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We publish around twenty of our own titles each year—and we just celebrated our twentieth anniversary, so we’ve got quite a selection by now. We also distribute several thousand other titles from other independent presses, each one of which has been hand-selected by our collective because we think it has something relevant or important to offer—or, in some cases, just because we like it and think you will too. Our goal isn’t profit, although we do have to pay the rent. Our goal is supplying radical words and images to as many people as


AK PreSS is a worker-run collective that publishes and distributes books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material. We offer a range of titles exploring such essential topics as anarchist history and theory, US and world politics, labor, race, gender, radical arts and culture, ecology and sustainable living, and many more. We’re anarchists, which is reflected both in the books in our catalog and in the way we organize our business. Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute, and how we structure our labor. Through both our publishing and distribution efforts, we hope to amplify the voices of people and movements that are asking challenging questions and providing thought-provoking answers. And through our very existence, we hope to demonstrate that it is, in fact, possible and desirable for workers to self-manage. We’re doing it all without bosses or managers—and so can you!

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2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution ABOuT AK PreSS / STOre FrIeNDS 1 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, Summer 2011 .
Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come
Edited by Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou ISBN: 9780983059714 352 pp. • PB $18.00
AK Distribution Exclusive

Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs: A Novel
D.D. Johnston ISBN: 9781849350617 252 pp. • PB $14.95

How does a revolt come about and what does it leave behind? What impact does it have on those who participate in it and those who simply watch it? Is the Greek revolt of December 2008 confined to the shores of the Mediterranean, or are there lessons we can bring to bear on social action around the globe? Revolt and Crisis in Greece is a collective attempt to grapple with these questions. In this volume, the Occupied London collective and over two dozen writers offer a historical analysis of the factors that gave birth to The Greek December and the potentialities it has opened up in face of the capitalist crisis. I Mix What I Like: A Mixtape Manifesto
Jared A. Ball ISBN: 9781849350570 240 pp. • PB $14.95

Wayne Foster is fed up. How long can you work a dead-end job as a full-time burger-flipper in a small town in Scotland before you start to wonder what comes next? Add a likeable geek with a love of Karl Marx, an angry French anarchist, and a country schoolteacher’s daughter in search of excitement, and soon you’ll have a rebellion on your hands. Set in the heady days of the early antiglobalization movement, and centered around a group of friends working at “Benny Burgers” who find themselves thrust into the midst of a conflict with the bosses and the cops, this is the modern working-class novel, the perfect antidote to “serious” political fiction. Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project & the Lessons of International Solidarity
Ramor Ryan ISBN: 9781849350723 224 pp. • PB $16.00

In a moment of increasing corporate control, Jared Ball analyzes the colonization and control of popular music and posits the homemade hip-hop mixtape as an emancipatory tool for community resistance. This is a revolutionary investigation of the cultural dimension of anti-racist organizing in the Black community. Blending together elements from internal colonialism theory, cultural studies, political science, and his own experience on the mic, Jared positions the so-called “hip-hop nation” as an extension of the internal colony that is modern African America, and suggests that the hip-hop mixtape may be one of the best weapons we have against Empire.

Eight volunteers converge to help campesinos build a water system in Chiapas—a strategy to bolster the Zapatista insurgency by helping locals to assert their autonomy. These outsiders come to question the movement they’ve traveled so far to support—and each other—when forced into a world so unlike the poetic communiqués of Subcomandante Marcos, a world of endemic rural poverty, parochialism, and shifting loyalties to the movement. The quiet dignity of the local compañeros and echoes of B. Traven, Conrad, and Camus, round out this epic yarn. The new book from the author of Clandestines!

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 2 AK PreSS—Summer 2011 G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, SPrING 2011 .
Marshall Law: The Life and Times of a Baltimore Black Panther
Marshall “Eddie” Conway and Dominque Stevenson ISBN: 9781849350228 232 pp. • PB $15.95

The Right to Be Lazy: Essays by Paul Lafargue
Paul Lafargue; Edited with an introduction by Bernard Marszalek ISBN: 9781849350860 128 pp. • PB $16.00
Co-Published with the Charles H. Kerr Company

In 1970 the feds framed Marshall “Eddie” Conway for the murder of a Baltimore city police officer. Forty years later, he’s still incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. Marshall Law is a poignant story of strength and struggle. From his childhood in inner-city Baltimore to his political awakening in the military, from the rise of the Black Panther Party to the sham trial, the realities of prison life, escape attempts, labor organizing on the inside, and beyond, Eddie’s autobiography is a reminder that we all share the responsibility of resistance, no matter where we are.

At once a masterpiece of critical theory and rip-roaring radical humor, this is one of the most spirited attacks on the notion of the “work ethic” ever to be published. Featuring a revised edition of the original English translation by Charles Hope Kerr, this collection also includes four of Lafargue’s lesser-known critiques (including the “Cathecism for Investors”), as well as a biographical sketch by longtime Wobbly organizer Fred Thompson, an afterword by labor journalist Kari Lydersen, and a new introduction. Released in collaboration with Kerr Company to celebrate their 125th anniversary year. Oppose and Propose! Lessons from Movement for a New Society
Andrew Cornell ISBN: 9781849350662 224 pp. • PB $12.00
Anarchist Interventions, Co-published with the Institute for Anarchist Studies

Property Is Theft! A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Anthology
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; Edited with an introduction by Iain McKay ISBN: 9781849350242 840 pp. • PB $26.95

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809–1865) was one of the most important and influential political theorists of the 19th century, and the first person to call himself an anarchist. But the bulk of his work has long been out of print or unavailable in English. Weighing in at over 800 pages, Iain McKay’s comprehensive collection is a much-needed and timely historical corrective, and contains a number of new translations for an English-speaking audience (including Proudhon’s correspondence as well as his published work), as well as an exhaustive historical introduction to Proudhon’s life and works.

Where do the strategies, tactics, and lifestyles of contemporary activists come from? Movement for a New Society, a radical pacifist organization active in the 1970s and 1980s, pioneered forms of consensus decision making, communal living, direct action, and self-education now central to antiauthoritarian movements. Brimming with analysis, interviews, and archival documents, Oppose and Propose! recovers a missing link in recent radical history, while drawing out crucial lessons on leadership, movement building, counterculture, and prefigurative politics.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS—Spring 2011 3 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, WINTer 2011 .
“Yellow Kid” Weil: The Autobiography of America’s Master Swindler
J.R. “Yellow Kid” Weil and W.T. Brannon ISBN: 9781849350211 352 pp. • PB $18.00
Nabat Books

Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance
Jason Hribal; With an introduction by Jeffrey St. Clair ISBN: 9781894350266 280 pp. • PB $15.95
Co-Published with CounterPunch

Bilked bankers, grifted gamblers, and swindled spinsters: welcome to the world of confidence men. You’ll marvel at the elaborate schemes developed by The Yellow Kid and cry for the marks who lost it all to his ingenuity—$8,000,000 by some estimations. Fixed horse races, bad real-estate deals, even a money-making machine, were all tools of the trade for the Kid and his associates: The Swede, The Butterine Kid, The Harmony Kid, Fats Levine, and others. Dozens of his schemes are laid out in full detail, told with wit and style. A fantastic, engaging read—you won’t be able to put it down!

“Until the lion has his historian,” the African proverb goes, “the hunter will always be a hero.” Jason Hribal fulfills this promise and turns the world upside down. Taking the reader deep inside the circus, the zoo, and similar operations, he provides a window into the hidden struggle and resistance that occurs daily. Chimpanzees escape their cages. Elephants attack their trainers. Orcas demand more food. Tigers refuse to perform. Indeed, these animals are rebelling with intent and purpose. They become the true heroes, and our understanding of them will never be the same.

Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to Now
Edited by Dara Greenwald and Josh MacPhee, in association with Exit Art ISBN: 9781849350273 178 pp • PB $28.95

Dancing with Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America
Benjamin Dangl ISBN: 9781849350150 160 pp. • PB $15.95

Drawn from an exhibition at Exit Art in New York, Signs of Change is a visual archive of more than 350 posters, prints, photographs, films, videos, music, and ephemera from dozens of international social movements. This groundbreaking work investigates the themes and representations of global struggles for equality, democracy, freedom, and basic human rights; illustrates the extraordinary aesthetic range of radical movements during the past fifty years; and explores the rise of powerful countercultures that have created distinct forms of art, lifestyles, and social organizations. 178 pages of full-color illustrations!

In the past decade, grassroots social movements played major roles in electing left-leaning governments throughout Latin America, but relations between the streets and the states remain uneasy. Dancing with Dynamite explores the complex ways these movements have worked with, against, and independently of national governments. From dynamite-wielding miners in Bolivia to the struggles of landless farmers in Brazil and Paraguay, award-winning journalist Benjamin Dangl discusses the dance between movements and states in seven different Latin American countries, and suggests how Latin American social movement strategies can be applied internationally.

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 4 AK Press—Winter 2011 G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, FALL 2010 .
Flash: A Novel
Jim Miller ISBN: 9781849350259 200 pp. • PB $13.95

Mountain Justice: Homegrown Resistance to Mountaintop Removal, for the Future of Us All
Tricia Shapiro ISBN: 9781849350235 372 pp. • PB $17.95

Jack Wilson is a scrappy city journalist bouncing from one alt weekly to the next, trying to eke out a living in the mist of the economic crisis and play role-model to his collegeaged son. A chance encounter with a faded “Wanted” poster in a San Diego library sends Jack deep into the wilds of California’s hidden history, in search of outlaw revolutionary Bobby Flash. As Jack tracks Flash through the IWW Free Speech Fights, the Magonista Revolt, and the first red scare, he uncovers the real story of a forgotten revolutionary world and learns something about the importance of family in the process. In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary
Ngo Van; Edited by Hélène Fleury and Ken Knabb ISBN: 9781849350136 288 pp. • PB $19.95

Mountaintop removal (MTR) does exactly what it says: A mountaintop is stripped of trees, blown to bits with explosives, then pushed aside by giant equipment—all to expose a layer of coal to be mined. In recent years, dozens of coalfield residents, students, Earth Firsters, and others have been arrested in nonviolent protest actions against MTR. Journalist Tricia Shapiro’s insider account gives a muchneeded window not only into the destructive practice of mountaintop removal and the struggles against it, but also the strategy and dynamics of the growing Mountain Justice movement.

Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel
Nunzio Pernicone ISBN: 9781849350037 398 pp. • PB $19.95

Although the Vietnam War is still well known, few people are aware of the decades of struggles against the French colonial regime that preceded it, many of which had no connection with the Stalinists. The Stalinists were ultimately victorious, but only because they systematically destroyed all the other oppositional currents. This book is the story of those other movements and revolts, caught in the crossfire between the French and the Stalinists, told by one of the few survivors— a compelling read for anyone interested in the revolutionary history of the twentieth century and beyond. Plus, full-color reproductions of Ngo Van’s original artwork.

This definitive biography of Carlo Tresca chronicles his larger-than-life personality, his revolutionary apprenticeship in Sulmona, Italy, and his subsequent career as a fighter for liberty in America for nearly forty years until his untimely death. The story of his life—as newspaper editor, labor agitator, anarchist, anti-communist, street fighter, and opponent of fascism—illuminates the lost world of ItalianAmerican radicalism. From his work on behalf of the IWW, to his editorship of numerous papers, to his assassination in New York City, Tresca’s passion left a permanent mark on the American map.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS—Fall 2010 5 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, Summer 2010 .
Black Bloc, White Riot: Anti-Globalization and the Genealogy of Dissent
AK Thompson; With an introduction by Bernardine Dohrn ISBN: 9781849350143 216 pp. • PB $17.95

Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires 1890–1910
Juan Suriano ISBN: 9781849350068 288 pp. • PB $18.95

With a title that’s a modern-day mash-up of Frantz Fanon and The Clash, Black Bloc, White Riot revisits the struggles against globalization that marked the beginning of the twenty-first century and explores the connection between political violence and the white middle class. Drawing on movement literature, contemporary and critical theory, and practical investigations, AK Thompson outlines the anti-globalization movement’s effects on the white middle class kids who were swept up in it and considers how and why violence must once again become a central category of activist politics.

When the Argentine economy collapsed in 2001, many were surprised by the factory takeovers and neighborhood assemblies that resulted. But workers’ control and direct democracy have long histories in Argentina, where from the late nineteenth century and well into the twentieth, anarchism was the main revolutionary ideology of the labor movement and other social struggles. This is an engaging look at fin de siècle Buenos Aires that brings to life not just the labor politics but also the vibrant culture behind the anarchist movements: the radical schools, newspapers, theaters, and social clubs that made revolution a way of life.

Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Post-Petrol World
Edited by Kolya Abramsky ISBN: 9781849350051 688 pp. • PB $24.00

Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces
Raúl Zibechi; With forewords by Benjamin Dangl and John Holloway ISBN: 9781849350112 182 pp. • PB $15.95

As the world’s energy system faces a period of unprecedented change, a global struggle over who controls the sector— and for what purposes—is intensifying. From all sides we hear that it’s time to save the planet in order to save the economy, but in reality what lies before us is the next round of global class struggle, with energy at the center. In over fifty chapters from contributors around the world, this collection maps the most dynamic struggles within the energy sector, probing relationships between energy production and consumption and the worldwide division of labor on which capitalism itself is based.

This, Zibechi’s first book translated into English, is a historical analysis of social struggles in Bolivia and the forms of community power instituted by that country’s indigenous Aymara. Dispersing Power, like the movements it describes, explores new ways of doing politics beyond the state, gracefully mapping the “how” of revolution, offering valuable lessons to activists and new theoretical frameworks for understanding how social movements can and do operate independently of state-centered models for social change. With an epilogue by Colectivos Situaciones!

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 6 AK PreSS—Summer 2010 G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, OTher reCeNT & reCOmmeNDeD .
A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency Jeff Conant
ISBN:9781849350051 384 pp. • PB $20.00

Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States Edited by Team Colors Collective
ISBN: 9781849350167 432 pp. • PB $19.95

The Zapatistas’ famous “Ya basta!” was the first uttering of a new story: a story about uncovering buried seeds of popular resistance. This book provides a refreshing take on Mexico’s Zapatista movement by examining the means, meanings, and mythos behind the Zapatista image.
Wasting Libby: The True Story of How the WR Grace Corporation Left a Montana Town to Die (And Got Away With It) Andrea Peacock; Introduction by Jeff Bridges
ISBN: 9781849350174 316 pp. • PB $15.95 Co-Published with CounterPunch

In the midst of a moment defined by international crises, community devastation, increasing injustice, and ruptures in the fabric of everyday life, Team Colors collects voices from organizers working in a wide range of US social movements.
Anarchism and its Aspirations Cindy Milstein
ISBN: 9781849350013 152 pp. • PB $12.00 Anarchist Interventions

The heart-wrenching story of a small Montana town where the W.R. Grace & Company ran a vermiculite mine. Grace’s vermiculite was laced with asbestos, and in its quest for profits the company betrayed this rural community.
We Are an Image from the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008 Edited by A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris, and Void Network
ISBN: 9781849350198 392 pp. • PB • $17.00

Anarchists have long been inspired by the idea of a “free society of free individuals.” But what would that look like? This accessible overview of an often-misunderstood political philosophy highlights its principles and practices as well as its reconstructive vision of a liberatory society.
Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Barcelona, 1898–1937 Chris Ealham; Introduction by Paul Preston
ISBN: 9781849350129 284 pp. • PB $20.00

What causes a city, then a whole country, to explode? How did one neighborhood’s outrage transform itself into a generalized insurrection? This book delves into the Greek December and its aftermath, in the words of those who witnessed and participated in it.
Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future Matt Hern
ISBN: 9781849350105 240 pp. • PB $17.95

Between 1898 and 1937, competing interests fought for control of Barcelona. The social realities of working-class Barcelona, examined here in depth, provided a perfect backdrop for battle over the urban future.
Academic Repression: Reflections from the Academic Industrial Complex Edited by Anthony J. Nocella, II; Steven Best; and Peter McLaren
ISBN: 9781904859987 600 pp. • PB $24.95

If we want to preserve what’s still left of the natural world, we need to stop using so much of it. And cities are the best chance we have left for a sustainable future. What will it take to make our cities truly sustainable?

This collection asks whether the concept of academic freedom still exists at all in the American university system, and engages the broad socioeconomic determinants of academic culture.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS—Spring 2010 7 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, Summer 2011 .
Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility: The Colin Ward Reader
Colin Ward; Edited by Chris Wilbert and Damian White ISBN: 97818949350204 376 pp. • PB $21.95

After the Future
Franco “Bifo” Berardi; Edited by Gary Genosko and Nicholas Thoburn ISBN: 9781849350594 192 pp. • PB $16.95

Colin Ward (1924–2010) was a scholar, social theorist, and educator who was widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s foremost anarchist writers. Drawing inspiration from the everyday creativity of ordinary people, he championed a unique social and environmental politics that is premised on the possibilities of democratic self-organization and self-management from below. This collection provides a wide-ranging overview of Ward’s earliest journalism, with seminal essays, extracts from his most important books, and examples of his most recent work.

