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Searching for accommodations in New York City can be intense, whether you are relocating from abroad, within the United States or within New York. The New York Film Academy’s Housing Department is a resource for students who are embarking on a search for a place to live during their attendance. We can assist you to navigate the challenging New York City housing market.

An overview of housing options.
BEWARE OF SCAMS. There are many scams in the housing market.
Before considering making any payments, ensure the apartment you are looking into is a legitimate location. Use this guide as one resource to help identify scams. There are many different types of living situations you can opt for. • One way to avoid the possibility of encountering scams is to choose to stay in the New York Film Academy’s student residence. You can book a bed directly through the Academy. • There are also student residences that can be booked independently. • You can find a homestay where you will live with a prescreened family. • You can find a private room in a shared apartment or you can find a full apartment both furnished and unfurnished. This guide will go over how to proceed with all of these options and what price ranges to expect with each of them. If you are a short term student (less than 1 year), you should focus your search on either the Amsterdam residence or on the short term options that follow. Short term furnished apartments can be very costly. So please have a realistic budget in mind when searching. It is possible to find more affordable accommodations, but they will mostly be shared situations in either Brooklyn or Queens where there are many very nice neighborhoods. If you are a long term student (1 year or more), you should look at any of the student residence options. Or you can look into finding an apartment or a room in an apartment. We strongly recommend a student residence for any younger students, especially those that are not from the New York area or who are living away from home for the first time. **If your preference is to find an apartment or a room in an apartment please note it can be very difficult to try to search for and set up anything from afar. You should book yourself a hotel or short-term accommodations for 1-2 weeks after your arrival, but before you begin your program, so you can actively look at places once you are physically here. Once you arrive, you can meet with a housing coordinator at the New York Film Academy who can guide you on how to begin and successfully complete your search.

microwave.. The in-residence staff and 24/7 security make your every day living experience fun.. designer furnishings. high-speed internet.500 sq. Central Park. . From here you are a short ride directly to both the Union Square and the SoHo Academy locations as well as connections to wherever you need to go throughout the NYC area. large windows and a private bathroom are all part of the experience. a fitness center and laundry. A short subway ride away. newly renovated with state-of-the art. markets and cultural happenings all around you. ft. not to mention cable TV. The 1760 3rd Avenue Residence is a 19story hi-rise. refrigerator. retail stores. you’ll savor the extraordinary affordable restaurants. flat-screen TV/DVD player. lounges. safe and full of support. There’s always something great going on with the host of in-house facilities including a 3. Living in the Yorkville area. eco everything! Beautiful. a large multi-media room and more. 1760 3rd Avenue provides a great New York City housing experience. 24/7 security. and the incredible vistas of the East River Esplanade. The 1760 residence is a very short walk to the number 6 subway. a game room. fitness facility. the works! All designed for student living at its best! The residence is just minutes from New York City activities including the amazing Museum Mile.1760 Student Residence 1760 3rd Avenue @ 97th Street The 1760 Residence is the only student residence the New York Film Academy can directly set up. all year long.

a full size refrigerator. We have a limited number of triple and single rooms as well. a private bathroom with shower in the room. What this means is that there are two New York Film Academy students in each room. chair. We have mostly double rooms. and a microwave. . Each room has a private bathroom so the only person/people you will share it with will be your roommate(s). What is in the room? Each room is fully furnished with a twin XL bed. wardrobe closet and dresser for each occupant. desk. The rooms are equipped with phone lines with local and long distance calling. The room does NOT include bedding/linens of any sort. The rooms have large windows as well as air-conditioning and heat. high speed internet.  1760 Student Residence Room types The New York Film Academy occupies two floors of this 19-floor student only residence. It has a 27" LCD television with a built in DVD player and premium channel cable mounted on the wall.

