Outlook Questions and Answers


What is Outlook?
Microsoft Outlook is the name of a software program that combines your e-mail, calendar, meetings/appointments, contacts, address book and tasks. The calendaring function in Outlook will replace Meeting Maker this summer. At Yale, Outlook/Exchange is called the YaleConnect Service. Exchange is the server and Outlook is the client installed on each users workstation.


Why is the Library converting to Outlook/Exchange?
Yale's primary calendaring (Meeting Maker) and email infrastructures are in need of updating to ensure we have secure, reliable services with up-to-date functionality. This change is being led by ITS.


What is the timeframe for the conversion?
The Library will be converted this Spring. One weekend early this summer, email and calendaring will be unavailable while data from Meeting Maker is brought over into Exchange. The Meeting Maker system will then be shutdown and that Monday you will begin using calendaring in Outlook. Until then, all meetings should originate in Meeting Maker. To ensure a smooth transition, everyone must be on Exchange prior to June 1.


Where will my mailboxes be in Outlook?
You will have a main mailbox and a set of personal folders. The main mailbox contains items that are stored on the server. The personal folders live on the local machine.


Is there a space limitation on the Exchange Server?
Yes. The quota is 1GB. You will receive a warning when the total space of your mailboxes reaches 750MB. At 1GB you cannot send email and at 1.25GB you cannot send or receive email. You can keep as much email as you want in your locally saved email folders.

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How much mail can be stored in each mailbox?
The recommendation is 5000 messages per folder.

How do I determine how much space I've used on the Exchange server?
-Right click the Mailbox icon in the folder list, click Properties, then click the Folder Size button in the Properties dialog form. Clicking on the Server Data tab will show you how much space your e-mail is currently using.


How do I delete mail?
You can delete one message or many messages. Select the message(s) you want to delete and click the Delete Mail icon or press the Delete key on your keyboard.


How do I change the Font?:
- The default Message Font is 11-point Calibri. To change the default font for new messages: Tools > Options > Mail Format > Stationery and Fonts > Personal Stationery > New mail message > Font -To change Mail List Font: View > Current View > Customize Current View > Other Settings > Column Font

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How do I setup a Group List? (Distribution List in Contacts):
Click the New Button > Distribution List > Select New Member > Search in Contact

How do I create a Signature?:
- Options > Mail Format > Signature or Click the signature icon when composing the message. - Type the signature name - Type in the signature content - Select the Default Signature for New messages and for Reply/Forwards.


Can I create Stationery?
- Create a New Template - File > New > Mail Message (Ctrl+Shift+M) > Enter Content > Click MS Button > Save As > Save As Type (Outlook Template) > File Name > Save - By default, the Template saves in c:\Documents and Setting\netid\Application data\Microsoft templates - To use the template: Tools > Forms > Choose Form > Look in > User Templates in the System > Browse to the template that you saved and Open it.

There is one address book in your Personal Folder and there is one for main Mailbox. go to Tools > Rules and Alerts. It replaces the Email Account Management Tools. Search Base: Customer: o=yale.edu. -Click Only send during this time range.yale. (This cannot be done while in the preview pane). How do you search for text within a message? -Open the message. It can be configured from the Outlook client or from the web. The dialog box that opens displays a list of rules. you will get a context menu. To start making a rule. The major difference is. See this page for more info: http://www. y Can I set up Filters like I did in Eudora? Yes.yale. > More settings > Connection Tab: Display Name : Yale LDAP. -When in the Contact window. On that menu select Add email address to contact list. once you empty your deleted items it will be recoverable for 14 days. click "Folder size" at General Tab y How do I create an Address Book? -If you highlight any email address and right click it. Search max: 100.edu/its/connect/owa/outofofficeowa. Press F4 to bring up the search dialog box or Click Find (the binoculars icon). you might have several contacts. type the message that you want to send while you are out of the office. Ctrl + Click lets you select multiple messages that aren't necessarily next to each other and Shift + Click lets you select a series of messages. y y How do I enable Automatic Spell Checking? Tools: > Options > Spelling Tab > check "Always check spelling before sending" Can I customize the view of my mailboxes? -Edit columns Add / Remove Field: View > Current View > Customize Current View > Fields > Add / Remove Fields -Find items size of a folder: Select the folder.edu. You can create a rule that moves your mail into a folder. y How do I create folders to organize my mail? -To do this right-click either your main mailbox or personal folder list.Then you can drag and drop those messages into the new folder. Click New to start a new rule and use the wizard to specify criteria and actions. Enter your search criteria. Anything that's been deleted for 14 days can no longer be recovered. click Send out of Office Auto-Replies. -Choose your date range and type your message and click ok. : PORT: 389 > Search Tab: Search Time out: 60. which also will be available to you in the Web client.html y y Is it possible to print selections of text rather than entire messages? You will need to copy and paste the text into a new message or another program. Name the Folder and click OK -To move mail into the folder simply click and drag it into the folder. -In the AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text box.y Can I easily empty the trash and remove deleted items? -Tools > Options > "Other" Tab > Check "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon existing" -When your mail is deleted it goes into the Deleted Items folder which is similar to your trash in Eudora. -On the Tools menu. uncheck Enable Browsing > OK > Next > Finish y How do I set an Out of Office message? Outlook allows you configure Out of Office messages with start and end dates. y How do I configure the Yale directory so I can find email addresses? -Click the Tools menu > Account Settings > Address Books > New > Internet Directory Services (LDAP) > Next > Server Name : directory. number of items show at the left bottom corner -Find Folder size: Right click the folder to select Properties. So you don't have to remember to shut off your auto reply when you return. . Select New Folder. So your address book can follow you. This will keep your inbox from growing too large and help organize your mail. In Outlook they are called Rules.

2. Click the OK button. If you don¶t like Outlook¶s name. 3. This scenario will utilize a shortcut not mentioned above. The shortcut will be explained in step 3 below. 4. click these words. 4. 12. 2. In the Print dialog box. On the Ribbon.y How do I print selected text? If the e-mail message is in the HTML format. 1. 11. 1. click Selection in the Page Range section. there may be words with blue underlines in the Rules description section. 6. 7. Click the Next button. Click all the conditions which should apply to the rule. Click the Next button. Note: If the Microsoft Office Outlook dialog box appears. How to make a rule in Outlook 1. click Yes. Open the e-mail message. Scenario: Automatically send all mail on the ISUNET-L listserv to the "ISU E-mail" folder. enter a new name and then click the Finish button. . Click the Next button. 10. click Print. print the message from Internet Explorer. add any further actions. 5. 9. The message is displayed in Internet Explorer. Double-click a to open a message in Outlook that was sent to ISUNET-L. Click the type of rule you want to create. and then click View in Browser. click Other Actions. Select the text that you want to print. Click the Next button. and then click Print. If necessary. The Rules Wizard dialog box will display. On the File menu. Based on what you¶ve selected. Display the Tools menu and then click the Rules Wizard command. 8. If so. Click all the exceptions which should apply to the rule. Click the New button. 5. 3.

2. we will filter messages sent to the listserv. decide if you want to move all messages "from Chris Andre" or "to ISUNETL@listserv. If you base a rule off an existing message (by clicking Actions --> Create Rule). You'll notice that some of the fields are filled in for you. 3. Click Actions --> Create Rule. . Outlook will fill in the relevant fields for you.ilstu. This is the shortcut mentioned above. Place a checkbox next to the third box below and click Next.edu". For our example. At this point.

. . This screen asks you what you want to do with all messages sent to "ISUNET-L.." Place a checkmark here." We will choose the first option: "Move to a specified folder. Do NOT click Next quite yet.4.

For our example. Click OK. This will give you an opportunity to determine which folder these messages will be sent to. . The box below pops up and you highlight the appropriate folder. we will choose the "ISU E-Mail" folder. Click the "specified" folder link.5.

Top of the Page About Outlook Web Access (OWA) OWA is accessible anywhere on the Internet by going to: owa.ilstu.6. All new e-mails that match this criteria will automatically be moved to this folder for you. Password. At the bottom of the screen. you see the sentence that states that all messages sent to ISUNET-L will be moved to the ISU E-Mail folder. The rule is now complete.edu When you go to the link the box below will open enter your User name.sys. Click Finish. and adilstu for the domain .

