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------------- BASIC MO COMMANDS ----------------------------------){p U"`G

mom[tcd] Print description of MO classes, CM/FM attributes, actions

, enums and structs.9?dh#P6D3o-Wn*b!xR~
lt/ltc[1-9] Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.b2@Df7m
lc[1-9]/lcc Load MO tree (full or partial) and build proxy table.
lu/llu Unload MOs from MO tree.
pr/lpr Print MO LDNs and proxy ids for all or part of the MO tree
currently loaded in moshell.
ma/lma Add MO(s) to an MO group.0`p~6|:\PSa
mr/lmr Remove an MO group or remove MOs from an MO group (MOs wil
l NOT be deleted, only the group).I6ANd!Y"`3CN^+N(@O
mp Print all defined MO groups.
get/lget Read CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s).OKS'zN
hget[c]/lhget[c] Read CM/FM attribute(s) from MO(s), print horizontally one
line per MO (instead of one line per attribute).3HV.|pw&E+A"R
kget/lkget Display CM/FM attributes in exportable printout format.
fro/lfro[m] Read MAO data of an MO and/or froid of the MO. Data read f
rom SQL tables motype_r1 and modata_r2.'W1e:F g#Ub
st/lst Print state of MOs (operationalState and administrativeSta
te when applicable).
prod Print productData of MO(s).
lk/llk View all MO's linked to an MO, and their states (admState
and opState).+]+F~I_"l9@*xN&M
lko/llko The old lk. Messier than lk but supports a wider range of
MO classes.BE'_v5U-^~J#D
set[m]/lset[m] Set an attribute value on one or several MO's.
rset/lrset Set attribute value on a restricted attribute or change th
e MOid of an MO.
bl[s]/lbl[s] Lock or soft-lock MO(s).L$om Bp_m
deb/ldeb Unlock MO(s).
acl/lacl Lists available MO actions.
acc/lacc Execute an MO action.
cr Create an MO.
del/ldel Delete MO(s).
rdel/lrdel Delete MO(s) together with children and reserving MOs.
u+[s]/u-/u?/u! Handling of undo mode (for undo of del/rdel/set commands).
Can be used for generation of MO scripts as well.d'pBs g*T
run Run a command file in moshell format.
trun[i] Run a command file in EMAS/MoTester format.
ctrl-z Abort an MO command or a "for" loop. Type "touch /tmp/<sto
pfile>;fg" to resume the moshell session.f)rR/`7C{~
pol[s][h][c][u] Poll the node until the MO service is up or until an opera
tion has completed.Ea+|N6vL~P
re[i] Disconnect and reconnect to the CM service (mobrowser) and
/or the PM service (pmtester).hAY*hWU
getmom Check the MOM version currently stored on the node.,t~9{*Z
I [#E!B2Y
parsemom Parse an xml MOM file.qH p,SQ)M&X
flt/fltc Load proxys for an MO type that is not defined in the MOM.
("Force" lt/ltc).,C_+h\_|,z A:`
ld Load one MO from the tree and add to the proxy table.
fget/lfget Read attributes that are not described in the MOM ("Force"
get).9D8Z5Jz(^ B
sget/lsget Read CM/FM attributes from MO(s), one by one ("Slow" get).
fset/lfset Set an attribute that is not described in the MOM ("Force"
set).O[ yNYA m
facc/lfacc Perform actions that are not defined in the MOM ("Force" a
----------------------------------- OTHER MO COMMANDS -----------------------
cvls/cvmk/cvms/cvset/cvrm/cvcu/cvget/cvls1 CV backup handling: list, make local
, make remote, remove, setstartable.'z4_{ uB6g]
inv[hr] Complete HW/SW inventory. Includes information about RPUs,
licensing, JVM, devices, XPs, ISL, etc.G0J'mv(c3\/g YG
cab[slxradgtm] Display of miscellaneous COLI printouts relating to hw, sw
, restarts, leds, cpu load, errors, disk/ram usage
stc[p][r] Display state and configuration of AtmCrossConnections.
std Display state and configuration of devices (RNC and MGW on
stv[b][r] Display state, user, and bandwidth usage for ATM ports and
stt[r] Display state and user of Physical Ports and Ds0Bundles.IzyUq(oaP
hc Run a general healthcheck on the node.Nb'B5OC$B,Ue
dcg[msie] Fetch data for CSRs, according to the Data Collection Guid
diff/ldiff Parameter auditing or MO dump comparisons.
str[12ft] Print status of the IubLinks/AbisLinks and their associate
d Cells and Channels (RNC/BSC only).
lki Resource usage and configuration of IubLinks (RNC only).h v
remod[u][2] Remodule an IubLink (RNC only).