** These rates are for long term (1 year or more) programs. THESE PAYMENTS CANNOT BE MADE MONTHLY. There is an Internet computer lounge.425/month The bi-yearly charges are based on your specific program and length of stay. There is a large pay per load laundry facility as well as a very large state of the art fitness center. air hockey table and a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall with couches. . Single: $2.050/month Double: $1.575/month Triple: $1. Prices Housing payments are made twice a year with your tuition. Short term rates are strictly based on availability. The building has 24 hour security and 6 elevators.1760 Student Residence What is in the building? The 1760 building has a number of communal kitchens with convection ovens and multi-burner stovetops as well as prep space and eating areas. There are also quiet study lounges and conference rooms. **All prices are subject to change without notice. a game lounge with a pool table.

. At this point you can either: walk 11 blocks to 97th street. At 15th St take the or train (green line) UPTOWN 3 stops to 86th street. turn right and walk 1 block to 3rd Avenue -ORTRANSFER to the train UPTOWN 1 stop to 96th street. Exit the subway and walk 1 block East to 3rd Ave and 1 block North to 97th street.Tour the 1760 Student Residence 1760 Residence 1760 3rd Avenue (at 97th Street) open tour everyday at 330pm from Union Square: Walk to 15th Street.

cable TV. . Single room: Call Sara's Homestay at up to 4 weeks: $385/week 1-212-564-5979 4 wks to 11 wks .com Double room: **prices are subject to up to 4 weeks: $330/week change without notice. desk and chair.5% discount or book online at 12 wks or more . • Lounge with high speed and wireless internet. The residence is blocks from Central Park and Lincoln Center.10% discount www. How much? How to book. and a fully equipped kitchen with stoves and microwave ovens.sarahomestay. The location is wonderfully located one block from the 1 train.5% discount 12 wks or more . desktop computers. • Bathrooms and showers on every floor that only allow one person in at a time. so they are private. They are not stalls where many people use it at the same time and they are cleaned twice daily.Other Student Residences Amsterdam Residence – SHORT or LONG term The Amsterdam Residence is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. • 24 Hour Security. You can book as little as 1 week at this residence. 4 wks to 11 wks . • Rooms are all air-conditioned and equipped with their own refrigerator. sink. • Coin operated washing machines and dryers in the building.10% discount The Amsterdam Residence is the only student residence that will accommodate SHORT TERM stays.

• 24/7 security. with security guards who know your name • Fast. Residence at 92Y offers: • Private and two person rooms • A safe. Call the DeHirsch at 1-212-415-5660 or 1-800-858-4692 or book online at www. How to book. Museum Mile. and we’ll try to make it work • Free housekeeping and linen service • Close to Central Park & subways.300 person/month Small Double Room*: $1.dehirsch.550 Double Room*: $1. It is an international community of undergraduate and graduate students.650 Single Room: $1. young professionals and interns. and more • Special discounts to 92Y’s full service gym and pool We have 350 beds. One of them is waiting for you! Residence is by application only and is limited to full time students. Exception: We require a full 4-month commitment from September 1st to December 31st. free wi-fi • Flexible scheduling: call us.200 person/month *Shared rooms are for those 28 years of age and younger.  Other Student Residences DeHirsch Residence The DeHirsch is a residence at the 92nd Street Y. friendly environment at a cultural organization that’s been creating community since . **Prices are subject to change without notice. interns and/or fully employed young men and women for housing periods of 30 days or longer. How much? Large Single Room: $1.

