Model 1000- Fixed Electrochemical Model 113 Portable Electrochemical Model 210-Zirconium Oxide

Model 210R-19” Rack Mount Model 1000- NEMA 4 Wall Mount Model 113 Portable Electrochemical


Process, Stack, Envronmental, QC, Portable ppm to 100%


Low cost Electrochemical O2 Analyzer Model 1000
Introduction The Model 1000 Oxygen Analyzer is a reliable, flexible and inexpensive instrument that is based on the reduction of oxyen at the cathode of an electrochemical cell. the sensor has a lifetime that is > 24 months, is easy to replace and relatively inexpensive. We have recently added these Oxygen Analyzers to our Continuous Analyzer Product Line and to expand the applications and versatility of our products. This product is available in a NEMA 4 wall mount configuration and comes with a 0-1 VDC (analog) and RS232 (digital) outputs at no extra cost. An optional programmable 4-20 mA and dual setpoints are available. Principle of Operation Oxygen diffuses through a semi-permeable mmbane, dissolves in the electrolyte and is reduced at the cathode. The reduction is facilitated by simultaneous oxidation of an anode material, such as lead. At the anode the lead elctrode is consumed via the reaction below. During this process, a current (proportional to concentration) is generated. This signal generated is amplified and displayed on the digital meter. The chemical reactions are as follows: Cathode- O2 + 2 H2O + 2 e- = 4 OHAnode- Pb + 4 OH- = 2 PbO + 2 H2O + 4 eIn this configuration, it essential that there is sufficient anode material to last the lifetime of the sensor which is 60 months. Applications -Air liquification plants -Gas purity analysis -Hydrocarbon stream monitoring -Fermentation processes -Heat treating & annealing -Protective blanketing -Combustion efficiency -Stack Gas monitoring -Blast furnace gas -Natural gas transmission -Purging Features1. Long life electrochemical sensor >24 months 2. Recovers from air to low ppm values in just a few minutes 3. RS232 and 0-1 VDC are standard 4. 5 digit oxygen LCD readout to 2 decimal places 5. Fast sensor response (<10 seconds) to 90% Specifications-

• 5 digit LCD Display • 16 bit ADC • NEMA 4 Wall Mount- General
purpose 7" W x 9.25 "H x 5"D; Weight- 7.4 pounds • Standard output: 0-1 VDC, RS232; optional outputs- 4-20 mA & RS485 Options

• X purge • 0-2000 ppb O2 sensor • Stack gas O2 sensor for exhausts

containing high levels of acid gases (CO2, SO2) • 4-20 mA output • 2 nd sensor for low level O2 purging

• programmable contact closure

ZrO2 Stack Gas or Area Oxygen Analyzer Model 210 R or 201W
Model 210- Zirconium Oxide O2 Analyzer

The Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Analyzer is a reliable, flexible and versatile instrument that is used for optimization of combustion efficiency and minimization of emissions. The Analyzer is supplied in a fiberglass NEMA 4 enclosure. Purging can be added for installation in hazardous areas. Principle of Operation Although most metal oxides are insulators, zirconium oxide is a viscous liquid that can carry a charge between the two electrodes at high temperatures. A potential (proportional to the O2 concentration) is generated as a result of the following reaction: O2 (g) + e- = O2This potential is governed by the Nernst equation: E = E0 - 0.059 Log O2 Specifications - Wall/Rack:
=5 Digit LED Display; 16 bit ADC

19” Rack and NEMA 4 wall mount

In-stack O2 Probe Available in 3”, 8.7” & 15.7” lengths • Range from 0-1 to 0-100% O2
Applications -Power plant stack gases -O2 in incinerator effluents -Blast furnaces -Cement & lime kilns -Asphalt batching -Landfill gases Monitor O2 levels in rooms or work areas where O2 levels are critical

-Type of sensor: Heated ZrO electrochemical -Type of sampling: Extrative or Instack (In- situ) -Response time: < 6 sec to 90% Wall-NEMA 4 Dimensions: 9.25” H x 7”W x 5 ” D -Weight: 6.0 pounds -Rack (NEMA 2)19" W x 51/4"H x 14"D

Options • 19” Rack or NEMA 4 Wall Mount • Z purge for NEMA 4 enclosure • Outputs- 4-20 mA, MODBUS (optional) • Probe length 3”, 8.7” , 15.7” or internal • Bluetooth capability

Zirconium Oxide Combination Analyzers & Portable O2 Analyzers
ZrO2 Combination Analyzers
Oxygen is frequently measured with other components such as CO2, or hydrocarbons. It is possible to combine the O2 measurement with a dual beam infrared sensor for the measurement of CO2 in the 0-10% or 0-20% range. An insitu O2 and an extractive O2/CO2 setup are shown in the schematic below:

Model 113- Portable O2 Analyzer
PID Analyzers offers a new portable analyzer for oxygen that can operate in three different modes: % O2, ppm O2 (0-10,000 ppm) and headspace mode for food or pharmaceutical packaging. The Analyzer is extremely easy to use, has datalogging capability, a 5 digit readout for oxygen, a long lifetime electrochemical O2 sensor (> 40 months), and a rechargeable Ni hydride battery.

Features · Single piece construction
· · · · Rugged- ABS case Rechargeable NiMH battery Simple 3 button control Modes 0- 100 % range 0-10,000 ppm range or 0-2000 ppb sensor Headspace measurements Recovers from air to low ppm values in just a few minutes Very easy to calibrate & use Datalogging for > 7,000 points Fast response <7 sec Long lifetime O2 sensor > 40 months


Features of ZrO2 Sensor - No reference gas is needed - Long life sensor - Easy to install - Very stable - Calibration frequency is > 6 months & calibration is easy to perform - Economical to purchase & maintain

· · · ·

Applications -Checking glove boxes
-Checking Hydrocarbon streams -Checking Fermentation processes -Protective blanketing -Combustion efficiency -Pharmaceutical Processing - Headspace -Foods

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