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Heater Relay Kits

For 12 and 24 Volt DC Applications

Instruction Part Number 11-2012 Rev -

A relay kit may be necessary when
installing a Racor heater due to
power demand. Standard OE fuses,
wiring and alternator may be unable
to carry the load without overheating
or potential shorting, creating a
serious condition.
Racor relay kit’s provide higher
amperage power to the Racor heater
using the relay as an independent
‘switch’. The relay coil is energized
either from a manual toggle switch
or by means of activation, such as a
Note: Ensure the electrical supply
system can support the power
demands of the fuel heater
(and other accessories) prior to

Contact Information
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Racor Division
12 25 300 RK 11861
P.O. Box 3208
3400 Finch Road
24 12.5 360 RK 11862
Modesto, CA 95353
phone 800 344 3286 12 60 720 RK 19490-12
209 521 7860
fax 209 529 3278 24 60 1440 RK 19490-24 Note: RK 11861/RK 11862 include fuse and holder, RK 19490 kits have them built in. Special Notes: Do not use on gasoline applications.
Installation Instructions for all Kits
1. Before beginning, familiarize and ensure a durable tubing to protect exposed
yourself with the steps to be connection. wires.
taken and ensure all hardware,
5. Ensure all wires are routed 8. Never operate power relay
wiring, necessary terminals
in a manner to offer the best unit when there is no fuel in
and tools are on hand.
protection from contact with heated Racor product. This can
2. Disconnect vehicle battery permanently damage heater
other moving parts which can
ground cable before splicing and related products and
lead to chaffing and shorting
or connecting the relay unit to potentially start a fire.
out of components.
avoid electrical shock or fire. 9. Follow Installation and Use
6. Use provided wire ‘zip-ties’ to
3. The power relay unit should be Instructions provided with
secure wires to avoid vibration
mounted in a location which Racor products.
and movement - obtain more
offers protection from harsh if needed. 10. In event of a failed fuse,
environments or contact with determine reason for failure
moving parts. An engine or 7. Where additional wire lengths
before replacing.
may be needed, ensure the
cab compartment is suitable.
same gauge (AWG) and color 11. Always disconnect power from
4. Solder all electrical terminals (if possible) is used. Solder all the relay unit when servicing it
to reduce electrical resistance connections and use shrink or heated Racor products.

Wiring Diagrams
Refer to applicable diagrams
Schematic A - For Light Duty Power Relay Kits: RK 11861 and RK 11862

Relay Racor 2-wire Heater

Red 18 86 85 _ White 18
+ Connection Diagram
87 30
Optional + + Racor ‘2-wire’ fuel heaters
Toggle have no polarity!
Green 14 Black 14 Either wire may be used for hot (+)
Switch or ground (-).

Fuse Box
1A Min.
Fuse Racor
12 vdc = 25 amp
24 vdc = 15 amp Fuel

Ignition + -
Schematic B - For Light Duty Power Relay Kits: RK 11861 and RK 11862

Red 18 White 18 Racor 3-wire Heater

86 85
+ - Connection Diagram
Optional + 87 30 + Racor ‘3-wire’ fuel heaters have polarity!
Toggle Green 14 Black 14
Red wire is for hot (+)
Black wire is for ground (-) and
Switch White activates the power relay.

Fuse Box white 18

1A Min.
Fuse Racor
12 vdc = 25 amp red 14
24 vdc = 15 amp Fuel
black 14 Heater
Ignition + -

Schematic C - For Heavy Duty Power Relay Kits: RK 19490-12 and RK 19490-24

Rocker Red 10
Red 18
Switch* Alternator:
Detachable Positive (+)
Output Terminal
Black 18 YLW 18 (2) Connector

Ground Fuse Location

60 amp Racor 2-wire Heater
Connection Diagram

Fuse Box Red 10

1A Min.
Ignition + -
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