TV. (no cooking) Shared bathrooms . Good selection of fullyfurnished apartments in all areas of Manhattan including many 646-410-3880 Offering a large selection of short and long term furnished apartments through out the city. There are some good Average room sizes are 8’ x 14’. Bowery and 2nd Avenue Tel:212-533-7749 Email:YLoria@aol. Only one person per room. integrity. vanity with hot and cold Dorm (up 4 people): $55.00/per night Private room (2 people): $95. This agency caters to students in the downtown area. especially if you have a roommate. Easy application Priscilla Barros Furnished & unfurnished apartments with prices starting at $1695/mo. No exceptions. closet.00/week. Many apartments in Soho/West Village. American Dream Hostel 168 East 24th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenue) Tel: 212-260 9779 Email: americandream24@aol. two and three-bedroom apartments in downtown area.1 person Private room (1 person): $75. Citi-Habitats Tel: 212-533-1300 Peter Jakobson pjsr@jakobson. An industry leader for more than a decade.50/per night .00/per night Private room (3 people): $135. .Short Term Options Here is a list of some short term housing options. Room charge is $250. and are furnished with: Single http://www. Unfurnished apartments come with furniture rental referral.3e3dorm. they are “dedicated to honesty. wireless internet access (optional with minimal fee). review the website for pictures and details. and professionalism to deliver the best possible results. refrigerator.there are two toilets and one shower on each Contact: Erin Alls Office: 212-462-4766 Fees charged depending on length of night Jakobson Properties www. 3 East 3rd Dorm 3 East 3rd Street btwn. one. desk and chair. air conditioner.00 security deposit and $250.” Maison International www.

murrayhillinn. Whether your needs are for just one month or a year. Daily maid service. near 3rd Ave 10% discount off agency fee for NYFA students. . Cable TV in each Tel.: 212-673-1730 Operated by Quaker community. enjoy the luxury and comfort of your own home away from home. Signature Properties www.penington. 24-hr concierge service. Murray Hill Inn 143 E 30th St. Single rooms: $85/night. 15th St.:212-545-0879 "Euro style" shared bathroom.500/month. Apartments are located throughout downtown Manhattan and on the west side.: 212-875-4100 Maximum stay is 25 days. Daily rates include dinner and long term room rates include 6 breakfasts and dinners per week. you don’t have to be Japanese to use their Tel: 212-989-1234 Contact: Takumi or Nobue Andre Alves andre@spnewyork.Short Term Options Here is a list of some short term housing options. Double bed/Shared bath: $109/night Double bed/private bath: $149/night Twin bed/private bath: $161 Queen or King bed/private bath $179 or $199 Penington Friends House 215 Tel. This agency caters to visiting Japanese clientele but they have some great deals and provide an excellent service no matter where you are from. Tel: 212-475-4756 x240 Signature Properties features luxury furnished apartments starting at $ Tel.spnewyork. JCSA INC www.ymcanyc. 63rd (Central Park West) www. Many room choices starting at $102. Double rooms: $110/night Long-term rooms: $883-1479/month West Side YMCA 5W.

$109/night plus tax Double Room: $99 . $20 . Communal kitchen & lounge. Dormitory Bed: $29. 101st St. Broadway Hotel & Hostel 230 W. Shared dorm rooms and private rooms available. paintings on walls.hinewyork. 20th Street www. 101st St. International Student Center 33 W 88th St (Central Park West) www.: 212-545-8000 Convenient location. Chelsea Star is perfect for students seeking affordable housing for short-term programs or temporary housing prior to a permanent move-in www. Chelsea International Hotel 251 W.$149/night plus tax The Gershwin Hotel 7 East 27th Street Tel.: 212-244-7827 Centrally located in Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea Tel.) www. painted floors.gershwinhotel.: 212-787-7706 Women only and Co-ed dorms.: 212-647-0010 Dormitory Style Rooms are either male or female only $38/night .00+/per night .org Tel. Chelsea Star Hotel 300 W. (Corner of Broadway & W.  Short Term Options Here is a list of some short term housing options.) Tel: 212-865-7710 Email: reservations@broadwayhotelnyc.per person Private room (2 people): $169.$170/night.$40/night plus tax Single Room: $79 .00+/per night .99 .: 212-932-2300 Dorm style room: $35-52/night Private family rooms: $135/day w/ shared bathroom Private family rooms: $150/day w/private bathroom. You may Check In 24 hours a day. 30th Street www. great style. Maximum stay 14 days Rates: Shared rooms starting at $40/night Hosteling International NY 891 Amsterdam Ave (103rd Tel. Max stay is 14 days.30/night.broadwayhotelnyc. 7 days a Dorm (up to 2 people): $36. Dorm-style shared rooms.

