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2416 Camden Lake View

Acworth, GA. 30101
Cell 770-891-6361
9/90 to 5/92 Wayne State University
Post Graduate classes in Artificial Intelligence,
Database Management, and Software Engineering
6/85 to 5/87 University of Southern Mississippi
M.S. in Computer Science and Statistics
9/72 to 5/76 University of Michigan
B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering
B.S.E. in Engineering Science
B.S. in Applied Math
Technical Summary
MVS (21 Years) COBOL II (12 Years) DB2 (15 Years)
JCL (21 Years) Teradata (12 Years) ETL (15 Years)
CICS (3 Years) DB2 Utilities (6 Years) QMF (17 Years)
PL/I (5 Years) IDMS (2 Years) VSAM (6 Years)
IMS (5 Years) Dialog Manager (2 Years) REXX (4 Years)
DYL280 (2 Years) FORTRAN (1 Year) CLIST (2Years)
MySQL (1 Year) Data Modeling (5 Year) UNIX(5 Year)
Access (1 Year) Visual Basic(1 Year) C++(2 Years)

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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IBM Certified Solutions Exp
03/02 DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for OS/390
01/02 DB2 UDB V7.1 Family Application Development
01/02 Business Intelligence
01/02 DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS/2
08/05 DB2 UDB V8.1 Database Administration for UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS/2

01/02 IBM Certified Specialist - DB2 V6.1/V7.1 User

09/04 CIW Associate
07/04 Teradata Certified Master V2R5
02/02 Teradata Certified Master
02/02 Teradata Certified Application Developer
10/01 Teradata Certified Administrator
06/01 Teradata Certified Designer
04/01 Advanced Teradata Certified Professional
04/01 Teradata Certified SQL Specialist
03/01 Teradata Certified Implementation Specialist
03/01 Teradata Certified Professional
07/04 Oracle9i Performance Tuning
05/04 Oracle9i Fundamentals II
09/02 Oracle9i Fundamentals I
04/02 Oracle9i SQL
01/04 Comptia IT Project+
12/04 Comptia Security+
10/04 Comptia Server+
09/04 Comptia I-Net+
08/04 Comptia Network+
02/03 Comptia A+

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Adjunct Professor of Computer Science/Instructor
10 years - See pages 12 and 13
Advanced Technical Training
NCR Web Base Classes (1 to 2 hours each)
Investigating Big Table Small Table (STAR) Joins Intro to Disaster Recovery
Teradata Query Optimization Teradata Self Management
Performance Turning and Analysis Overview MPP Multi-Node Systems
A Few Seconds in the Life of an SQL Request Teradata Warehouse Builder
Explaining the Explain TPump Tips and Techniques
Roles and Responsibilities of a Teradata DBA Update on Teradata V2R4
Stored Procedures Continuous Load with TPump
SQL Tips & Techniques Teradata Disk Arrays and UNIX
Teradata Access Module Processor Teradata Parsing Engine
Introduction to Data Mining for Teradata Users Understanding Join Indexes
Considerations, Choices, Consequences and Criteria for Teradata Success
Advanced Indexing for High Performance in a Teradata Data Warehouse
Anticipating & Justifying Growth - Capacity Planning Oracle to Teradata
DB2 to Teradata

