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We don’t identify ourselves even as Hindus because it was only the people on the other

side of the river Sindhu who perceived the followers of Vedic culture as Hindus.

Vedic culture is for everyone. India is the Spiritual Leader of the World. In other words,
India is the super power in terms of spiritual heritage. America is already a super-power
in terms of machines. But the people living there are already miserable. They cant sleep
or they cant go outside freely, because there are gangsters of drunkards roaming around
the city and would kill us anytime.

Why did the British, Dutch, Portuguese and everyone else fought to conquer India,
because India is rich in everything. Even materially everything is available in India. Food
that grows so easily in the Indian soil. So many incarnations of the Lord are in India. It’s
the best place in the world for spiritual practice. The culture is still conducive for spiritual
practice. But people here are looking at the west for foolish machine advancements which
cannot make them happy.

Vedic culture has been all around the world since time immemorial. The archaelogical
findings have been hidden by the people or big shots(politicians and scientists and those
whose main aim was to make people think what they want them to think) who did not
want to promote the vedic culture. There were big statues of Maha Vishnu found in
Mexico, Russia and many other countries. But these were kept hidden from the public.

People want to promote themselves and not God. Atleast the Christians and the Islamists
promote Jesus and Allah while the false hindu saints promote themselves.

A sense of separation has been created by the politicians among the people. One example
is, in the Pakistan’s Newpaper called Dawn, whenever they mention about India, they say
only as enemy. So in this way the politicians have already created civil war among the

There are benefits provided by the government for Christians so if you get converted to a
Christian you get allowances. This way people tend to convert themselves. The
politicians, they have no idea for doing any good to the public. They have only self-
interest to amass more wealth when in power. So they create vote-banks for themselves
by creating or supporting groups. They have created groups such as Dalits, Aryans,
Dravidians etc.

In Sri Lanka, the refugees were offered a place to live in other countries provided they
get registered themselves as Christians. So when living with a family, a person would
think about the children and wife and then this seems to be the only way to emigrate from
the place which is full of riots.