(6th & 7th Ave) http://www. Curfew: Sun-Thurs 11pm. Must give notice two weeks before leaving.: 212-967-9000 Includes 2 meals a day & maid service.WOMEN ONLY 340 W 85th St.54th St. Ages Tel. shared bathrooms. Fri-Sat midnight.: 212-757-6989 cenmariany@mindspring.: 212-242-2400 Includes 2 meals. High security building. Curfew is 11:30pm Sun-Thurs. Sat breakfast only.: 212-496-6901 All rooms are single occupancy. $100 non-refundable registration fee. Must complete application in advance. The Brandon Residence -. two meals a day. Optional linen service available. Centro Maria Residence -. All visitors must sign in & out.WOMEN ONLY 539 W.WOMEN ONLY 419 W 34th St. The Webster Apartment Tel. Must pay in advance. Daily rates:$70/person Weekly rates: 1-4 weeks: $300/person. 20th St. Single room: $215/week Double rooms: $190/week Triple rooms: $180/week Markle Residence for Women Tel. Furnished rooms with shared bath $1023 to $1218. Must work at least 15hrs/wk outside of residence (part-time is fine). Cable TV. midnight Fri-Sat. Single only. www.sacredheartresidence. Sacred Heart -. house keeping service. No stereo after 11pm. Rates are for either single or double rooms. Breakfast & dinner included Mon-Fri.  Short Term Options Here is a list of some short term housing options. if more than 4 weeks: $280/person Monthly rates: $1040/person   . Single rooms: $240/week for full-time students/interns.WOMEN ONLY 123 W 13th St. (10th & 11th Ave) Tel. No guests after midnight. Application form can be faxed if abroad.thebrandon. Min stay 4wks. Minimum 1 month stay. Private baths. Operated by religious sisters of Immaculate. www. Single rooms $1435/mo Double rooms $1385/mo Quads $980/mo.WOMEN ONLY 432 W.: 212-929-5790 Breakfast & dinner included. (9th & 10th Ave) www. otherwise you must pick it up.websterapartments. shared bathrooms.

nor are they involved in any transaction or handle any payments. To locate a room in an apartment on craigslist: • Go to newyork.craigslist. It is a great place to find accommodations but it is a VERY large site and the listings posted are not monitored or verified by the site. doorman building for $1100. so you need to use discretion and be aware of scams. it most likely isn’t real. Having to use the anonomized craigslist email address is a good sign. Only give money once you’ve physically been to and seen the apartment. Keep in mind that Craigslist is not accountable for listings on their site. Renting a room in an apartment is the most common type of housing in NYC. 2-bedroom apartment with a balcony for rent in Union Square in a luxury. it probably is. Trust your instincts! If a listing sounds too good to be true.Craigslist Craigslist. (they are either gone or relisted) • Typically someone renting a room in their apartment will NOT give their phone number or real email address in a and click on the ROOMS/SHARED link under the “housing” section. Never send anyone your bank account or social security number. If you are asked to use money gram or western union or If a landlord is “unfortunately” out of town. • Always put a minimum (of at least $400) as well as a maximum price. Never wire money. • Don’t type anything in the “search for:” field • Use the tabs on the top of the page to switch between the Boroughs • Don’t bother looking at listings older than 2 days. high-rise. If you see a fully furnished. or out of the country and they ask you to wire them the funds you should walk away. .com is a site where New Yorkers can post ads for apartments or rooms for rent in their apartment.