Beginning with F. T. Marinetti’s “Futurist Manifesto” and the worldwide race toward a new and highly mechanized society that defined the “Century of Progress,” media activist Franco Berardi traces the genesis of future-oriented thought through the punk movement of the early ‘70s and into the media revolution of the ‘90s. Cyberculture, the last truly utopian vision of the future, has ended in a clash, and left behind an ever-growing system of virtual life and actual death, of virtual knowledge and actual war. Our future, Berardi argues, has come and gone; the concept has lost its usefulness. Now it’s our responsibility to decide what comes next.

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State
David H. Price ISBN: 9781849350631 208 pp. • PB $15.00
Co-Published with CounterPunch

Story of the Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War
Abel Paz ISBN: 9781849350648 225 pp. • PB $17.00
Co-Published with Kate Sharpley Library

The ongoing battle for hearts and minds in Iraq and Afghanistan is a military strategy inspired originally by efforts at domestic social control and counterinsurgency in the United States. This book documents how anthropological knowledge and ethnographic methods are harnessed by military and intelligence agencies in post-9/11 America to placate hostile foreign populations. The author outlines the ethical implications of appropriating this traditional academic discourse for use by embedded, militarized research teams. Price’s inquiry into past relationships between anthropologists and the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon provides the historical base for this expose of the current abuses of anthropology by military and intelligence agencies.

The history of the legendary Column who took the fight to fascism and defied the dictatorship springing up in their wake, riding out the rise and fall of the Spanish Revolution that raged alongside the Civil War. Abel Paz uses the testimony of its members, extracts from their newspaper Línea de Fuego, and internal documents to tell their remarkable story.

2011 Catalog 8 AK PreSS FOrThCOmING—Summer 2011 AK Press Distribution G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, FALL 2011 .
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman; Introduced and annotated by Barry Pateman
ISBN: 9781849350686 500 pp. • PB • $21.95

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex Edited by Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith
ISBN: 9781849350709 300 pp. • PB • $19.95

After his attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick—the architect of the Homestead Steel massacre—in 1892, Alexander Berkman was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. This is the first completely annotated edition of his classic political memoir known for its keen insights into both the motivations behind “extremist” acts and the oppressive features of prison life.

This collection is the first book to specifically address the question of transgender and genderqueer identity in relation to the prison-industrial complex—a space for discourse about the linkages between these struggles, and a vital new look at how gender and sexuality are lived under the crushing weight of corporal captivity.

Eyes to the South!: French Anarchism and Algeria David Porter
ISBN: 9781849350761 550 pp. • PB • $25.00

A Colossal Wreck: American Diaries, from the Time of Clinton to Obama Alexander Cockburn
ISBN: 9781849350914 510 pp. • PB • $24.95 Co-Published with CounterPunch

A study of the currents of the Algerian revolution alongside the development of French anarchist thought from the 1950s to the present. The book presents a fluid mosaic of actions, writings, and theoretical positions as it follows the shifting contexts of Algerian politics and society and the evolving consciousness and organizing of French anarchists. Haymarket Scrapbook Edited by Franklin Rosemont and David Roediger
ISBN: 9781849350808 272 pp. • PB • $20.00 Co-Published with Charles H. Kerr Co.

Following on his classic journals of the 80s and 90s, Cockburn paints the vast and tragic-comic canvas of America’s descent to what Shelley, in his poem “Ozymandias,” invoked as “that colossal wreck” of empire. This is history both public and private, personal and often very funny. Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India’s Liberation Struggle Maia Ramnath
ISBN: 9781849350822 180 pp. • PB • $12.00 Anarchist Interventions

Marking the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket bombing, this expanded edition of the profusely illustrated anthology reproduces hundreds of original documents, speeches, posters, and handbills, as well as contributions by radical historians focusing on Haymarket’s enduring influence.

A history of South Asian struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism. This approach reveals an alternate narrative of decolonization, in which achieving a nation-state is not the objective.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS FOrThCOmING—Fall 2011 9 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, WINTer 2012 .
In the Shadow of State Power: C.L.R. James, Direct Democracy, and National Liberation Struggles Matthew Quest
ISBN: 9781849350846 352 pp. • PB • $21.00

The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics Edited by Deric Shannon, Anthony J. Nocella, II, and John Asimakopoulos
ISBN: 9781849350945 320 pp. • PB • $21.00

A new scholarly analysis of the importance of direct democracy and national liberation in C.L.R. James’s perspectives on Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba, India, and China. Matthew Quest focuses on the centrality of independent labor action in James’s famous notion that “every cook can govern.” Anarchism and Workers’ SelfManagement in Revolutionary Spain Frank Mintz
ISBN: 9781849350785 250 pp. • PB • $17.00

The only crisis of capitalism is capitalism itself. Let’s toss out credit default swaps, bailouts, and, while we’re at it, private ownership of production! Economists, historians, theorists, and activists all come together in this study of anarchist economics.

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform Edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
ISBN: 9781849350884 232 pp. • PB • $17.95

A study of the economic experiments put into place during the Spanish Revolution to both sustain civil society and to act as the basis for a new society. These plans put working people at the fore and believed that the collectivized workplace would be the cornerstone of economic life. With an introduction by Chris Ealham, author of Anarchism and the City.

A new collection of essays exploring the possibilities for a gay culture that challenges the assimilationist norms of a corporate-cozy lifestyle! This anthology reinvokes the anger, flamboyance, and subversion once thriving in gay subcultures in order to create something dangerous and lovely: a vision for change.

W&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&X 3 1 3 1 AK PreSS BOOK SerIeS 3 1 3 WOrKING CLASSICS 1 NABAT BOOKS ANArChIST 3 1 INTerveNTIONS 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 BERKMAN, Alexander 3 1 MILSTEIN, Cindy TULLY, Jim BLACK, Jack What Is Anarchism? ISBN: 9781902593708 Anarchism and its Aspirations 1 Beggars of Life You Can’t Win? 3 PB • $13.95 ISBN: 9781849350013 ISBN: 9781902593029 ISBN: 9781902593784 3 1 PB • $12.00 PB • $16.00 PB • $15.00 ROCKER, Rudolf 3 1 CORNELL, Andrew REITMAN, Ben VALTIN, Jim Anarcho-Syndicalism 3 1 ISBN: 9781902593920 Oppose and Propose Sister of the Road Out of the Night PB • $12.95 ISBN: 9781849350662 ISBN: 9781902593036 ISBN: 9781902593869 3 1 PB • $12.00 PB • $15.00 PB • $24.95 BOOKCHIN, Murray 3 Post-Scarcity Anarchism 1 RAMNATH, Maia CARR, James GOLDSTEIN, Bernard 3 1 ISBN: 9781904859062 Decolonizing Anarchism Bad Five Years in the Warsaw PB • $18.95 ISBN: 9781849350822 ISBN: 9781902593647 Ghetto 3 1 PB • $12.00 PB • $16.00 ISBN: 9781904859055 KROPOTKIN, Peter 3 1 [Forthcoming: Fall 2011] PB • $19.00 VIDOCQ, Francois Eugene Conquest of Bread 3 1 ISBN: 9781904859109 Memoirs of Vidocq WEIL, J..R. & BRANNON, W.T. PB • $14.95 ISBN: 9781902593715 “Yellow Kid” Weil 3 1 PB • $18.00 ISBN: 9781849350211 3 1 PB • $18.00 3 1 Z))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Y

2011 Catalog 10 AK PreSS FOrThCOmING—Winter ’12 / SerIeS AK Press Distribution G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ACKELSBERG, Martha Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
9781902593968 PB • $20.00

AVRICH, Paul Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in America
9781904859277 PB • $28.00

BEST, Steve & NOCELLA, Anthony J., II Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth
9781904859567 PB • $21.95

BOOKCHIN, Murray Social Ecology and Communalism
9781904859499 PB • $12.95

ACKER, Kathy Pussycat Fever
9781873176634 PB • $10.95

AVRICH, Paul The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States
9781904859093 PB • $21.95

BEY, Hakim Immediatism
9781873176429 PB • $10.00

BOOKCHIN, Murray The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868–1936
9781873176047 PB • $22.95

ADAMIC, Louis Dynamite: The Story of Class Violence in America
9781904859741 PB • $19.95

AVRICH, Paul The Russian Anarchists
9781904859482 PB • $19.95

BLOCK, Diana Arm the Spirit: A Woman’s Journey Underground & Back
9781904859871 PB • $19.95

BOOKCHIN, Murray To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936
9781873176870 PB • $6.00

AGENT APPLE (ed) Pie Any Means Necessary: The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook
9781902593883 PB • $12.00

AWEHALI, Brian (ed) Tipping the Sacred Cow: The Best of LiP, Informed Revolt 1996–2007
9781904859734 PB • $18.00

BLACK, Jack You Can’t Win
9781902593029 PB • $16.00

BOOKCHIN, Murray Which Way for the Ecology Movement
9781873176269 PB • $10.00

Nabat Books

ALBERT, Michael Moving Forward: Program for a Participatory Economy
9781902593418 PB • $11.95

BERGER, Dan Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity
9781904859413 PB • $20.00

BOOKCHIN, Murray Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left
9781873176351 PB • $19.95


Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States
9781904859598 PB • $21.95

ANDREAS, Joel Addicted to War: Why the US Can’t Kick Militarism
9781904859017 PB • $10.00

BERKMAN, Alexander What Is Anarchism?
9781902593708 PB • $13.95

Working Classics

BOOKCHIN, Murray The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy
9781904859260 PB • $22.95

BRINTON, Maurice For Workers’ Power
9781904859079 PB • $21.95

ANDREAS, Joel Adicto a la Guerra: Por qué EEUU no puede librarse del militarismo
9781904859024 PB • $10.00

BERKMAN, Alexander The Blast: Complete Collection of the Incendiary San Francisco Bi-Monthly Anarchist Newspaper
9781904859086 PB • $21.95

BOOKCHIN, Murray Post-Scarcity Anarchism
9781904859062 PB • $18.95

Working Classics

BROWNE, Harry Hammered By the Irish: How the Pitstop Ploughshares Disabled a US Warplane
9781904859901 PB • $15.95

CounterPunch ANONYMOUS Test Card F: Television, Mythinformation and Social Control
9781873176917 PB • $6.00

BERRY, David A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917–1945
9781904859826 PB • $21.95

BOOKCHIN, Murray Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm
9781873176832 PB • $11.95

BURNS, Danny Poll Tax Rebellion
9781873176504 PB • $10.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS BACKLIST 11 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

CALLAHAN, Mat The Trouble with Music
9781904859147 PB • $18.95

CHOMSKY, Noam Radical Priorities
9781902593692 PB • $18.95

CLEAVER, Harry Reading Capital Politically
9781902593296 PB • $15.00

DANGL, Benjamin The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia
9781904859338 PB • $15.95

CARLSSON, Chris (ed) Critical Mass: Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration
9781902593593 PB • $18.95

CHOMSKY, Noam Sobre el Anarquismo
9781904859956 PB • $16.95

COCKBURN, Alexander & ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey (eds) Dime’s Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of T Evils wo
9781904859031 PB • $15.95

DARK STAR COLLECTIVE (ed) Beneath the Paving Stones: Situationists and the Beach, May ‘68
9781902593388 PB • $15.00

CounterPunch CARLSSON, Chris Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today
9781904859772 PB • $18.95

CHRISTIE, Stuart Granny Made Me an Anarchist: General Franco, the Angry Brigade and Me
9781904859659 PB • $19.95

COCKBURN, Alexander & ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey (eds) End Times: The Death of the Fourth Estate
9781904859376 PB • $15.95

DEBORD, Guy Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents
9781902593739 PB • $19.00

CounterPunch CHRISTIE, Stuart We, the Anarchists!: A Study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927–1937
9781904859758 PB • $17.95

CARR, James BAD: The Autobiography of James Carr
9781902593647 PB • $16.00

COCKBURN, Alexander & ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey (eds) The Politics of AntiSemitism
9781902593777 PB • $12.95

DE CLEYRE, Voltairine The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader
9781902593876 PB • $16.95

Nabat Books

CounterPunch COCKBURN, Alexander & ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey (eds) Serpents in the Garden: Liaisons with Culture & Sex
9781902593944 PB • $15.95

CASSIDY, Daniel How the Irish Invented Slang: The Secret Language of the Crossroads
9781904859604 PB • $18.95

CounterPunch CHOMSKY, Noam At War With Asia: Essays on Indochina
9781902593890 PB • $18.95

CHURCHILL, Ward On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Reflections on the Consequences of US Imperial Arrogance and Criminality
9781902593791 PB • $15.95

DUNCAN, Chris (ed) My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories
9781904859178 PB • $15.95

CounterPunch COHN-BENDIT, Daniel & COHN-BENDIT, Gabriel Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
9781902593258 PB • $17.95

CHURCHILL, Ward Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian Liberation
9781904859444 PB • $21.95

E.G. SMITH COLLECTIVE Animal Ingredients A to Z, Third Edition
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CHOMSKY, Noam Chomsky on Anarchism
9781904859208 PB • $16.95

CHURCHILL, Ward & RYAN, Mike Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America
9781904859185 PB • $12.95

CRITICAL RESISTANCE Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex
9781904859963 PB • $15.95

EHRLICH, Howard J. (ed) Reinventing Anarchy, Again
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CHOMSKY, Noam Language and Politics
9781902593821 PB • $28.00

CLASS WAR FEDERATION Unfinished Business: The Politics of Class War
9781873176450 PB • $13.95

CUTTING, Hunter & THEMBA-NIXON, Makani Talking the Walk: A Communications Guide for Racial Justice
9781904859529 PB • $15.00

FORD, Simon The Realization and Suppression of the Situationist International
9781873176825 PB • $11.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 12 AK PreSS BACKLIST G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

FRANK, Joshua & ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland
9781904859840 PB • $16.95

GRAY, Kevin Alexander Waiting for Lightning to Strike: The Fundamentals of Black Politics
9781904859918 PB • $15.95

HOME, Stewart Neoism, Plagiarism, & Praxis
9781873176337 PB • $18.95

KOMISARUK, Katya Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters with Law Enforcement
9781902593555 PB • $16.00

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HORROX, James A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement
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KROPOTKIN, Peter The Conquest of Bread
9781904859109 PB • $17.95

Working Classics

FREMION, Yves & VOLNY Orgasms of History: 3000 Years of Spontaneous Insurrection
9781902593340 PB • $18.95

GUILLAMON, Agustin The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937–1939
9781873176542 PB • $9.95

ISY & MIKE Another Dinner Is Possible: Recipes and Food for Thought
9781904859994 PB • $24.95

LANDAU, Saul A Bush & Botox World
9781904859611 PB • $15.00


GOLDMAN, Emma Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution
9781904859574 PB • $18.95

HANSEN, Ann Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla
9781902593487 PB • $19.95

KATSIAFICAS, George The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life
9781904859536 PB • $17.95

MACPHEE, Josh & REULAND, Erik (eds.) Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority
9781904859321 PB • $23.95

GOLDSTEIN, Bernard Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto
9781904859055 PB • $19.00

HERN, Matt (ed) Everywhere All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader
9781904859833 PB • $16.95

Nabat Books

KELLY, Kathy Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison
9781904859284 PB • $14.95

MAGÓN, Ricardo Flores Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magón Reader
9781904859246 PB • $19.95

CounterPunch GRAEBER, David Direct Action: An Ethnography
9781904859796 PB • $29.95

HERRICK, William Jumping the Line: The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Radical
9781902593425 PB • $14.95

KELMAN, James Some Recent Attacks: Essays Cultural and Political
9781873176801 PB • $9.95

MAKHNO, Nestor The Struggle against the State and Other Essays
9781873176788 PB • $12.00

GRAEBER, David Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire
9781904859666 PB • $22.95

HO, Fred (ed) Legacy to Liberation: Politics and Culture of Revolutionary Asian/Pacific America
9781902593241 PB • $22.95

KILLJOY, Margaret Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction
9780849350020 PB • $12.00

MARCOS, Subcomandante YA BASTA! The Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
9781904859130 PB • $26.95

GRAEBER, David; SHUKAITIS, Stevphen; & BIDDLE, Erika Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization
9781904859352 PB • $21.95

HOLT, John Yellowstone Drift: Floating the Past in Real Time
9781904859895 PB • $18.95

KISSACK, Terrence Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States
9781904859116 PB • $17.95

MATIASZ, G. A. End Time: Notes on the Apocalypse
9781873176245 PB • $10.00


2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS BACKLIST 13 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

MATRIX, Cherie (ed) Tales from the Clit
9781873176092 PB • $13.95

NEUMANN, Michael The Case against Israel
9781904859468 PB • $15.00

REED, Tennessee Spell Albuquerque: Memoir of a “Difficult” Student
9781904859888 PB • $18.95

SAKOLSKY, Ron & DUNIFER, Stephen Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook
9781873176993 PB • $12.95



McKAY, Iain An Anarchist FAQ, Vol. 1
9781902593906 PB • $25.00

O’DOCHARTAIGH, Fionbarra Ulster’s White Negroes: From Civil Rights to Insurrection
9781873176672 PB • $14.95

REITMAN, Ben Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha
9781902593036 PB • $15.00

Nabat Books

SAN FILIPPO, Roy (ed) A New World In Our Hearts: 8 Years of Writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
9781902593616 PB • $11.95

MECKFESSEL, Shon Suffled How It Gush: A North American Anarchist in the Balkans
9781904859857 PB • $16.95