tg[r][c][d] Print Resource Object information for all MOs in LmCell (R
NC only)._1XEDaP+fL
uer[d][t] Print UE context data (serving or drifting) for all active
calls (RNC only).gzPF+m.|~"@
ced[h][r] Print dynamic cell data or capacity usage (RNC only).
al[atkc] Print the list of active alarms. Acknowledge/Unacknowledge
an alarm.p"F Sg,vLa.d6]6d
lg[aevsyuoldhmircf] Fetching and/or processing of node logs (alarm, event, ava
ilability, system, etc)9R;B1I9I*o9~m
----------------------------------- OTHER COMMANDS -------------------------
uv Print or change moshell configuration settings (also calle
d "user variables").
pv Print scripting variables.
!/l Execute a unix command on the PC/workstation.
l+[m][m][s][o]/l-/l? Open/close moshell logfiles.;WZ;k)G1N?:p'R9D;B8n_
ose/coli command Send a COLI command to the node's OSE shell. Type "h ose"
for syntax help and "?" to view available commands.]#^zV'TM
bo[r]/ba[swdp]/br[wd]/be[0-50]/bp Manage board groups that can be used for runn
ing COLI commands on multiple boards.
lh Run COLI commands on all boards of a board group.
mon/mon+/mon-/mon? Start/stop/check the target monitor server on the node and
/or start the monitor client for one or more board Group(s).
sql+/sql-/sql? Start/stop/check the SQL client on the node (CXC1325608).
pgu[c][f][r] Program Upgrade. For STP use only, eg, to load black LMs.
ftree[f] Recursive listing of a directory on the file system of the
node or the workstation.
ftget[c]/ftput[c] Transfer files or directories to/from the node, using ftp
or sftp.9ew"g5]nX,@
htget Transfer files from the node using http.
edit Edit a file on the node.
fclean[f|ff|d|e] Removal of obsolete loadmodules OR recursive removal of a
directory on the node.7Gz+B.kE
hi Print history of moshell commands entered during the curre
nt session.
lmid[c] Print translation of loadmodule product number or T&E erro
r codes.uBN?0DQhf:@
p/w/pw/b Change moshell prompt and/or window title.
prox Toggle display of proxy identities in printout of get <mo>
<attribute> command.8a'F~"j#A8P.D V
col Toggle display of colors. hr2Qy1Ypl6y
ul Toggle display of userlabel in st/lst and pget/lpget print
conf[bld] Toggle confirmation on various MO commands.
gs/gsg Toggle display of old/new attribute value in set/bl/deb co
ip2d/d2ip Convert an IP address into the format used in the fRO (sql
database) or vice-versa.F"["w7LlBRW _*Lg
h2d/d2h Convert an integer to hexadecimal or viceversa.
h2b/b2h Convert a binary to hexadecimal or viceversa.
wait Specify a delay in hrs, mins, secs, or rops. Similar to th
e unix "sleep" command (scripting).
oTK-G7?:u {4z
return Exit from a command file without exiting from moshell (scr
print Print a line or variable (scripting).
alias/unalias Print or define command aliases.r`IG1k?&m"f|
q/by/exit/quit Exit moshell. z5q8v!ikF&L,s
----------------------------------- PM COMMANDS -------------------------
pmom[acd]/lmom[c] Print description of PM counters (pmom) or log attributes
(lmom, CDMA only). j#g^1MZ(X
pget/lpget Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s).Q L*^?D:],^CX"ZH
spget/lspget Read PM attribute(s) one by one ("slow pget").
hpget[c]/lhpget[c] Read PM attribute(s) from MO(s), print horizontally one li
ne per MO (instead of one line per attribute).
pdiff/lpdiff Print incrementation of PM attributes.h3qg0vYm$g-w6x:gnO
pmx[hfdn] Display counter values, extracted from the statistics ROP
files.2~KXy_ v
pmr[ag] Produce PM KPI reports, based on counter values in statist
ics ROP files and formulas in CPI documentation.-{Vp(]j']
pme[fd][cgu] Fetch/decode event ROP files (RNC/RBS only).
A"z P:Spm'hv
pst List all PM scanners and their state.1QVdxA
pgets[n] Print scanner contents.#{lC;zho O
pcr[cfd]/lpcr[cfd] Create a statistics scanner.9H:Vu2y;u B5OJa
pbl Suspend a scanner.
pdeb Resume a scanner.Y)n"xh~2}
pdel Delete a scanner.
emom Display list of events available for each kind of event-ba
sed scanner.,n \H\} J&Hi
pset[d] Set the contents of an event-based scanner (RNC/RBS only).
%E$A\,@8q3q M:j4w;U