$1. . $2. . .com www. . . . . .880 1 Bedroom . . .kannekt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .rentals. . . . . .roomorama. . .com/ . .432-$1. . . . . .streeteasy. . . . . . . It will be helpful to explore and familiarize yourself with the various New York City neighborhoods. . . . .487 1 Bedroom .com (Lease Guaranty) www. $2. .576-$3.  An Apartment Thinking about an apartment… When searching for an apartment. .com www. . . . . . . . . . . .citi-habitats. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .nyhabitat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Average 2009 price in a Doorman Elevator building in Manhattan: Studio . . . . . . . . . . $3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com (Guide) www. . The Housing department will pass on any listings of available apartments and shares that we have to interested www. . $2.citirelocation. . . . .woogo. . . . . . . . . .671 2 Bedroom . .urbansherpany. . . . . . . . . . . .com Off-Campus Housing Resources www. . . . . . . .010 -$2. . . . Roommate Shares & Subleases www.367 2 Bedroom . .com (building directory) www. . .com www. . . . . . . . . . we recommend that you begin your housing search around 30 days before your desired arrival date. . . . . . . . . . . . .363-$3. . . . . .com (Jersey) www. . .com (Neighborhoods)Classified Sections www. . . . If you are able. . .com www. . . .com www. . .insurent. .635-$2. . . . .074 1 Bedroom . $1. .nybits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It is best to familiarize yourself with the New York City neighborhoods as early as possible. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .roomster. . . . . . .nybits. .housingmaps. . . . . . . . . . . .rentalhouses.907 *Market data from figures provided in the Citi Habitats 2009 Black and White Report. . . . .com www. .577 2 Bedroom . . . .com www. . . . .608-$4. . . . . . . . . . $2. . . . . . . .sublet. . . .com Apartment Listings www. . . . . . .villagevoice. . . . $1. . . . . . . . $1. . . . . . .776 Average 2009 price in a Walk-up building in Manhattan: Studio . . . . . . . .883-$5. . . . . . .howtorentinnyc. . . . .com www. . . . . . . . . we suggest visiting the city and the school before you move which will assist you later on while you are searching accommodations. . . . . .com www. . . . .nytimes. . . . . . . . .577 Average 2009 price in an non-Doorman Elevator building in Manhattan: Studio .com www. . . . . . . .padmapper. .961-$2. . . . . . . .com(unfurnished) www. . . . . . . . . . . . . .787-$2. . . . . . . . .

Sublease (Sublet) . Using a Broker: A broker is someone you can hire to locate an apartment for you. Be sure to get receipts for any money paid. Lease . The New York Times has the classified ads available online and in print. Some brokers will offer a discounted fee to students. written agreement between a landlord and tenant that grants the legal right to reside for a specifically stated length of time. It is important to have written and signed contracts for all leases before making a payment.A month-to-month is also a legally binding agreement between a landlord and tenant which may be terminated for any reason as long as written notification is given 30 days in advance. Many local bookstores carry apartment guides and travel guides for New York City. A broker will compile listings that fit your needs and then will show you the apartments. where you want to live and what your budget is. Each broker will have a different fee.A lease is a legally binding.A Roommate/Share is an arrangement where one rents an apartment with one or more individuals who already live in the apartment. we can provide you with relevant online resources. We recommend that you only enter into a written agreement. Once we have assessed your housing needs. Subletting may be prohibited by the original lease or require written permission from the landlord. Month-to-Month .An Apartment Searching for an apartment… When you are searching for apartments it is very important to check the legitimacy of any apartment or company you work with. It is important to ask about this before you start working with them. Roommate/Share . Local Resources: If you have friends or family living in or around the NYC region. Local newspapers also have a classified section with apartment listings. Remember to discuss all fees at the beginning so there are no surprises. This arrangement may be organized where one or more roommates may or may not be on the lease as a tenant.An agreement where a tenant grants use of all or part of the leased property to another person. so be sure to discuss the fee before discussing any apartments. Please contact the New York Film Academy Housing Department for a list of these resources. who is known as the (sub)‘lessee’. find a roommate or a find a broker/management company. When you meet with a broker you should be prepared to tell them what kind of apartment you want. ask them for suggestions. A broker’s fee in New York City is usually equivalent to 15% of a year’s worth of rent and is due upon the lease signing. Online Resources: There are many websites that can help you find an apartment. .

