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Islamic Banking & Finance

Understanding Islamic Mortgages in the British Context: A Wasted Opportunity

The Guardian says, “[Islamic finance] has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global banking
industry, expanding by between 15% and 20% a year. Assets held by institutions adhering to Islamic finance
principles now amount to nearly 1 trillion dollars.”
Professor of Economics Stefan Szymanski from London’s Cass Business School comments, “You just have
to measure how many billions of dollars Islamic finance already handles in a year. If that grows over the years,
it will become a universal part of every business school.”
Professor Rodney Wilson from Durham University adds, “Shariah compliant products [including
mortgage] have been developed … to serve most of [Muslims’] financial needs and these products are at least
as efficient as their conventional counterparts.”

T his workshop offers an introduction to the potential opportunities in the highly relevant and fast-
evolving sector of Islamic Banking and Finance, with a focus on Islamic mortgages. The workshop
aims to trace succinctly the history of Islamic mortgages in Britain. Our notable
speakers will discuss the potential advantages of Islamic banking and finance in
general and those of Islamic mortgage finance in particular from the perspective
of British Law. In addition, we will give an independent overview of the various
products and services currently available in Islamic finance law.

Who should attend? Students interested in Banking and Finance,

especially in Islamic Banking and Finance; Institutions keen to create an
Islamic Finance Window in their organisations; Mortgage providers; Financial advisors from various
financial institutions such as banks/building societies.

22 June 2011
1:00 — 4:00 PM
Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education
124 Blackness Road Dundee DD1 5PE
Islamic Banking & Finance
Understanding Islamic Mortgages in the British Context: A Wasted Opportunity

Workshop Speakers:
 Professor Malory Nye, Principal of Al-Maktoum College, Dundee, Scotland
 Dr Alhagi Manta Drammen, Lecturer in Study of Islam and Muslims, Al-Maktoum College
 Dr Luqman Zakariyah, Teaching Fellow in Study of Islam and Muslims, Al-Maktoum College
 Ms Tahreem Khan, PhD Candidate, Al-Maktoum College
 Mr Saftar Sarwar, Managing Partner of Kingdom Capital Partners LLP

After the workshop the participants:

√ will be acquainted with various opportunities in Islamic mortgage markets.
√ will acquire knowledge of terminologies commonly used in Islamic Banking
and Finance especially with mortgage products.
√ will be able to spot the similarities and differences between conventional and
Islamic mortgages.

Workshop Coordinator : Dr Luqman Zakariyah

Workshop Fees

£ 5.00 for Individuals

£ 50.00 for Corporate Funded

Please email Workshop Coordinator to register or for academic information
For administrative help or general information, please email Ms Emily Hunter
Or call +44 (0)1382 908070