O’HARA, Craig The Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise
9781873176160 PB • $12.00

RIMBAUD, Penny The Diamond Signature: A Novel in Four Books & the Death of the Imagination: A Drama for Four Readers
9781873176559 PB • $10.95

SANDERS, Barry The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism
9781904859949 PB • $14.95

MELTZER, Albert Anarchism: Arguments For and Against
9781873176573 PB • $5.95

O’MAHONY, Dan Four Letter World
9781873176290 PB • $6.95

RIMBAUD, Penny Shibboleth: My Revolting Life
9781873176405 PB • $13.95

SCHMIDT, Michael & VAN DER WALT, Lucien Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism
9781904859161 PB • $22.95

MELTZER, Albert I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels: Sixty Years of Commonplace Life and Anarchist Agitation
9781873176931 PB • $19.95

OLSEN, Joel Soy Not Oi!
9781904859192 PB • $7.00

ROBERTS, Paul Craig How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds
ISBN: 9781849350075 PB • $15.95


SINGER, Richard & VANNUCCI, Delfina Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry
9781849350181 PB • $10.00

MILLS, Jessica My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us
9781904859727 PB • $16.95

PANNEKOEK, Anton Workers’ Councils
9781902593562 PB • $15.00

ROCKER, Rudolf AnarchoSyndicalism: Theory and Practice
9781902593920 PB • $12.95

SITRIN, Marina Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina
9781904859581 PB • $18.95

Working Classics

MURPHY, Ray Siege of Gresham
9781873176054 PB • $10.00

PAZ, Abel Durruti in the Spanish Revolution
9781904859505 PB • $27.95

ROCKER, Rudolf The London Years
9781904859222 PB • $21.95

SKIRDA, Alexandre Facing the Enemy: A History of Anarchist Organization from Proudhon to May 1968
9781902593197 PB • $17.95

NAWROCKI, Norman Rebel Moon: Anarchist Rants and Poems
9781873176085 PB • $9.95

PERNICONE, Nunzio Italian Anarchism, 1864–1892
9781904859970 PB • $21.95

RYAN, Ramor Clandestines: The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile
9781904859550 PB • $15.95

SKIRDA, Alexandre Nestor Makhno— Anarchy’s Cossack: The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917–1921
9781902593685 PB • $21.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 14 AK PreSS BACKLIST G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

SOLANAS, Valerie SCUM Manifesto
9781873176443 PB • $8.00

TOBOCMAN, Seth You Don’t Have To Fuck People Over To Survive
9781849350044 PB • $20.00

VIDOCQ, Francois Eugene Memoirs of Vidocq: Master of Crime

9781902593715 PB • $18.00
Nabat Books

[A Few Highlights]
CHOMSKY, Noam Imperial Grand Strategy: The Conquest of Iraq and the Assault on Democracy
ISBN: 9781904859475 DVD • $19.95

SOLNIT, David & SOLNIT, Rebecca The Battle of the Story of the “Battle of Seattle”
9781904859635 PB • $12.00

TORRES, Bob Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights
9781904859673 PB • $17.95

WHITE, Mark J. An Idol Killing
9781873176894 PB • $12.95

SPANNOS, Chris (ed) Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century
9781904859789 PB • $21.95

TULLY, Jim Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography
9781902593784 PB • $15.00

Nabat Books

YATES, John Controlled Flight Into Terrain: Stealworks Anthology 3.0
9781902593678 PB • $10.95

CHOMSKY, Noam Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind
ISBN: 9781873176689 2xCD • $20.00

ST. CLAIR, Jeffrey Born Under a Bad Sky: Notes from the Dark Side of the Earth
9781904859703 PB • $19.95

VAGUE, Tom Anarchy in the UK: The Angry Brigade
9781873176986 PB • $14.95

YATES, John September Commando
9781873176528 PB • $15.00

DAVIS, Angela The Prison Industrial Complex
ISBN: 9781902593227 CD • $14.98

CounterPunch STONE, C.J. Housing Benefit Hill and Other Places: Collected Columns 1993–1998
9781902593432 PB • $14.95

VAGUE, Tom Televisionaries: The Red Army Faction Story, 1963–1993
9781873176474 PB • $10.95

ZEPHANIAH, Benjamin School’s Out: Poems Not for School
9781873176498 PB • $6.95

PAYNE, Roz What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library
No ISBN 4xDVD • $37.95

STROBL, Ingrid Partisanas: Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945)
9781904859697 PB • $21.95

VALTIN, Jan Out Of The Night: The Memoir of Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Alias Jan Valtin
9781902593869 PB • $24.95

ZEPHANIAH, Benjamin The Little Book of Vegan Poems
9781902593333 PB • $6.95

SUCHER, Joel & FISCHLER, Steven Anarchism in America
ISBN: 9781904859512 DVD • $19.95

Nabat Books VANEIGEM, Raoul A Cavalier History of Surrealism
9781873176948 PB • $9.95

TOBIAS, Michael Rage and Reason
9781873176566 PB • $10.00

ZINN, Howard The People’s History Project Box Set
ISBN: 9781902593951 6xCD • $45.00

TOBOCMAN, Seth Disaster and Resistance: Comics and Landscapes for the 21st Century
9781904859765 PB • $20.00

VARIOUS 2/15: The Day the World Said NO to War
9781902593852 HB • $24.95

ZINN, Howard & ARNOVE, Anthony (eds) Readings from Voices of a People’s History of the US
ISBN: 9781904859420 DVD • $25.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AK PreSS BACKLIST 15 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

ANONYMOUS Organization Means Commitment, or Commitment Is Key
9781894925211 Pamphlet • $3.50

ACTIVE DISTRIBUTION Star Pin (Black, Red/Black, Green/ Black, Pink/Black, or Purple/Black)
No ISBN Pin • $4.00

GILBERT, David Looking at the White Working Class Historically
9781894820189 Pamphlet • $4.00

RONNY Return of the Cake Scoffer: Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

ANONYMOUS Revolutionary Armed Struggle
9781894925051 Pamphlet • $4.00

GILBERT, David No Surrender: Writings from an Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner
9781894925266 PB • $15.00

ANARCHIST TEAPOT The Anarchist Teapot Mobile Kitchen’s Guide to Feeding the Masses
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

RONNY The Salad Scoffer: Picnic and Party Food Recipes
9780950899053 Pamphlet • $3.50

AUFHEBEN Behind the TwentyFirst Intifada
9781894925013 Pamphlet • $5.00

GILBERT, David SDS/WUO: Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground Organization
9781894925150 Pamphlet • $4.00

ANARCHIST TEAPOT A Zine About Women’s Self Defence
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

SINGER, Peter The Animal Liberation Movement: Its Philosophy, Its Achievements, and Its Future
No ISBN Pamphlet • $1.50

AUFHEBEN A Commune in Chiapas?: Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion
9781894925075 Pamphlet • $5.00

GILBERT, David; WHITEHORN, Laura; & BUCK, Marilyn Enemies of the State: An Interview with Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoners
9781894925082 Pamphlet • $6.00

CRASS You’re Already Dead
No ISBN Pamphlet • $1.50

SPLINT, Ryan Hot Damn & Hell Yeah: Recipes for Hungry Banditos
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

BLA COORDINATING COMMITTEE Message to the Black Movement: A Political Statement from the Black Underground
9781894925129 Pamphlet • $4.00

LEVASSEUR, Ray Luc The Trial Statements of Ray Luc Levasseur
9781894925167 Pamphlet • $5.00

MARTINEZ, Laudelino Iglesias Down With the Prison Walls!
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

VARIOUS Mapuche: “The People of the Land”
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

FLN Statutes of the Forces of National Liberation (FLN)
9781894925242 Pamphlet • $3.50

MAKHNO, Nestor; METT, Ida; & ARSHINOV, P. Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists
9781894925143 Pamphlet • $5.00

RONNY The (All-Day) Breakfast Scoffer: Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

GALLAS, John & HARPER, Clifford The Ballad of Santo Caserio
9781904596035 PB • $12.95

GEORGE JACKSON BRIGADE Creating a Movement with Teeth: Communiqués of the George Jackson Brigade
9781894925259 Pamphlet • $5.00

MARIGHELLA, Carlos Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla
9781894925020 Pamphlet • $6.00

THOMSON, James & HARPER, Clifford The City of Dreadful Night
9781904596011 PB • $17.95

GILBERT, David AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Tracking the Real Genocide
9780973143249 Pamphlet • $5.00

MUNTAQIM, Jalil On the Black Liberation Army
9781894925136 Pamphlet • $3.50

HARPER, Clifford Country Diary Drawings
9781904596004 PB • $17.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 16 ABrAhAm GuILLeN–AGrAPhIA G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
Grammar Matters: The Social Significance of How We Use Language Jila Ghomeshi
ISBN: 9781894037440 104 pp. • PB • $12.95 Semaphore Series

Imperialist Canada Todd Gordon
ISBN: 9781894037457 432 pp. • PB • $24.95

Challenging the idea that some forms and uses of language are correct and others incorrect, this book argues that many judgements people make based on others’ use of language are unfounded and explores why they are, nevertheless, so common. In doing so, the author also shows what language use reveals about power, authority, and various social prejudices. Aboriginal, Northern, and Community Economic Development: Papers and Retrospectives John Loxley
ISBN: 9781894037464 196 pp. • PB • $21.95

Todd Gordon exposes Canada’s imperialist past and present, at home and across the globe. From indigenous dispossession in Canada to Canadian capital’s oppression of peoples in the global South, this book digs beneath the surface of Canada’s image as global peacekeeper and promoter of human rights, revealing the links between the corporate pursuit of profit and Canadian foreign and domestic policy. The Listener: A Graphic Novel David Lester
ISBN: 9781894037488 304 pp. • PB • $19.95

John Loxley has worked in community economic development for over 30 years. In this book, he grapples with the complexities of addressing northern and Aboriginal poverty in Canada. Accessible and theoretically sophisticated, the book blends international development theory with northern and Aboriginal realities. Dancing On Our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence Leanne Simpson
ISBN: 9781894037501 160 pp. • PB • $19.95

1933: In a small German state, the last democratic election is about to take place before Hitler seizes power. 2010: After a man dies during a political act inspired by a work of art, the artist flees to Europe to escape her guilt. The past becomes pivotal as she decides her future. The Listener reveals one of the world’s most tragic acts of spin doctoring while weaving a compelling tale of complacency, art, power, and murder. Time and the Suburbs Rohan Quinby
ISBN: 9781894037525 150 pp. • PB • $19.95 Semaphore Series / Fall 2011

Activist and educator Leanne Simpson asserts that any reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian state must be grounded in political resurgence, and must support the regeneration of Indigenous languages, oral cultures, and traditions of governance. A challenging, original perspective on Indigenous struggles. Practicing Feminist Mothering Fiona Joy Green
ISBN: 9781894037549 200 pp. • PB • $21.95 Fall 2011

By combining provocative prose with photo-essay, this book explores the disappearance of cities under the weight of suburban, exurban, and other forms of development. Pointing to the complex experience of time in traditional cities, the book warns that our new suburban regions are the materialization of a homogenous and uniform experience of time that threatens the possibility of social change. A People’s Citizenship Guide Esyllt Jones and Adele Perry
ISBN: 9781894037563 100 pp. • PB • $14.95 Fall 2011

The author explores the realities of feminist mothering for both mothers and their children, scrutinizing the discourse of motherhood by examining the material spaces that feminist mothers create to struggle with patriarchy. By developing concepts of matroreform and motherlines, this book provides a powerful perspective on mothering as a central aspect of feminism.

In 2009, the conservative government in Canada changed the official citizenship guide that is given to recent immigrants. The new version contains more military history and plenty about the monarchy, but little about public programs or social justice movements. Here is the People’s guide: a lively, political, humane, and more accurate alternative.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution ArBeITer rING 17 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

AKRAM-LODHI, Haroon; CHERNOMAS, Robert; & SEPEHRI, Ardeshir (eds) Globalization, NeoConservative Policies, and Democratic Alternatives
9781894037228 PB • $26.95

GIROUX, Henry Against the New Authoritarianism: Politics After AbuGhraib
9781894037235 PB • $11.95

VATNSDAL, Caelum Kino Delirium: The Films of Guy Maddin
9781894037112 PB • $17.95

WILMOT, Sheila Taking Responsibility, Taking Direction: White Anti-Racism in Canada
9781894037242 PB • $19.95

ALBERT, Michael Thinking Forward: Learning to Conceptualize Economic Vision
9781894037006 PB • $13.95

KELLOUGH, Kaie Maple Leaf Rag
9781894037426 PB • $14.95

VATNSDAL, Caelum They Came From Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema
9781894037211 PB • $25.95

YATES, Michael D. In and Out of the Working Class
9781894037358 PB • $19.95

ALBERT, Michael Thought Dreams: Radical Theory for the 21st Century
9781894037105 PB • $11.95

McNALLY, David Another World Is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism
9781894037273 PB • $28.95

BRAUN, Jan Guenther Somewhere Else
9781894037327 PB • $19.95

SAUL, John S. Revolutionary Traveller: FreezeFrames from a Life
9781920222413 PB • $26.95

CHERNOMAS, Robert & HUDSON, Ian Social Murder and Other Shortcomings of Conservative Economics
9781894037310 PB • $26.95

SCHNITZER, Deborah Gertrude Unmanageable
9781894037280 PB • $18.95

KELLY, Leah Renae In My Own Voice: Explorations in the Sociopolitical Context of Art and Cinema
9781894037129 PB • $12.95

SIMPSON, Leanne (ed) Lighting the Eighth Fire: The Liberation, Resurgence, and Protection of Indigenous Nations
9781894037334 PB • $21.95

W&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&X 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 SemAPhOre SerIeS 3 1 3 1 SHERMAN, Paula ANGUS, Ian 3 Dishonour of the Crown: The 1 Emergent Publics: An Essay on Social 3 Movements and Democracy Ontario Resource Regime in the 1 Valley of the Kiji Sìbì 3 1 9781894037365 9781894037136 PB • $12.95 PB • $9.95 3 1 3 GENOSKO, Gary (ed) ELMER, Greg & OPEL, Andy 1 Preempting Dissent: The Politics 3 The Party Without Bosses: 1 Lessons on Anti-Capitalism from of Inevitable Future 3 Félix Guattari and ‘Lula’ da Silva 1 9781894037341 9781894037181 PB • $12.95 3 1 PB • $9.95 3 1 ANGUS, Ian LESTER, David 3 1 Love the Questions: University Education and 1 3 The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism Enlightenment 9781894037303 3 1 9781894037402 PB • $10.95 PB • $14.95 3 1 KULCHYSKI, Peter 3 1 GHOMESHI, Jila Episodic, Grammar Matters: The Social 1 3 The Red Indians: Anof Tales of Informal Collection Significance of How We Use 3 Aboriginal People’s Struggles 1 Language in Canada 9781894037440 3 1 9781894037259 PB • $12.95 3 1 PB • $10.95 Z)))))))))))))))))))Y
FLAKE, Emily Lulu Eightball: Volume 2
9780978656959 PB • $14.95

CLOSE, Susan Framing Identity: Social Practices of Photography in Canada
9781894037297 PB • $29.95

SIMPSON, Leanne & LADNER, Kiera L. (eds) This Is an Honour Song: Twenty Years Since the Blockades
9781894037419 PB • $19.95

WERTZ, Julia The Fart Party
9780978656935 PB • $13.95

GENOSKO, Gary Contest: Essays on Sports, Culture, and Politics
9781894037068 PB • $14.95

SMITH, Doug As Many Liars: The Story Of The 1995 Manitoba VoteSplitting Scandal
9781894037198 PB • $17.95

RAY, Benn (ed) I Keee You!!: A Collection of Overheards
9780978656928 PB • $7.95

WERTZ, Julia The Fart Party: Volume 2
9780978656942 PB • $13.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 18 ArBeITer rING–ATOmIC G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking Robin Kahn
ISBN: 9781570272158 50 pp. • PB • $17.00

Fast Feminism Shannon Bell
ISBN: 9781570271892 198 pp. • PB • $17.95

A full-color, bilingual, collage journal examining the art of Sahrawi food production in the refugee camps of the Western Sahara: how kitchens are improvised, food is prepared, and how traditional recipes are innovated from UN rations and international aid. The book is a testament to the daily struggles of Sahrawi women whose role is to provide sustenance, fortitude and comfort inside a compromised society. ID: Ideology of Design Edited by Branka Curcic
ISBN: 9781570272097 288 pp. • HC • $23.95

Fast Feminism is a new-old feminism grounded in politics, performance and philosophy. It is in close proximity third-wave feminism, queer feminism, cyberfeminism and feminism 3.0. While Fast Feminism operates in proximity to other feminisms, its ‘natural’ home is in queer theory. Queer gets its meaning and its politics from its oppositional relationship to hegemonic norms. To queer something is to disrupt it, to put it under scrutiny and to attempt to change it. Deadly She-Wolf & Momma’s Song Fred Ho
ISBN: 9781570272356 PB + Music CD • $22.00

Whether under socialism or capitalism, design is always in close and dynamic connection with the economic and productive bases of society and material culture. Although dealing with broader theoretical approaches, this anthology focuses on the former Yugoslavia, which tried to define the role of design in a (non)market socialist economy. A deluxe bilingual (English/Serbian) hardcover edition with a dustjacket and marker ribbon. Forbidden Sacraments: The Survival of Shamanism in Western Civilization Donald Dulchinos
ISBN: 97871570271113 192 pp. • PB • $16.95

Deadly She-Wolf Assassination at Armageddon was the last completed full-stage production of a Fred Ho manga-opera written in homage to the 1970s “yellow exploitation” manga-movie series, Lone Wolf and Cub. Momma’s Song is a dark-as-night epic cosmo/choreo-poem, a horrific and brutal tale of genocide, ecocide, and matricide visited upon Turtle Island. Both are illustrated by Mac McGill and accompanied by soundtracks that convey Fred Ho’s musical manga imagination. Art Gangs: Protest & Counterculture in New York City Alan W. Moore
ISBN: 9781570272370 256 pp. • PB • $17.95

Recently there has been a backlash condemning the cultural chauvinism that labels indigenous shamanism “primitive.” Increasingly, shamancentered cultures are respected for values of community, environmental consciousness, and first-hand spiritual experience. What is not widely known is that Western civilization itself stands upon its own, largely suppressed, shamanic foundation. Expect Anything, Fear Nothing: The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere Edited by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen and Jakob Jakobsen
ISBN: 9788799365128 288 pp. • PB • $27.00 Spring 2011

Explores the world of protest and counterculture through the work of artists’ groups in New York City after 1968. From the Art Workers’ Coalition through Art & Language, Colab and Group Material in the 1980s, in Soho and the Lower East Side, these collectives built the postmodern artworld.