If you are presented with a 2-line logon box. User name: adilstu\(your ULID) Password: Your Password Top of the Page Saving an attached file When you receive an E-mail and it contains an attachment. To download the attachment: . you must prepend your ULID with "adilstu\". The box below is an example of how to login. the attachment does not save to your computer. it stays on the server until you download it to your computer.

the Reply and Reply All. Click the OK button. but it can check before you send the message. Top of the Page Difference between Reply and Reply All When you reply to some one you can hit two buttons. a message box will display. which is usually the person who sent the message. and click on the Spelling tab. Use the guidelines below to help you decide how to proceed. Leave the word as is Leave all occurrences of the word as is Leave the word as is and add it to the dictionary Use the selected replacement instead Use the selected replacement on all occurrences When the spelling check is complete. OR Press the F7 key. Reply All will send the e-mail to the sender. the Spelling dialog box will display. Automatic spell check Outlook will not spell check like word. Display the Tools menu and then click the Spelling command.Click on the attachment in the message it will ask you if you would like to save or open Click save and choose the location that you would like to save the file (My Documents is the default) Top of the Page Spell checking an E-mail before sending it Manually spell check Display the message you want to check. Reply will send the e-mail to the address that is in the reply field of the e-mail. If Outlook finds a questionable word. as you type. Check the box next to Always check spelling before sending Click Apply and it will check spelling when you hit the send button. and the CC addresses as well . all the other addresses it was sent to. to enable this option go to: Tools then Options.

and click OK. Click OK to exit the rules wizard. A new pane will appear click on Junk e-mail. Click OK to exit the rules wizard. Top of the Page Setting up the Adult content mail rules To set up an adult content Mail filter we start by going to Tools then click Rules Wizard. 1. 15. Most people will want to delete the e-mails. 2. Since this is a simple rule click Next past the exceptions. 12. click Add to junk senders list. Click Next. 8. click Next. It may ask where the rules should be created. 6. Click the button Turn on next to New Junk messages will appear Gray. 3. 10. Put the check next to Delete it or Move it to the specified folder. Hit OK to the window that appears. 14. Check the box next to Containing adult content or from adult content site. choose Server. go to Actions. Then go to Tools then Organize to close the organize pane. 3. click Next. 10. Click From a Blank Rule Just like creating any rule click New. Click From a Blank Rule 4. then make sure Check messages when the arrive is selected and click next. 7. 13. To add senders and e-mails to the list highlight the message. Click Finish. Since this is a simple rule click Next past the exceptions. Junk email. choose Server. Click Finish. then make sure Check messages when the arrive is selected and click next. We will check Move it to the specified folder. Last step is to go to Tools then Organize. Delete or put in a folder to look at it and delete later. 6. put a check box next to Delete it 7. 2. 9. . Hit OK to the window that appears. 4.Top of the Page Setting up the Junk mail rules 1. Or click new and create a folder called Junk. To set up the Junk Mail filter we start by going to Tools then click Rules Wizard. Click Next. before clicking next you need to click on the highlighted word Specified and select a folder. 11. Just like creating any rule click New. Check the box next to Suspected to be junk e-mail or from junk senders. 5. 5. The next box you have a choice. 9. 8. It may ask where the rules should be created.

Check the "Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages" check box. 4. 4. go to Actions. Top of the Page Using Word to edit e-mails Note: If the E-mail recipient does not use Outlook. Junk email. You now will have that signature at the end of every e-mail.11. . that will open a new window. 2. Then go to Tools then Organize to close the organize pane. A new pane will appear click on Junk e-mail. 12. Click the "Mail Format" tab..". 5. 6. 13. click New to add a signature to the list When you are done adding a signature. Last step is to go to Tools then Organize. they will not see the formatting that you created while working on your message. To add a signature to new e-mails in out look go to Tools the Options. click Add to adult content senders list. Click on the Mail Format tab At the bottom of the window there is a signature portion To setup a signature click Signature Picker. 5. Click the Tools menu and select "Options. 3. 7.. 3. Click Apply. To add senders and e-mails to the list highlight the message. select it and click OK Click OK to exit options. Word is also required to see the formatting. Click OK. Top of the Page Using Outlook and Rightfax Please refer to the "Using Right fax and Outlook reference card (PDF)" Top of the Page Auto Signature when writing an E-mail 1. Click the button Turn on next to Automatically color Adult Content messages Maroon 14. 2. To use Word as Your E-mail Editor 1.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in getting this setup. Top of the Page Make contacts the default addressing look-up NOTE (1/20/04 ebh): The configuration seen below is *not* the way we originally configured Outlook. 4. Your settings should reflect the screen below. However. 1. Global Address List second.6. In the bottom box select Contacts and click on the up arrow to the right until it is the first in the list. change it to Contacts by selecting it from the drop down box. Also in the bottom box select LDAP and click on the down arrow to the right until it is the last in the list. Microsoft Word will open and you can use Word's formatting features to create your E-mail message. To change the order of where Outlook searches when you type a name in the To: box to the Contacts. 5. click the "Address Book" icon on your Outlook toolbar. Contacts should be first. and click on the Addressing tab. we've changed our recommendation. 3. Alternately. LDAP last . The first box in addressing is the Show this address list first box. When you create a new message. 2. It looks like an open book. after gaining some experience with this option and hearing back from you. just uncheck the "Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages" check box. 6. The second part is to correct the order that Outlook searches for addresses. Tip: To go back to normal formatting. go to Tools then Services.

