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Robert Moorhead

PO Box 26840
Fresno, CA 93720

Regarding: Surface Water Treatment Manager

In response to your brochure regarding this position, please accept the enclosed
resume for your consideration.
I have had extensive experience in the water treatment profession. In over twen
ty-five years of experience, I have worked in both operations, affiliated labora
tory environments and served the community as a college level water science inst
ructor: constantly striving with others to improve both the production and deli
very of treated water. Being very familiar with both regulations and water supp
ly engineering, I have put extensive effort in helping to produce the best water
possible in a cost effective manner. Some of my specific accomplishments inclu
Starting up both a 42 MGD SCADA treatment plant and a State Certified Laboratory
Project Coordinator for a full scale three month ozone plant disinfection stud
y on both SWP and the Kern River.
Wrote the Executive Summary Report of that study.
Developed CT values based on in-house tracer studies; computerized the results t
o enable rapid and efficient use by operational staff.
Created numerous computer programs for operational and laboratory manipulation o
f data: enabling rapid access to information plus generating various reports for
regulatory agencies.
Managed a State Certified Laboratory and assisted treatment plant personnel in b
oth regulatory and technical operations of both operation and distribution syste
Instructor of Water Science has given me the privilege of not just sharing this
experience but helping others (from widely different backgrounds) grow and appre
ciate the profession.
Because of my diversified background, I have been able to adapt to new situation
s and manage multiple projects simultaneously. In addition, I recognize the nee
d to keep constantly learning and to pass new information and skills on to other
s within the work environment.


Robert Moorhead

Robert Moorhead
T5 State of California Water Treatment Operator
D3 State of California Distribution Operator
Grade 4 AWWA Laboratory Analyst
BS Environmental Health (water/wastewater)
Masters in Business Administration

OBJECTIVE: Management Water Quality

Jan 04 to City of Fresno, Water Division, Fresno, CA
Present Chief of Operations Surface Water Treatment
Chief of Operations/Laboratory Director for the first surface water treatment fa
cility in City of Fresno. Represented the Citys interest, during the constructi
on phase, of a 30 MGD conventional water treatment plant. As such, I helped set
tle numerous disagreements between general contractor, designer, project manager
and construction inspectors. My primary concern was keeping the project on sch
edule and that we stayed on the critical path. I hired a team of four T3 operat
ors, gave them plant specific training and we began the process of removing the
"bugs" in the system.
Supervised staff Operators and a Senior Operator, plus I took on the broader rol
e of how the treatment facility related to the community, other water related ag
encies, and within the Department of Public Utilities itself. Conducted several
"neighborhood meetings" to introduce the customers to our new water source. Re
presented the City at numerous water related meeting at both the City, County an
d State level. Submitted an award winning paper to the Fall AWWA conference in
2008 and was asked to present it at the following conference under the source wa
ter protection division. Helped draft the strategic plan and balanced score car
d for the Department of Public Utilities. Started up the first State Certified
Lab in the water division. Responsible for many activities for the treatment fa
cility as a whole: safety program, yearly budget, operating policies and procedu
res, strategic planning, conduct employee performance evaluations, coaching sess
ions, and disciplinary investigations, maintain good working relationships with
regulatory agencies, etc. Provided emergency back-up for the treatment facility
at all times.
August 1996 to Central Coast Water Authority, Buellton, CA
Present Laboratory Director (Specialist)
Assisted in the start-up of a new 42 MGD conventional water treatment plant usin
g SPW water. The plant is designed to maximize the reduction of DBP and my prim
ary responsibility is to manage a State Certified Laboratory and monitor treatme
nt plant performance using GC, HPLC, TOC, particle count analysis, etc. all to
maximize and optimize treatment practices. A significant part of my time is de
voted to training and assisting five operators plus staying current with SCDA de
velopments as to be knowledgeable enough to operate the plant (in emergencies).
Helped write and keep current various operational documents: Business Plan, Eme
rgency Response Plan, Quality Control (for both the plant and the lab). Routine
ly submit EPA and CA-DOHS documents: Monthly Summary of Monitoring for Surface
Water Treatment Regulations, the Annual Water Quality Report (and CCRs), and the
Quarterly TTHM and HAA5 Data.
1996 to 2004 Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, CA
Instructor (Water Science), Applied Sciences
Instructor for a three semester unit, State Approved academic course: Basic Wate
r Treatment. The emphasis of the course being to provide the students with both
theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to understand the essential conce
pts of water science. In addition, it fulfills the States requirement for eligi
bility to apply for Californias Grade II (or higher) water operator certificatio
n. The class is well attended (40 to 80 students), by those with a wide variety
of backgrounds both educationally and pertinent work experience. Consequently
, various teaching techniques are applied: from Socratic to special math worksho
ps. Everything being flexible so as to reach and inspire a wide audience.

June 1992 to Kern County Water Agency, Bakersfield, CA

August 1996 Laboratory Director
Provide technical support for a 38 MGD conventional water treatment facility wit
h four different source waters available. Was project coordinator for a 3 month
ozone pilot plant study to examine TTHM reduction on our source water. Wrote t
he Executive Summary Report on the results of that study. Conducted treatment p
lant tracer studies, negotiated with State regulators and programmed CT calculat
ions -- for use by operators. Managed a State Certified Laboratory with two to
four technicians, supplied and interpreted various quality control report to oth
er departments plus State and Federal regulatory agencies. Maintained laborator
y quality control documents, conducted safety programs, and numerous other busin
ess reports (budgeting, capital improvements, purchasing, etc.). Served as chem
ist responsible for producing organic data and submitted all laboratory data (in
organic, microbiological, etc) to the State for Title 22 Reporting. Regularly a
ttended and addressed Board Meetings.

June 1979 to Kern County Water Agency, Bakersfield, CA

March 1992 Treatment Plant Operator, Senior and Treatment Plant Operator
Operated a 38 MGD conventional treatment plant: set chemical feed rates, establi
shed required chlorination dosage to meet required CT parameters, operated and s
upervised a centralized distribution system (for the City). Was responsible for
troubleshooting operational problems and for testing treatment alternatives (fo
r example, reduction TTHMs and other DBPs). Wrote the computer program for the
Daily Operation Log plus numerous other programs which performed the routine dat
a crunching for such things as calculation of chemical costs, dosage, inventory,
and supplies. Have extensive experience treating SWP, Kern River, and groundwa
ter sources.

April 1997 to Beatrice Foods, Silver Springs Bottled Water, San Diego, CA
June 1979 Laboratory Director / Safety Officer
Reported directly to the Vice President. Designed and obtained State Certificat
ion for a Water Quality Control Laboratory. Supervised three technicians. Resp
onsible for water quality utilizing ozone, fluoride, membrane technology (RO/DI)
, and groundwater. Handled the more difficult customer complaints. Initiated a
very successful accident prevention program and conducted safety and quality co
ntrol training for 150 employees.

Dec of 2008 California University, Fresno
Masters in Business Administration
June of 1979 California University, San Diego
B.S. in Environmental Health (with emphasis is water/wastewater engineering)
Deans List, 3.5 GPA
9/84 California University, Bakersfield
Graduate Course: Groundwater Hydrology
1/95 Managing Human Resources

Technical T5 CA Certified Water Treatment Operator

Certificates Grade 4 AWWA Water Quality Analyst
D3 CA Certified Water Distribution Operator