NCR Instructor Lead Classes

02/02 Teradata Application Development
05/01 Ab Inito (ETL tool)
10/98 CICS

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Detail Experience
Teradata Performance Tuning
Pfizer (Teradata contract) - New York, NY.
September 2010 - December 2010
Identified poor performing queries in DBQL based on elapsed time, CPU time, skew
and Impact CPU, to analysis and conduct performance tuning. Added stats, AJI,
Secondary Indexes or rewrote query as necessary. Check tables for skewing, com
pression and good primary indices. Worked with developers and instructed them o
n good coding practices for best performance.
Teradata Production / Application DBA
Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC.
April 2010 - September 2010
Maintain production and development systems. Maintain databases, users, roles a
nd profiles and monitored running jobs for performance. Teradata tools: TASM, T
eradata Manager, PMON, Teradata Administrator, Teradata SQL Assistant, DBW, Visu
al Explain, TSET and Netvault. Worked with the development teams and with the
data modelers on new projects. Wrote Unix shell scripts that ran background Ter
adata utilities such as UPDATESPACE. Performance tuning on poor running queries
. Create load both Fastload and Multiload jobs for developers.
Teradata Development DBA / Logical and Physical Data Modeler / MySQL DBA
Lockheed Martin - Fairborn, OH.
September 2008 - April 2010
Various new projects - Created the Logical, Physical, and Concept Data Models f
or the project. Created all data object both in Teradata and MySQL. Wrote ETL
using BTEQ, Fastload, and Multiloads. Created Store Procedures and Marco. Cond
ucted performance tuning and performance analysis on all Teradata SQL. Created
QA test plans, Teradata Administration documentation, and deployment documents f
or each project.

Teradata Developer
Nationwide Insurance - Columbus, OH.
May 2008 - September 2008
Worked on the Revenue Connection team to maintain the Sales Datamart. Worked on
the Sales Planning project which migrated data from DB2 UDB to Teradata. For t
his project created load jobs using Fastload and BTEQ imports. Worked on other
special projects including with reporting team that optimize tables for Microstr
ategy reporting, claims loads, and special loads for exporting Florida and Kentu
cky data. Created new BTEQ scripts, Fastloads, Fastexports, and Mload. Externa
l documentation and presentations for the existing system.
Teradata Development DBA
RJ Reynolds - Winston-Salem, NC.
January 2008 - April 2008
Worked with development team to implement the Voyager Connect project. Worked o
n the physical design and creation of tables and views, column compression, perf
ormance tuning, set-up roles, and assist developers with ETL design. Interface
with System DBA to set-up BAR schedule, maintain space requirements, and access
2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Lead Teradata Production DBA - 4 Node Unix