or F5 CTRL+SHIFT+I CTRL+SHIFT+O CTRL+F7 Top of the Page New Message Forward Reply Check for new mail Switch to Inbox Switch to Outbox Spell check Message Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips .7. Top of the Page Useful Shortcut keys A larger list of shortcut keys can be found on the Outlook 2000 Quick Reference card (PDF) Key Combo Effect CTRL+SHIFT+B Display the Address Book SHIFT+left mouse On a link to specify a web button browser CTRL+SHIFT+M CTRL+F CTRL+R CTRL+M. click OK and you are done.

Top of the Page How to make the grid lines visible in your mailboxes 1. 3. Click OK and the icons will become large. Click OK. 3. Select the Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips check box. and then click the Options tab. In the menu that slides out click Customize Current View and click the Other Settings button. Top of the Page How to make an e-mail template A template in Outlook is the equivalent to stationary in Eudora. 2. We begin by starting a new e-mail by clicking the New button in the toolbar. In the box titled Grid lines choose solid in the Grid lines style box. On the Tools menu. Note: When you select the Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips check box. Click Customize under the toolbars menu. 2. To make the grid visible in Outlook start by going to View then Current View.1. From there click on the Options tab and put a check next to Large Icons. 2. . the setting affects all of your Microsoft Office programs except Microsoft Excel. To make the icons on the toolbar larger for better viewing go to View and click on Toolbars and that will open the menu. 4. 1. click Customize. Top of the Page How to make the toolbar buttons larger 1.

a PST file could hold only upto 2GB of data. PST stands for Personal Storage Tables. when you get online it will synchronize itself with your exchange server mailbox.exe utility. You will find it when you search for it in your computer. 4. at any point of time your PST files become unstable. 3. 5. Difference between OST. It is a fairly easy process. contacts. for that matter) can create it to store all your emails. calender entries and tasks. you can scan it and repair it with the Scanost. You can find a number of these applications online. When you are done. If. OST files allow you to work even when you are not connected to your exchange server (i.exe utility.. when you are offline) and then. It is possible to convert OST files to PST files using third-party applications. . From there you can type the subject and body of the e-mail that you are going to use as a template. if your OST file happens to become corrupted. you (or any user. this will open a new message using the template.e. Using templates 1. which you can find when you run a search in your computer. you can just call OST files as local copy of your Exchange mailbox. 2. All you need to do is to follow the onscreen instructions. 3. But from Outlook 2003 onwards. These PST files can be stored anywhere in your computer and it makes it that much easier for you to keep a backup copy of your PST files or move it from one computer to another.. Similarly. It is created when your emails are delivered to your Outlook mailbox and will contain all your emails. PST and DBX files: OST stands for Offline Storage Tables.2. in the new e-mail window go to File then Save as At the bottom of the Save as window there is a drop down box called Save as type: choose Outlook Template. And as it approached that limit it would start to become unstable. Select the template and click Open. These are also known as personal folders or personal files. It is a file extension used by Microsoft Outlook Express to store emails of appropriate message folder. calendar entries etc. Click Save. It is an offline folder created by MS Outlook and MS Exchange to hold offline copies of whatever exists in the Exchange server. it could hold upto 10 times that limit. To use the template that you created go to File then New. To make it more simple to understand. Until Outlook 2002. Outlook has to be in Cached mode for Offline folders to work. It is not created by Outlook or the Exchange server. Instead. In the drop down menu click on Choose Form. you can still repair it using the Scanpst. Choose User Templates in File System in the Look In Drop down menu. contacts. DBX stands for "Data base Extension".

look here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\Scanpst.exe Windows 2000: C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Scanpst. look here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Scanpst.exe or here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\Scanpst.Location of ScanPST.exe Windows XP If you don¶t have Microsoft Office installed.exe .exe /ScanOST.exe Windows Vista If you don¶t have Microsoft Office installed. look here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Scanpst.exe or here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\Scanpst. look here: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Scanpst.exe If you do have Microsoft Office installed.exe If you do have Microsoft Office installed.

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