a guarantor. Guarantor : For students who do not meet the income. If your guarantor does not have a social security number. Guarantors will be required to provide financial documents and credit information. also known as a co-signer is another option. a higher credit score will help. he/she might not be accepted or there may be an additional deposit required. If your income is lower than the customary requirement. If your rent is $2. most landlords will require that you actively earn annually 40 times the amount of the monthly rent. Credit : Good credit is essential. or credit requirements. Income: In NYC.000 per month then you will need to actively earn $80. additional assets may help you secure an apartment. Landlords use your credit rating and history to determine whether or not you would be a financially responsible tenant.  An Apartment Applying for an apartment… Landlords approve applicants based on several different criteria.000 annually. A guarantor will take the financial liability and terms of your lease if you are unable or unwilling to fulfill it. Having 6 to 12 months of rent available in a bank account may persuade a landlord to accept multiple months of rent or security deposit paid in advance as an alternative way to approve you. Assets: If you have poor credit or if you have no credit. . Most landlords will require that a guarantor actively earn annually 80 times the amount of the monthly rent.

Your landlord may ask for at least three months' deposit on an apartment. If you can choose a guarantor in the NY area. Be prepared to pay the application fee and deposit. if applicable) Bank statements (Yours and your guarantor’s. that will be best. if applicable) Tax returns (Yours and your guarantor’s. Expect them to ask for the following: A completed application A legal photo ID. Checkbook (many management companies require an official check. investigate or guarantee the legitimacy or quality of any accommodation aside from our dormitory residence.An Apartment Applying for an apartment… Preparing to sign: Make sure to contact your landlord or broker before the lease signing and find out exactly what they need you to bring. . if your guarantor is not employed in the United States. It is likely that you will need a guarantor since you do not have a social security number or a credit history in the States. Nor do we endorse. The New York Film Academy will not be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of any accommodation found with the resources or advice within this booklet. The New York Film Academy does not get involved in pre or post agreement discussions with landlords or brokers. such as a bank check or cashiers check or money order) Letter of employment Pay stubs (Yours and your guarantor’s. if applicable) Landlord reference letter Enrollment letter from NYFA International Students: You will want to set up a local bank account and have the information available. Discounted commission rate to NYFA 29-17A 23rd Ave. Cantonese. Jackson Heights.metropolisrentals.000 satisfied clients. . www. Brooklyn Queens Metropolis Realty www. Manhattan Apartments is an easy commute to all NYC apartments for rent and for sale. Location Location Location is a new generation real estate agency. German. Manhattan Mark David www.remax-villa. we have the ability and the desire to provide our clients with the most personalized and professional Real Estate services in New Jersey. Windsor 496 Driggs Ave. Office: 212. New Jersey Remax Villa www.  Agents & Agencies Heights Berkeley Realty Inc. Apts & Lofts www.3location3. We are located in the heart of Chelsea.2680 Manhattan Apartments rents over customers receive the most positive. Russian. Long Island City. Mandarin.manhattanapts. Located in the heart of the city at 48th Street and 7th Avenue. staff & alumni.378. and Portuguese. Astoria Office: 718-545-9700 Angela Metaras Cell: 917-776-4591 Servicing Astoria. 560 Broadway in SoHo Simon Goldthorpe Cell: 646-238-1555 306 Grove Street Jersey City.bestaptsnyc. Prospect Heights. Best Apts www. We are minutes from Atlantic Terminal Station. Languages spoken include French. Dumbo. Hebrew. Elmhurst. 4th 119 West 23rd ST #300 Office: 212-367-7166 212-367-7868 info@bestaptsnyc. With over 150 729 7th Avenue. Brooklyn. highest quality levels of service Alex Maroni Office: 718-399-2222 x13 Cell: 917-704-3102 A go to agency. Woodside & Sunnyside. occasionally short term leases can be arranged. Specializing in Park Slope. and service available in 17 languages. Portland Ave. Location Location Location www. Brooklyn Rolan Sereny Cell: 718-384-5304 88 S. Location has a personal and professional commitment to doing good business with good people. Manhattan Apts www. Fort Greene and Clinton Hills. and we're at the ready seven days a week to help you successfully navigate the new realty climate we're in. Specializing in Williamsburg. Mainly long term unfurnished rentals. Wide selection of ‘no fee’ and partial fee We strive to guarantee that all aptsandlofts. we can meet the needs of clients from all over. We're centrally located in Fort Greene. Greenpoint. NJ Office: 201-946-2700 Marietta Pineda Cell: 917 570-5977 With more than 70 Agents and our 30 years of experience. Brooklyn Office: 718-222-1199 Lorie Cell: 917-804-0692 info@3location3.000 apartments a year to over 8.aptsandlofts.markdavidny.