DaimlerChrysler Financial Services - Detroit, MI. (Contractor)
October 2006 - January 2008
Lead DBA with one other on-site DBA and two off-shore DBA's. New production Tera
data system. Helped set-up initial Teradata system including: DBQL, Priority Sc
heduler, Account String Expansion, Teradata Manager, TDWM, Backup and Recovery p
lan. Created daily and weekly maintenance jobs for: purging and maintaining hist
ory, refresh stats, and running Packdisk. Created performance reports from DBQL
history to maintain: cpu usage/project each hour, number of report/project eac
h hour, run time/project each hour. Created monthly report to management. Monit
or normal production and worked as development DBA on new project and helped det
ermine physical model. Tools include: xDBW, Teradata Manager, PMON, Teradata A
dministrator, Teradata SQL Assistant, xSchmon, xCtl. Performance tuning of new
and existing SQL. Create jobs to enhance DBA's productivity such as "skew table
" report, "job status" report and others. Created fastload, mulitload and bteq
Teradata Production DBA - 128 Node Unix - Performance Analyst
USPS - NCR Eagan MN. (Contractor)
June 2006 - October 2006
Monitor daily performance of system and user queries. Rewrite poorly written qu
eries and worked with developers to develop coding standards. Maintain system
and work with NCR on all upgrades. Worked with DBQL, Priority Scheduler, Active
Query Manager (AQM), Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager (TDWM), Teradata Manage
r, PMON, Teradata Administrator, VprocManager, Database Window, and Teradata SQ
L Assistant. Performed weekly maintenance of running the system by running Pac
kdisk, Scan Disk and Checktable. On-call support for production problems.
Teradata Developer
AT&T - Hoffman Estates, IL (Contractor)
April 2006 - June 2006
Modified several Teradata jobs, adding SBC data into AT&T format. Updated docum
entation from SBC format into AT&T format. MVS, JCL, BTEQ, MLOAD
2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Teradata Production DBA - 8 Node Windows
Defense Commissary Agency - Richmond, VA (Contractor)
November 2005 - April 2006
Set up and maintained user accounts, roles and profiles. Reorganized the struct
ure of the Database and User accounts. Created databases, tables and views. St
arted Teradata maintenance programs to regularly run PACKDISK, SCAN DISK, and CH
ECK TABLE. Used Database Window, Teradata Command Prompt, Vprocmanager, and Ter
adata Mulitool. Implement column statistics on frequently access tables and cre
ated daily, weekly, and monthly jobs to refresh statistics. Created plan to enh
ance Priority Scheduler. Updated DBS Control Utility settings. Created a plan
to change from Access logging to DBQL. Implement a plan to add TDQM. Installed a
nd maintained NETVAULT, both clients and server, installed patches and plugins,
and implemented backups, backup schedules, and offsite rotation schedules. Inst
alled and maintained Teradata Manager clients and server. Automated several pro
cesses that previously were done manually. Maintained and enhanced aggregate jo
bs. Worked with Modeler to create new primary indexes and PPI for better perfor
mance. Created and maintain jobs using FASTLOAD, FASTEXPORT, MLOAD, and BTEQ.
Created Marcos and Stored Procedures. Created and regularly scheduled jobs that
: clean DBC tables, clear peak spool, create views, release HUT locks, and recre
ate all objects, access rights, roles, logging setting and DDL. Working on the
Startup and Shutdown procedure for the database, nodes, and disk arrays. Worked
with the AWS and the AWS console. Familiar with the NCR PUT utility. Monitor
performance with Teradata Manager and PMON, and assisted users on performance t
uning queries at the application level. Monitor cpu usage and active processes
with Task Manager and monitor the nodes with Event Viewer, at the node level. Wo
rked with NCR on all hardware issues and upgrades. On-call for production probl
DBA - Teradata 8 Node Windows, DB2, Oracle
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. - Jacksonville, FL (Contractor)
May 2005 - November 2005
Teradata DBA: Create users, roles, and databases. System restarts, Application
tuning, Backups, Restores, System tuning, Priority Scheduler, PMON, Teradata M
anager, Database Window, Ferret, Teradata Administrator, SQL Assistant, Fastload
s, Multloads, BTEQs. Netvault, Window, Unix, MVS, JCL. Production Change Contro
l and Production Support. Performance tuning, TDQM, DBQL.
DB2 DBA: Create instances, databases, backup, restores, redirected restores, us
er exits.
Oracle DBA: Create users, backup, restores, exports, imports.

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Teradate DBA
Bell South - Atlanta, GA (Contractor)
March 2004 - May 2005
Performed duties such as: performance turning, monitoring production batch jobs
, and correcting production problems as they occur. Set-up production environme
nt, include creating UNIX directory structures and Teradata databases. Create a
space management program, reorganized the database structure, created roles for
access rights. Create databases, users and manage access right. Worked with P
riority Scheduler, setting up Performance Groups and Allocation Groups. Run spe
cial backup and restores using Arcmain. Tools used: Fastload, Multiload, BTEQ,
Teradata Manager, Teradata SQL Assistant, Teradata Administrator, Visual Explain
Rotate on call for 24/7 production support.
Teradata Developer
Teradata ETL/Design
NCR - Rockville,MD. (Contractor)
October 2002 - February 2004
The first project consisted of creating a small data mart (12 tables). Used Erw
in to create a logical and physical data model, created the Teradata tables, and
loaded the data into the tables (one time load) in a UNIX system. The second a
nd larger project consisted of receiving data from an Oracle General Ledger Syst
em Transforming and Loading (ETL) the data into the Teradata General Ledger dat
a mart and creating the UNIX scripts for the daily loads process. Took this pro
ject for its' full life cycle, from initial design to production. Calculated C
apacity Planning for current and future disk space. Performance Turning and desi
gned best use of: Secondary, Joined, and Hash Indexes. Tools used: Fast load,
BTEQ, Multiload, Stored Procedures.
Teradata Developer
Southwestern Bell - St. Louis, MO. (Contractor)
May 2002 - October 2002
Created Teradata BTEQs, Stored Procedures, Multiload, Fastloads, Arcmain, Join
Indexes and Macros for SBCs re-write of their Winback program. Used REXX to dy
namically create Teradata SQL by replacing variable table names in commonly used
queries located in SQL templates. The templates were stored in Teradata tables
and were dynamically expanded. Performance Tuning of new and existing queries.

