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1056 Brooksville Road * Louisville, MS 39339
662.736.2562 *
Versatile, dedicated, ethical and performance-driven management professional lev
eraging highly developed technical, analytical, and leadership skills.
Technical Engineering: Broad range of expertise extending across telecommunicati
ons, IT, electronic and mechanical engineering, and technical support; proven ab
ility to plan, design, build, and maintain complex systems and components at hig
hest levels of readiness.
* Logistics Management: Accountable for multimillion-dollar budgets and resource
s; oversee all aspects of inventory procurement, manufacturing, storage, transpo
rtation, and distribution. Work effectively with internal teams and vendors to e
nsure materials are secured quickly and managed in compliance with company, indu
stry, and Federal requirements.
* Personnel Management: Outstanding training, Motivational team building, and su
pervisory skills; adept at organizing groups for greater efficiency, directing c
ross-functional project efforts, and leading teams to achieve superior results u
nder the most adverse conditions.
* Key Strengths: Creative and tenacious problem solver; accurately identify cust
omer needs and project / operational, construction requirements, and devise soun
d solutions for achieving objectives. Strong communication, interpersonal, and p
resentation skills key to building positive relationships with stakeholders. Not
ed for delivering sound advice to senior-and executive-level management.
Bachelor of Science candidate, Information Technology and Integrated Systems - e
Professional Development
- Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) Training
- PATRIOT Warrant Officer Course
- Ethical Leadership & Management Development
- Six Sigma, Kaizen/ Lean Training
- Skills for Professional Development and Writing
- Standard Army Maintenance System - Enhanced 2 (SAMS-E2)
- Environmental Compliance Officer / Hazard First Responder Course
- Certified Professional Divemaster Diver, Professional Association of Diving In
structors (PADI)
- Currently In-training with Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System aka, DO
- Heavy Equipment licensed
Technical Proficiencies
- Windows 7, Linux, Unix, Cisco networking gear, AutoCAD 2007, Visio Drafter, MS
Office Suite, Oracle 10G, MS Project Professional 2007
- Familiar with Wireshark and VMWARE.
RAYTHEON, Saudi Arabia
Field Engineer (2007 - Present)
Work closely with Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces customer to provide technical e
xpertise and training on operation and maintenance of sophisticated weapons syst
ems; focus on PATRIOT weapons defense system involving wide range of electrical
and electronic disciplines, including digital, analog, radio, microwave, radar,
communications (HF, VHF and UHF), automotive, data link, and power generator com
ponents. Quality Assurance and Control of million dollar defense weapon systems.
Key Contributions:
* Proposed solutions to enhance equipment designs and modifications; created par
ts lists and assembly / schematic drawings to define system changes and new comp
onent requirements, and generated documentation and repair procedures for modifi
ed assemblies.
* Worked effectively with Procurement to locate global vendors and secure new an
d replacement parts; determined proper disposition of returned parts based on co
st, stock quantities, and repair potential.
* Skillfully resolved technical problems impacting system operations and repair;
analyzed system and component failures, and recommend solutions to reduce cost
and downtime; efforts included creating drawings and specifications of items sui
table for local manufacturing or procurement.
* Excelled as sole Engineer at remote site for nine-month period, and earned per
formance awards for outstanding customer service for two consecutive years.
Air Defense Systems Manager (1996 - 2007)
Trained and led teams to operate, maintain, and repair multimillion-dollar (PATR
IOT) air and missile defense (AMD) systems. Supervised equipment procurement, mo
vement, placement, installation, and testing; monitored operations to identify s
ystem malfunctions or operator errors, enforced safety and security protocols, a
nd advised senior decision-makers on mission planning, design, and execution. Ea
rned steady career advancement into senior management position, with stellar per
formance marked by receipt of dozens of prestigious awards including two Meritor
ious Service Medals, five Army Commendation Medals, and five Army Achievement me
Key Roles and Contributions:
* Maintenance & Logistical Officer: Managed maintenance activity to keep PATRIOT
missile systems in South Korea at peak readiness. Collaborated with Major Item
Repair (MIR) Raytheon engineers and military personnel to complete high-priority
tests. Spearheaded troubleshooting and repair of launch components containing l
ive munitions.
- Reorganized unit to gain benefit from two-tier maintenance process; consistent
ly maintained 97% or higher readiness rate for all equipment, leading team to re
ceive executive recognition for exceptional performance during major inspections
- Orchestrated successful component upgrades on advanced PATRIOT equipment.
- Led transition of unit from operations in Iraq back to Korea, returning equipm
ent to Fully Mission Capable (FMC) status in record time.
- Played pivotal role in team selection for major tests and exercises, including
repeat requests for participation in operational and development tests at White
Sands Missile Range.
- Directed late night, long-distance movements of entire unit, successfully comp
leting hazardous, 300Km transportation of personnel and equipment.
- Upgraded and adjusted Demand Mandatory Parts Lists (DMPL), ensuring proper sto
ck levels for more than 800 line items.
* Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO)

- Managed unit's entire automation infrastructure, including Cisco routers & swi
tches, network hardware, and user accounts.
* Environmental Compliance / Hazardous First Responder Officer
- Oversaw all HAZMAT control and response, accident prevention, regulations, and
worker health and safety programs.
- Ensuring safe and secure storage, transportation, and dispensation of hazardou
s materials including used motor oil, radioactive items, and live munitions.