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Braleys 4 Jesus

Welcome to Texas
Hello to all! We just want to along with about 150 Howdy from Carrollton!
thank you once more for loving staff and families, went
us, praying for us and supporting down to the basement of May 2011
us. It means much more to us our building and waited A picture of us flying back to Modesto
than we can express. So, we just out the
say, THANK YOU, and hope
you know how dear you are to us. Prayer Requests/Praises
So, we • Praise for good health lately
had our
• Praise for 5 years of marriage
first and our awesome girls
experi- • Pray that millions more would
come to know Him before Jesus
ence with
weather • Pray that we would honor &
recently. glorify the Lord in everything we
Summur do.
and I • Please let us know if we can pray
were for you!
watching storm. Riette turned 2 this month! Yay Rie!
kiddos The Lord
during kept us
Tuesday all safe and we
night were out of their
prayer in under an hour.
Summur and I in front of the chapel where we
meet- wed so many years ago... What a differ-
ing ence from Cali-
when the sirens went off! We, fornia! :)

Gradua ted!
Who says your ever too old to go the battle.
back to school again? Not I! As
Well, we recently graduated,
new staff, Summur and I, as well
(pictured to the right). Class of
as staff members, Michael Frye
2011 rules! While I won’t miss
and Stephanie Kountz, participat-
the homework, I will miss my
ed in new staff classes. The clas-
classmates who were the best. I
ses are basically to help prepare
am already looking forward to
us for ministry, instructing us
the reunion...
how to stay, and even thrive, in

The class of 2011! Biology lab was the best!

News From the Field
Banko is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serving the Lord in South Asia. But he doesn't have just one place of ministry. He is
a film team missionary, taking the movie about the life of Christ to villages where few people, if any, know Jesus.

One village that Banko visited had no Chris'an witnesses. With the help of a GFA-
supported pastor who worked nearby, Banko planned a film show for this village.
The two missionaries walked throughout the village, handing out tracts and invi'ng
the villagers to the film show that night. The Lord blessed their efforts, and more
than 200 people came to watch this powerful film.

Among the audience was young Ahkila, who had suffered from a long illness. She
had tried many medicines with no results. But as Ahkila and her parents saw Jesus
perform miracles during the movie, faith sprouted in their hearts. When the film
ended, they asked Banko to pray for Ahkila.

The missionary was glad to pray for the girl's illness. But as he prayed, it became
apparent that her ailment was spiritual. She showed signs of demon possession.
Thankfully, Banko knew of the one and only cure, and as he prayed, the Lord deliv-
ered Ahkila.

The girl and her whole family were awestruck as they saw God's power. Each family
member chose to believe in Christ aer witnessing the miracle, and now they make
up the first small group of believers in their village.

To support us
financially online go to:

Summur Time!
I haven't been in the office
much at all lately. We just got One Saturday we took the train downtown to
the Dallas Art Museum It was so
We were excited to receive a visit from Gayle
Erwin recently.
back from a vacation back nice to go
home and see everyone. We were blessed by You can get more of Summur’s “time”
home and the kids were sick be- on Summur’s blog at
visiting Calvary Lutheran on Palm Sunday and
fore and after. In this time of spir- Calvary Chapel Modesto, our home church, on
itual battle I questioned going into Easter Sunday. We miss our church, but have It’s good clean fun for the whole family.

the office anymore, but my co- found a TX church that we feel called to at- If you need prayer or just want to visit
tend, The Reedemer Covenant. Also I will be we can be reached via email @
workers and boss prayed with me helping in the 2 and 3 year old classroom, or mrsbra-
and really encouraged me to not be which will be so nice because both girls will
discouraged. be in there, until August, when Sinclair turns Or you contact us even more directly @
4. (209) 918-8096 or (209) 275-8078.
The LORD is my rock, my fortress,
May was a big month for us, on the 12th is our And my work phone is 1-972-3000-3139
and my savior; my God is my rock, in
5 year Anniversary and the 13th is Rie's 2nd
whom I find protection. He is my birthday.....I can not believe we have been
shield, the power that saves me, and married for 5 years with 2 toddlers! God is so We would love to hear from you and be
my place of safety. Psalm 18;2 good! glad to pray for you. Just drop us an
email or give us a ring. We miss you
Praise God for encouraging brothers and sis- Love you all & thanks for praying! all, and as always, we thank you for
ters in Him! your prayers and support.
Peace in Jesus,