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401 12th Street, Suite 807 Arlington, VA 22202
Tel: 602-471-9035
QUALIFICATIONS For Highly knowledgeable materials scientist /engineer with lead
ership skills and experience to drive new technology and innovation incorporatin
g the very latest advances in materials and manufacturing processes. Technical l
eadership for failure analysis, fracture mechanics assessment, welding, nondestr
uctive inspection and testing. Expertise in evaluation and selection of materia
ls, welding, heat treatment, and surface coatings, mechanical testing, materials
and process design changes, manufacturing engineering, metallurgical processing
, and related areas.
General Dynamics Amphibious Systems Woodbridge, VA Oct 200
7- Present Materials Engineering Lead
Plays the central ro
le of a lead materials science expert assisting different engineering groups of
the company to select a broad spectrums of innovative materials and cutting edge
materials processing technologies for build-ups of the revolutionary Expedition
ary Fighting Vehicle ( EFV), an amphibious armored tracked vehicle for U.S. Mari
ne Corps
1-- Serves as a high level contributor/subject matter expert interacting with al
l levels of the organization influencing decisions, planning and processes to en
sure the flawless implementation of next-generation advanced materials in EFV
2-- Applies principals of chemist
ry, physics, metallurgy and material behavior to develop materials solutions bas
ed on metallic, non-metallic and composite materials for use in an engineering d
3-- Works with product team engineer
s to develop success criteria for next-generation ballistic and blast mitigation
materials and fiber reinforced composites. 4-
- Enables and ensures smooth transition of new component designs to manufacturin
g based on a wide spectrum of processes including friction stir welding, investm
ent casting, and die forging of aluminum, titanium and precipitation hardening s
tainless steel alloys. 5-- Uses materials expertise to assis
t designers in reducing weight and cost, integrating parts, improving reliabilit
y and simplifying the manufacturing assembly process.
6-- Partners with product team engineers to develop corrosion protective coati
ngs for structural materials exposed to harsh marine environment.
7-- Provides leadership for ro
ot cause analysis of component failures using expertise in fracture investigatio
ns, nondestructive inspection procedures, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, h
ydrogen embrittlement, dissimilar metal corrosion, galling, wear and weld cracki

ASHWORTH BROTHERS, INC.-Winchester, VA March 2007-Oc

t 2007
Materials R&D Engineer
Root causes analysis of materials failures, welding engineering, materials proce
ssing innovations.
RAY ASSOCIATES. - Richmond, VA March
2005- Jan 2007
Materials Engineering and Technology Consultant
Consulting service on general metallurgical and materials information, failure a
nalysis, materials problem solving, new product, process and technology innovati
on, and development of new applications, markets and business.
SANTOKU AMERICA, INC. - Phoenix, Arizona January 2000 April
Director, Advanced Specialty Materials
Retained by this Japanese rare earth metals company following its acquisition of
Rhodias Phoenix plant to lead its diversification plans into specialty metals a
Successfully guided the research and development of advanced metal alloys to tap
new markets within the aerospace, semiconductor and electronics sectors.
1--Invented a groundbreaking permanent graphite mold casting process to produce
defect-free titanium castings at 30% lower costs than ceramic investment casting
process for aerospace applications.
2--Developed proprietary manufacturing process based on high strain rate forging
of vacuum cast plates of cobalt and nickel base alloys for sputtering target ap
3--Developed RF plasma synthesis technology for fabrication of nanocrystalline r
efractory metal carbide coatings on C/C composites for high temperature applicat
RHODIA, INC. - Phoenix, Arizona January 1996
- December 1999
Technical Consultant/Senior Materials Engineer
Retained by this $6 billion chemical company following its acquisition of Marko
Materials to provide technical vision and direction to a 15-member team charged
with facilitating transition to production and commercialization of rare earth m
agnet powders. Designed and supervised construction of a 10-ton annual capacity
pilot plant facility and developed novel permanent magnet powders to fulfill Rh
odias strategic objectives.
MARKO MATERIALS, INC. N. Billerica, Massachusetts July 1979- December 1995
Founded and rapidly grew a leading edge advanced materials company. Led teams of
highly skilled professionals and oversaw finances, manufacturing operations, te
chnology transfer, intellectual property licensing, and advertising, R&D, market
ing and sales.
1-- Designed, engineered and manufactured turnkey vacuum melt spinner systems fo
r production of rapidly solidified metal alloy powders, Sold in excess of 120 sy
stems worldwide including Far East Asia and China .
2-- Built 150-ton metal powder production plant and manufactured and sold powder
s for a variety of applications.
3-- Developed and licensed proprietary high performance superalloys, titanium an
d nickel aluminides, intermetallic alloys, refractory metal matrix composites an
d iron-neodymium-boron permanent magnet alloys.
Positioned the company as a world-leading pioneer in the advanced metal powder p
rocessing technology field resulting in profitable sale of Marko Materials to Rh
odia, Inc. in 1995.
ALLIED SIGNAL, Morristown, New Jersey June 1973-Fe
bruary 1979
Materials Research Scientist/Technical Manager
Innovated, pioneered and developed proprietary rapid solidification technology a
nd new amorphous metallic glass alloys which were commercialized by the company
as soft magnetic cores in distribution transformers, electronic surveillance, ma
gnetic switches, current transducers and electromagnetic shielding.
Ph.D. (Materials Engineering)
Holder of 57 US patents in the field of advanced materials and processes. Wrote
and published over 75 technical papers on advanced materials and processes.
Personal: U.S. Citizen