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Karen Esther Sudom

Spectrum Educational Services


1993 Bachelor of Religious Education, summa cum laude, intercultural studies, Rocky Mountain
College (This degree is no longer offered at RMC. The course load closely matches their Bachelor of
Arts in Leadership Development Intercultural Studies Major.)
Student Union: Worked with Dean of Students to integrate the two Student Union constitutions,
choir, basketball, new students group mentor, weekly girl's club leader, drama
• Rocky Mountain College Scholarship: Graduate with highest accumulated GPA in graduating
• Student Union Scholarship: Contribution to student life
• John and Gertrude Houtman Bursary: academic merit, contribution to enrolled program,
leadership qualities and Christian character
• Fedderson Scholarship: returning student with the highest scholastic attainment from among the
second year class.
• Eastern Star Training Award for Religious Leadership
Internship: Friendship Ministries
• Organized and led neighbourhood children's clubs in Calgary North East
• Taught basic ESL with recent immigrants

1992 Medicine Hat College

• Student teacher: Alexandra Junior High School (Alexandra Middle School) Social Studies, ESL
• Education Undergraduate Society Room Rep
• Students' Association Vice-president of Communications
Awards: College Honour Roll, Academic Excellence Award

Continuing Education

SCERTS, January 2011, Autism model for social communication, emotional regulation and
transactional support

Community Futures, self employment training program, 2010

Recent seminars/workshop/presentation participation

• Dr. Barry Prizant, SCERTS training participant, January 24-26, 2011
• Mary Oschwald, Portland State University, “Silent Voices: Education, Intervention, Prevention”
The need for service providers to examine bias. The need to be as willing to change ourselves
and what we offer as we are asking the survivors we serve to consider change, October 14, 2010
• Dr. Nancy Fitzsimons, “A Call to Action – Combating Violence and Abuse” How the media
coverage of abuse against persons with a disability and the language we choose create an
environment ripe for abuse, October 15, 2010
• Dr. Tony Attwood, “How to Make Friends and Manage Feelings” Social skills and cognitive
therapy for people with Asperger's, July 12, 2010
• Dr. Barrie Bennett, “Instructional Intelligence” overview, discussion on ways to include those
with ASD in a group work learning model, March 4, 2010
• Dr. Robin Friedlander, M.D., FRCPC “How to distinguish behavioural disorders from psychiatric
disorders according to the new Intellectual Disability Manual”April 2, 2008
• Dr. Temple Grandin, Full day presentation with question and answer time, April 3, 2008

Children's Ministries Institute, Kilchzimmer, Switzerland, 1993

Three month leadership development program for directing local nonprofit organization

Work Experience

Recent seminars/workshops/presentations given

• ASD transition to inclusion, in partnership with two community agencies
• Bullying, with Regional Autism Spectrum Disorder Coordinator
• School Staff meeting presentations: Brief overview of living with ASD with question and
discussion time about specific issues at the school
• “Living on the Spectrum” presentations describing ASD behaviours, supports and strategies
from an ASD perspective
• PUF workshops: Half day training on identifying and addressing ASD needs
for teachers and learning assistants, classroom/school team building
• Keynote address “Celebrate the Small Victories” at 2010 Learning Assistant PD day
• Special Ed PD presentations, ASD isn't just a behaviour, it is a world view
• Alberta Health Services, speech department, parent presentation on communication strategies

Events: Session presenter

2009 Swift Current Teachers' Convention
2010 Southeastern Alberta Teachers' Convention
2011 Palliser District Teachers' Convention

Area Director for Child Evangelism Fellowship, 1993-1997

• teach all ages
• train teachers in CEF program
• presentations for awareness and fund-raising
• work with provincial director, other area directors
• prepare curriculum, recruit, train and supervise summer children's club leaders

Editor and production manager of the “Phoenix” (Medicine Hat College student newspaper),1991-1992

Current Community Service

“ASDreams” weekly support/teaching group at CORE for higher functioning ASD youth ages 11-17
• leadership team
• program development, goal setting
• program implementation/facilitation
VerticaLink: Children's Ministries Association
• Fulfill conference planning committee
• recording secretary
Grade Four Sunday School Teacher
Action Committee for Disability Inclusion for City of Medicine Hat
advise and advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities