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Codie L.

2709 River Birch
Amarillo, TX 79124
Professional Profile and Objective
Successful Senior Sales Representative for a world class pharmaceutical organiza
tion for the last 9.5 years who has an established proven track record of being
a leader and top performer.
Looking to join an innovative organization that will allow to me utilize my adap
tive and versatile skills to help the organization reach ultimate sales success.
Professional Accomplishments
X Selected to be District Trainer in January 2006. Regularly helped District ma
nager with projects such as Gain Access Bring Value and power point presentation
s during district meetings.
X Selected to be District Trainer December 2007. Mentored and trained new sales
force that ultimately led effective and successful sales for district.
X Held role of District TRxpert 2003-2005; a title that is recognized as a leade
rship role responsible for helping colleagues with technical/analytical issues a
nd regular updates/upgrades with Takeda computer and software applications.
X Maintained exemplary performance and leadership with sample management. From
2005 V 2009 demonstrated Zero level for CHAMP status. This represents no varia
nce regarding compliance objectives.
X Earned overall rating of 4, Exceeds expectations, on 2009 Sales Performance Re
view. Currently working toward promotion to title of Territory Manager with Ta
keda Pharmaceuticals.
Pharmaceutical Sales Experience
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Amarillo, Texas
Senior Sales Representative 2001- Present
X Cresset Winner in 2002. Earned a trip to Hawaii, Big Island for finishing in
the top 10 percent in the Nation for sales performance.
X Cresset Winner in 2006. Earned a trip to Barcelona, Spain for finishing in th
e top 10 percent in the Nation for sales performance.
X Currently ranked #15 out of 77 in Regional ranking in sales performance.
X Currently ranked #154 out of 2291 in National ranking in sales performance.
X Current territory to date performance thru September 2010 is 135.15% of target
. This represents 104.94% goal attainment for Actos compared to Nation at 102.3
3%. This also represents 111.46% goal attainment for Uloric compared to Nation
at 97.45% and 90.39% goal attainment for Dexilant compared to Nation at 92.61%.

Blansett Pharmaceutical, Amarillo, Texas

Professional Sales Representative January 2000 - June 2001
X Successfully promoted Prolex, Nalex A and Cortane B and built a strong founda
tion for relationships and business acumen for success in my territory.
X Diligent in working on a routing that was necessary for the large geography.
Regularly spent 8-10 nights a month overnight to accommodate business needs.
Professional Experience
Melton-Clark Medical Supplies, Amarillo, Texas
Sales representative October 1998 - January 2000
X Marketed medical supplies to health care providers. Sold all types of necessa
ry supplies to doctors offices that included anything from band-aids and gauze,
needles and syringes to catheters and autoclaves.
X Regularly promoted cost saving promotions to help physicians manage the cost o
f running a productive office.

West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas
Bachelor of Science- May 1997
Major -Kinesiology
Played football for 3 yr - 2 yr letterman at quarterback