Elephant & Castle: A Novel Matthew Fuller
ISBN: 9781570272257 160 pp. • PB • $16.95 Spring 2011

The first English publication to focus on Scandinavian Situationists and their role in the Situationist International’s attempt to revolutionize the world through rejecting bourgeois art and critiquing the post-World War II capitalist consumer society.

The Elephant & Castle is a concrete monster, the last area of central London to withstand “regeneration.” When the world is rebuilt, what could possibly go wrong? Everything! Elephant & Castle is by turns obscene, criminal, poetic and hilarious. Deliriously bleak humor, told in the language of folk tales, computer viruses, and an administrative jargon gone—finally and definitively—mad.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AuTONOmeDIA 19 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

From Biopolitics to Necropolitics: The Metastasis of Democracy, Communications and the Mass Intellect Marina Grzinic and Sefik Seki Tatlic
ISBN: 9781570272226 256 pp. • PB • $17.95 Summer 2011
BEY, Hakim Black Fez Manifesto, Etc.
9781570271878 PB • $14.95

DALLA COSTA, Giovanna Franca The Work of Love: Unpaid Housework, Poverty and Sexual Violence at the Dawn of the 21st Century
9781570271328 PB • $15.95

This book explores the implications of neo-liberal capitalism for the fields of culture, art and life throughout the planet, as well as in the Eastern European transitional states. Examining the current mechanisms of performative politics, and further developing a line of recent social theory, the authors expose a number of totalitarian practices hidden behind global capital. Unbearables Big Book of Sex Edited by The Unbearables
ISBN: 9781570272332 640 pp. • PB • $20.95 Summer 2011

BEY, Hakim T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism
9781570271519 PB • $10.95

DALLA COSTA, Mariarosa Gynocide: Hysterectomy, Capitalist Patriarchy and the Medical Abuse of Women
9781570271762 PB • $16.95

BONEFELD, Werner (ed) Subverting the Present, Imagining the Future: Insurrection, Movement, Commons
9781570271847 PB • $17.95

DENNISON, George An Existing Better World: Notes on the Bread and Puppet Theater
9781570270727 PB • $16.95

Another mammoth compilation from Downtown New York’s “drinking group with a writing problem,” already the authors of innumerable assaults on decency and good taste. Now they finally turn themselves to their most likely subject matter ever (even if it’s frequently as much a matter of fantasy and theory as deviant practice). Contributors include Jonathan Lethem, Samuel Delany, Penny Arcade, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and many more.

COOGAN, Kevin Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International
9781570270390 PB • $18.95

EDU-FACTORY Toward a Global Autonomous University: Cognitive Labor, the Production of Knowledge, and Exodus from the Education Factory
9781570272042 PB • $16.95


BECKER, Konrad Strategic Reality Dictionary: Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence
9781570272028 PB • $14.95

CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE Electronic Civil Disobedience
9781570270567 PB • $10.95

FARRIS, John The Ass’s Tale
9781570272219 PB • $17.95

BECKER, Konrad Tactical Reality Dictionary: Cultural Intelligence and Social Control
9781570272202 PB • $12.95

CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE Flesh Machine: Cyborgs, Designer Babies, and New Eugenic Consciousness
9781570270673 PB • $10.95

FEDERICI, Silvia Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation
9781570270598 PB • $17.95

BECKER, Konrad & FLEMING, Jim Critical Strategies in Art and Media: Perspectives on New Cultural Practices
9781570272141 PB • $14.95

CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE Marching Plague: Germ Warfare and Global Public Health
9781570271786 PB • $10.95

HOLMES, Brian Unleashing the Collective Phantoms: Essays in Reverse Engineering
9781570271756 PB • $17.95

BERARDI, Franco “Bifo”; JACQUEMET, Marco; & VITALI, Gianfranco Ethereal Shadows: Communications and Power in Contemporary Italy
9781570271885 PB • $14.95

CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE The Molecular Invasion
9781570271380 PB • $9.95

JIMINEZ, Guillermo Red Genes, Blue Genes: Exposing Political Irrationality
9781570272035 PB • $18.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 20 AuTONOmeDIA G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

KEMPTON, Richard Provo: Amsterdam’s Anarchist Revolt
9781570271816 PB • $16.95

METZGER, Thom Select Strange and Sacred Sites: The Ziggurat Guide to Western New York
9781570271281 Pamphlet • $6.00

REZNIKOV, Hanon Living on Third Street: Plays of the Living Theatre 1989–1992
9781570271977 PB • $17.95

UNBEARABLES The Worst Book I Ever Read
9781570271991 PB • $18.95

KOCIK, Robert Overcoming Fitness
9781570271274 Pamphlet • $6.00

MIDNIGHT NOTES Auroras of the Zapatistas: Local & Global Struggles of the Fourth World War
9781570271120 PB • $16.95

RICHARDSON, Joanne (ed) Anarchitexts: Voices from the Global Digital Resistance
9781570271427 PB • $17.95

VARIOUS Participatory Autonomy
9781570271908 PB + CD • $16.95

KOSTELANETZ, Richard Political Essays
9781570270901 PB • $17.00

MOORE, John (ed) I Am Not A Man, I Am Dynamite!: Friedrich Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition
9781570271212 PB • $16.95

SAKOLSKY, Ron (ed) Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture
9780936756929 PB • $16.95

WATSON, Carl Hotel of Irrevocable Acts
9781570271854 PB • $16.95

KOSTELANETZ, Richard Skeptical Essays in the 21st Century: Individuals, Institutions, Errors, Issues
9781570271953 PB • $17.95

NEGRI, Antonio Marx Beyond Marx: Lessons on the Grundrisse
9780936756257 PB • $16.95

SAKOLSKY, Ron (ed) Surrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings, and Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States
9781570271229 PB • $24.95

WILSON, Peter Lamborn Escape from the Nineteenth Century and Other Essays
9781570270734 PB • $14.00

KOSTELANETZ, Richard Toward Secession: 156 More Political Essays From a Fairly Orthodox AnarchistLibertarian
9781570271953 PB • $18.95

P.M. Akiba: A Gnostic Novel
9781570271946 PB • $17.95

SNELDERS, Stephen The Devil’s Anarchy: The Sea Robberies of the Most Famous Pirate Claes G. Compaen...
9781570271618 PB • $10.95

WILSON, Peter Lamborn Hieroglyphica
9781570271304 Pamphlet • $6.00

LEVI-STRAUSS, David Between Dog & Wolf: Essays on Art & Politics
9781570272196 PB • $12.95

PYLE, Kevin C Lab USA: Illuminated Documents
9781570271175 PB • $19.50

STABLEIN, Marilyn High in the Himalayas
9781570271298 Pamphlet • $6.00

WILSON, Peter Lamborn Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes
9781570271588 PB • $10.95

LOVINK, Geert & SCHOLZ, Trebor (eds) The Art of Free Cooperation
9781570271779 PB • $22.00

RABINOWITZ, Jacob Rotting Goddess: The Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity
9781570270352 PB • $16.95

TAUSSIG, Michael Ayahuasca and Shamanism
9781570271311 Pamphlet • $6.00

WILSON, Peter Lamborn & Weinberg, Bill (eds) Avant Gardening: Ecological Struggle in the City & the World
9781570270925 PB • $10.95

MARCOS, Subcomandante Conversations With Durito: Stories of the Zapatistas and Neoliberalism
9781570271182 PB • $18.95

REICHE, Claudia & KUNI, Verena (eds) Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols
9781570271496 PB • $17.95

TOPP, Mike Shorts Are Wrong
9781570271861 PB • $14.00

WRIGHT, Michelle; WILDING, Faith; & FERNANDEZ, Maria Domain Errors: Cyberfeminist Practices
9781570271410 PB • $17.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution AuTONOmeDIA 21 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

AGUILAR, Raquel Gutierrez Los Ritmos del Pachakuti: Levantamiento y Movilizacion en Bolivia (2000–2005)
97860700114798 PB • $24.00

HOLLOWAY, John; MATAMOROS, Fernando; & TISCHLER, Sergio (eds) Pensar a Contrapelo: Movimientos Sociales y Reflexion Critica
9786070021060 PB • $16.00

DEBORD, Guy Society of the Spectacle
9780934868075 PB • $8.00

PERLMAN, Fredy Continuing Appeal of Nationalism
9780934868273 PB • $3.00

BARCENAS, Francisco Lopez San Juan Copala: Dominacion política y resistencia popular
No ISBN PB • $24.00

ZIBECHI, Raúl Contrainsurgencia y Miseria: Las Politcas de Combate a la Pobreza en America Latina
No ISBN PB • $16.00

No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

PERLMAN, Fredy The Strait
9780934868297 PB • $12.95

BOCAFLOJA Imarginacion: La poetica del hip hop como desmesura de lo politico
9786070003639 PB • $12.00

ZIBECHI, Raúl Dispersar el Poder: Los Movimientos Como Poderes Antiestatales
9709484311947 PB • $20.00

NACHALO, S. & VOCHEK, Y. Letters of Insurgents
9780934868136 PB • $17.95

PERLMAN, Fredy Worker-Student Action Committees: France, May ‘68
9780934868082 PB • $6.00

HOLLOWAY, John Cambiar el Mundo Sin Tomar el Poder
9786070030765 PB • $20.00

PERLMAN, Fredy Against His-Story, Against Leviathan
9780934868259 PB • $10.00

SIMON, Henri Poland 1980–82: Class Struggle and the Crisis of Capital
9780934868266 PB • $8.00

ANTONIOLI, Maurizio The International Anarchist Congress: Amsterdam (1907)
9780973782738 PB • $29.95

DAMIER, V.V. AnarchoSyndicalism in the 20th Century
9780973782769 PB • $24.95

MAXIMOFF, G.P. The Guillotine at Work, Vol. 1: The Leninist Counter-Revolution
9780932366061 PB • $18.00 9780932366078 HC • $24.00

NEWELL, Peter Zapata of Mexico
9780932366085 PB • $12.00

ARCHIBALD, Malcolm Atamansha: The Story of Maria Nikiforova, the Anarchist Joan of Arc
9780973782707 Pamphlet • $10.00

MAKHNO, Nestor The Russian Revolution in the Ukraine
9780973782714 PB • $24.95

MELTZER, Albert (ed) A New World In Our Hearts: The Faces of Spanish Anarchism
9780932366009 PB • $8.00 9780932366016 HC • $10.00

AZAROV, V. Kontrrazvedka: The Story of the Makhnovist Intelligence Service
97809737827 PB • $14.95

MAKHNO, Nestor Under the Blows of the Counterrevolution
9780973782752 PB • $29.95

KNABB, Ken Public Secrets: Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb (1970–1997)
9780939682034 PB • $15.00

KNABB, Ken Situationist International Anthology
9780939682041 PB • $20.00

BAKUNIN, Mikhail God and the State
9780973782776 PB • $10.00

MILLER, Arthur Yardbird Blues: Twenty-Five Years of a Wobbly in the Maritime Industry
9780973782783 PB • $17.95

KNABB, Ken The Relevance of Rexroth
9780939682027 PB • $5.00

2011 Catalog 22 BAJO TIerrA–BureAu OF PuBLIC SeCreTS AK Press Distribution G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

SeCTION NAme ChArLeS h. Kerr

, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
The Right To Be Lazy Paul Lafargue
ISBN: 9781849350860 128 pp. • PB • $16.00 Co-published with AK Press

Haymarket Scrapbook Edited by Franklin Rosemont and David Roediger
ISBN: 9781849350808 272 pp. • PB • $20.00 Co-Published with AK Press

At once a masterpiece of critical theory and riproaring radical humor, this is one of the most spirited attacks on the notion of the “work ethic” ever to be published! Featuring a revised edition of the original English translation by Charles Hope Kerr and four of Paul Lafargue’s lesser-known critiques, as well as a biographical sketch by Fred Thompson and a new introduction by Bernard Marszalek. The Reason Why: The AfroAmerican Contribution to World Literature & A Brief History of the Chicago Anthropological Society Ida B. Wells-Barnett; Edited by Kate Khatib
ISBN Forthcoming 144 pp. • PB • $14.00 Fall 2011

Marking the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket bombing, this expanded edition of the profusely illustrated anthology reproduces hundreds of original documents, speeches, posters, and handbills, as well as contributions by radical historians focusing on Haymarket’s enduring influence.

Big Bill’s Book: The Autobiography of “Big Bill” Haywood William Haywood; Edited by John Duda
ISBN Forthcoming 400 pp. • PB • $20.00 Fall 2011

William Haywood, better known as “Big Bill,” was one the most notorious labor radicals ever to grace the American A new edition of the groundbreaking pamphlet, The Reason Why the West. Under the auspices of the IWW, Big Bill directed hundreds of Colored American Is Not in the World’s Columbian Exposition (1893), strikes and organized thousands of workers. Bill’s autobiography is a rewith an extended introduction and afterword exploring the text’s cord of those stunning achievements, and a rollicking journey through influence on the still-nascent discipline of Anthropology. the Western frontier at the turn of the century.


ABRAMS, Irving S. Haymarket Heritage
9780882861975 PB • $10.00

BECK, Frank O. Hobohemia: Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Ben Reitman & Other Agitators & Outsiders in 1920s/30s Chicago
9780882862514 PB • $12.00

BRUNDAGE, Slim From Bughouse Square to the Beat Generation: Selected Ravings of the Founder & Janitor of The College of Complexes
9780882862323 PB • $14.00

AHMAD, Muhammad We Will Return in the Whirlwind: Black Radical Organizations 1960–1975
9780882863146 PB • $18.00

BELLAMY, Edward Apparitions of Things to Come: Tales Of Mystery & Imagination
9780882861654 PB • $12.00

DANA, Charles A. Proudhon & His “Bank of the People”
9780882860664 PB • $5.00

ALTGELD, John P. Reasons for Pardoning the Haymarket Anarchists
9780882861241 PB • $5.00

BENEDETTI, Robert Dynamite and Roses: Lucy and Albert Parsons and the Haymarket Bombing
9780882862910 PB • $15.00

DARROW, Clarence Crime & Criminals: Address To the Prisoners in the Cook County Jail & Other Writings on Crime & Punishment
9780882862507 PB • $8.00

ASHLEIGH, Charles The Rambling Kid: A Novel About the IWW
9780882862729 PB • $17.00

BREVING, Bob Changing Society: The Lives of Worker Heroes Who Made a Difference
9780882862804 PB • $9.00

DAVIDSON, Carl New Radicals in the Multiversity, and Other SDS Writings on Student Syndicalism
9780882861777 PB • $9.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution ChArLeS h. Kerr 23 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

DE CLEYRE, Voltairine Written in Red: Selected Poems
9780882861463 PB • $5.00

GARON, Paul & TOMKO, Gene What’s the Use of Walking If There’s a Freight Train Going Your Way? Black Hoboes & Their Songs
9780882863061 PB + CD • $22.00

JONES, Mary Harris The Autobiography of Mother Jones
9780882861661 PB • $6.95

McKAY, Claude Harlem Glory: A Fragment of Aframerican Life
9780882861630 PB • $12.00

DEBS, Eugene V. Walls & Bars: Prisons and Prison Life in the “Land of the Free”
9780882862484 PB • $17.00

GLABERMAN, Martin Punching Out & Other Writings
9780882862637 PB • $15.00

KELLEY, Florence The Autobiography of Florence Kelley
9780882860930 PB • $16.00

MITCHELL, H.L. Roll the Union On: A Pictorial History of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union
9780882861593 PB • $15.00

DOLGOFF, Sam The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

GREEN, Archie; ROEDIGER, David; ROSEMONT, Franklin; & SALERNO, Salvatore (eds) The Big Red Songbook
9780882862774 PB • $24.00

LEMING, Warren Cold Chicago: A Haymarket Fable
9780882862576 PB • $15.00

NOBLE, David F. Progress Without People: In Defence of Luddism
9780882862187 PB • $15.00