hardwood floors. has the city at its fingertips. telephones. private 212-966-8898 138 Lafayette Street $196-$259 double. video. high ceilings. cable TV. room service. Restaurant. rooms have TV.larchmonthotel. in-room data ports. 24-hour room service.starwoodhotels. trendy hotel with 75 rooms.  Hotels Greenwich Village-SoHo-Union Square W Hotel – Union Square 212-966-6060 147 Mercer Street Studios start from $525/night. massage. $119-145 double.hidowntown-nyc. 212-253-9119 201 Park Avenue South (across the street from NYFA Union Square) W New York Union Square's landmark 1911 beaux arts Guardian Life building. recently renovated deluxe rooms available.chelseainn. restaurant on premises. Sony plasma TVs. Chelsea Inn 212-989-9333 27 West 11th Street $90-125 single. secretarial services. Rates vary seasonally. . Washington Square Hotel www. re-invented by David Rockwell. 212-645-8989 46 West 17th Street Room rates start from $89 per room per night (plus taxes). writing desk. $219-249 family. high-speed wireless. in-room safes.wshotel. 24-hour concierge. slippers. and comfortable. Mercer Hotel www. $249-$329 exec. meeting rooms. $149-165 queen. ceiling fans. dry cleaning/laundry service. AC. Room rates start from $399 per room per night (plus taxes). mini-library. everything you'd expect from this good-value chain: clean.mercerhotel. Holiday Inn Downtown www. All rooms w/ shared bathroom (except family). robe. sink. and CD libraries. Small. 212-777-9515 103 Waverly Place $187-$340/night 160 rooms. In SoHo on the northern edge of Chinatown. Larchmont Hotel www. bar.

com 212-243-3700 222 West 23rd Street Nightly rates start at $195/single.hotelchelsea. Comfort Inn www. individual AC and climate control. Central location in 212-679-0680 160 East 25th Street Rates start from $80/night and $504/week (with student discount). Murray Hill Inn www. All rooms include cable TV.comfortinnmanhattan. Amenities are not included in this beautiful Bohemian 212-545-0879 143 East 30th Street $79-85 dbl shared bath. bathroom.carltonarms. 1700 beautifully renovated rooms with new furniture and carpeting. multi-lingual staff. shower. . and TV.murrayhillinn. AM/FM clock radios. Hotel Pennsylvania www. A Ramada Hotel. Chelsea Hotel www. radio. iron and ironing board. a work desk with reading lamp.hotelpenn. New Yorker Hotel www. The 400 rooms in this world famous hotel are large and comfortable with eclectic furnishings and optional wood-burning fireplaces and/or kitchenettes. Call or go online for more rates. Starting from $109/night. All accommodations come standard with numerous amenities and hotel services. telephones with voice mail. Call or go online for more rates. large color televisions. free coffee and continental breakfast. Affordable European-style boutique hotel in excellent location with a personable staff. $235/double. Call for long-term. all rooms include a hair 212-947-0200 42 West 35th Street Peak $169-$344/night.Hotels Gramercy-Midtown Carlton Arms Hotel 212-736-5000 401 7th Ave and 33rd St. and bellman 212-971-0101 481 8th Avenue Starting from $199/night. Pet-friendly. $99-125 dbl private bath. $199 private deluxe. Off-Peak $135-$179. Every wall and ceiling is covered with a mural.

com 212-269-6400 52 William Street Club Quarters 212-945-0100 102 North End Ave. free drinks every night 5:30pm-7:30 pm. in-room safe. Wall Street Inn www. a 280-room. exercise facility. two-line 212-232-7700 51 Nassau Street $161-469/weekday night. 4 restaurants. . a 46-room hotel that features lofty ceilings.thewallstreetinn. complimentary in-room high-speed Internet access plus wireless access in public areas. etc. Stylishly furnished in an urban contemporary design. pool. Furnished Quarters www.embassynewyork. full soundproofing. VCR . color TV with premium cable featuring HBO. offers unique and affordable alternatives to hotels by providing the spaciousness. complimentary breakfast.  Hotels Financial District Club Quarters www. $225-$350/night.clubquarters. movie theaters on site. first-class business 212-385-4900 85 West Street $400-550/night. Holiday Inn Wall Street www. very modern 212-747-1500 9 South William St.furnishedquarters.holidayinn. $249–937/night. central location. private. sauna. central location. all two-room suites for 4-6 people. New York’s largest provider of furnished 800-871-3446 158 West 27th Street. 3rd Floor Furnished aerobics lessons. internet access in rooms. online booking discount. Marriott Financial www. free access to New York Sports left (full service). comfort and conveniences of a home. is located in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. Embassy Suites New York City www. refrigerator. work desk with high-speed internet access. marble tile baths.

not all are en suite. No breakfast is 212-463-0330 131 West 23rd Street Price Range: $282 to $486 per night There are 14 rooms in this five-story townhouse. Accommodations include an expanded continental breakfast along with fresh fruit.243-9669 318 West 22nd St (Between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue) Price Range: $130 to $300 per night Located in Chelsea. There is high-speed Internet access and wireless access in the breakfast room.west-eleventh.Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfasts are a great choice for temporary accommodations.675-5481 83 Horatio Street (West Village/ Meatpacking District) Price Range: $160 to $200 per night This is a triple-threat location! At the base of the Highline. however you can find a more exhaustive list at www. All rooms are air-conditioned with cable 212-675-7897 278 West 11th Street (Between West 4th & Bleeker) Price Range: $250 to $350 per night All accommodations are artistically decorated.VCR. and wireless access. air-conditioned and have a private bath. freshly baked muffins. private phone with answering machine. Beautifully appointed rooms that offer a comfortable elegance of a country home. cereal. adjacent to the Meat Packing District. fruit. The Inn on 23rd www. Continental breakfast is served each morning in the library. queen or king-size beds. Accommodations are single or double occupancy.Innon23rd. Every themed room has a private 212-243-5384 21 Eighth Ave (between West 12th & Jane St) Price Range: $159 to $259 per night Each has a private bath. deluxe rooms have private bathrooms. a safe. Every apartment has a ceiling fan and a microwave. Colonial House Inn www. Here is a list of Bed and Breakfasts in downtown Manhattan. refrigerator. 212. Cereals. English muffins. and hairdryer. bagels. and our specially blended coffee. Rooms to Let www. West Eleventh Townhouse Apartments www. Abingdon Guest House www. juice and coffee are among the this B&B offers guests a variety of accommodations in a very welcoming environment. stereo. 212. Amenities include cable TV.Colonialhouseinn. . and central to the historic West Village. Economy and standard rooms share baths.

Neighborhood Map Manhattan Queens Brooklyn *map not to scale .

  New York Film Academy 100 East 17th Street New 212.674.4300 .nyfa. NY 10003 www.

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