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Universiti Utara Malaysia

Volume 2 | Issue 2 30th June 2010

01 New partners ! tn takers
- a warm welcome to our new partners! PERFORMANCE 09/10
02 National CONVENTION 2010
- new term, new ambition!
Month ICX OGX Total
Goals 96 60 156
- are you ready to be YOUR OWN BOSS? Actual 63 51 114
Total 63 51 73.06% achieved
04 Our partners and supporters
- AIESEC in UUM’s great partners *as of 20th June 2010
As the term draws to a close, AIESEC in UUM had
achieved 81 in Absolute Growth and 253.13%

NEW PARTNERS ! Relative Growth! Kudos to the outgoing team and

may this be an inspiration for the incoming team!
specialized in paddy and rice processing
equipmentToday, AGRO-INDUS has over
26 years in turn-key projects, machinery
supply, and excellent customer’s service
and project consultation.

Agro-Industrial Supplies AGRO-INDUS growth has been consistently

[M] Sdn. Bhd. characterized by its massive investments in
innovative technologies, product research
or more popularly known as AGRO-INDUS, and now produces ISO 9001:2000 certified
is actively engaged in both agricultural and products meeting the total quality for
industrial machinery, plant engineering expert.The pioneering, innovative and
and projects in Malaysia and many Asian creative spirit of AGRO-INDUS team has
countries. lead to many successful new development
and implementations of cost effective
Established in 1981, AGRO-INDUS started systems throughout Asia.
as a specialist in seed and grain handling,
processing with close co-operation with
well known Danish manufacturers. In
1990, AGRO-INDUS took a quantum leap
with a Japanese manufacturer in rapid
modernization of rice processing industry Berjaya Resorts, Langkawi
and with Danish manufacturers in process
material management and innovative Home to Unesco’s World GeoPark, discover
drying in Asia. the island said to have inspired love and
miracles. Cocooned within a rainforest
The company has been growing steadily sanctuary, Berjaya Langkawi Resort
with many pioneering projects and embraces boundless views of emerald
successful plants upgrading to its credit. waters and green-cushioned mountains.
AGRO-INDUS has been constantly referred With an array of convention facilities and
to as a foremost innovator by customers inspired spa treatments complemented
and standard quality appreciated even by with heartfelt services, moments are filled
the competitors. In 1994, TOYO-AGRO was with a sense of natural connection and
introduced as the company’s premium brand harmonious retreat.
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Universiti Utara Malaysia

National convention
(NATCON 2010)
a staggering total of 1160 realizations
while the previous term goal for new ER
raises of 171 is now 280!

Also, several National Initiatives were

introduced. Amongst them were; a new
Internal Communication PYlatform, re-
Date: 20th-26th June 2010 initialization of the Lah! Troop campaign,
Objective: National Planning Meet and the National Recruitment Drive. Not to
Attendees: Management Team (2010/2011) be left out is the new Global Competency
Venue: Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Model

National Convention (NATCON) 2010 at Along with the new term ambition,
Universiti Malaya started off with a pre- “To be the top global youth leadership
NATCON for planning purposes and moved organization”, FOUR National Focus Areas
onto a National Pioneers Conference (NPC) were introduced; Process Efficiency, X + L,
crash course before
the start of Day 1.

The Annual General

Meeting had
seen the Member
Committee from
term 2009/2010
discharged from
their positions
and ushered in
the new term with
Mohamad Alif as
the newly elected
Member Committee

Amongst the changes made in the goals Quality Management as well as Branding
include the increase of the previous and Positioning.
realization goals of the Incoming Exchange
MCVP External Relations: Cheah Kar Fei
Department, Outgoing Exchange MCVP Communications: Vincent
Department and also the number of MCVP Incoming Exchange: Foo Jing Wen
new raises from the External Relations MCVP Finance & Administration: Jolene Sew
Department. The increases are shown MCVP Outgoing Exchange: Lim Wai Leong
below: MCVP Talent Management: Evelyn Chan
Youth Engagement Manager: Lim Kar Teck
Corporate Relations Manager: Howard Tee
The previous term goal of 707 realizations alent Management Manager: Michele Chang
has now been updated to the current one: Expansion Manager: Amanda Wong

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