DUDA, John (ed) Wanted: Men to Fill the Jails of Spokane!
9780882862705 PB • $15.00

HALL, Covington Labor Struggles in the Deep South & Other Writings
9780882862446 PB • $14.00

LINDSAY, Vachel The Golden Book of Springfield
9780882862422 PB + CD • $22.00

PARSONS, Lucy Freedom, Equality & Solidarity: Writings & Speeches, 1878–1937
9780882863009 PB • $17.00

DUNCAN, Isadora Isadora Speaks: Writings & Speeches of Isadora Duncan
9780882862279 PB • $12.00

HUCK, Gary & KONOPACKI, Mike Them: More Labor Cartoons
9780882862040 PB • $5.00

MACLANE, Mary The Story of Mary MacLane & Other Writings
9780882862330 PB • $15.00

PERET, Benjamin A Menagerie in Revolt: Selected Writings
9780882862996 PB • $15.00

FORD, Earl C. & FOSTER, William Z. Syndicalism
9780882861876 PB • $9.00

I.W.W. I.W.W. Songs: To Fan the Flames of Discontent (The “Little Red Songbook”)
9780882861890 Pamphlet • $9.00

MARCY, Mary You Have No Country!: Workers’ Struggle Against War
9780882860589 PB • $5.00

PHILLIPS, Wendell The Lesson of the Hour: On Abolition Strategy
9780882862576 PB • $12.00

FUSFELD, Daniel R. The Rise & Repression of Radical Labor
9780882860503 PB • $5.00

JAMES, C.L.R. Facing Reality
9780882863085 PB • $16.00

MARX, Karl & ENGELS, Frederick The Communist Manifesto: 100th Anniversary Edition
9780882862354 Pamphlet • $5.00

RACHLEFF, Peter Starving Amidst Too Much & Other I.W.W. Writings on the Food Industry
9780882863030 PB • $12.00

GARON, Paul The Devil’s Son-inLaw: The Story of Peetie Wheatstraw & His Songs
9780882862675 HC + CD • $21.00

JAMES, C.L.R. State Capitalism & World Revolution
9780882860794 PB • $12.00

McGUCKIN, Henry E. Memoirs of a Wobbly
9780882861579 PB • $7.00

RAWICK, George Listening To Revolt: Selected Writings
9780882863184 PB • $14.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 24 ChArLeS h. Kerr G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ROEDIGER, David History Against Misery
9780882863054 PB • $17.00

SANDBURG, Carl Carl Sandburg: The People’s Pugilist
9780882862699 PB • $19.00

ESTEVA, Ananda Pisco Sours
9780978691301 PB • $9.95

MONTGOMERY, Danielle The Woman You Write Poems About
9780978691332 PB • $12.00

ROSEMONT, Franklin Jacques Vaché and the Roots of Surrealism
9780882863214 PB • $20.00

SEIDER, Maynard A Year in the Life of a Factory
9780882862293 PB • $14.00

MINAHAL, Maiana Legend Sondayo
9780978691325 PB • $12.00

TRACY, James Sparks and Codes
9780978691318 PB • $9.95

ROSEMONT, Franklin Revolution in the Service of the Marvelous
9780882863504 PB • $14.00

SINCLAIR, Upton The Flivver King: A Story of FordAmerica
9780882860541 PB • $14.00

, NeW TITLeS . What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower: Being An Adventure Of Your Own Choosing Margaret Killjoy
ISBN: 9780983497103 192 pp. • PB • $8.00

ROSEMONT, Franklin (The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle
9780882862743 PB • $15.00

SLIM, T-Bone Juice Is Stranger Than Friction: Selected Writings
9780882860701 PB • $10.00

ROSEMONT, Franklin Joe Hill: The IWW & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture
9780882862644 PB • $20.00

SOUCHY, Augustin Beware! Anarchist!: A Life for Freedom
9780882862149 PB • $14.00

Descend into the depths of the undercity and embroil yourself in the struggles of colonialist gnomes and indigenous goblins. Fly in air balloons, drink mysterious cocktails, smoke opium with the dregs of gnomish society. Or dream and speak of liberation for all the races. Fall in love and abscond into the caverns. It’s up to you, because this is an adventure of your own choosing. White Is The Color Of Death Thursday Czolgosz; Margaret Killjoy; & The Catastrophone Orchestra

ROSEMONT, Franklin & RADCLIFFE, Charles Dancin’ in the Streets: Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists, & Provos in the 1960s
9780882863016 PB • $19.00

THOMPSON, Fred Fellow Worker: The Life of Fred Thompson
9780882862200 PB • $10.00

ISBN: 9780983497127 44 pp. • Pamphlet • $5.00

ROSEMONT, Penelope Dreams & Everyday Life: Andre Breton, Surrealism, Rebel Worker, SDS & the Seven Cities of Cibola
9780882862842 PB • $17.00

THOREAU, Henry David On the Duty of Civil Disobedience
9780882861302 PB • $5.00

The world has been remade in winter and twilight, and life in Victorian England will never be the same again. These three short stories show us a frozen apocalypse and two very different paths to salvation. While communities grow embittered with each passing year, struggling to keep themselves alive, the enigmatic Afflicted hunt down what survivors are left for purposes unknown. A Steampunk’s Guide To The Apocalypse Margaret Killjoy
ISBN: 9780983497134 56 pp. • Pamphlet • $7.00

ROSEMONT, Penelope & CIEZADLO, Janina Armitage Avenue Transcendentalists: Chicago Stories
9780882862903 PB • $17.00

WILSON, S. Brian On Third World Legs
9780882862118 PB • $10.00

From esteemed steampunk author Margaret Killjoy comes a 56-page, fully-illustrated manual of steampunk survival. With sections on water, food, security, health, location, and communications. As seen on BoingBoing, now in its third printing and widely available through the book trade for the first time!

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution ChArLeS h. Kerr–COmBuSTION BOOKS 25 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

CrImeThINC. , NeW TITLe .
Work: Capitalism. Economics. Resistance. CrimethInc.
ISBN: 9780970910172 376 pp. • PB • $11.95

BROWN, Wilmette Black Women and the Peace Movement
9780905046266 PB • $9.99

JAMES, Selma The Ladies and the Mammies: Jane Austen and Jean Rhys
9780905046259 PB • $10.99

This is a book about work, but it is more than that. It outlines an analysis of capitalism: what it is, how it works, how we might dismantle it. What is offered here is simply one perspective, from this side of the counter and this side of the barricades. If it lines up with your perspective, then this book is a challenge to do something about it.
ANONYMOUS A Guide to Picking Locks No ISBN
Vol. 1: Pamphlet • $4.50 Vol. 2: Pamphlet • $4.50

CASTAñEDA, Nora Creating a Caring Economy
9780954437220 PB • $10.99

JAMES, Selma Sex, Race & Class
9780950270272 Pamphlet • $4.00

CRIMETHINC. Guerilla Film Series, Vol. 1: Pickaxe, Breaking the Spell, The Miami Model, & Five Short Films
No ISBN 2x DVD • $15.00

DALLA COSTA, Mariarosa & JAMES, Selma The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community
9780950270241 PB • $9.99

JAMES, Selma (ed) Strangers and Sisters: Women, Race and Immigration
9780905046297 PB • $9.99

ANONYMOUS The Secret World of Terijian
No ISBN PB • $6.00

9780970910134 PB • $4.95

FRANCIS, Solveig The Milk of Human Kindness: Defending Breastfeeding From the Global Market & the AIDS Industry
9780954437206 PB • $15.99

JAMES, Selma Women, the Unions, & Work or...What is Not to be Done, & the Perspective of Winning
9780905046020 Pamphlet • $4.99

BUTCHER, Reagan Rusty String Quartet: Poems
9780970910158 PB • $15.00

CRIMETHINC. Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook
9780970910141 PB • $18.95

HALL, Ruth Ask Any Woman: A London Inquiry Into Rape and Sexual Assault
9780905046280 PB • $10.00

LEGAL ACTION FOR WOMEN A Chronology of Injustice: The Case for Winston Silcott’s Conviction To Be Overturned
9780951777572 PB • $5.99

CRIMETHINC. Days of War, Nights of Love: Crimethink for Beginners
9780970910103 PB • $11.95

CRIMETHINC. Rolling Thunder: An Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living
No ISBN Journal • $6.00

HALL, Ruth; JAMES, Selma; & KERTESZ, Judit The Rapist Who Pays the Rent: Women’s Case for Changing the Law on Rape
9780905046273 PB • $5.00

PRESCOD, Margaret Black Women: Bringing It All Back Home
9780905046099 PB • $7.99

9780970910110 PB • $8.95

INT’L PROSTITUTES COLLECTIVE Some Mother’s Daughter: The Hidden Movement of Prostitute Women Against Violence
9780951777589 PB • $13.99

RATHBONE, Eleanor The Disinherited Family
9780905046136 PB • $17.99

CRIMETHINC. Expect Resistance: A Field Manual
9780970910165 PB • $13.95

JAGET, Claude Prostitutes: Our Life
9780905046112 PB • $11.99

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 26 CrImeThINC. –CrOSSrOADS WOmeN G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

eBerhArDT PreSS
ANONYMOUS Free To Choose: A Women’s Guide to Reproductive Freedom
No ISBN Pamphlet • $2.00

JEUNET, Catherine Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Herbal Abortion Procedure and Practice for Midwives and Herbalists
No ISBN Pamphlet • $5.00

COHEN, Joseph J. In Quest of Heaven: The Story of the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community
9781600019852 PB • $24.00

PERLMAN, Fredy The New Freedom: Corporate Capitalism
9781600019999 PB • $20.00

CHICAGO WOMEN’S LIBERATION UNION Jane: Documents From Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

PERLMAN, Fredy Progress and Nuclear Power: The Destruction of the Continent and Its Peoples
No ISBN Pamphlet • $2.00

COHEN, Joseph J. & FERM, Alexis C. Modern School of Stelton
9781600019944 PB • $15.00

RIDGE, Lola The Ghetto and Other Poems
9781600019913 PB • $14.00

CHURCHILL, Ward & GLENDINNING, Chellis US Off the Planet!
No ISBN CD • $10.00

SAKOLSKY, Ron Swift Winds
No ISBN PB • $8.00

FERM, Elizabeth Byrne Freedom in Education
9780971186347 PB • $14.95

SURVEILLANCE CAMERA PLAYERS We Know You Are Watching: Surveillance Camera Players 1996–2006
9781600019920 PB • $24.00

EBERHARDT, Isabelle Criminal
No ISBN Pamphlet • $5.00

No ISBN CD • $10.00

FERRER, Francisco Origin and Ideals of the Modern School
9781600019777 PB • $15.00

VARIOUS Sing a Battle Song: Poems By Women in the Weather Underground Organizations
9781600019906 PB • $12.00

ANONYMOUS Albania: Laboratory of Subversion
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

FIve LeAveS
BONANNO, Alfredo Revolution, Violence, AntiAuthoritarianism: A Few Notes
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

CROUCH, David & WARD, Colin The Allotment: Its Landscape And Culture
9780907123910 PB • $21.95

GOODWAY, David & WARD, Colin Talking Anarchy
9780907123996 PB • $14.00

ANONYMOUS At Daggers Drawn: With the Existent, Its Defenders and Its False Critics
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

CHRISSUS & ODOTHEUS Barbarians: Disordered Insurgence
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

FISHMAN, William J. East End 1888
9780907123859 PB • $22.95

HARDY, Dennis & WARD, Colin Arcadia for All: The Legacy of a Makeshift Landscape
9780907123590 PB • $26.95

ANONYMOUS Where Is the Festival?: Notes on Summits & Counter-Summits
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

VANEIGEM, Raoul Contributions to the Revolutionary Struggle
9781870133562 PB • $4.50

FISHMAN, William J. East End Jewish Radicals: 1875–1914
9780907123453 PB • $22.95

WALTER, Nicolas The Anarchist Past and Other Essays
9781905512164 PB • $16.00

BONANNO, Alfredo Apart from the Obvious Exceptions
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

WEIR, Jean (ed) Armed Struggle in Italy
9781870133531 PB • $5.95

FISHMAN, William J. The Streets of East London
9780907123569 PB • $21.95

WARD, Colin Cotters and Squatters: Housing’s Hidden History
9780907123194 PB • $16.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution eBerhArDT–FIve LeAveS 27 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

FreeDOm ArChIveS , NeW TITLe .
COINTELPRO 101 Freedom Archives
ISBN: 9781604865226 DVD • $19.95

FreeDOm PreSS
Beating The Fascists: The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action Sean Birchall
ISBN: 9781904491125 416 pp. • PB • $29.95 Fall 2011

This documentary exposes illegal surveillance, disruption, and outright murder committed by the US government in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Through interviews with activists who experienced these abuses first-hand and with rare historical footage, the film provides an educational introduction to a period of intense repression and draws relevant lessons for present and future movements.

A compelling account—written by those who were there on the front line—of the extraordinary activities of AntiFascist Action (AFA), an organized and committed group of ordinary working class folks who during the 1980s and 1990s took the fight to the far right, and won! Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution Peter Kropotkin
ISBN: 9781904491101 304 pp. • PB • $29.95 Fall 2011

, FeATureD TITLe .
Prisons on Fire: George Jackson, Attica, & Black Liberation Freedom Archives
ISBN: 9781902593524 CD • $14.95 Co-published with AK Press

2011 marks the fortieth anniversary of the Attica Rebellion! Learn all about this important piece of history and the lessons to be taken from it. Includes the voices of George Jackson, Jonathan Jackson Jr., Angela Davis, David Hilliard, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Frank “Big Black” Smith, L.D. Barkley, and more.

In this anarchist classic, Kropotkin argues that the most effective human and animal communities are essentially cooperative, rather than competitive. Essential to our understanding of evolution as well as social organization, this book offers a powerful counterpoint to Social Darwinism. Now in a new edition with an introduction by Donald Rooum and historical preface by Iain McKay.

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Charisse Shumate: Fighting for Our Lives
9780972742269 DVD • $20.00

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Self Respect, Self Defense, & SelfDetermination
9780972742252 PB • $20.00


ARSHINOV The History of the Makhnovist Movement: 1918–1921
9780900384400 PB • $24.95

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Legacy of Torture: The War Against the Black Liberation Movement
9780979078903 DVD • $20.00

No ISBN CD • $14.00 LP • $20.00

AVRICH, Paul Bakunin and Nechaev
9780900384097 PB • $2.95

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Paul Robeson: Words Like Freedom
No ISBN CD • $14.98

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Voices of Three Political Prisoners: Nuh Washington, Jalil Muntaqim, & David Gilbert
No ISBN DVD • $20.00

BAKUNIN, Mikhail Marxism, Freedom and the State
9780900384271 PB • $11.95

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Robert and Mabel Williams Resource Guide
9780972742276 PB • $10.00

FREEDOM ARCHIVES Wild Poppies: A Poetry Jam Across Prison Walls—Poets and Musicians Honor Marilyn Buck
9780972742245 PB • $10.00

BARCLAY, Harold Culture and Anarchism
9780900384844 PB • $21.95

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 28 FreeDOm ArChIveS—FreeDOm PreSS G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

BARCLAY, Harold The State
9781904491002 PB • $14.00

KROPOTKIN, Peter Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow
9780900384288 PB • $23.00

PARASKOS, Michael (ed) Rereading Read: New Views on Herbert Read
9781904491088 PB • $44.95

VARIOUS Deep Ecology & Anarchism
9780900384677 PB • $9.00

BERKMAN, Alexander ABC of Anarchism
9780900384035 PB • $12.95

KROPOTKIN, Peter The State: Its Historic Role
9780900384332 PB • $7.95

PEIRATS, Jose Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution
9780900384530 PB • $29.95

VARIOUS The May Days Barcelona 1937
9780900384394 PB • $18.00

CLARK, John P. Max Stirner’s Egoism
9780900384141 PB • $11.95

MALATESTA, Errico Anarchy
9780900384745 PB • $9.00

READ, Herbert One-Man Manifesto
9780900384721 PB • $18.95

VARIOUS Spain: Social Revolution/Counter Revolution 9780900384547
PB • $20.95

FREEDOM (ed) The State Is Your Enemy: Selections from the Anarchist Journal Freedom, 1965–86
9780900384578 PB • $15.95

MALATESTA, Errico The Anarchist Revolution: Polemical Articles 1924–1931
9780900384837 PB • $11.95

RICHARDS, Vernon Lessons of the Spanish Revolution
9780900384233 PB • $15.95

WALTER, Nicolas About Anarchism
9780900384905 PB • $11.00

GODWIN, William The Anarchist Writings of William Godwin
9780900384295 PB • $15.95

MALATESTA, Errico At the Café: Conversations on Anarchism
9781904491064 PB • $19.95

RICHARDS, Vernon (ed) Violence and Anarchism: A Polemic
9780900384707 PB • $7.95

WARD, Colin Anarchy in Action
9780900384202 PB • $15.95

HARPER, Clifford (ed) Visions of Poesy: An Anthology of 20th Century Anarchist Poetry
9780900384752 PB • $24.95

MARSHALL, Peter William Blake: Visionary Anarchist
9780900384776 PB • $11.95

RICHARDS, Vernon (ed) Why Work?: Arguments For The Leisure Society
9780900384257 PB • $17.95

WARD, Colin Talking Houses
9780900384554 PB • $15.95

HOWARD, Martin (ed) The Anarchist Quiz Book
9781904491071 PB • $13.95

NETTLAU, Max A Short History of Anarchism
9780900384899 PB • $31.95

RICHARDS, Vernon; WALTER, Nicolas; & WARD, Colin George Orwell at Home (and Among the Anarchists)
9780900384943 PB • $21.95

WARD, Colin Talking Schools
9780900384813 PB • $15.95

KROPOTKIN, Peter Act for Yourselves!
9780900384387 PB • $18.00

NEWELL, Peter Zapata of Mexico
9781904491057 PB • $20.00

ROOUM, Donald What Is Anarchism?: An Introduction
9780900384660 PB • $11.95

WILSON, Charlotte Anarchist Essays
9780900384998 PB • $16.95

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution FreeDOm PreSS 29 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

FreeDOm vOICeS
CARRANZA, María Mercedes Song of the Flies [An Account of the Events]
9780915117192 PB • $11.95

ROSS, Clifton Translations from Silence: Poems
9780915117185 PB • $15.95

Valeriano Orobón Fernández: Towards the Barricades Manuel Buenacasa, Salvador Cano Carrillo, & Valeriano Orobón Fernández

PEPPER, Margot Eve Through the Wall: A Year in Havana
9780915117178 PB • $19.95

THOMAS, Piri Stories From El Barrio
9780915117116 PB • $19.95

ISBN: 9781873605394 32 pp. • Pamphlet • $3.00 Summer 2011

HEALTH INITIATIVES FOR YOUTH Alameda County Adolescent Provider’s Guide
9780978686703 PB • $10.00

Valeriano Orobón Fernández was a Spanish anarcho-syndicalist activist, speaker, and author. He worked to prepare the CNT for the revolutionary battles to come, and fought to keep it free of Communist control. He was also the author of the anarchosyndicalist anthem A las barricadas! (and the lyrics are included!).

