided comprehensive mental health intervention to individ
uals along with facilitating groups. Group work was provided on a twice per week
basis. I also interfaced with representatives of community based agencies for t
he purpose of gleaning historical as well as clinical data and collaborated with
such agencies to provide continuity of care in the development of after care pl
ans for recovered mentally ill clients upon their return to the community.
Psychotherapist: Chapman Senior Care 9702 Gayton Road # 181 Richmond, Virginia (
804) 741-7500 Dates of Service - September 1998 to September 2001 (a portion of
this duration of service includes a full time position.) - As a psychotherapist
at CSC I provided psychological services to elderly clients residing in 11 long
term care facilities. After receiving orders for treatment from medical services
, I conducted initial psychosocial assessments, developed diagnoses based upon t
he DSM Classification system, recommended strategies to PCPas for providing beha
vioral and/or pharmacological interventions, and provided individual, couples, a
nd family counseling as deemed clinically appropriate. As requested by facilitie
s I provided classroom education to staff on biopsychosocial issues impacting th
e geriatric population.
Self Employed LCSW: Doctors Phillips, Rose, and Associates - Gloucester, Virgini
a: Dates of Service-September 1997 to 1998 This practice group hired me for a pa
rt time position as an Associate to work as the primary geriatric clinician. In
this capacity, I provided psychotherapy to adult and senior citizen clientele w
ith a wide array of presenting problems. The modalities used included Cognitive-
Behavioral, Rational Emotive, Solution Focused, and Client Centered, Relaxation,
and Validation therapies. Collaboration with other associates of this practice
offered opportunities for cross training and professional development.
Self Employed LCSW; Poplar Creek Psychological and Counseling Center - Norge, Vi
rginia: In this capacity I worked for the first time as an LCSW. This was a part
time, evening, position where I worked with various clinicians including Board
Certified Psychiatrists, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselor
s, and Registered Nurses. Such an arrangement afforded me the opportunity to pro
vide psychotherapy while learning, in vivo from other, more seasoned clinicians.
My clientele were adults and or seniors in individual, couple, family, and grou
p counseling sessions depending on the need. I left the practice to pursue furth
er specialization in my area of expertise, that of gerontology.
Social Work Consultant: Consult Care, Inc. (A subsidiary of Britthaven, Inc.) Po
st Office Box 6159 Kinston, North Carolina (phone) (252) 523-9094 - Dates of Se
rvice - June 1987 to May 1989) In this position I worked on a team with other re
gional consultants representing various disciplines. Together we provided consul
tation services to facilities in our respective region owned and operated by Bri
tthaven, Inc. My role involved the hiring, training and monitoring of social wor
kers. As a consultant I provided IPAC (internal surveys) to prepare facilities f
or Medicaid surveys.
Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman: Albermarle Regional Development and Planning
Commission - Dates of Service October 1986 -June 1987 - As an Ombudsman I provid
ed oversight and training to volunteers appointed to serve as representatives of
committees whose purpose it was to provide investigate complaints made by, or o
n behalf or residents of homes for adults and long term care facilities to susta
in the integrity of the nursing home residents Bill of Rights.
Domestic Violence Counselor: Outer Banks Hotline-Manteo North Carolina- Dates of
Service May of 1986 to October 1986 As the first Domestic Violence Counselor/Sh
elter Manager for the OBH, I helped to open and establish the first and only pro
gram of its kind on the Outer Banks. I provided individual, family, and group co
unseling services. I also lived at the shelter where I provided safe housing to
women and their children who were victims of domestic violence. My reason for le
aving was to be hired as a full time Long Term Care Ombudsman.
Social Work Department Head: Britthaven of the Outer Banks - 430 West Health Cen
ter Drive Nags Head, N. C. Years of Service - 1982-1984 - In this position, I wa
s one of the original team of department heads who originally opened this long t
erm care facility. I coordinated all admissions and provided all social work ser
vices to residents and their family. I provided training on biopsychosocial issu
es as well as residents rights. I served as the primary advocate for residents,
coordinated the residents council, and served as an agency representative on com
munity based task groups. I was so inspired by this experience that I chose to r
eturn to college to pursue my masteras degree in medical social work and, to acq
uire the Certificate in Aging Studies.
Child and Family Services Worker: Hyde County Social Services Department 1430 Ma
in Street, Swan Quarter, N. C. Years of Service September 1979 to August 1982 -
As the only child and family services worker employed with this agency, I provid
ed services in the following areas: family planning, foster care, child protecti
ve and day care services. My position required me to investigate allegations of
child abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and to work with biologic parents to dev
elop plans through which they might achieve goals to enable them to safely resid
e at home. I also filed petitions with the Hyde County JDR court as necessary to
acquire full custody of children in situations in which all other safe alternat
ives had been found to be ineffective. As necessary, I worked with certified fos
ter parents to arrange placement of such children in temporary housing. I worked
collaboratively with schools, the health department, the mental health center a
nd other agencies through a multi-agency task force to assure the provision of c
omprehensive services to Hyde Countyas children and their families. I certified
day care and foster care homes and provided monitoring to promote compliance wit
h NC general statues. I left this position to move to Manteo, N.C. where I resid
ed nearby my fianc.
Professional National Association of Social Workers


Activities Live on a river where my family and I enjoy preserving our natural h
abitat, feeding abundant wildlife, and, when possible, taking long distance ca
noeing and kayaking excursions.