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Career Objective
Seeking a position with the opportunity to best utilize and further develop my E
ith an eventual leadership position. Core competencies include:
ASIC System Design * Programming * Digital Signal Processing * Product Developme
nt * Power Electronics
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (2007), New Jersey Institute of Tech
nology, NJ
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2004), Rutgers Unive
rsity, NJ
Core Competencies and Projects:
* Lead a four-person team that utilized VHDL, Verilog, and Mentor Graphics tools
to develop and simulate an 8x8 load-balanced combined input-crosspoint buffered
packet switch that used small crosspoint buffers with virtual output queues.
* Designed a hybrid coupler at ISM frequency band of 2.45 GHz with lumped elemen
ts and Microstrip transmission lines on FR-4 substrate using Ansoft Designer sof
tware, simulated for complex S in dB and phase. Through the design gained practi
cal knowledge of waveguides, transmission line theory, scattering parameters, po
wer dividers, directional couples, phase shifters, smith chart, LC matching, sin
gle stub tuning, microstrip matching networks, passive and active components, mi
crowave transistor amplifier design, VSWR circles, noise in 2-port networks.
* Employed micromachining technology to design a miniaturized acceleration senso
r, which was fabricated by exploring the design parameter space using appropriat
e design equations. The design parameters were chosen from practical ranges allo
wed by the semiconductor micromachining technology.
* Designed a two-stage fully differential voltage-voltage amplifier using HSPICE
, PSPICE and Avanwaves simulator with 0.35 micron TSMC MOS models according to d
esired specifications.
* Designed, implemented, and configured a multithreaded UNIX web server and clie
nt in C/C++ programming language.
* Fabricated a two-input logic gate using a one-micron process; performed all ne
eded MATLAB calculations and SUPREM simulations in addition to various processin
g steps, including etching, photolithography, and diffusion.
* Provided custom layout design and simulation of a 32-bit floating point microp
rocessor ALU using Cadence IC design tools such as icfb and silicon ensemble. St
eps included: RTL synthesis, chip floorplanning, place and route, timing analysi
* Designed various DC/DC converter topologies based on given specifications usin
g steady state power converter modeling, semiconductor power switch realization,
AC circuit modeling converter, small signal transfer functions, controller desi
gn, magnetic theory and transformer design. Dealt with efficiency, switching los
ses, amount of ripple generated etc.
* Acquired practical knowledge of DSP IIR filter design, FIR filter design, DSP
algorithm implementation and applications through a project work that consisted
of a digital filter design using Butterworth polynomials and bilinear transforma
tion techniques as well as MATLAB to meet the desired specifications.
Cardinal Intellectual Property, Patent Search Professional 2008-2009
* Analyzed patent applications pertaining to semiconductor structure and manufac
ture, solid state memory, nanotechnology devices and fabrication and electrical
circuits and components. Assessed if they comply with the basic format, rules an
d legal requirements. Determined the scope of the inventions claimed by the inve
ntors. Researched CMOS VLSI, analog CMOS, microelectronic fabrication, nanostruc
tures, nanoscale devices and MEMS fields to compare similar prior inventions wit
h the invention claimed. Created reports using Microsoft Office tools based on t
he prior art search findings in the above technical areas. Delivered quality pro
duct, was able to meet high demands of customers.
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Student Telecommunications and Networking Te
chnician 2005-2006
* Assisted senior telecommunications technician specialists in managing campus t
elephone and computer networks. Set up wireless access points and performed oth
er duties, such as configuring routers, enabling ports, and changing subnets. R
esponded to support calls. Resolved network and phone issues to ensure seamless
network operation and customer satisfaction.