9780978686703 PB • $10.00


ANARKOWIC, Stefan Against the God Emperor: The Anarchist Treason Trials In Japan
9781873605554 Pamphlet • $3.00

9780978686727 PB • $10.00

ANONYMOUS The Life Style of Buenaventura Durruti
9781873605752 Pamphlet • $3.00

ICARUS PROJECT Friends Make the Best Medicine: A Guide To Creating Community Mental Health Support Networks
9780980070910 Pamphlet • $3.00

ICARUS PROJECT Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness: A Reader & Roadmap of Bipolar Worlds
9780980070903 Pamphlet • $8.50

BELLEGARRIGUE, Anselme The World’s First Anarchist Manifesto
9781873605820 Pamphlet • $4.00

ICARUS PROJECT Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs
9780980070927 Pamphlet • $6.00

BERKMAN, Alexander et al. The Tragic Procession: Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid
9781873605905 Pamphlet • $12.00

JurA meDIA
DE SANTILLAN, D.A. After the Revolution
No ISBN PB • $14.00

PURCHASE, Graham Anarchist Organisation: Suggestions and Possibilities
No ISBN Pamphlet • $2.50

BROWN, Tom British Syndicalism: Pages Of Labour History
9781873605707 Pamphlet • $2.50

PURCHASE, Graham Anarchism and Ecology: The Historical Relationship
9780908437207 Pamphlet • $2.50

RECLUS, Elisée On Vegetarianism & The Great Kinship of Humans and Fauna
9780908437054 Pamphlet • $3.00

CARRAPATO, Julio The Almost Perfect Crime: The Misrepresentation Of Portuguese Anarchism
9781873605684 Pamphlet • $3.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 30 FreeDOm vOICeS—KATe ShArPLey LIB. G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

CIANCABILLA, Giuseppe Fired by the Ideal: Italian-American Anarchist Responses to Czolgosz’s Killing of McKinley
9781873605080 Pamphlet • $3.00

GARCIA OLIVER, Juan Wrong Steps: Errors in the Spanish Revolution
9781873605721 Pamphlet • $3.00

KEY, Anna & SHARKEY, Paul Rebellious Spirit: Maria Occhipinti and the Ragusa Anti-Draft Revolt of 1945
9781873605592 Pamphlet • $4.00

RODRIGUES, Edgar; RAMOS, Renato; & SAMIS, Alexandre Against All Tyranny! Essays on Anarchism in Brazil
9781873605189 Pamphlet • $3.50

DE LLORENS, Ignacio The CNT and the Russian Revolution
9781873605370 Pamphlet • $3.00

GROSSER, Philip Alcatraz—Uncle Sam’s Devil’s Island: Experiences of a Conscientious Objector in America During the First World War
9781873605240 Pamphlet • $3.50

KEY, Anna & SHARKEY, Paul Salvador Puig Antich and the MIL (Movimiento Iberico de Liberacion)
9781873605448 Pamphlet • $4.00

RUBLYOV, D.I. & DUBOVIK, Anatoly V. After Makhno: Hidden Histories of Anarchism in the Ukraine
9781873605844 Pamphlet • $3.00

EDELSOHN, Rebecca The Anarchist Response to War and Labor Violence in 1914
9781873605578 Pamphlet • $3.00

HEATH, Nick The Third Revolution?: Peasant and Worker Resistance to the Bolshevik Government
9781873605950 Pamphlet • $4.00

KOTIS, Leonardos Konstantinos Speras: The Life and Activities of a Greek Anarcho-Syndicalist
9781873605141 Pamphlet • $3.00

SCARFÓ, América Buenos Aires Tragedy The Last Fight of Severino di Giovanni & Paul Scarfo
9781873605585 Pamphlet • $3.50

FINZI, Paolo Emilio Canzi: An Anarchist Partisan in Italy and Spain
9781873605295 Pamphlet • $3.00

HELMS, Robert George Brown: The Cobbler Anarchist of Philadelphia
9781873605349 Pamphlet • $5.00

MAKHNO, Nestor My Visit to the Kremlin
9781873605356 Pamphlet • $2.50

SHARKEY, Paul (ed) Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU): Crisis, Armed Struggle and Dictatorship, 1967–1985
9781873605691 Pamphlet • $3.00

GARCIA, Miguel Looking Back After Twenty Years of Jail: Questions And Answers on the Spanish Anarchist Resistance
9781873605035 Pamphlet • $2.50

HODGART, Rhona M. Ethel MacDonald: Glasgow Woman Anarchist
9781873605288 Pamphlet • $3.00

MAXIMOFF, G.P. A Grand Cause: The Hunger Strike and the Deportation of Anarchists from Soviet Russia
9781873605745 Pamphlet • $4.00

TELLEZ, Antonio Anarchist Int’l Action Against Francoism from Genoa 1949 to the First of May Group
9781873605851 Pamphlet • $4.00

GARCIA, Miguel Unknown Heroes: Biographies of Anarchist Resistance Fighters
9781873605837 Pamphlet • $3.00

KEY, Anna Beating Fascism: Anarchist AntiFascism in Theory and Practice
9781873605882 Pamphlet • $4.00

POMONIS, Paul (ed) The Early Days of Greek Anarchism: ‘The Democratic Club Of Patras’ & ‘Social Radicalism In Greece’
9781873605738 Pamphlet • $3.00

TELLEZ, Antonio The Assassination Attempt on Franco from the Air: 1948
9781873605806 Pamphlet • $8.00

GARCIA, Victor Three Japanese Anarchists: Kotoku, Osugi and Yamaga
9781873605622 Pamphlet • $3.00

KEY, Anna Mayday and Anarchism: Remembrance and Resistance from Haymarket to Now
9781873605530 Pamphlet • $3.00

POR, Odon The Italian Glass Blowers Takeover of 1910
9781873605301 Pamphlet • $2.50

“UNCONTROLLABLE” from the Iron Column A Day Mournful and Overcast
9781873605332 Pamphlet • $2.50

GARCIA OLIVER, Juan My Revolutionary Life
9781873605547 Pamphlet • $3.50

KEY, Anna No War But the Class War!: Libertarian Anti-Militarism Then and Now
9781873605134 Pamphlet • $3.00

POUGET, Emile Direct Action
9781873605431 Pamphlet • $2.50

VANZETTI, Bartolomeo The Story of a Proletarian Life
9781873605929 Pamphlet • $2.50

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution KATe ShArPLey LIBrAry 31 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, NeW TITLe .
Clenched Fists, Empty Pockets Edited by Fredric Carlsson-Andersson and Atilla Piskin
ISBN: 9781894946346 36 pp. • Pamphlet • $6.00 Spring 2011
JOHNSON, Kevin “Rashid” Defying the Tomb: Selected Prison Writings and Art
9781894946391 PB • $21.95

PARVATI, Comrade People’s War… Women’s War?: Two Texts by Comrade Parvati of the Communist Party of Nepal
9781894946216 Pamphlet • $7.00

Six working-class activists from Sweden discuss their experiences with class and middle-class hegemony in a variety of left-wing scenes and organizations. The authors grapple with not just economic realities but also the full gamut of cultural and social class hierarchies that are embedded in the society and the left. This English edition includes a preface by translator Gabriel Kuhn.
ACKELSBERG, Martha A. Models of Revolution: Rural Women and Anarchist Collectivization in Civil War Spain
No ISBN Pamphlet • $5.00

JORDAN, John & WHITNEY, Jennifer Que Se Vayan Todos: Argentina’s Popular Rebellion
9781894946001 Pamphlet • $6.00

RECLUS, Elisée Anarchy by an Anarchist
No ISBN Pamphlet • $2.50

DAY, Christopher The Historical Failure of Anarchism: Implications for the Future of the Revolutionary Project
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

KORNEGGER, Peggy Anarchism: The Feminist Connection
9780968950388 Pamphlet • $4.00

RED ARMY FACTION The Urban Guerrilla Concept
9781894946162 Pamphlet • $5.00

ACTION DIRECTE Resistance Is a Duty! and Other Essays
9781894946339 Pamphlet • $4.00

GOLDMAN, Emma Anarchism: What It Really Stands For
No ISBN Pamphlet • $2.50

KRIEGER, Nancy Queen of the Bolsheviks: The Hidden History of Dr. Marie Equi
9781894946308 Pamphlet • $3.00

SAKAI, J. Confronting Fascism: Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement
9780973143218 PB • $24.95

ANONYMOUS Guns for Hire
9781894946179 Pamphlet • $5.00

GOLDMAN, Emma Marriage and Love
9780968950357 Pamphlet • $2.00

LEE, Butch Jailbreak Out of History: The ReBiography of Harriet Tubman
9780973143201 PB • $12.00

SAKAI, J. Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat
No ISBN PB • $21.95

BALAGOON, Kuwasi A Soldier’s Story: Writings By a Revolutionary New Afrikan Anarchist
9781894820325 PB • $20.00

GUEVARA, Che Guerrilla Warfare: A Method
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

MEAD, Ed The Theory and Practice of Armed Struggle
9781894946254 Pamphlet • $3.50

SAYLES, James Yaki Meditations on Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth: New Afrikan Revolutionary Writings
9781894946322 PB • $21.95

BUKHARI, Safiya Coming of Age: A New Afrikan Revolutionary
9781894946186 Pamphlet • $2.50

GUILLEN, Abraham Anarchist Economics
9780968950326 Pamphlet • $5.00

MEYER, Matt John Brown: May 9, 1800–Dec. 2, 1859
9781894820332 Pamphlet • $4.00

SHOATS, Russell Maroon Death by Regulation & a Message from a Death Camp
9781894946292 Pamphlet • $3.00

CHOMSKY, Noam Two Talks on Neoliberalism
No ISBN Pamphlet • $5.00

HENCK, Nicholas Broadening the Struggle and Winning the Media War: ‘Marcos Mystique,’ Guerilla Chic, and Zapatista PR
9780968950302 Pamphlet • $6.00

MORRIS, William & WARD, Colin A Factory As It Might Be & The Factory We Never Had
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.50

WISNIEWSKI, Stefan We Were So Terribly Consistent: A Conversation About the History of the Red Army Faction
9781894946087 Pamphlet • $4.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 32 KerSPLeBeDeB G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
Dreamwhip: Collected Issues 1–10 Bill Brown
ISBN: 9781934620953 352 pp. • PB • $12.00 Issue #14 also available!

Burn Collector #15 Al Burian
ISBN: 9781934620946 64 pp. • Zine • $3.00 Issue #14 also available!

Spanning 1994 to 1999, this pocketsize anthology collects issues 1 through 10 of the longrunning Dreamwhip zine. Inside, Bill Brown hits the road and finds adventure far and wide. Each page is lovingly handwritten or typed and illustrations and photographs abound. Bill Brown’s America is seen with the big, dreaming heart of a romantic, everything recorded in sweet, smart, funny, beautifully-simple prose. CIA Makes Sci Fi Unexciting #6 Edited by Abner Smith
ISBN: 9781934620830 96 pp. • PB • $5.00 Issues #1–5 also available!

The expatriated Al Burian reflects on a year spent living in Berlin, Germany. His wildly freerange topics include: freedom, happiness, animal liberty, Aristotle, modern dentistry, riots as rituals, uncomfortable proximity to drunken teenagers, and how to best color co-ordinate an outfit that includes a Black Flag T-shirt and a baby stroller. Plus an illustrated essay by Anne Elizabeth Moore! Rad Dad #19 Edited by Tomas Moniz
ISBN: 9781934620991 48 pp. • Zine • $4.00 Issues #17 & #18 also available!

At long last, the new issue of Microcosm’s CIA zine series! For the tenth anniversary issue, we get an intimate, never-seen-before examination of the life and death of Lee Harvey Oswald. Where other would-be Oswald biographies focus on the immediate events leading up to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, here we have a full and panoramic look at Oswald’s short, conflicted, adventure-filled life. Xerography Debt #28 Edited by Davida Breier
ISBN: 9781934620366 68 pp. • Zine • $3.00 Standing Orders available!

As editor Tomas Moniz says in issue #19’s first essay, “Parenting has taught me a lot about dealing with things I’d rather not deal with.” This is the Rad Dad “heavy topics” issue; its pages are concerned with talking to your kids about topics you might shy away from—important issues like racism, sexism, death, domestic violence, police brutality, and environmental crisis. How & Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide Matte Resist
ISBN: 9781934620045 176 pp. • PB • $14.00

Opening with a long musing about the importance of recorded history through zine reviews, the newest issue of the Review zine with Perzine tendencies, catapults us into reading about all kinds of exciting new zines we’ve never heard of! There’s also columns, humor, and smart folks cluin’ us in on all the brand new stuff that rules. Plus the “where are they now” feature (find out what some former zinesters are up to)! Nine Gallons #2 Susie Cagle
ISBN: 9781934620878 32 pp. • Zine • $5.00

This essential new do-it-yourself handbook explores a wide range of simple and advanced DIY projects, with the underpinning notion that anyone is capable and qualified with a little encouragement. Includes step-bystep instructions for projects such as building your own musical instruments, making your own solar panel, making greywater improvements to your home, seed saving and gardening... and countless others. Edible Secrets Mia Partlow and Michael Hoerger
ISBN: 9781934620410 128 pp. • PB •$10.00

It’s issue two of Susie Cagle’s celebrated Food Not Bombs comic zine, Nine Gallons! This time around Susie addresses issues of volunteer burn-out, misguided agendas, and activist in-fighting. Part Food Not Bombs primer, part clear-headed look at volunteer ethics and philosophy, this is above all a great well-drawn story, a relevant topic, and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

What do top-secret CIA assassination plots, Black Panther arrests, and Reaganomics have in common? Food, of course! Michael Hoerger and Mia Partlow collect, contextualize and graphically narrate declassified government documents with food as a theme! Over 500,000 declassified memos, debriefings and transcripts were combed to uncover some of the most important and iconic people and narratives from US history.

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution mICrOCOSm 33 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

Zinester’s Guide to NYC: The Last Wholly Analog Guide Edited by Ayun Halliday
ISBN: 9781934620465 256 pp. • PB • $9.99

The Nez Perce Indians John Gerlach
ISBN: 9781934620168 48 pp. • Zine • $3.00 Simple History Series

A top-to-bottom, on-the-cheap, warts-andall exploration of the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re looking for scam-able coffee or a place to grab a Japanese breakfast, art supplies, volunteer opportunities, or a four-story Korean bathhouse, the ZG2NYC has it all. The book is divided into illustrated, user friendly sections that give up the goods for first-timers and native New Yorkers alike.

One of the tribes oft ignored by mainstream history books, the Nez Perce were centered in what is now Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Gerlach and illustrator Kate Van Cleve focus their story on a rebellious band of Nez Perce who decided to say enough is enough when asked to give up their land. Their story is one of betrayal and land rights, of extreme bravery and terrible violence.

Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation Sandor Ellix Katz
ISBN: 9781934620175 44 pp. • Zine • $6.00

So Raw It’s Downright Filthy: A Raw Vegan Cookbook Joshua Ploeg
ISBN: 9781934620823 40 pp. • Zine • $4.00

A great resource for learning to use the microbes around you. Wanna learn how to make your own sourdough? Miso? Injera? It’s in this handy dandy guide for fermenting in the comfort of your own home. Sour cream! Buttermilk! Cheese and tempeh! Wow your friends and family with these tasty, briny treats.

