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February 3, 2022

The Honorable Chuck Callahan, President Phillip Councell, Chair

The Honorable Pete Lesher, Vice President William Boicourt, Vice Chair
Talbot County Council Planning Commission of Talbot County
Talbot County Courthouse 215 Bay Street
11 North Washington St. Suite 2
Easton, MD 21601 Easton, MD 21601

RE: Lakeside/Trappe East Project

Dear Council Members and Planning Commission Members:

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) seeks clarification of the positions of the
Talbot County Council (County Council) and the Talbot County Planning Commission (Planning
Commission) regarding the proposed Lakeside/Trappe East project (project).

MDE has multiple permits, licenses, and subdivision applications pending MDE’s science-based
review to ensure that they comply with applicable environmental and public health law. A vital
component of MDE’s review is consistency with local land use, comprehensive plans, and water and
sewer plans. The review of the project has been complicated by changing and conflicting messages
from the County Council and Planning Commission regarding the project’s inclusion in the county’s
water and sewer plan, and its consistency with the County’s comprehensive plan.

Previously, the County Council adopted Resolution 281 to amend the county water and sewer plan to
incorporate the project, and the Planning Commission determined Resolution 281 was consistent with
the county comprehensive plan. After these actions, the County Council considered Resolution 308,
which would rescind Resolution 281. The Planning Commission also revisited its prior action on
Resolution 281, and held that Resolution was inconsistent.

An additional resolution, Resolution 313, is now before the County Council that would set different
terms for Phase I of the project in the county’s water and sewer plan. However, the Planning
Commission has recently held that Resolution 313 is inconsistent, meaning that the County Council
cannot adopt Resolution 313 in its current form. The County Council held a public hearing on
Resolution 313 on January 25, 2022, but took no further action.
Maryland Department of the Environment
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Based on the conflicting actions taken by the Talbot County Council and the Talbot County Planning
Commission, MDE is unable to determine the actual position of the county. Accordingly, MDE
respectfully requests that the County Council and the Planning Commission provide a definitive
position regarding the proposed project so MDE can continue its science-based review to ensure
compliance with environmental and public health law.


D. Lee Currey
Water and Science Administration Director

Cc: The Honorable Frank Divilio

The Honorable Corey Pack
The Honorable Laura Price
Patrick Thomas, Talbot County Attorney
Lisa Ghezzi
Paul Spies
Michael Strannahan
Erin Braband, Town of Trappe Administrator/Clerk
Ryan Showalter, McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker LLC

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