Teradata Developer
Charming Shoppes - Bensalem, Pennsylvania (Contractor)
February 2002 - May 2002
Charming Shoppes recently purchased the Lane Bryant Department stores. Extract
ed, Transformed and Loaded (ETL) from Lane Bryant's Datawarehouse to Charming Sh
oppe's Teradata Datawarehouse. Created Teradata Marcos for data balancing and
validation. Created Fastloads, MultiLoad, BTEQs, and FastExports. Analyzed and
conducted Performance Tuning on long running queries. Created Views using SQL

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Teradata DBA/Design
Baseline Consulting/Verizon Communications - Atlanta, GA. (Contractor)
April 2001 - February 2002
Converted three separate databases (Redbrick, Informix, and DB2) into one Terada
ta databases. Worked on data mapping and ETL using both Ab Inito and Cobol. Cr
eated a Logical and Physical Data Model using ERwin to create a Microsoft Access
Database, then loaded the database, from Microsoft Excel, with the Metadata for
the Teradata system. Used FastExport, FastLoad, BTEQ, and MultiLoad. Wrote pr
ograms in C++, on a Unix system, for data modifications. Created, loaded, and e
xtracted data from tables using DB2 UDB on a Window platform.
Teradata DBA/Design
Baseline Consulting /NCR/Ford Motor Company - Detroit, MI. (Contractor)
December 2000 - March 2001
Extracted data from DB2 and Oracle and loaded into Teradata for Business Objects
Reporting. Design Teradata tables and created Logical and Physical Data Models
using ERwin design tool. Used DB2 Utilities and SQLPLUS to unload tables. Use
d Teradata utilities such as FASTLOAD, BTEQ, and MULTILOAD. Used QUERYMAN for
Teradata support.
Created Physical Data Model from a completed Logical Model using ERwin. Created
a Capacity Planning Document. Determined final Primary and Secondary Index cho
ices for the Physical Model. Determined best Application Utilities and designed
production JCL for loading data. Denormalized tables and designed Join Indexes
for optimal performance. Helped in creating a one terabyte, MPP, Data warehous
e based on the Physical Model. Created Logical Data Mart
Teradata DBA/Developer
Southwestern Bell - St. Louis, MO. (Contractor)
April 2000 - December 2000
Assigned to the Teradata DBA group, which is responsible for Physical Database D
esign, including: creating tables, creating views, creating indexes, loading tab
les, and maintaining tables. This includes new development, enhancements to exi
sting programs, along with on-call production support, for ETL programs that ext
racts data from various sources, such as DB2, IMS, Oracle and datasets. Extract
ion programs were written in REXX, Cobol, SQLPLUS, and PL/I. Used REXX, to valid
ate and compare output processes. Used Teradata utilities such as FASTLOAD, BTE
Q, and MULTILOAD. Extensive use of QUERYMAN and IMS EXPERT.
Teradata Developer
JC Penney - Dallas, Texas (Contractor)
June 1999 - February 2000
New development and enhancements using, COBOL II, DB2, CICS, DYL280, & Teradata.
Created and executed special programs/jobs as requested by Business Analysts to
analysis customer buying base on special advertisements, campaigns, and newspap
er inserts. Enhanced existing advertising analysis system with new requirements.
Used CICS, DB2 and Platinum utilities, BTEQ, FASTEXPORT, MULTILOAD, & ARCMAIN.
Created Cobol programs with embedded Teradata SQL. Created Cobol programs with
Dynamic SQL. Created Cobol, CICS, DB2 programs for on-line requests to select
and update and local and remote DB2 tables using Distributed Database Facility (
DDF). Trained College Summer Interns and new transition programmers.
2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Teradata Production Support

Coca-Cola - Atlanta. Ga. (Contractor)
February 1999 - May 1999
Production Support. Corrective maintenance and enhancements of a Data Collection
Management System. Maintained a COBOL II, DB2, CICS, and Teradata (BTEQ, ITEQ,
MULTILOAD, FASTEXPORT) System. Investigated and corrected production problems,
and made enhancements as needed. One week a month was spent with a pager for a
round-the-clock support. Used CA-7 to restart jobs and Demand-In jobs. The syst
em loaded volume data, received throughout the day from bottlers located through
out the country, into Teradata tables. DB2 was used as control and as summary t
ables, and was used to validate batches prior to being loaded, trapping any reco
rds that were in error. CICS was used, accessing the DB2 tables, for the Volume
Reporting Team to review errors in the batch, review summary information, and o
ther uses.

BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corporation - Atlanta, GA. (Contractor)

October 1998 - October 1999 (Part time in evenings, working special projects upo
n request)
Production Support. Maintained and corrected production problems that occurs on
nightly batch. On call 24 hours by Computer Operations. Maintained an IMS DC
, IMS DB, DB2, COBOL II system. System is where field agents upload daily sales
and orders from their laptop to a UNIX Server. The UNIX Server FTP's the files
to the main frame is which I was responsible for maintaining. Files are upload
ed in the evening by the field agents into an IMS database, in the morning, the
processed files are downloaded to their laptops. Used File-Aid to query the IMS
database, to "desk check" code, in order to verify the accurately of output
MCI - Atlanta, GA (Contractor)
May 1998 - December 1998
Made Y2K changes in four different projects. Three of the projects consisted of
10 to 20 COBOL II programs, all using VSAM as the main data source. One of the
se three projects also contained a series of REXX & Dialog Manager Screens. The
other project consisted of six SAS programs. Worked with the test team, implem
enting test scripts, test plans and designing test data. Created test JCL and e
xecuted jobs for the test team and helped verify the results of parallel testing
Arthur Andersen / National Bank of Detroit - Atlanta, GA (Contractor)
March 1998 - May 1998
Developed 16 new financial reports for the National Bank of Detroit. The reports
were need due to a merger between the National Bank of Detroit and a Chicago ba
nk. The two different reporting systems were modified into one reporting syste
m. The development was done using COBOL II and DB2.
2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Deloitte & Touche / KMART - Troy, MI (Contractor)

October 1997 - March 1998
Designed and Implemented and system for Kmart to track the cost of merchandise f
rom the time it was purchased from the vender to the time it was sold at the sto
re. The system consisted of several parts including Freight - Vender to Distrib
ution Center, Distribution Center storage cost, Distribution Center administrati
on cost, Freight - Distribution Center to Store, Backroom Storage cost, and Inte
rest loss. I assisted on the overall technical design of the entire project, an
d was completely responsible for the physical and logical design of the DB2 data
base, creating a normalized DB2 database - including the DDL to define the colum
ns, indexes, and views.
Worked extensively with DB2 Loads, Unload, Runstats, Reorg, and Repair utilities
, Syncsorts, COBOL II, and DB2. Helped in resolving run time / performance issu
Developed eight COBOL II, DB2 programs. The SQL statements were very complex, r
equiring joins of several tables.
IBM / IKON Capital - Macon, GA (Contractor)
January 1996 - October 1997
Created countless number of reports (at least 200) mostly in crunch mode. Recei
ved initial specifications from the user which usually, requiring inaction with
the user to interpret the requirements.
Report writing used: DYL280, COBOL II, DB2, and QMF using forms, including using
FTP to download mainframe reports/data to PC directories
Ceridian - Dunwoody, GA (Contractor)
November 1995 - January 1996
Maintenance and new development of Dialog Manager screens with REXX and COBOL II
Developed a series of menu driven screens that prompted and/or gave multiple cho
ices to the user. The choices were then used in File Tailoring to update the JC
L skeletons and the jobs were submitted allowing a non-technical person to submi
t JCL.
MCI - Dunwoody, GA (Contractor)
June 1995 - November 1995
Batch maintenance, enhancements, and new development: COBOL II and VSAM
Received the input from the transaction file that was processed during the day a
nd updated a Master file and several different VSAM file some of which were FTP
to an external source.
Ceridian - Dunwoody, GA (Contractor)
January 1995 - June 1995
Developed detail test conditions and test plans, designed test scripts, and assi
sted in system and parallel testing. Ceridian was converting from a VSE system
to an MVS system. In addition to the testing duties, I was the only programmer
on the test team and wrote a COBOL II program that compared the data from a para
llel test, field by field. I was the QMF expert and set up QMF queries in QMF p
rocs for the entire test team.
2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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Chrysler Motors - Detroit, MI (Contractor)