A wonderful follow-up to his cookbook, In Search of the Lost Taste, this brand-new zine is Joshua’s take on raw food. 28 slammin’ pages with tips on all things raw, and awesome recipes like Pho, Shitakesbury Steak, Shepherd’s Pie, Garlic-Sunflower Pate, Cashew Sour Cream, Melon Gazpacho, and Gumbo!

Awesome Future: Stories of Victorious Action Robnoxious
ISBN: 9781934620458 68 pp. • Zine • $5.00 Spring 2011

Barefoot and in the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes for You Ashley Rowe
ISBN: 9781934620557 128 pp. • PB • $9.95 Spring 2011

This beautifully-drawn comix collection says, “Welcome friend; rest your feet. Things are going to be okay.” Awesome Future is positivity incarnate—but it’s not a mindless feel-good trip. This is a positivity that knows things are kind of effed, that we’re up against a wall most days, and that fighting the good fight is a noble, important thing—even if you don’t always come out on top.

This heavily illustrated vegan cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and entertaining essays. Works with ingredients available to folks everywhere not just those with access to fancy health food stores. Make a basic white sauce, your own seitan, mac’n’cheese, stuffed shells, cornbread, cookies, even cinnamon buns! As Ashley says, “Resistance Is Tasty!”

Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy Kristian Williams
ISBN: 9781934620649 64 pp. • Zine • $5.95 Spring 2011

Cambodian Grrrl Anne Elizabeth Moore
ISBN: 9781934620892 96 pp. • PB • $7.95 Cantankerous Titles / Spring 2011

A collection of articles and interviews on the history, psychology, and current state of torture in democratic societies. Articles include David Cunningham’s “Prisons, Torture, and Imperialism,” a piece on the anarchist perspective on torture, and a great essay on writing about torture, among many others.

Writer and independent publisher Anne Elizabeth Moore went to Southeast Asia hoping to teach young women how to make zines. What she learned instead were brutal truths about women’s rights, the politics of corruption, the failures of democracy, the mechanism of globalization, and a profound emotional connection that can only be called love.

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 34 mICrOCOSm G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

BAILLIE, Liz My Brain Hurts
9781934620038 Vol. 1 • PB • $6.00 9781934620441 Vol. 2 • PB • $7.00

CRABB, Cindy Doris: An Anthology, 1991–2001
9781934620366 PB • $14.00

IGLOO TORNADO Henry & Glenn Forever
9781934620939 PB • $6.00

POWELL, Nate Sounds of Your Name
9781934620793 PB • $18.00

Issues #23–27 also available! BEATY, Nate BFF: Brainfag Forever
9781934620007 PB • $9.00

DAHL, Ken Welcome to the Dahl House: Alienation, Incarceration, and Inebriation in the New American Rome
9781934620021 PB • $7.00

INTONSUS, Asbjorn Please Don’t Feed the Bears: A Vegan Cookbook
9780977055715 PB • $9.00

REKLAW, Jesse Applicant
9780977055760 PB • $4.00

BEATY, Nate & GRANTON, Shawn (eds) The Zinester’s Guide to Portland
9780977055722 PB • $5.00

DANIEL, Bill Mostly True
9780978866525 PB • $8.00

ISAACSON, John Do-It-Yoursef Screenprinting: A Graphic Novel
9780977055746 PB • $10.00

ROAD, Cristy C. Indestructible
9780977055777 PB • $6.00

BIEL, Joe & BRENT, Bill Make a Zine!
9781934620069 PB • $7.00

DAVE On Subbing: The First Four Years
9780972696753 PB • $5.00

JACKSON, Shelley Lynn & CLARK, Ethan The Chainbreaker Bike Book
9780977055739 PB • $15.00

ROAD, Cristy C. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick: Eighty-Five Postcards
9780978866518 PB • $15.00

BOWSTERN, Moe Xtra Tuf: The Strike Issue
9780972696777 PB • $6.00

DAVIS, Bert & Holly Dwelling Portably
9781934620083 1980–89 • PB • $8.00 9781934620205 1990–99 • PB • $8.00 9781934620618 2000–2008 • PB • $8.00

JACKSON, Shelley Lynn A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance
9781934620328 Zine • $2.00

ROSSON, Keith The Best of Intentions: The AVOW Anthology
9781934620212 PB • $12.00

BRAVO, Kyle (ed) Making Stuff & Doing Things: A Collection Of DIY Guides To Doing Just About Everything
9780972696791 PB • $12.00

DUNCOMBE, Stephen Notes from the Underground: Zines And The Politics Of Alternative Culture
9781934620373 PB • $13.00

LOPRESTI, Kate The Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories from the Public Transportation Front
9780978866594 PB • $6.00

SLIFER, Shaun & YOUNG, Bec (eds) Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas
9781934620687 PB • $10.00

BRIGGS, Raleigh Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills
9780978866563 PB • $7.00

GEORGES, Nicole J. Invincible Summer
9780972696760 Vol. 1 • PB • $12.00 9781934620663 Vol. 1 • PB • $14.00

LYLE, Erick SCAM: The First Four Issues
9781934620700 PB • $16.00

SNAKEPIT My Life in a Jugular Vein: Three More Years of Snakepit Comics
9780977886555 PB + CD • $15.00

BURIAN, Al Things Are Meaning Less
9780972696739 PB • $8.00

HOLTZMAN, Ben Sick: A Compilation Zine on Physical Illness
9781934620489 PB • $6.00

PLOEG, Joshua In Search of the Lost Taste
9781934620014 PB • $8.00

SPLINT, Ryan & VANNESSA Hot Damn and Hell Yeah/The Dirty South Vegan Cookbook
9780977055708 PB • $7.00

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution mICrOCOSm 35 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
The Occupation Cookbook, or the Model of the Occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb Introduction by Marc Bousquet; Translated
from the Croatian by Drago Markisa ISBN: 9781570272189 80 pp. • PB • $12.00

New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty Félix Guattari and Antonio Negri
ISBN: 9781570272240 156 pp. • PB • $18.00

An extraordinary collaboration between Félix Guattari and Antonio Negri, written at dawn of the 1980s, in the wake of the crushing of the A “manual” that describes the organization of the student occupation of the autonomous movements of the previous decade. Guattari and Negri Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that took place in the spring of 2009 diagnose with incisive prescience transformations of the global econand lasted for 35 days.Written as a record, but also to present the particular omy and theorize new forms of alliance and organization: mutant organization of this action in such a way that it may be of use to others. machines of subjectivation and social movement. Punkademics: The Basement Show in the Ivory Tower Edited by Zack Furness
ISBN: 9781570272295 224 pp. • PB • $15.00 Spring 2011

A User’s Guide to (Demanding) the Impossible Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination
ISBN: 9781570272080 64 pp. • PB • $8.00 Summer 2011

Punkademics explores the intersections of punk and academia by giving voice to some of the people who arguably best understand these odd bedfellows. This timely book that features original essays, interviews, and select reprints from notable writers, artists, and emerging talents who actively cut & paste the boundaries between punk culture, music, politics, and higher education. Communization and its Discontents Edited by Benjamin Noys
ISBN: 9781570272318 200 pp. • PB • $16.00 Summer 2011

This is not a road map or instruction manual. It’s a match struck in the dark, a homemade multi-tool to help you carve out your own path through the ruins of the present, warmed by the stories and strategies of those who took Bertolt Brecht’s words to heart: “ is Art not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy Richard Gilman-Opalsky
ISBN: 9781570272288 256 pp. • PB • $16.00 Summer 2011

“Communization” is the spectre of the immediate struggle to abolish capitalism and the state, wherever the real abstractions of value that shape our lives are contested. Taking in the new theorisations proposed by Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, Théorie Communiste, post-autonomists, and others, this book offers critical reflections on the possibilities and the limits of these contemporary forms of struggle.

Despite recent crises in the financial system, we still live in an era of “spectacular capitalism”—the dominant mythology of capitalism that disguises its internal logic and denies the macroeconomic reality of the actually existing capitalist world. Drawing on the work of Guy Debord, Gilman-Opalsky raises irresistible questions about the truth and morality of the existing state of affairs.

BERARDI, Franco “Bifo” Precarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism & the Pathologies of Post-Alpha Generation
9781570272073 PB • $18.00

SHUKAITIS, Stevphen Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & SelfOrganization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life
9781570272080 PB • $18.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 36 mINOr COmPOSITIONS G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Subversions: Anarchist Short Stories/ Nouvelles Anarchistes Edited by Anarchist Writers’ Bloc
ISBN: 9782980576324 PB • $14.95

, FOrThCOmING TITLeS . Towards a Less Fucked Up World: Sobriety and Anarchist Struggle Nick Riotfag
No ISBN 20 pp. • Pamphlet • $4.00 Spring 2011

The first-ever anthology in English or French of new anarchist fiction! A bilingual collection, this brings together eighteen contemporary anarchist writers from across North America and Europe. Bilingual edition with the writers you love: Ron Sakolsky, Jim Miller, Derrick Jensen, Cara Hoffman, Norman Nawrocki, and more!

A crucial resource for sober and non-sober folks alike, this zine explores the connections between intoxication and different types of oppression. In a clear and engaging writing style, author and activist Nick Riotfag presents a brilliant analysis on sobriety, radical communities, safe spaces and accountability.

NAWROCKI, Norman Breakfast for Anarchists
9782923626000 PB • $14.00

NAWROCKI, Norman Dinner for Dissidents
9782980576317 PB • $12.00

She Said Judith Arcana
No ISBN 16 pp. • Pamphlet • $3.00 Summer 2011

NAWROCKI, Norman Lunch for Insurgents
9782980576300 PB • $14.00

“She Said” is often considered a theater piece, a poem in many voices. The writer, Judith Arcana, is a Jane—a member of Chicago’s pre-Roe underground abortion group. Her memory, her imagination, and her attention to dangerously restricted access to abortion in the USA in the 21st century have sparked this work, which gives witness to the years when abortion was not only inaccessible for many women— as it is now—but illegal for all.

ANDERSON, Andy Hungary ‘56
9780948984143 PB • $9.95

reBeL PreSS
LUX, Martin Anti-Fascist
9780948984358 PB • $16.00

GRAY, Chris (ed) Leaving the 20th Century: The Incomplete Work of the Situationist International
9780946061150 PB • $24.95

PARRY, Richard Bonnot Gang: The Story of the French Illegalists
9780946061044 PB • $13.95

BERKMAN, Alexander The Russian Tragedy
9780948984006 PB • $11.95

LUX, Martin Camden Parasites
9780948984365 PB • $21.95

HARPER, Clifford (ed) Prolegomena: To a Study of the Return of the Repressed In History
9780946061136 PB • $10.95

READ, Simon Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anarchism, But Were Afraid to Ask
9780946061105 PB • $8.00

LANNERET, Pierre Internationalists in France During the Second World War
9780948984303 PB • $7.95

TOLSTOY, Leo Government Is Violence: Essays on Anarchism and Pacifism
9780948984150 PB • $18.95

DEBORD, Guy Society of the Spectacle
9780946061129 PB • $16.95

VANEIGEM, Raoul The Revolution of Everyday Life
9780946061013 PB • $24.95

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution PAGeS NOIreS–reBeL PreSS 37 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

To Hell With the Ugly Boris Vian
ISBN: 9780966234664 PB • $15.95 Summer 2011

ALAWI, AbdulRahman et al. Atrapados entre el terror y la guerra?: Ejército, movimiento pacifista y antimilitarismo en Israel
9788496044562 PB • $12.00

ROBLEDO, Juan Manual practico para sibaritas: El cultivo del cannabis en exterior
9788488455871 PB • $16.00

A fascinating hybrid of noir action, cheap science fiction, and hard sex in a dream land called Los Angeles. Boris Vian never been to Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop him from writing the most bizarre sexual sci-fi novel ever. To Hell With the Ugly is one of the first novels to take on the issue of cloning, for the sole purpose of beauty—the elimination of all ugly people, to be replaced by beautiful clones. A new English translation of the 1948 French masterpiece.
GAINSBOURG, Serge Evguénie Sokolov
9780966234619 PB • $17.00

BERKMAN, Alexander & PETRITCHENKO, Stepan La insurreccion de Kronstadt
No ISBN PB • $6.00

TELLEZ, Antonio Historia de un atentado aereo contra el General Franco
9788488455079 PB • $6.00

VIAN, Boris Foam of the Daze 9780966234633
PB • $18.00

DE GIORGI, Alesandro Tolerancia Cero: Estrategias y prácticas de la sociedad de control
9788496044500 PB • $19.00

TELLEZ, Antonio La red de evasion del grupo Ponzan: Anarquistas en la guerra secreta contra el franquismo y el nazismo (1936–1944)
9788488455291 PB • $19.00

VIAN, Boris Autumn in Peking
9780966234640 PB • $18.00

VIAN, Boris I Spit On Your Graves
9780966234602 PB • $17.00

GARCIA OLIVO, Pedro El enigma de la docilidad: Sobre la implicación de la Escuela en el exterminio global de la disensión y de la diferencia
9788496044579 PB • $9.00

WARD, Colin; GARCIA CALVO, Agustin; & ESTEVAN, Antonio Contra el automovil
9788488455208 PB • $12.00

VIAN, Boris The Dead All Have the Same Skin
9780966234657 PB • $18.00

FABBRI, Luigi Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism
9780981289724 PB • $8.00

PRICE, Wayne Anarchism and Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?
9780981289700 PB • $24.95

GALLIN, Anne; GLASSER, Ruth; & SANTANA, Jocelyn Caribbean Connections: The Dominican Republic
9781878554192 PB • $16.00

MENKART, Deborah & SUNSHINE, Catherine A. Caribbean Connections: Overview of Regional History
9781878554062 PB • $16.00

KROPOTKIN, Peter Profit and Exploitation
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

ADAMS, Jason Non-Western Anarchisms: Rethinking the Global Context
No ISBN Pamphlet • $3.00

LEE, Enid; MENKART, Deborah; & OKAZAWAREY, Margo Beyond Heroes and Holidays
9781878554178 PB • $35.00

SUNSHINE, Catherine A. & WARNER, Keith Q. Caribbean Connections: Moving North
9781878554123 PB • $18.00

MALATESTA, Errico Between Peasants
No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

MENKART Deborah; , MURRAY, Alana D.; & VIEW, Jenice L. Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching
9781878554185 PB • $25.00

BLYTHE, Karl Insurrection & Organisation
No ISBN Pamphlet • $1.50

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 38 TAm TAm–ZABALAZA 38 SeCTION NAme G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

OTher exCLuSIve TITLeS
, NeW & FOrThCOmING .
Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage Edited by Ryan Conrad
AGAINST eqUALITy PreSS ISBN: 9780615392684 84 pp. • PB • $8.00

Post-Car Adventuring: Bay Area Justin Eichenlaub and Kelly Gregory
POST-CAr PreSS ISBN: 9780983012405 25 pp. • ring-Bound • $8.00

While what feels like the entirety of the gay and lesbian movement is marching in unison towards some vague notion of equality, the Against Equality collective has been assembling an archive documenting resistance to the politics of inclusion. This essential book lays out some of the historical foundations of queer resistance to the gay marriage mainstream, alongside more contemporary inter-subjective critiques. Cracks in the Asphalt: Community Gardens of San Francisco Alex Hatch
PASHA PreSS ISBN: 9780615238234 165 pp. • PB • $18.00

The first guidebook in a new series! Not just for the car-free, this is a guide for would-be weekend campers, novice and experienced bike tourists, dayhikers, backpackers, and anyone who wants to discover a new mode of travel and adventure. Features hand-drawn maps, photos, concise information on destinations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and basic tips and techniques for successful post-car travel! Fair Game: A Strategy Guide for Racial Justice Communications in the Obama Era Praxis Media Productions
PrAXIS PrOJeCT ISBN: 9780615376257 115 pp. • PB $20.00

Cracks in the Asphalt is a one of a kind guide book to thirty of San Francisco’s Community Gardens, but will also be of interest to those outside the city! These gardens were born out of the hard work of neighborhood activists whose role was to not only create a garden but to create a sense of community as well. Beautiful full-color photos throughout! In Every Town: An All-Ages Music Manualfesto Shannon Stewart
ALL-AGeS MOVeMeNT PrOJeCT ISBN: 9780615317427 304 pp. • PB • $14.95

A workbook-style guide designed to help racial justice advocates navigate new political waters. Fair Game invites readers to explore proven strategies that offer promise for future success and to consider what we must do to regain lost ground. How to Rock and Roll: A City Rider’s Repair Manual Sam Tracy
BLACK KeTTLe GrAPHICS ISBN: 9780967602608 112 pp. • PB $12.00

You have the power to create space for music and youth in your community. This book is your toolkit, your road map; your survival guide. Collecting the knowledge and insights of organizers & activists from successful projects big and small, from inner cities to small towns, hiphop to indie rock, youth centers to radical DIY collectives, it’s everything you need to get started.

Sam Tracy wants you to ENJOY fixing your bike! His no-nonsense midwestern radicalism blasts the lycra-chrome designer consumerism that plagues bicycling—in its place he asserts the autonomy and human freedom he fervently believes a daily bicyclist can enjoy. Fix your bike? Sure! Fix the world, too? Why not?!?

