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Crusader Protectorate Heavy Warjack
Fire and destruction reign from the Crusader's Inferno Mace as it brings the word of the Old Faith to those who have turned their backs on Menoth.

Models listed by Expansion

The Crusader is the standard heavy warjack used by the Protectorate and the baseline for Cryx Cygnar Khador Protectorate of Menoth Retribution of Scyrah Mercenaries Four Star Syndicate Highborn Covenant Searforge Commission Talion Charter most of their other designs of warjack. The Crusader's stat line resembles a Khador 'jack, but without some of the heavy armour. It has the same SPD as a Khador heavy (i.e slow), while it has a solid STR and an average MAT capable of hitting a DEF of 12-13 on an average 2D6 roll. The Crusader's RAT is only 1 point behind its MAT and its DEF is pretty easy to hit fro even a low MAT/RAT model. However, the Crusader's ARM is a solid 19, so it will shrug off quite a bit of damage. The Crusader is the cheapest Protectorate heavy available at 6 points, but you can field as many of them as you like.

Weapons and Attacks
The Crusader has a Inferno Mace and a Open Fist. The mace hits like a ton of bricks and the

fist gives you a lot of special actions that many other 'jacks don't have. Inferno Mace - This mighty lump of metal has a pretty hefty P+S of 18! Critical: Fire - On a lucky roll the Inferno Mace sets the target on fire. Open Fist - A relatively potent weapon with a solid P+S of 14, Open Fist - an Open Fist opens up a number of special attacks not available to warjacks holding a weapon.

Circle Orboros

Thoughts on the Crusader

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Cryx. Always try to keep the Crusader protected until it can charge into combat. The Witchfire Trilogy. With its low SPD and DEF its a target for ranged attacks. Used with permission. With three focus Eye of Menoth and a Choir this bad boy will make the Deathjack look like an angry grandma.wikispaces. Privateer Press. Inc. Some text and images presented here are the property of Privateer Press. and faction symbols are property of Privateer Press. With a Choir and other support this 'jack will destroy anything that moves. Warcaster. HORDES. Skorne. Menoth. and © 2000-2008 Privateer Press.06. Even with it's high armor this thing will lose almost all of its effectiveness if it loses the mace. Do not be fooled by the lack of abilities and flashy weapons.mkiiCrusader http://battlecollege. Inc. unterstehen dem Copyright 2011 Tangient LLC. Legion of Everblight Trollbloods Skorne Minions Thornfall Alliance Minion Pact Blindwater Congregation Minion Pact General Strategies Army List Builders Army List Archives Rules Archive Spell Archive Feat Archive Terrain Archive Mk I Archive Geschützt what links here? print Markierungen: protectorate heavy warjack Über · Blog · Preisliste · Privatsphäre · Bedingungen · Support · Höherstufen Contributions to http://battlecollege. Teile.BattleCollege .com/mkiiCrusader This 'jack is almost begging to be buffed. Protectorate of Menoth. WARMACHINE. die nicht von Besuchern beigesteuert are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3. Protectorate. Legion of Everblight. Full Metal Fantasy™. Steam Powered Miniatures Combat. Cygnar.2011 11:52 . Khador. Circle Orboros. Iron Kingdoms. Warjack. Monstrous Miniatures Combat and all other character names. 2 von 2 06. Trollblood. their distinctive likenesses.0 License.wikispaces.