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House 28 Halkett Place St Helier,Jersey, Channel Isles JE2

4WG T:+447024093269


Sequel to the recent screening process which was conducted by

the screening department of Crystal Logistics and Freight Group
Ltd, the Board of Management of this Company is pleased to
offer you an employment with details below;


JOB LOCATION: St Helier, Channel Isles
APPROVAL DATE: 1st June 2011
STARTING DATE: 20th July 2011

Should you accept this job offer, per Company policy, you are
to report on this date in order to attend our two week’s
orientation before your job commencement and you will be
eligible to receive the following:

Salary: Monthly Net starting salary of £ 8,160.00 (Eight

Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Great Britain Pounds) paid
through your preferred choice of payment either international
certified Bank draft or telegraphic Transfer / Bank wire. This is
the net salary after UK Tax deductions have been effected.
Performance Bonuses: Effective upon satisfactory completion
of the first 90 days of employment, and based upon the goals
and objectives agreed to in the performance development
planning process with your Manager, you may be eligible for a
bonus. The bonus plan for this year and beyond, should such a
plan exist, will be based on the formula determined by Crystal
Logistics and Freight Group Ltd for that year.
Benefits: Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd provide
benefits for all employees include:
Child daycare assistance and Education assistance
 Vacation: Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd has 40
working days annual leave exclusive of public / religious
holidays and sick leaves, which can be taken at any time during
the year (subject to approval).During any of your vacation,
Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd shall pay for your flight
ticket, pay you GBP 8,540.00 as leave allowance and as well
pay you 4,200.00 GBP flat rate travel / entertainment
allowance together with other allowances.
 Health, dental, life and disability insurance
 One Laptop Computer, Visa, Flight Ticket.

28/05/2011 @ Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd

Accommodation: Accommodation will be Four-Bed-Room
Apartment for married staffs relocating with their family and
Two-Bed-Room Apartment for single staff, this accommodation
is free; alongside accommodation allowances. Services of
Chauffeurs, gardeners, stewards and butlers are available upon
request by Employees at the expense of Crystal Logistics and
Freight Group Ltd.
Insurance: Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd will provide
Employee with Life Insurance coverage, hospitalization and
major Medical Insurance at no cost to the Employee. Such
Employee's dependants may be covered under such Insurance
policy, subject to the terms of such policy, at the expense of
Visa / Work Permit: Upon completion of the mandatory Jersey
Police Clearance Process from the UK / Jersey Police, the
company shall procure your Visa, Work Permit / Residency
Permit and all these will be sent down to you alongside the
hard copy of your Job Offer Letter and Certificate of
Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket shall be included on the
package which we are going to send to you through courier
Interview: There shall be no other form of interview as this is
an online recruitment process and your basis of selection were
strongly based on your professional experience and some core
values found in your resume by the screening department,
there will only be an orientation and training section for you to
educate you more on your environment and the challenges
facing you. You have already been selected to work for us and
we want you to consider this offer and get back to us while you
submit your credentials for screening.

On acceptance of the terms of the Contract, you are required

to complete the last page, sign and attach a copy of your
passport size photograph on the space given, scan and send a
copy back to us for Notarization of your Appointment/Contract
and also send a copy to the Crystal Logistics and Freight Group
Ltd Accredited UK Solicitor for the completion of your Jersey
Police Clearance Process and acquisition of your Jersey Police
Clearance Certificate.

All incoming Employee's are expected to complete Jersey Police

Clearance Process to enable the Crystal Logistics and Freight
Group Ltd acquire a valid UK Work Visa from the UK Home
Office on behalf of the Employee for this is an indisputable
policy of the UK Government Migratory Law and it's also in line
with sub-section 12.3 Article11.42 of the Crystal Logistics and
Freight Group Ltd, UK Constitutional policy and code of conduct
which you must adhere to. Contact the below Law Firm /
Solicitors to complete the required Jersey Police Clearance
A: D.W. Roberts Solicitors
St. Helier, Channel Islands

28/05/2011 @ Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd

Queen's House, Don Road.
T: +44 (0)701 112 0785

The processing/administrative fee Solicitors for the Completion

of your Jersey Police Clearance process is directly your
responsibility because the United Kingdom Government requires
that you make the payment from your current location to
ensure that you are financially independent before your entry
into the United Kingdom. However, this fee will be reimbursed
to you by management on completion of the procurement of
your UK / Jersey Work and Residence Permit / Visa. You shall
not pay for visa fee, as the Company shall pay for all charges on
the process of applying for your Residence and Work Permit /
Visa through the United Kingdom Home Office.

Upon completion of your Jersey Police Clearance processes,

issues to us scan copies of the below documents for the
processing of your valid traveling papers:
1. Scan copy of your valid passport (at least 6 months to
2. Scan copy of your recent full-face Colored Photographs.
3. Scan copy of your Jersey Police Clearance Certificate
4. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job Offer Letter

On completion of the procurement of your Residence and Work

Permit / Visa, Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd shall send
to you through courier service the following items:
1. Residence and Work Permit / Visa and Flight Ticket
2. Job offer Letter (Hard Copy), Job offer Certificate, New-Hire
Instructions (Pamphlet)
3. Discover Jersey (Magazine from the Ministry of Tourism; 2009
4. First Nine Months upfront salary plus some basic allowances

CONTRACT TERMS: Employee shall be employed by Employer for

a period of Three (3) years from the effective date
aforementioned. This letter of agreement shall be
automatically renewed for a successive additional One (1) year
term unless notice of termination is given in writing by either
party to the other party at least thirty (30) days prior to the
expiration of the initial term or any such renewal term.
agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with,
and be governed by, the laws of the UK / Jersey Government
and the second ministerial meeting between European Union
(EU) on employment, which was held in Brussels on 11th
October 1999, where regulations were adopted on Immigration
Reform and Control Act, you will need to present
documentation demonstrating that you have authorization to
work in United Kingdom. We at Crystal Logistics and Freight
Group Ltd hope that you'll accept this job offer and look
forward to meet you. 

28/05/2011 @ Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd

This Employment offer has been approved by the management
of Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd on this day Saturday
28th May 2011.

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Mr. James Wat

Samantha Roy
(Human Resources Manager)
(Executive Secretary)

Accept Job Offer

By signing and dating this letter below, I,

Accept this Job Offer of

__________________________________________ By, CRYSTAL


Your Signature: _________________________________ Date:


28/05/2011 @ Crystal Logistics and Freight Group Ltd