March 1994 - January 1995
New development and enhancements for screens that is used at the car dealers' si
te. These screens are used by the service center. It included a menu driven pr
ogram that retrieved the input by entering the vehicle VIN number. Some of the
screens included: maintenance history, warranty coverage, recall notices, etc.
Used COBOL II, CICS, DB2, created BMS, and used expediter for debugging.
Ford Motor Company - Detroit, MI (Contractor)
March 1993 - March 1994
New development and enhancements on both on-line and batch applications. Both a
pplications were sales history. The on-line system broke down the sales by with
in the entire country, using one option, the sales could then be broken down by
region, using another option, the screen could be further broken down by distric
t. The sales were described by model within each of the categories. The screens
were scrolling screens, setting up a cursor and retaining the current key in th
e communications area. Used COBOL II, DB2, CICS. Created BMS's
Electronic Data Systems - Troy, MI (Employee)
January 1989 - March 1993
New development and enhancements both on-line and batch. The on-line applicatio
ns were mostly used on the factory floor for GM. It consisted of probably 100 s
creens, with 20 different subsystems. I was responsible for four different subs
ystems, at different times. Most of the screens scrolled and all used DB2. The
batch process used IMS. Created several new reports and maintenance on several
reports. In another group I was assigned to in EDS, I worked with FORTRAN on th
e VAX. I also worked with CLIST and DIALOG MANAGER on one project that allowed
the user to submit JCL using File Tailoring. All on-line and most batch program
was PL/I, DB2, & IMS-DC. Another assignment was with the Quality Assurance t
eam, there I was responsible for creating test plans and test JCL, and executin
g the test plans created by other Quality Assurance team members, for both batch
and online programs.
Internal Revenue Service - Detroit, MI (Employee)
November 1987 - January 1989
Create batch process to produce reports of corporate tax returns. Design and cr
eated on-line screens to view specific tax returns. Used COBOL, IDMS-DB, IDMS-D
United States Navy (Officer)
May 1976 - November 1987

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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06/00 - 12/00 Instructor - Columbia College - St. Louis, MO.

Taught Programming Languages, Visual Basic, Software Engineering, Computer Syste
ms & Assembly Language, College Algebra
01/99 - 03/99 Adjunct Professor - Collins County Community College - Frisco TX.
Taught Visual Basic
08/99 - 03/99 Instructor - Computer Learning Center - Garland TX.
Taught DOS 6.2, and Windows 95 (for network administers),
DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1 & Windows 95 (for end users), Cobol, Visual
Basic, and Computer Fundamentals
09/98 - 05/99 Adjunct Professor - Georgia Perimeter College
Taught C++ Programming, Pascal & Introduction to Computer Science
07/98 - 03/99 Instructor - Herzing College (Accredited 4-year college)
Taught Algebra & C++ Programming
03/93 - 12/94 Instructor - SER Business & Technical Institute
Taught WordPerfect, dBase, Lotus, Business Math, Business English, Computer Lite
racy, Typing, and Professional Development
12/89 - 12/94 Adjunct Professor - Detroit College of Business (Accredited 4-year
Taught RPG/400, RPG III, Introduction to Programming System, & System Developm

2416 Camden Lake View
Acworth, GA. 30101
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11/90 - 09/92 Instructor - America Career Academy

Taught WordPerfect, dBase, Lotus, Typing, Math, English, Office Procedures, Empl
oyment Readiness
09/88 - 01/89 Instructor - Jordan College
Taught Introduction to Computers, Supercal, & dBase
07/88 - 09/90 Programming Instructor - Programming System Institute
Taught beginning programming students in Basic, Assembler, RPG III, & COBOL

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