Breaking Silence.

Do you know what it feels like, to spend your life in the dark? In silence that nothing can break? In a black void that not even the brightest light can pierce? No. You probably don’t. But, as you may already have guessed, I dear reader, do. My existence is miserable, time in my world flows so slowly, it seems not to pass at all. Every sunrise that I cannot see, every face that I cannot remember, makes me want to scream. But I do not have even that luxury. You might be surprised to learn this, reader, but I can hear. My ears work just fine. So why have I entitled this paper Breaking Silence? Because that is my life. I am blind, as well as mute, I cannot see nor can I speak. The constant darkness, the lack of color, of light, of warmth, is what affects me the most. I stumble through life clumsy and inept, unable to do all the things I once took such great pleasure in. And I do not even have the voice to protest. Here, on this specialized keyboard, I can feel my way around, and at least speak. Finally, I can let my feelings, my thoughts, come spilling out, and the agony that has possessed me for the last four months can at last be released. Shall I start at the beginning reader? Shall I tell you how it all began? Very well. I will tell you my tale.

Fate is a funny thing reader. Our lives are governed by it, it is unavoidable. It cannot be fought, cannot be discarded. Yes, fate rules us all. But fate can be cruel, reader. I am proof positive of that fact. That summer, fate twisted me in ways I never would have thought possible. Yet here I am.

Besides. I don’t feel to good. “ Just let me go get my hiking shoes. exploring and splashing. Alli didn’t even think. She felt as though she couldn’t stand it. I’m up. and found to her surprise that it was open a crack. Her vision was strangly blurred. a terrifying sight greeted us. smoke pouring from the windows. But Alli. Alli! Wake up! We’re here we’re here! It’s the most beautiful place ever! Probably the most beautiful in the whole world!” Even before her mind was fully awake. “ Why’d you have to sleep the whole way?” Lynn whined. the two were still very close. I had a wonderful time at the lake. you know how carsick I get. My little sister was in there. All I knew was that I had to help Lynn somehow. and a sparkling lake beckoned in the distance. to look into bright blue ones. though her sister was three years younger. Her eyes widened in shock. The entire hall was in flames.” “ Okay” They sisters chorused in unison. She charged forward.. She made it to the door. You two want to come?” Their father said jovially.” “ I wanna come though!” Alli exclaimed excitedly. Her little sister’s enthusiasm was amusing. and the family was laughing and relaxing. Several hours later. dropping low to avoid the thick smoke that threatened to disable her. “ We’re going to go start the car. can you turn of the stove please?” Her father called as he walked out the door. “ LYNN! Lynn? Where are you? LYNN!” Alli coughed and choked. It was indeed. The cozy little cottage was perched atop a small knoll. I know I certainly didn’t have a plan. she crawled inside. But when we returned to the cottage. Her eyes were burning inside her head. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I charged in through the back door.” At that moment. after an extensive unpacking session. but she could . “ We’re going to go down and check out the lake. My mother whipped out her cellphone and called 911. “ I’m up Lynn. Thats right. and her eyes felt wrong. Allison Edwards was smiling. the most beautiful place ever. “ Kids? We’re at the beach house. already in her room.” The siblings mother and father called from the front seat. the fire had spread there the fastest. dinner was simmering on the stove. but I couldn’t wait for the fireman. Now you know. “ Bored? You? Not a chance. Her mother frowned. Bleary grey orbs snapped open. she gasped in amazment. Avoiding the knob.” You look pale. the vehicle came shuddering to a stop. The house was in flames. as always. You’d better stay here. “ I was bored!” Alli snorted. “ Why don’t you two drag your luggage inside while we unpack. didn’t hear.” Lynn groaned.“ Hey. Since it was connected to the kitchen. The heat was unbearable. Alli Shook her head in awe as she went to get her bag.. She made her way through the flames to the hallway that lead to her sisters room. As Alli stepped outside.” At 16. “ I think I’ll pass guys. It was entirely my fault that the events that took place that night happened. too.

and she turned to find the flames had burst into the room. reader? When I discovered that I would never again be able to see my mother’s face. I was blind and mute. “I love you. I am now going to a school for the blind. and she helped her little sister up. She crept over to her sibling. I can have someone read my words to me. She picked up the bedside lamp. Slowly. .. Silently thanking God that the house was a ranch she dragged her protesting sister to the opening. Imagine my delight. I love you. Can you imagine my terror. Lynn was burning up. and a kindly Doctor explained my predicament. “ Alli? Whats going on?” She whispered. and pain such as Alli had never experienced exploded in her neck. she had a fever. Then. unfeeling. It wasn’t big enough for her. and have learned to read brail. and there was much less smoke. and goals. had been ripped away from me in an instant. one day. and protest all I want. not replying. Surprisingly. I could not. It struck her across the throat.” Alli choked. hopes. Then she shoved her sister out the window.. Like I said before. Alli glanced wildly around the room. I felt a presence at my bedside. To Alli’s surprise. when I found I could at last. and She turned her eyes up to see a board break off the ceiling and come plummeting towards her. A wave of heat washed over her. I love you okay? You need to get out of here now. There was a sharp cracking noise. Here on this paper. and listening? It’s almost like being able to speak again. I have found a way to break the silence after all. So maybe. her little sister opened her eyes. or say I love you to my sister? For weeks after I was released. My life. and picked her up. Blackness took her then... in a way. “ Lynn. and had sustained several injuries from the glass of the window I had shattered. It shattered immediately. just maybe reader. speak.” Those were the last words I ever spoke. but Lynn just might fit. sob. my father brought me home this keyboard. I can scream.make out her sisters still form lying on the bed. I sat unmoving. And there was nothing I could do. and spotted the small circular window on the far wall. but I couldn’t seem to make my voice work. I was not burned. I tried to cry out. and she slipped into unconsciousness. When I awoke in the hospital the next day. this room was not as hot. And tried to open my eyes. and hurled it at the glass. dreams. they couldn’t go back the way she came. fate is cruel.

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