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Denise Lorrene Davis

4203 Aspen Drive

Killeen, TX 76542
(254) 368-5192
Email Address:
OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position in Logistics Management , where I can
utilize my past experience and training.
SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over 25+ years Logistics/Supply experience and conti
nued training with the Automated Logistics Systems (PBUSE, DPAS, SDS, SPBS-R, UL
LS-S4, AWRDS, LIW, WEBVLIPS and, ILAP); Secret Security Clearance; Six Sigma Gre
en Belt and Lean process.
05/28/07 to 03/25/10, Marine Operations Supply Supervisor, AMC Watercraft (COSI
S Project), Kuwait Naval Base
Directly responsible for all day to day supply operations, supply and maintenanc
e reports, logistical analyses, functional supply training on all assigned logis
tical STAMIS systems to all newly assigned supply personnel to the COSIS team. S
ubject matter expert (SME) to analyze, make recommendations, and evaluate activi
ties of logistics management, acquisition processes, maintain and account for ,G
FE and TPE equipment, material distribution to ensure the regulatory and directi
ves are consistent with Army logistics doctrine. Overall responsible for the eff
icient accountability of 35 Army vessels and equipment worth over 10 million dol
lars with zero loss. Lead for special projects designed to resolve complex syste
mic problems affecting the organizations' entire logistics operation. Excellent
written and verbal skills.
05/21/05 to 05/27/2007, SDS/DODSASP Operations Lead, AMC ITT (FWD), Arifjan, Ku
Maintain inventory control of non-expendable property through the use of approve
d automated property management software, the Standard Depot System (SDS), and t
he Army Material Command Installation Supply System (AMCISS), Coordinate with Ar
my Material Command (AMC) customers to ensure desired logistics objectives, prio
rities, and schedules are met and can be communicated to management. Provide log
istic support sequences and time phasing, anticipate logistics problems related
to operational area and environmental factors. assist in training all new person
nel. Analyze and research information to solve anomalies. Plan and coordinate lo
gistical matters with AMC, Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) and Defense Logist
ics Agency (DLA).
Additional duties at Kuwait Naval Base Watercraft: 01/23/06 -04/06/06.
Oversight and supervising supply warehouse and procurement operations maintainin
g over 5 million dollars of vessel, BII and related equipment IAW COSIS (Care of
Stock/Supplies in Storage) requirements while providing base operation support
for WES-KNB. knowledgeable of COSIS activities and responsibilities.
05/01/04 to 12/27/04, Senior Supply Technician, AMC ITT (FWD), Arifjan, Kuwait
Ensues equipment and parts are shipped, received and distributed in an efficient
manner. Coordinate logistical activities with other staff elements of supply a
nd service. Proficient using AWRDS (Army War Reserve Deployment System) MWB auto
mated supply system and conduct training to subordinates. Serves as technical au
thority on supply related matters including acquisition, use and accounting for
expendable, durable and non-expendable equipment and parts. Plans and organizes
receipt, issue, salvage, and maintenance of records for all classes of supply. C
oordinates activities with item managers to resolve supply related problems.
02/01/02 to 02/27/04, Training Specialist IV, Anteon Corporation, Fairfax, VA,
Instructor- Effectively coordinates te development and delivery of complex train
ing programs in support of the Property Book Unit Supply (PBUSE) training object
ives. Conducts training sessions for both unit and property book, and develops c
riteria for evaluating the effectiveness of training activities. Maintains recor
ds of training activities, monitors progress, and program effectiveness. Updates
course documentation on a regular basis to ensure timeliness and relevance. Adv
anced knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques used in the developme
nt and delivery of training programs. establishes and reviews course content and
objectives. Demonstrates effective presentation and communication skills. Exper
ience developing and delivering instructor-led platform instruction.
07/16/01 to 01/27/02, Operations Coordinator, GS-09
U.S. Army Operational Test Command (C4TD). Ft. Hood, Tx
Served as Operations Specialist for the Brigade Subscriber Node, (BSN) Operation
al Test. Responsible for developing reports, data collection, consolidation, qua
lity control, data entry, data reduction and developed test operations reports.
required to assist in writing of outline for test plans, test execution and oper
ational reports. responsible for developing briefings and presenting them to the
test team and higher headquarters pertaining to the Brigade Subscriber Node sys
05/31/79 to 06/01/99, Property Book Supervisor, US Army
Duties included providing advice and recommendation on all vital matters pertain
ing to logistical support matters within the battalion. Responsible for planning
, organizing, and executing all logistical support plans and various operations
tasks. Initiated a battalion training program for all supply personnel that impr
oved the battalion's Unit Level (ULLS-S4) automated logistics system. Performed
duties as Division Property Book supervisor that included proof reading daily tr
ansactions in the Standard Property Book System-Redesign (SPBS-R), and maintaini
ng over 100 automated hand receipts. Controlled and maintained a general supplie
s account of over 500,000k and provided support within the DMMC and contract per
sonnel. Monitored and coordinated the delivery and use of all contracted goods a
nd service. Maintained current records, posting, receipts, issue adjustments, du
e in, and books coinciding with property and repair parts. Accountable for prope
rty with a net worth in excess of 100,000,000 dollars without any deficiencies o
r losses.
Central Texas College
Associates Degree
General Studies
High School Diploma (Greenville High, Greenville, AL), 1975.
06/15/1979 Automated Logistical Course, US Army; 08/05/1988 Supply Property Book
System Redesigned (SPBS-R), US Army; 09/21/1993 Equal Opportunity Course, US Ar
my; 11/04/1996 Logistics Supervisor Course (ULLS-S4); Property Book Unit Level E
nhanced (PBUSE) Course, Nov 2006
Certificate, 2007, Six Sigma Green Belt, Aveta Business Solution
Certificate, 2007, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Aveta Business Solution
Certificate, 2007, Environmental Compliance Officer, Arifjan, Kuwait
Certificate, 2006, PBUSE, Arifjan, Kuwait
Certificate, 2005, DFAS, Qatar
Certificate, 2001, Records Management
Certificate, 1998, Microsoft (Word, Excel, Access & Powerpoint)