Occupation Has No Future: Militarism & Resistance in Israel/Palestine Directed by David Zlutnick
UPHeAVAL PrODUCTIONS No ISBN 84 min. • DVD • $15.00

2012 Calendars
Available Fall 2011 Slingshot Organizer
Pocket Organizer • $6.00 Spiral-Bound Desk Planner • $12.00

Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners
Wall Calendar • $12.00

A group of US veterans and war resisters travel to Israel/Palestine to meet with their Israeli counterparts in an effort to strengthen connections and share experiences. Through this lens we see Israeli militarism, the occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, and the work of Israelis and Palestinians organizing against militarism and occupation.

War Resisters’ League Peace Calendar
Spiral-Bound Desk Planner • $14.95

Colors from Palestine
Wall Calendar • $20.00

...and more!


2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution OTher exCLuSIve TITLeS 39 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

A.P.I.C.C. It’s All Lies: Leaflets, Underground Press and Posters A.P.I.C.C. 9789657237007
HC • $30.00

CARLSSON, Chris After the Deluge: A Novel of Post-Economic San Francisco
FULL eNJOyMeNT BOOKS 9780926664074 PB • $13.95

CRABB, Cindy Write Here: A Journal for You
1984 PrINTING 9780982015902 PB • $8.00

GOLDNER, Loren Herman Melville: Between Charlemagne And The Antemosaic Cosmic Man
qUeeqUeG PUBLICATIONS 9780970030825 PB • $15.00

ARDEN, Harvey Have You Thought of Leonard Peltier Lately?
HyT PUBLISHING 9780975443705 PB • $23.00

CASTRO, Miguel Brad: One More Night at the Barricades

CUSHING, Lincoln (ed) Visions of Peace and Justice: Over 30 Years of Political Posters
INKWOrKS PreSS 9780930712013 PB • $30.00

GORE, Ariel Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City
LIT STAr PreSS 9781934620656 PB • $15.95

BEKKEN, Jon & THOMPSON, Fred The Industrial Workers of the World: Its First 100 Years
IWW 9780917124020 PB • $19.95

CHAMEIDES, Konnie & REINHEIMER, Irit Young, Jewish, and Left

DANIEL, Bill Who Is Bozo Texino?: The Secret History of Hobo Graffiti
SeLF-PUBLISHeD 793573444677 DVD • $20.00

HAHN, Jessica Transient Ways
PASSING THrOUGH 9781890054038 PB • $5.99

BELILE, Liz Gynomite: Fearless, Feminist Porn
NeW MOUTH FrOM THe DIrTy SOUTH 9780966646924 PB • $14.95

CHRISTIE, Stuart Stefano Delle Chiaie: Portrait of a Black Terrorist
ANArCHy/reFrACT 9780946222094 PB • $8.95

DE PAZ, Pedro The Man Who Killed Durruti
CHrISTIeBOOKS 9781873976265 PB • $21.00

HEAGNEY, Brian The ABC’s of Anarchy
SeLF-PUBLISHeD 9781453687819 PB • $12.99

BONE, Ian Bash the Rich: TrueLife Confessions of an Anarchist in the UK
TANGeNT 9780954417772 PB • $20.00

COLECTIVO SITUACIONES & WHITENER, Brian (ed) Genocide in the Neighborhood
CHAIN LINKS 9781930068476 PB • $16.00

EDGE, Brian 924 Gilman: The Story So Far...
MAXIMUM rOCK’N’rOLL 9780975568002 PB • $18.00

HOBLEY, L. Bumping Back: An Activist’s Guide to Getting There, Doing the Business & Getting Away With It
NICCOLO PreSS 9780944061169 PB • $24.95

BROWNE, Jaron; FRANCO, Marisa; NEGRONGONZALES, Jason; & WILLIAMS, Steve Hacia la Tierra, el Trabajo, y el Poder
UNITe TO FIGHT PreSS 9780977191116 PB • $15.00

COLEMAN, Daniel A. The Anarchist: A Novel
WILLOWBrOOK PreSS 9780970978103 PB • $14.95

EIGLAD, Eirik The Anti-Jewish Riots in Oslo
COMMUNALISM PreSS 9788293064008 PB • $14.95

INDYKIDS! (ed) Coloring Outside the Lines
INDyKIDS! No ISBN PB • $10.00

BROWNE, Jaron; FRANCO, Marisa; NEGRONGONZALES, Jason; & WILLIAMS, Steve Towards Land, Work, and Power
UNITe TO FIGHT PreSS 9780977191109 PB • $15.00

COMPOST, Terri People’s Park: Still Blooming
SLINGSHOT 9780984120802 PB • $24.95

EMMA GOLDMAN PAPERS PROJECT The Life & Times of Emma Goldman
eMMA GOLDMAN PAPerS 9780963544308 PB • $15.00

JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE (eds) Reframing AntiSemitism: Alternative Jewish Perspectives
JeWISH VOICe FOr PeACe 9780976080602 PB • $9.00

CACUCCI, Pino Without a Glimmer of Remorse
CHrISTIeBOOKS 9781873976289 PB • $25.00

COMPTON, Spencer Get Real
SeLF-PUBLISHeD 9780615364919 PB • $9.95

GAMBONE, Larry The View from Anarchist Mountain
reD LION No ISBN PB • $16.00

LAGUNA, Nelson Ross Sun, Fun & Slavery: How the South Became the North’s Playground
eXILe PreSS No ISBN PB • $8.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 40 OTher exCLuSIve TITLeS G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

LEE, Adrian Action Reaction
NeWSKOOL COLLeCTIVe 9780972857819 HC + DVD • $45.00

MILSTEIN, Cindy Educating for Freedom
eXILe PreSS No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.50

RUIN, Erik Flight: The Mythic Journey of a Person Displaced
DeSPerATe COMMODITIeS No ISBN Booklet + CD • $15.00

VARIOUS Mamaphiles #4: Raising Hell

LESLIE, Patricia The Wholesome Dog Biscuit: A Barker’s Dozen
reGeNT PreSS 9781587901041 PB • $12.00

OUR SCHOOLS/ OUR SELVES Breaking the Iron Cage: Resistance to the Schooling of Capitalism
CANADIAN CeNTre FOr POLICy ALTerNATIVeS 9780886274740 PB • $15.00

RUIN, Erik The Nothing Factory
DeSPerATe COMMODITIeS No ISBN Booklet + CD • $12.00

VARIOUS Vive l’Anarchie!: Illegalist Trial Statements
BANDIT PreSS & SHOrTFUSe PreSS No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.50

LESLIE, Patricia The Wholesome Oven: Successful Baking Without Dairy Or Eggs
reGeNT PreSS 9781587900518 Vol. 1 • PB • $16.00 9781587900594 Vol. 2 • PB • $16.00

POTASH, John The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders
PrOGreSSIVe LeFT PreSS 9780979146909 PB • $20.00

SAKOLSKY, Ron Creating Anarchy
FIFTH eSTATe BOOKS 9780977225804 PB • $15.00

WAUGH, Nicole (ed) The Color of Dissent

LONG, Travis No Comply: Skateboarding Speaks on Authority
FUN NOT FAMe PrODUCTIONS 9780974072920 PB • $20.00

PRISON RESEARCH EDUCATION ACTION PROJECT Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists
CrITICAL reSISTANCe 9780976707011 PB • $19.99

SMITH, Chip The Cost of Privilege: Taking On the System of White Supremacy and Racism
CAMINO PreSS 9780979182808 PB • $19.95

WHALLEY, Boff Footnote
POMONA 9781904590002 PB • $16.95

MARCOS, Subcomandante & EL KILOMBO INTERGALACTICO Beyond Resistance: Everything
PAPerBOAT PreSS 9780979799303 PB • $8.00

RAIDER NATION COLLECTIVE (ed) Raider Nation, Vol. 1: From the January Rebellions to Lovelle Mixon and Beyond
rAIDer NATION No ISBN Pamphlet • $4.00

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LIBRARY Without Fear: Claiming Safe Communities Without Sacrificing Ourselves

WOEFLE-ERSKINE, Cleo Urban Wilds: Gardeners’ Stories of the Struggle for Land and Justice
WATer/UNDer/ GrOUND 9780972707206 PB • $15.95

MATIK, Wendy-O Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships
DeFIANT TIMeS PreSS 9781587900150 PB • $14.00

RAMEAU, Max Take Back the Land: Land, Gentrification and the Umoja Village Shantytown
TAKe BACK THe LAND 9781434845566 PB • $12.95

TEAM COLORS COLLECTIVE Wind(s) from Below: Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible
TeAM COLOrS PB • $6.00

WREKK, Alex Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2: A DIY Resource for Zines & Zine Culture
LUNCHrOOM PUBLISHING 9780981794105 PB • $6.00

MAY, Lowell & MYERS, Richard (eds) Slaughter in Serene: The Columbine Coal Strike Reader
BreAD & rOSeS 9780917123016 PB • $19.05

RASMUS, Jack The War at Home: The Corporate Offensive from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush
KyKLOS PrODUCTIONS 9780977106202 PB • $22.95

TOKAR, Brian Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade, and the Globalization Of Hunger
TOWArD FreeDOM 9780974693514 PB • $14.00

ZERZAN, John Elements of Refusal
C.A.L. PreSS 9781890532017 PB • $14.95 9781890532024 HC • $25.95

MELTZER, Albert The International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement: 1st of May Group
CIeNFUeGOS 9780904564082 PB • $9.00

RUFF, Philip Anarchy in the USSR: A New Beginning
ASP 9781872258065 PB • $8.00

TOKAR, Brian Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change
COMMUNALISM PreSS 9788293064015 PB • $14.95

ZLUTNICK, David (dir) Down But Not Out/ Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution OTher exCLuSIve TITLeS 41 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g

ALEXANDER, Michelle The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
NeW PreSS 9781595581037 HC • $27.95

CORINNE, Tee Cunt Coloring Book
LAST GASP PB • $8.95

GINSBERG, Allen Howl and Other Poems
CITy LIGHTS 9780872860179 PB • $7.95

HARTNETT, Tim ConsensusOriented Decision Making
NeW SOCIeTy 9780865716896 PB • $29.95

BANKSY Wall and Piece
CeNTUry 9781844137879 PB • $22.95

DAVIS, Angela Are Prisons Obsolete?
SeVeN STOrIeS 9781583225813 PB • $11.95

GOLDMAN, Emma Anarchism and Other Essays
DOVer 9780486224848 PB • $9.95

HILL, Gord The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book
ArSeNAL PULP 9781551523606 PB • $11.95

BERKMAN The ABC of Anarchism
DOVer 9780486433691 PB • $12.95

DICKER, Rory A History of US Feminisms
SeAL PreSS 9781580052344 PB • $14.95

GOLDMAN, Emma Living My Life
DOVer 9780486225432 Vol. 1 • PB • $15.95 9780486225449 Vol. 2 • PB • $15.95

HOOKS, bell Feminism Is for Everybody: A Passionate Politic
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896086289 PB • $12.00

BORNSTEIN, Kate Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives To Suicide For Teens, Freaks And Other Outlaws
SeVeN STOrIeS 9781583227206 PB • $16.95

DOUGLASS, Frederick Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself
CITy LIGHTS 9780872865273 PB • $12.95

GOOFY FOOT PRESS The Guide to Getting It On!: America’s Coolest & Most Informative Book About Sex
GOOFy FOOT PreSS 9781885535337 PB • $26.95

INCITE (ed) The Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087620 PB • $20.00

BORNSTEIN, Kate & BERGMAN, S. Bear Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation
SeAL PreSS 9781580053082 PB • $16.95

EHRENREICH, Barbara & ENGLISH, Deirdre Witches, Midwives, & Nurses: A History of Women Healers
FeMINIST PreSS 9781558616615 PB • $8.95

GRAEBER, David Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology
PrICKLy PArADIGM 09728119649 PB • $12.95

INCITE (ed) The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the NonProfit Industrial Complex
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087768 PB • $18.00

CHEN; DULANI; & PIEPZNA-SAMARASINHA The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting IntimateViolence Within Activist Communities
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087941 PB • $16.00

FURNESS, Zack One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility
TeMPLe UNIV. PreSS 9781592136131 PB • $24.95

GRUBACIC, Andrej Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History
PM PreSS 9781604860412 PB • $20.00

INVISIBLE COMMITTEE The Coming Insurrection
SeMIOTeXT(e) 9780896087620 PB • $20.00

CHOMSKY, Noam The Essential Chomsky
NeW PreSS 9781595581891 PB • $19.95

GALEANO, Eduardo Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
MONTHLy reVIeW 9780853459910 PB • $18.00

GUERIN, Daniel Anarchism: From Theory to Practice
MONTHLy reVIeW 9780853451754 PB • $14.00

JENSEN, Derrick Endgame
SeVeN STOrIeS 9781583227305 Vol. 1 • PB • $20.95 9781583227244 Vol. 2 • PB • $20.95

CONNER, Clifford A People’s History of Science: Miners, Midwives, and “Low Mechanicks”
NATION BOOKS 9781560257486 PB • $17.95

GELDERLOOS, Peter Consensus: A New Handbook For Grassroots Political, Social & Environmental Groups
See SHArP PreSS 9781884365393 PB • $10.95

HARPER, A. Breeze Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, & Society
LANTerN BOOKS 9781590561454 PB • $22.00

KATZ, Sandor Ellix Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, And Craft Of Live-Culture Foods
CHeLSeA GreeN 9781931498234 PB • $25.00

AK Press Distribution 2011 Catalog 42 NON-exCLuSIve BeSTSeLLerS G))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

KELLOGG, Scott & PETTIGREW, Stacy Toolbox for Sustainable City Living
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087768 PB • $18.00

MECCA, Tommi Avicolli Smash the Church, Smash the State !: The Early Years of Gay Liberation
CITy LIGHTS 9780872864979 PB • $18.95

PRASHAD, Vijay The Darker Nations: A People’s History Of The Third World
NeW PreSS 9781595583420 PB • $19.95

TIQQUN This Is Not a Program
SeMIOTeXT(e) 9781584350972 PB • $13.95

KINNA, Ruth Anarchism: A Beginner’s Guide
ONeWOrLD PUBLICATIONS 9781851683703 PB • $16.95

MOSHER, Randy Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales & World-Altering Meditations In A Glass
BreWerS PUBLICATIONS 9780937381830 PB • $19.95

SCOTT, James C. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia
yALe UNIV. PreSS 9780300169171 PB • $25.00

TULL, Deborah Eden The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution
PrOCeSS MeDIA 9781934170120 PB • $17.95

KNUTZEN, Erik & COYNE, Kelly The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to SelfSufficient Living
PrOCeSS MeDIA 9781934170106 PB • $16.95

MOSKOWITZ, Isa Chandra & ROMERO, Terry Hope Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
MArLOWe & CO. 9781569242735 PB • $15.95

SHAKUR, Assata Assata: An Autobiography
LAWreNCe HILL 9781556520747 PB • $16.95

WARD, Colin Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
OXFOrD UNIV. PreSS 9780192804778 PB • $11.95

KROPOTKIN, Peter Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
DOVer 9780486449135 PB • $8.95

MOSKOWITZ, Isa Chandra & ROMERO, Terry Hope Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
MArLOWe & CO. 9781569242643 HC • $27.50

SHIVA, Vandana (ed) Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087774 PB • $10.00

WILLIAMS, Kristian Our Enemies In Blue: Police And Power In America
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087712 PB • $20.00

LOVITZ, Dara Muzzling a Movement: The Effects of AntiTerrorism Law, Money & Politics on Animal Activism
LANTerN BOOKS 9781590561768 PB • $20.00

MUSCIO, Inga Rose: Love in Violent Times
SeVeN STOrIeS 9781583229362 PB • $17.95

SHIVA, Vandana Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development
SOUTH eND PreSS 9780896087934 PB • $16.00

WISE, Tim Colorblind: The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity
CITy LIGHTS 9780872865082 PB • $14.95

MACPHEE, Josh Celebrate People’s History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution
FeMINIST PreSS 9781558616776 HC • $24.95

NEVAER, Louis E.V. Protest Graffiti Mexico: Oaxaca
MArK BATTy PUBLISHer 9780979966644 PB • $27.95

STRYKER, Susan Transgender History
SeAL PreSS 9781580052245 PB • $14.95

ZINN, Howard A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present
HArPer 9780060838652 PB • $18.99

MARSHALL, Peter Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism
PM PreSS 9781604860641 PB • $28.95

PATEL, Raj Stuffed & Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System
MeLVILLe HOUSe 9781933633497 PB • $19.95

TAORMINO, Tristan Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships
CLeIS PreSS 9781573442954 PB • $17.95

ZINN, Howard & STEFOFF, Rebecca A Young People’s History of the United States
SeVeN STOrIeS 9781583228692 PB • $18.95

MAYER, Marcos Anarchism for Beginners
FOr BeGINNerS PB • $14.95

POTTER, Will Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege
CITy LIGHTS 9780872865389 PB • $16.95

TIQQUN Introduction to Civil War
TIqqUN 9781584350866 PB • $12.95

ZIRIN, Dave A People’s History of Sports in the United States: 250 Years of Politics, Protest, People, and Play
NeW PreSS 9781595584779 PB • $18.95

2011 Catalog AK Press Distribution NON-exCLuSIve BeSTSeLLerS 43 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))g




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